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20 Ginger Hair Color Ideas Trending in 2024

Spicy ginger hair color puts you in the spotlight and makes your mane come alive with fiery red, gold, and orange tones. In this guide, we’re exploring the different shades of ginger hair color and ideas to rock the perfect ginger hue that’s uniquely you. 

Can I Pull Off Ginger Hair Color?

  • Ginger colors can suit all skin tones and undertones
  • Shades range from strawberry blonde to deep auburn
  • Ginger hair color features amazing dimension and depth

You don’t have to be a born redhead to look gorgeous in ginger hair color. In fact, you’ll find that there’s a shade of gingery red for every skin tone! 

When you get the opportunity to handpick your ginger hair color, you can ensure you’re getting a shade that blends well with your skin tone (fair, medium, or deep) and undertones (warm, cool, or neutral). 

To really pull off ginger hair color, you’ll need to determine your skin tone and undertones to get the best color match. Check the chart below to find the perfect red hair color for your skin tone! 

Find Your Perfect Ginger Hair Color

Ginger Hair Color ShadeSkin ToneUndertone
Strawberry BlondeFair or MediumWarm/Neutral
Light CopperFair or MediumWarm
Rose GoldFair or MediumWarm
Golden CopperFair or MediumWarm
True RedMediumNeutral
Coral RedMediumWarm
Deep AuburnMedium or DeepWarm/Neutral
RustMedium or DeepWarm
Cherry RedDeepCool/Neutral

Use the chart to locate your perfect ginger hair color based on the shade and depth of your skin tone (fair, medium, or deep) and your undertones (warm, cool, or neutral). 

In general, ginger hair color can have yellow/gold undertones that make the color warm (like copper, auburn, or rose gold), blue undertones that make the color cool (like ruby, maroon, or burgundy red), or an even balance of both that make the color neutral (like cherry, true red, or deep auburn). 

You can easily find your ginger color match by comparing your skin tone and undertone to the chart. 

  • If you look better in gold than silver, look best in warm-colored clothing, and your veins have a greenish color, you have warm undertones. Choose warm ginger hair color shades with a golden or copper tint, like strawberry blonde, copper, or auburn. 
  • If you look better in silver than gold, find cool-colored clothing is more flattering, and your veins have a bluish color, you have cool undertones. Choose cool ginger hair color shades with a pinkish tint, like ruby, maroon, or burgundy. 
  • If gold and silver are equally flattering on you, you look good in both warm and cool-colored clothing, and your veins have a greenish blue hue or aren’t visible, you have neutral undertones. Choose neutral, balanced ginger hair color shades like true red, cherry red, or deep auburn, or experiment with warm or cool shades you like. 

No matter which shade you choose, you’ll be in love with the unique, sparkling nature of ginger hair color. No other color shines and shimmers in the light like ginger hues.

This rich color family also features captivating dimension and depth that helps it take on a more natural look, no matter how bold you go with your shade. 

Now that you’ve got a sense of the ginger shades that will look the most flattering with your skin tone, let’s look at some gorgeous examples of ginger hair color! 

20 Ginger Hair Color Ideas and Examples

We’ve rounded up the best examples and ginger hair color ideas for your next hue! Find the shade you love best in the ginger hair color family below. 

From light shades laced with brilliant blonde, vibrant coppers, and true reds to deep, sultry shades of burgundy, ruby, and auburn, you’ll soon see why we believe there’s a ginger hair for everyone

1. Golden Strawberry Blonde

Golden Strawberry Blonde, a great ginger hair color

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

Can’t decide if you’d rather go blonde or ginger? Why not both? Golden strawberry blonde gives you the lightness and radiance of blonde with the added dimension and color saturation of ginger hues.

Here, gold, pink, and light auburn tones create a stunning shade for fair and medium skin tones with warm undertones.  

2. Light Golden Auburn

Light Golden Auburn ginger hair color

Boiko Olha/Shutterstock

Light auburn has warm undertones, like a golden chestnut brown infused with brilliant coppery overtones. It’s a great shade to try if you’re not 100% certain about going red, but want to see how you’ll look with reddish tones.

Go heavy on the chestnut for a browner auburn or add more copper for a shimmering, golden auburn shade. 

3. Coppered Strawberry Blonde

Coppered Strawberry Blonde

Maples Images/Shutterstock

Bright, ethereal strawberry blonde lets you combine the light tones of blonde with the alluring dimension and sparkle of gingery copper red. This shade is a perfect match for fair and medium skin tones with warm or neutral undertones.

The beautiful thing about strawberry blonde is how diverse and versatile this color is — go blonder, more pink, more red, or more copper to change the overall hue to suit you. 

4. Light Flaxen Copper

Light Flaxen Copper ginger hair color

Maisevich Alexey/Shutterstock

The brighter your copper tone, the more brilliantly it will shine and glisten in the light. We love a light copper hue for fair and medium-skinned ladies with warm undertones. It picks up the yellow and golden tones in your skin for an ultra-flattering shade that looks natural. 

5. Bold Blond-Washed Copper

Bold Blond-Washed Copper Ginger Hair Color


Light copper shades make it easy to rock the bold, orange tones of copper without the depth and darkness of true copper red. This blonde-washed copper is a very warm color, so it’ll suit warm undertones nicely alongside fair or medium skin. 

6. Coral-Toned Copper

Coral-Toned Copper Ginger Hair Color

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Coral tones (blush pink and orange) are a beautiful addition to orange, metallic copper. Coral copper is a warm color, but this unique shade can work on cool undertones as well. We’re loving the coppery highlights around the face that add extra dimension to the rich coral base. 

7. Caramelized Copper

Caramelized Copper Ginger Hair Color

Cast of Thousands/Shutterstock

Medium to deep warm skin tones can get creative with ginger hair color shades by adding caramel blonde tones to a ginger color like copper. We’re calling this caramelized copper and love the brownish blonde hues that subdue the dimensional copper a bit and give it a lighter feel. 

8. Rusted Ginger

Rusted Ginger Hair Color on a woman in a low-cut shirt in a field of grass


“Ginger” typically refers to an orange-red shade, and that’s precisely what this brilliant color is. With metallic coppery golden tones underlying the orange-ginger hue, it offers amazing dimension and depth without being a super-dark tone.

It’s great on fair, medium, or deep skin tones, but you’ll want warm undertones for this color to flatter you best. 

9. Dimensional Medium Copper

Dimensional Medium Copper Ginger Hair Color on a boho-style woman


Somewhere between light and deep copper is the balanced medium copper shade – rich and radiant without the essence of blonde or brown. This shade is absolutely stunning on fair, medium, and deep skin tones, but you’ll need warm undertones to really pull this warm shade off. 

10. True Copper

True Copper ginger hair idea on a middle aged woman in a leather shirt


True copper is a bold color with golden undertones and bright, shimmering orange overtones. If you’re looking for a unique shade that will catch every eye when you enter a room, this is the one. This shade looks great on fair or medium skin tones and warm undertones. 

11. Bright Orange Copper

Bright Orange Copper ginger hair color on a woman with freckles

Kaponia Aliaksei/Shutterstock

Turn the color vibrancy all the way up for this bold, pure color! Copper comes alive with a medium depth that won’t mask its brilliance and metallic sparkle. This is about as warm as colors come, so we recommend rocking it with warm undertones only. It can work on fair, medium, and deep skin tones. 

12. Radiant, Gradient Red

Radiant, Gradient Red ginger hair color

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

Deeper shades of red can be so much fun to play around with, adding different tones to tweak the resulting color and depth. This look features shades of ruby red, auburn, and copper blended gracefully and artfully for a truly unique shade that shines brilliantly on warm and neutral undertones. 

13. Vibrant Copper

Vibrant Copper ginger hair color on a woman in a white dress in a field


Rich, bold, and very warm, this vibrant copper shade is a show-stopper that will earn you compliments and adoring looks everywhere you go.

It’s a pure, saturated copper color with plenty of dimension. As a medium shade, it’s not too light or dark and perfectly suits fair, medium, and deep skin tones with warm undertones. 

14. Copper-Washed Red

Copper-Washed Red ginger hair color inspiration


Fans of rich red color a la Ariel should consider a bright and bold copper-washed red. This color has a true red base with blue and yellow undertones topped with a shimmering copper-orange tint. The metallic copper hue makes it feel a little more natural than pure red, but we’d love it both ways! 

15. Darkened Copper

Darkened Copper ginger hair color idea on a woman wearing a black and white striped shirt in an orange room

Look Studio/Shutterstock

If bright orange overtones of copper aren’t your style, try going a little bit darker with the shade to subdue it a bit. You’ll still get the shimmering essence of orange copper, but with added depth and dimension to give it a natural feel with more red to balance the orange tones. 

16. Juicy Cherry

Juicy Cherry ginger hair color idea on a woman in a jean jacket in a green room

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Cherry red is a cool-toned ginger hair color that works on different skin tones with cool or neutral undertones. This luscious hue is vibrant with blue and pink undertones that really pop against cool-toned skin. 

17. Deep Maroon Red

Deep Maroon Red ginger hair idea


Maroon brings purple, red, and brown tones together in a gorgeous way that really accentuates and flatters medium and deep skin tones.

It’s a cool-toned ginger hair color that picks up the faint blue undertones in cool skin. If you want a bold shade that can’t be mistaken for a natural color, we love this deep maroon. 

18. Ruby Red

Ruby Red ginger hair color idea

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

We love a vibrant ruby red on fair skin tones, and this shade works well with both cool and neutral undertones. The sanguine, almost-purple tones really stand out and if you’re not a fan of warm coppers, strawberry blondes, or bright cherry reds, you’ll love this mysterious shade. 

19. Burgundy Auburn

Burgundy Auburn on a fair-skinned woman for a piece on ginger hair color ideas

Boiko Olha/Shutterstock

Cool-toned burgundy auburn is a gorgeous ginger shade for those who want a deeper tone. This shade has blue undertones that give the color a purplish burgundy tint, making it suitable for cool and neutral undertones. 

20. Dark Auburn

Dark Auburn ginger hair color on a pretty and thin and pale-skinned woman

Kobrin Photo/Shutterstock

Auburn is a unique ginger hair color that can be taken as light or dark as you want. If your skin tone is medium to deep with warm undertones, consider dark auburn to perfectly suit your skin and make your complexion sparkle.

A deep brunette base is overlaid with auburn red tones for a color with incredible depth and glistening copper-like strands. 

Ready to Go Red With Ginger Hair Color? Consider This.

With so many gorgeous ginger hair color options on the table, it can be a real challenge to settle in on the shade you like best. If you’re stuck between two or more options, read these tips and considerations to help narrow your choices to The One. 

  • Red fades fast. Did you know that red is the fastest-fading hair color of them all? Red dye molecules just don’t hang around as long as brown and black, so your new ginger hair color will likely require more maintenance than you’re used to, but it’ll just be an extra touch up here and there. Using sulfate-free shampoo for colored hair helps a lot with fading. Knowing the fast-fading properties of red upfront will help you decide if going red is really the right choice for you. 
  • Consider your wardrobe. Once you’ve checked the chart here in our guide and found suitable ginger hair color options for your skin tone and undertones, you might still find yourself stuck. Consider the colors you typically wear and how they’ll look with the shades on your Maybe list. Golden copper or auburn will clash with some pastel shades, for example. In general, if you usually wear cool-colored clothes, stick with a cool ginger shade. The same goes for warm and even neutral wardrobe colors. 
  • Tweak a shade you like to perfectly suit you. No online guide can take the place of a consultation with a skilled, experienced colorist who can examine your current color and skin tone to mix your perfect shade. It’s fine to bring in ideas of the ginger hair color you like best, but stay open to suggestions and tweaks that might make the color an even better fit for you. Your colorist might suggest adding gold, rose, raspberry, mocha, or burgundy tones to perfectly mix a color for you.
  • Try on your color with a wig. If you’re really torn between a couple ginger shades, it might be worth it to “try on” the colors with wigs. You can order a few affordable wigs online (see where to buy good wigs online here) or pop into a local wig shop to try a few colors on for size. You’ll get a sense of how the shade and tone looks against your skin without committing to the color. Bonus: If you purchase a wig and love the color, you can bring it to your colorist to get a perfect shade match! 
  • Some light ginger colors require bleaching. Some red colors can be done with a single process – dye applied to your current hair color with no bleaching required. If the shade of red you want is lighter than your current hair color, however, it’ll be a double process with bleaching first to lighten your base color, then the application of red dye to achieve the right shade and tone. If your hair is damaged or you want to avoid bleach, choose a ginger hair color that’s at or below your current color level.

Is Ginger Hair Color Right for You?

There’s nothing more exciting than exploring new hair color ideas! If the prospect of transforming into a gorgeous, ginger-haired vixen with a simple hair appointment has you ready to go red, keep the tips and suggestions above in mind to end up with a color you’ll absolutely love. 

The ginger hair color family is diverse with a full spectrum of shades. If you haven’t landed on the perfect shade just yet, keep looking.

There’s a red hue for everyone — warm, neutral, or cool undertones, and skin tones from fair to deep. Stick to the shade family that’ll flatter your undertones and skin tone best and see how alluring shades of ginger can totally transform your look and vibe.