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Hair Cuttery Prices in 2024 | High, Low, & Average

Looking for Hair Cuttery prices? That’s a tricky one, because many salons are franchised, meaning they each set their own prices. Don’t worry – we’ve rounded up a list of the high, low, and average Hair Cuttery costs so you don’t have to. Read on to learn more.

What Are Hair Cuttery Prices?

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If you want a complete list of Hair Cuttery prices, you’ve come to the right place! Their prices vary slightly at different locations, but on average, you’ll pay $26 for an adult haircut and $17 for a kids’ haircut.

Other services, like colors, balayage, keratin treatments, and perms are priced higher. You’ll see each service and how much it costs at three different Hair Cuttery locations (plus the overall average price) in our price list below.

There are nearly 500 Hair Cuttery salons in the U.S., with locations in Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.

We took a close look at the prices for services at 3 of their salons around the U.S. We wanted to find out how their pricing varies at different locations. As it turns out, many of the services are priced the same at all locations – haircuts and waxing, for example.

But a few can be as much as $11 cheaper or more expensive, depending on the location you visit. This is why it’s a good idea to look at Hair Cuttery prices before you visit – no sticker shock, and you’ll know exactly what to expect! 

Keep reading to see the list of Hair Cuttery prices and compare how much different locations charge for the same services. 

Hair Cuttery Prices and Service Menu

Get an in-depth look at Hair Cuttery prices and the services these salons offer with our complete price guide below. We obtained all the pricing info for the following locations: 

You may find slight differences in price at some locations, but these examples do a good job of representing the overall average prices at Hair Cuttery locations. You’ll notice that many services are priced the same at different locations. 

Just want to see the overall average cost for each service? You can see the average price for each service in the furthest column on the right. 

Signature Cut$22$22$22$22
Signature Kids Cut$15$15$15$15
Tea Tree VIP$27$27$27$27
Edge Up$13$13$13$13
Buzz Cut$16$16$16$16
Clipper Design$18$18$18$18
Deluxe Clipper Design$29$29$29$29
Hair Extension/Wig Cut$32$32$32$32
Classic Blowout$24$22$21$22
Deluxe Blowout$36$34$33$34
Curling or Flat Iron Set$13$13$13$13
Curling or Flat Iron Finish$8$8$8$8
Special Occasion Design$35$35$35$35
Classic Updo$24$22$21$22
Value Package Signature Cut with Blowout$42$42$42$42
Signature Kids Cut with Blowout$23$23$23$23
Signature Cut with Deluxe Blowout$53$51$50$52
Value Package Signature Cut with Deluxe Blowout$63$61$60$62
Single Color$61$55$61$59
Value Package Single Color$96$90$96$94
Value Package Full Foil$126$121$121$123
Value Package Color & Partial Foil$157$146$152$152
Value Package Partial Foil$96$91$91$93
Value Package Color & Full Foil$187$176$182$182
Value Package Gray Blending$60$60$60$60
Value Package Root Touchup with Gloss$119$113$119$117
Value Package Color & Full Balayage$197$186$192$192
Value Package Color Partial Balayage$167$156$162$162
Value Package Full Balayage$136$131$131$133
Value Package Partial Balayage$106$101$101$103
Specialty Perm$84$84$82$83
Relaxer or Texturizer$70$75$80$75
Value Package Relaxer or Texturizer$139$142$146$142
Redken Chemistry Treatment$15$15$15$15
Relaxing Scalp Massage$6$6$6$6
Clarifying Treatment$15$15$15$15
Brow Shaping$12$12$12$12
Bang Trim$6$6$6$6

As you can see, the Florida Hair Cuttery location we checked has higher prices than the East and Midwest locations in several cases. However, the prices for many services, like haircuts, keratin treatments, and special occasion styles are the same across most locations.

It’s nice that you can go to a Hair Cuttery in another location or state and know your haircut price will be the same! If you take a look at the average prices for each of the services offered at these salons, there’s a wide range of costs.

You can get services like shampoo, trims, and scalp massages for as little as $7. The most expensive service offered at Hair Cuttery locations is the Value Package that includes an all-over color and full balayage for around $215. 

The average price for a service at Hair Cuttery is about $68. If you’re just getting a haircut or style without chemical treatments, the average price will be much lower – around $30-$35. 

What Services Do Hair Cuttery Salons Offer?

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Some of the services offered at Hair Cuttery salons may not be self-explanatory. And what’s a Value Package, anyway? Here’s a guide to the services you can expect to find on the menu at these salons, along with what they include. 


  • Signature cut: Includes scissor cut, shampoo, conditioner, and brush styling
  • Buzzcut: Include clipper cut with a single guard, does not include shampoo
  • Signature kids cut: Includes scissor cut, shampoo, conditioner, and brush styling for kids 10 and under

Hair Styling

  • Classic blowout: Includes shampoo, conditioner, and brush styling with blow-dry
  • Deluxe blowout: Includes shampoo, conditioner, and brush styling with blow-dry for highly textured hair
  • Classic updo: Includes shampoo, conditioner, and basic updo style
  • Special occasion design: Includes styles for occasions like weddings, proms, etc.

Chemical Treatments

  • Single application color: Includes shampoo, conditioner, blow-dry, and all-over hair color 
  • Partial or full foil: Includes shampoo, conditioner, partial or full foil highlights, and blow-dry
  • Balayage: Includes shampoo, conditioner, blow-dry, and hand-painted balayage color all over
  • Relaxer: Includes shampoo, conditioner, chemical relaxer/straightener, blow-dry, and basic set
  • Keratin treatment: Includes shampoo, conditioner, keratin treatment to smooth and straighten hair, and blow-dry 
  • Perm: Includes shampoo, conditioner, permanent wave, and blowout
  • Specialty perm: Includes shampoo, conditioner, permanent wave with specialty wrap, such as spiral or beach wave perm

Other Services

  • Brow shaping: Includes eyebrow wax and area between brows
  • Clarifying treatment: Removes product and mineral buildup on hair
  • Tea Tree VIP: Includes 3-minute scalp massage, Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner, and a haircut
  • Value Packages: Packages that include bonus services like Redken Chemistry Treatment or conditioning hair masks for a reduced price, like the Signature Cut Classic Blowout Value Package. 

Ask your Hair Cuttery stylist if there are any services you’d like to combine. There are tons of value packages available to pair haircuts, colors, highlights, perms, and treatments with hairstyles for a lower price. 

How Hair Cuttery Prices Compare

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At Hair Cuttery salons, haircuts are typically $22. This price includes a free shampoo and conditioner, which many other salons don’t include in the price of a haircut. Here’s how these salons compare in pricing with other salons that offer similar services. 

  • Haircuts are $26 at Hair Cuttery locations. On average, cuts with shampoo included are $26-$38 at Supercuts, $23 at Sport Clips, and $19 at Great Clips and Fantastic Sams. According to this data, Hair Cuttery haircut pricing is right in the line with other franchise salons.
  • Colors are around $67 at Hair Cuttery salons. On average, single process colors are $45-$89 at Supercuts and around $61 at Fantastic Sams. While Supercuts has the lowest prices for hair color, the cost at Hair Cuttery locations is much lower than the nationwide average of $80.
  • Perms cost about $75 at Hair Cuttery locations. On average, perms are $60 at Fantastic Sams and anywhere from $30 (short hair) to $115 (long hair) at Great Clips. Specialty perms (like spiral or beach wave perms) are a little more expensive at around $100 at Hair Cuttery salons.
  • Waxing and brow shaping costs $13 at Hair Cuttery salons. At Supercuts, waxes range in price from about $10-$20, and at Fantastic Sams, it’s $11 to $12. So, this pricing seems to be right in the average.

Overall, Hair Cuttery salons charge prices similar to other franchise salon chains and more affordable than many independent hair salons. Compared to Supercuts, Great Clips, Fantastic Sams, and Sport Clips, Hair Cuttery prices are on the higher end of average.

But regardless, it’s still a good value, especially if their locations are close to you. If you’d like to find the Hair Cuttery salon closest to you, use our Hair Cuttery Salon locator now and enter your zip code.