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The 21 Best Fall Hair Colors of 2024 | Autumn Color Ideas

Fall hair colors leave the washed-out brightness of summer behind in exchange for a little cozy warmth or cool, brisk tones to welcome the first chill in the air. See what fall hair colors are trending in 2024 to spice up your autumn look! 

Trending Fall Hair Colors in 2024

  • Warm, deep shades that echo natural fall colors
  • Dimensional colors with depth, highlights, or lowlights
  • Golden blondes, fiery reds, and earthy browns

Fall hair colors are typically warm, deep shades that echo the natural tones you see in nature during the autumn season. This fall, we’re seeing unique twists on mainstay fall colors (warm and a few cooler tones) that include lots of dimension and depth.

Lots of the trendy fall looks are accented with highlights, lowlights, and hand-painted balayage color.

While the general rule for fall hair colors was once pretty simple and straightforward — “go 2 shades darker in the fall” — 2024 trends are taking it a step further and encouraging us all to get out of our color comfort zones in favor of something a little spicier and more dimensional. 

Think in terms of light and shadows – while spring and summer are all about maximizing the brightness and light, fall hair colors bring in shadowy depth with more dimension to create sultry shades that can carry you all the way through winter. 

This season is a great time to update your mane by shedding the colors of summer and welcoming the earthy, autumnal tones that seem to scream fall.

We’re seeing tons of old favorite autumn hair colors with a modern twist and a few unexpected shades in the mix this fall. Try any of the fall hair colors from our trend forecast below to welcome fall with open arms and a gorgeous new hue!

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21 Trendy Hair Colors We’ve Fallen For

These trendy fall hair colors don’t even need a cheesy pickup line because we’ve already fallen for them, head over heels. From warm, nutty shades of brown and golden, earthy blondes to fiery reds and deep burgundy and maroon purple hues, we’re straight-up rejoicing over these fall time shades. 

Grab your latte, cozy up in a scarf, and slip into these gorgeous fall hair colors.

They’ll have you feeling as cool as a brisk fall morning and as hot as the boozy mulled cider you’re about to down with zero regrets. It’s fall, y’all, and your mane will make it known with these autumnal shades! 

1. Auburn-Tinged Chestnut Brown

Auburn-Tinged Chestnut Brown Fall Hair Colors

Irene Shy/Shutterstock

Chestnut and auburn are both fall mainstay colors, so it makes perfect sense to mix the two for an autumn-ready shade! This warm, reddish brown hue will help you pack away the summer vibes and get you ready to go apple picking, enjoy a hot coffee, and take a brisk stroll through fallen leaves. 

2. Tawny Autumn Blonde

Tawny Autumn Blonde fall hair color on a woman in a black dress

Oleg Gekman/Shutterstock

Transitioning blonde color to be more fall-appropriate doesn’t mean going super dark or going straight for the golden tones. Opt for a soft tawny blonde, which includes hints of nutty brown and beige blonde for a more subdued seasonal tone. 

3. Deep Maroon Brown 

Deep Maroon Brown, one of the best fall hair colors

Oleg Gekman/Shutterstock

Purple tones in maroon color pair so nicely with a deep brunette shade. This sultry maroon brown has just enough vibrance to stand out from basic, one-dimensional browns while giving off major fall vibes with its alluring depth and the interplay of shadow and light. 

4. Chocolate Brown With Honey Highlights

Chocolate Brown With Honey Highlights

Look Studio/Shutterstock

One of the ways we’re seeing fall hair colors a little differently this year is the addition of boldly contrasting highlights. Here, an earthy chocolate brown base brings depth to the color while bright honey blonde adds some contrast and brightness for a look that’s all about autumn. 

5. Wheat Blonde Balayage

Wheat Blonde Balayage fall hair color


Warm, wheaty blonde balayage is a beautiful option for fall time if you’re not quite embracing the idea of going dark. You’ll get to play up the natural golden/yellow tones in your blonde without worrying about neutralizing them with violet.

Keep the base a nice coffee color for contrast, or stick with your natural base to make this even lower-maintenance. 

6. Espresso Base With Auburn Balayage

Espresso Base With Auburn Balayage

Oleg Gekman/Shutterstock

Espresso is a dark shade of brown with a hint of warmth, but if you really want to kick things up a notch this fall, add some trendy auburn balayage in.

Going reddish-brown instead of blonde with the hand-painted color is a fun take on the trendy balayage technique for fall. The extra warmth makes for a cozier fall color and is perfect for accentuating long layers. 

7. Warm Honey Blonde With Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Warm Honey Blonde With Strawberry Blonde Highlights (a great fall hair color)

Cvetkova Elina/Shutterstock

Strawberry blonde highlights shake up a basic honey blonde color with a little more sparkle and depth. While soft honey color keeps the base light and warm in color, the coppery strawberry blonde highlights make it an unmistakably fall color. 

8. Burgundy-Tinted Black

For a piece on the best fall hair colors, a woman with Burgundy-Tinted Black

Izabela Magier/Shutterstock

Black can be a very one-dimensional color (especially if box color is used), so it really benefits from a little pick-me-up in the form of a lighter, warm color. Burgundy red weaves throughout the deep, nearly black base for a shade that shines beautifully in the light with unexpected hints of warmth. 

9. Cool Mocha Brown

Cool Mocha Brown Fall Hair Color

Nadya Korobkova/Shutterstock

Cool-toned complexions look best in similarly toned hair colors, and we love a deep mocha brown for fall time. This shade is big on depth, though it has little dimension. Try coppery highlights or wear your hair in big, voluminous curls to add a little dimension to this sublime autumn shade. 

10. Nutmeg Brown With Golden Honey Highlights

Nutmeg Brown With Golden Honey Highlights


A light nutmeg base color creates so many possibilities, but we’re big fans of the golden honey blonde highlights in this look. Keeping the highlights warm instead of going with a cool-toned blonde keeps the shades cohesive and focused on fall. 

11. Copper-Spiced Honey Blonde With Shadow Root

Copper-Spiced Honey Blonde With Shadow Root, a great fall hair color

Kiselev Andrey Valerevich/Shutterstock

This multi-color look shows layers of gorgeous autumn colors, from dark chocolate at the roots to golden honey blonde above the midshaft and coppery blonde through the ends. It’s bursting with warmth and feels like a perfect color transition from summer to chilly fall. 

12. Spicy Ginger Red

Spicy Ginger Red fall hair color

Boiko Olha/Shutterstock

You can’t have fall without a little spice, right? This ginger-hued red is coppery, bright, and super flattering for women with warm undertones.

Fall is a great time to take the leap and go red if you’ve had your eye on this color for a while. Not like you needed reminding, but this color makes dressing up as Ginger Spice a cinch when Halloween rolls around! 

13. Deep Golden Blonde

Deep Golden Blonde fall hair color

Boiko Olha/Shutterstock

Blondes can go slightly darker and deeper with their color in fall for a more seasonal take on the color without a major change. Deep golden blonde is reminiscent of honey blonde with its warmth and nearly-chestnut hue. This warm blonde shade is perfect for transitioning to fall from a lighter summery blonde. 

14. Gold-Tinged Auburn Red

Gold-Tinged Auburn Red


Flaxen, golden color alongside the reddish brown of auburn is a match made in heaven that’s absolutely suited for fall. Shimmering warmth emanates from the golden brown that underlies the auburn red tones for a truly autumnal color that makes trying red hair so much fun. 

15. Copper Chestnut Brown

Copper Chestnut Brown Fall Hair Color Idea

Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

Copper and chestnut go so well together because they’re both warm colors with reddish hues. Adding a little chestnut brown into the mix gives you additional depth and shadow that copper alone can’t pull off. The bright shimmery nature of copper red makes this color stunning for fall. 

16. Toasted Pecan Brown

Toasted Pecan Brown Fall Hair Color Idea

Lia Koltyrina/Shutterstock

Warm and toasty is a no-fail recipe for gorgeous fall hair colors, and this toasted pecan brunette shades perfectly fits the bill. Hints of copper add dimension and drape this warm color with sparkling strands wherever the light hits it. 

17. Hot Cocoa to Cinnamon Auburn Gradient

Idea for fall hair color featuring a woman with Hot Cocoa to Cinnamon Auburn Gradient hair

Natalia Fedchenko/Shutterstock

This yummy color reminds us of Mexican hot chocolate – earthy chocolate tones with a dash of cinnamon for extra flavor. Warm chocolate brown seamlessly transitions into a lighter auburn the shade of cinnamon for an unexpectedly sweet and spicy ending. 

18. Mocha Shadow Root With Ash Blonde Balayage

Mocha Shadow Root With Ash Blonde Balayage


Cool-toned ladies can rock cooler colors in fall easily – you just need the right balance of shadow and light to pull it off. A deep brown mocha base keeps your roots dark and adds the shadow/depth element to the look.

Bright, cool-toned ash blonde painted in up past the midshaft zone puts you in mind of brisk, cool mornings and the season’s first frost. 

19. Hickory Brown Base With Caramel Highlights

Hickory Brown Base With Caramel Highlights fall hair color inspiration on a black woman with natural hair

Samuel Borges Photography/Shutterstock

A deep brown like this hickory hue is the perfect backdrop for a lighter, warm highlight in the shade of toasty caramel. We’d love this combo of fall hair colors on any hair type, but it’s especially gorgeous with defined coils to really make the caramel sections pop. 

20. Golden Copper Brown

Golden Copper Brown fall hair color


Hints of copper and gold liven up a basic brunette color to make it resemble a warm sunset. We’re digging the shimmering dimension of this unique color and love that it can suit anyone with warm or neutral undertones. 

21. Light Golden Blonde With Tawny Brown 

Light Golden Blonde With Tawny Brown fall hair color inspiration


This trendy look darkens the bangs and roots to a light tawny brown to bring the fall vibes, while the lengths are draped in a warm, light golden blonde color for brightness.

You’ll see lots of gradient color trending this fall, so pair these 2 unexpected colors together for a look that’s unique but very on-trend. 

Things to Consider

Trying a new color for the fall season can be a painless, transformative experience if you avoid the usual pitfalls and mistakes. Here’s what you should keep in mind to get the perfect fall hue for you! 

  • Cool or warm? Know before you dye. Everyone’s undertones can be classified as cool, warm, or neutral. Know yours before you choose fall hair colors to try – it’ll help you avoid picking a color that clashes with your skin. Warm undertones look better in warm shades with golden, red, or brown tones. Cool undertones look better in cool shades with ash, beige, or mocha tones. Neutral undertones can rock almost any color, but avoiding warm or cool extremes and opting for tawny, beige, or berry undertones will look best. 
  • Make maintenance a priority. Color comes with its fair share of maintenance, and skipping touch ups or toning will leave you with color that doesn’t do you justice. Make sure to head to your salon for regular touch ups (your stylist will let you know how often you’ll need them) and toners to refresh your new fall hue as needed. 
  • Consider a new cut to show off your fall shade. Nothing refreshes your look like a new color for fall, but you’ll really feel transformed with a new cut to accentuate your color! If it’s been a while since you’ve switched up your haircut, fall is a great time to go a little shorter, get layers, or try bangs. 
  • Pick a color you’ll love through the winter. If you’re not a regular at your salon and don’t like changing your hair color often, it’s wise to pick a fall color that you can stick with through the winter. Pick a color that isn’t too out of the norm for you so you won’t tire of it by the time winter rolls around. Plus, you’ll have much less maintenance to deal with!
  • Plan to show off your new fall color. If you typically wear your hair up or in the same styles day after day, a new fall color is a good reason to start switching things up. Wear your hair down when you can to really show off the new hue and fill your style repertoire with trendy, cute hairstyles that play up your color. We love a good 90s blowouttight curls, or undone waves for days when you don’t mind spending a little more time styling it. But easy looks like messy buns and French braids are just as essential! 

Which Fall Hair Colors Will You Try?

As the season switches over to chilly fall, you’ll be ready for a new look to match the natural transitions going on around you. Opting for a warm, earthy tone that’s a little deeper than your current shade is an easy way to transition your mane to fall time and unveil a gorgeous new look for you! 

We’ve shared our favorite fall hair colors for this season and know you’re excited to try one or more of these toasty warm shades.

If you’re leaning toward the cooler end of the color spectrum, that’s okay too – your preferences and what looks best on you are absolutely key in choosing your next color.  

Get ready to welcome fall with a vibrant, dimensional color — you might decide it’s the new look for you and keep it through the changing seasons!