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30 Easy Updos to Make Your Life Easier in 2024

Styling your hair into an easy updo is the perfect way to elevate your overall look without too much effort. Not sure where to start? Take a look at our jam-packed guide, featuring simple-to-do yet visually captivating updos. These styles will help you look put together without spending a ton of time getting ready, which is a win-win.

What Are Easy Updos?

Easy updos are simply hairstyles that pull the hair up and off of the shoulders. They are an excellent choice in the summer or for anywhere with a hot or humid climate.

They take the hair off the neck and shoulders, which can otherwise cause excessive sweating or simply hinder proper ventilation. As long as it gets the hair up and keeps it up, it qualifies as an updo. Easy updos can include several different styles.

Some of the most popular include:

  • Braids
  • Chignons
  • Ponytails
  • Buns
  • Twists
  • Clips
  • Pigtails

Updos have been popular for centuries, with some of the most popular in history including finger curls or the beehive. In the 1920s, progressive women started finger-curling their hair to get it up off of their necks, creating one of the most popular updos of the time. 

In the 1960s, Chicago hair artist Margaret Vinci Heldt created the beehive for Modern Beauty Salon magazine. It was created to fit under a velvet fez hat and took off immediately due to the popularity of the accessory.

It’s fun to see how updos and fashion have evolved, creating an environment where now the possibilities are endless. Below, we’ve rounded up 30 of our favorites to inspire your next easy everyday hairstyle.

Easy Updo Inspiration: 30 Unique Ideas

Want to get in on the trend and rock your own updo hairstyle? Get creative and come up with something that feels functional and stylish, or take inspiration from one of these thirty ideas.

1. High Braided Bun

Easy updo titled High Braided Bun showing the various steps to do this style


Go high and tight with this gorgeous bun. The braid at the end adds extra flair to an already chic style, and it holds even the longest hair in place all day long with no fussing or hair on your shoulders.

2. Rolled Korean Bun

Rolled Korean Bun easy updo tutorial in many images stitched together

Mila Supinskaya Glashchenko/Shutterstock

If you’re looking for something fresh and fun, take inspiration from this Korean hairstyle that involves a simple braid at the top and a beautifully rolled bun that results in a perfectly laid half-bun look.

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3. Multi-Braid Bun

Woman in a multi-picture collage showing us how to do an easy rolled bun updo

Focus and Blur/Shutterstock

If you have a lot of hair, you might find that breaking it up into smaller braids first before trying to turn it into an updo is a lot easier. This style starts with four braids that then get looped together to create a gorgeous, romantic low bun for the final look.

4. Looped Chignon

Asian woman doing a Looped Chignon easy updo bun tutorial in a picture collage


This style is only a few steps but looks like it took hours to perfect! Simply start with a basic ponytail, wrap it into a low bun, and use the extra length to wrap it once more for a chignon that looks equally as cool as it does professional.

5. Big Braid and Bigger Bun

Big Braid and Bigger Bun in a step-by-step walkthrough collage


A great hairstyle for a dance performance or fancy night out, this style comes together with one beautifully braided side part swept into a voluminous bun mold. Top it off with a few small flowers tucked into the side, it looks elegant but still so unique.

6. Fun Bow Ponytail

Fun Bow Ponytail easy updo idea


Embrace your inner child with this fun and innocent look. Simply pull your hair up into a basic high ponytail, secure it with a hairband, and wrap it with a red bow. Then, feel free to accessorize with dainty pins for a bit more pizzazz.

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7. Reinvented Ballerina Bun

Reinvented Ballerina Bun easy updo picture walkthrough

Mila Supinskaya Glashchenko/Shutterstock

Start by first pulling the back half of your hair into a ponytail in the middle of your skull. Wrap it around a bun mold or create a bun by wrapping your hair into itself and securing it with bobby pins. Brush back the front portion of your hair to tease it before gently pulling it back and adding it to your bun.

8. Disappearing Braid

Disappearing Braid easy updo walkthrough collage


For a minimal and professional look, try this fun disappearing braid hack. Simply begin by braiding the top of your hair into a French braid as normal. Once you get to the nape of your neck, stop braiding and add an elastic. Tuck it under to create a small bun at the bottom.

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9. Upside Down Braided Bun

Upside Down Braided Bun easy updo inspiration


This edgy style is perfect for the woman who doesn’t want to play by the rules. Flip your hair upside down and braid to the top of your head before securing it with a hair tie and wrapping the rest into a high bun.

10. Milkmaid Braids

Easy Updo Inspiration Walkthrough Titled Milkmaid Braids


Great for a young girl, a bridal moment, or anyone who wants a unique updo that’s equally interesting and classic, opt for these milkmaid braids that bring the pigtails off of your back and shoulders for a more breezy look.

11. Twisted Elegant Low Updo

Twisted Elegant Low Updo


Have a wedding or special event to attend soon? Consider styling your hair with this look. All it takes is a few carefully placed bobby pins, a good mirror, and a few white rosettes to add once the style is complete.

12. Old Glamour Chignon

Old Glamour Chignon step-by-step collage


Take a cue straight from old Hollywood glamour with this timeless and elegant updo. This looks like something Grace Kelly would have worn, so don your fanciest gown and strut around town on a luxurious night out with this flawless look.

13. Triple Bun

Triple Bun easy updo walkthrough in a picture


Why only style your hair into one bun when you could rock three? This easy updo is just three ponytails wrapped into simple buns at the base of the neck for an out-of-this-world hairstyle that is sure to turn heads.

14. Sleek High Pony

Example of one of the best easy updos, a simple high pony

Red Umbrella and Donkey/Shutterstock

There’s nothing fancy or extraneous about this look. It’s chic, slicked back, and goes with just about anything. Perfect for all of you with straight hair, simply slick it back at the top of your head and wrap it with your hair to hide the ponytail holder.

15. Bubble Pony

Bubble Pony easy updo in a step-by-step collage


This trend is huge right now. Hop on board by taking your ponytail up a notch with several elastics down the entire length. Wrap the top of the ponytail with a blue ribbon for a little something extra.

16. Twisted Layered Bubble Pony

Twisted Layered Bubble Pony easy updo


If you liked the bubble pony we just shared, then you’ll probably love this elevated version of it. Rather than a high ponytail, this one uses a lower ponytail that’s twisted and banded several times all the way down to create an interesting texture and appearance.

17. Head Band Wrapped Hair

Head Band Wrapped Hair featured in an easy updo


An ethereal look perfect for weddings or parties, this is one of the easiest updos on our list. Simply place a decorative headband around the top of your head and tuck your hair into it to create one cohesive roll near the base of your neck. 

18. Messy Chignon

Messy Chignon easy updo inspiration


Create an undone and effortlessly easy look by simply curling your hair and pinning it around the back of your head in different ways to create varied textures while still lifting your hair off of your neck. It’s so romantic!

19. Curly Crown Moment

Curly Crown Moment easy updo

Lia Koltyrina/Shutterstock

This one’s for all you curly girls out there. Pin pieces of your hair up around the nape of your neck loosely to create texture and body but leave some pieces hanging out to frame your face. Top with a gorgeous crown! 

20. Seamless Chignon

Easy updo idea titled Seamless Chignon on a woman in a salon getting her hair curled


Perfect for a special occasion, this seamless chignon makes it hard to know where the hair begins and where it ends. It’s wind-swept and ethereal without looking too soft or played out.

21. Low Chignon With Face-Framing Tendrils

Low Chignon with Face-Framing Tendrils


Put the focus on the front with a simple and low chignon that doesn’t call too much attention. Then, pull out a few gorgeous face-framing tendrils to soften the looks and compliment your cheekbones.

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22. Voluminous Long Braid

Voluminous Long Braid on a woman in a strapless dress for a piece on easy updos


Got tons of length and volume? This hairstyle was made for you. Get some of the weight off your shoulders by pulling it to one side and braiding it extremely loosely, pulling out pieces as you go to add volume to it.

23. Afro Pony

Afro Pony easy updo on an African American woman

Karen Dole/Shutterstock

If you have naturally textured hair, highlight it, don’t hide it. You can do this by securing your hair at the top of your skull and clipping it down to create a smaller afro pony on top of your head.

24. Low Effortless Clip

Low Effortless Clip easy updo idea

Red Umbrella and Donkey/Shutterstock

When you really have no time to spare on your hair, grab a bejeweled claw clip and twist your hair into a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Clip it in place and pull a few hairs out around the front to finish it off.

25. Box Braid Bun

Box Braid Bun easy updo hairstyle

Karen Dole/Shutterstock

Elevate your box braids by pulling them back to the highest point of your crown and wrapping them around each other to create a beautifully textured bun that takes your hair off your neck and shoulders.

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26. Waterfall Braid Ponytail

Waterfall Braid Ponytail easy updo inspiration in a step by step walkthrough picture collage


Remember the waterfall braid? It’s back and better than ever with this unique spin on it, ponytail-style. Make a classic high ponytail, and then create a waterfall braid it all the way around until you reach the bottom.

27. Sleek and Shiny Chignon

Sleek and Shiny Chignon


If your hair is super straight, let it dry as normal before applying a smoothing serum, and sweep it back at the base of your neck. Loop and pin in place and you’re tres chic!

28. Tousled and Teased High Bun

Tousled and Teased High Bun


Keep the hair pulled back tight and sleek, but then have fun with the ponytail and teasing it and tousling it into the ultimate messy bun.

29. Messy Undone Ponytail

Messy Undone Ponytail for an example of an easy updo


Don’t have time but still want to look somewhat put together? Use your natural texture to your advantage and flip your hair upside down, gather it near the top of your head, flip and secure! You’ll get a little added volume with this method.

30. No-Fuss Top Knot

No fuss top knot easy updo idea viewed on a woman from the back


For days when you need to get things done, your hair doesn’t need to be perfect. Tie it up high and tight at the top of your head, and then wrap your hair around itself quickly until all the length is gone. 

Things to Consider With Easy Updos

Before you style an updo, you should take a few things into account first.


First, is your hair long enough? Most updos require hair that is long enough to twist and secure off of the neck, but if your hair is just a few inches long, you might not be able to achieve the look.

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The next thing you should consider is the occasion. Updos span the entire range and can look good off-duty, in professional settings, or for a special event. However, they aren’t universal. 

For a more professional, formal look, opt for a bun or chignon. For a more fun or romantic look, go with a ponytail or loose updo.

Hair Weight

If you have really long and thick hair, it’s going to feel pretty heavy when fixed on top of your head. This can lead to tension headaches, and your updo won’t last for more than a few hours. 

For heavier hair, keep your hair near the nape of your neck for more support. Lighter, thinner, hair can withstand updos that are higher up.

Are Messy Updos in Style?

Messy hair, always on-trend, is a style that makes you look charming without effort. If you peek at any red carpet or glamorous event, there’s always someone rocking the messy updo and it’s not even surprising. Season after season, messy styles remain sexy and chic without losing a fresh and playful vibe. 

Is an Updo for You?

Updos are for everyone, as long as your hair is long enough to secure with bobby pins, an elastic, or a clip. You may need to play around with how high or low your updo is depending on the weight and length of your hair.

But there are endless options to choose from. Get started and choose a casual or dressy style from our selection of 30 easy updos.

Rocking Easy Updos

Deciding what to do with your hair is always a task that involves time and effort. Fortunately, creating the style often takes a lot less time than deciding what to actually do with your hair. That’s especially true when it comes to the easy styles in our guide. Updos save time and offer tons of looks that will fit the occasion. Whether you have long or medium hair, a stylish or neutral preference, there’s always an updo that is perfect for you, for your hair type, and for the day you’re about to embark on.

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