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20 Cute Hairstyles for Long Hair for Daily Wear

Bored with your long strands? Try some new cute hairstyles for long hair and rediscover your love for your length! We’ll share 20 unique ideas below. Read on to see our favorites!

What Are Some Cute Hairstyles for Long Hair?

  • Simplify your daily style search: Down, up, or half-up?
  • Learn tricks to elevate basic looks (ponytails, braids, waves, etc.)
  • When in doubt, add twists for a quick half-up style

When your hair is long but your style list is short, you’re not enjoying your length as much as you could be – and you might find yourself thinking about going in for a big chop. What you need are plenty of cute hairstyles for long hair that are easy enough to remember and wear on a weekly basis! 

As fellow owners of lengthy manes, we can relate to the monumental task that is choosing and creating new styles with long hair. So we sifted through some of the most popular looks and simplified a few classics to show you a list of truly cute hairstyles for long hair. 

Before we take a look at these easy and gorgeous styles, let’s talk about a few tips and tricks we’ve learned to making styling long hair a whole lot simpler.

Simplify Your Daily Style Search

If you try to consider the entire world of amazing hairstyles you could try each day, you’ll probably just end up with “analysis paralysis” (a very real phenomenon).

That typically results in defaulting back to the easiest looks you’ve done a million and one times, like a basic ponytail or wearing your hair down. Skip the indecision by asking yourself a very basic question each morning: Down, up, or half-up?

Once you’ve picked a category, you’ll be able to narrow your focus to 3-4 cute styles and pick the one that you’re up for creating that day. This trick will help you consider and choose from a wider range of pretty styles each day – but it also means you need to have several cute go-to looks in your repertoire.

We’ll show you some of our favorites in the next section. But it helps to have some hacks and tricks memorized to make basic styles look a bit more polished. 

Learn Tricks to Elevate Basic Styles

To upgrade a basic ponytail on long hair, try wrapping the elastic with a small section of hair and pin it under the ponytail. Use a clip that’s close to your hair color to support and prop a pony up for extra volume.

You can lightly tease or backcomb the tail to fill it out. Even teasing your hair at the roots before gathering it into a ponytail will elevate the look! This is a great trick to make a ponytail better at flattering your face shape, too. 

Other quick ways to polish a basic style for long hair: Braid your hair loosely before wrapping it in a bun for more texture. Try “pancaking” a braided style to make it look fuller. Put your hair in a ponytail to quickly curl the ends, then wear it as-is or take it down for tumbling curls. 

Have Go-to Options for Rushed Mornings

Many mornings see us a little more rushed than we planned for (darn you, snooze button!) and result in choosing the same ol’ styles we’ve always worn. Have a plan with seriously easy-but-pretty hairstyles for times like these and you won’t fall into the same routine.

Get comfortable with classics, like French twists and low chignons, as everyday styles. Curate a collection of cute claw clips, hair scarves, headbands, and barrettes to facilitate quick but cute styles on the go. 

One of our favorite “tricks” for last-minute styles are cute half-up twists. Hit your roots with some dry shampoo if needed, grab a couple bobby pins, and twist small sections near your temples back toward your crown.

Pin, spray with hairspray if needed, and touch up the ends with a curling iron or flat iron if needed. You’ll get a better idea of what we have in mind with the cute hairstyles for long hair you’ll see below! 

Try These 20 Cute Hairstyles for Long Hair

Never find yourself out of ideas again when you keep these 20 cute hairstyles for long hair in mind! From easy looks for those running late mornings to more intricate styles that will make you feel oh-so-fancy, we found some of the best style options for long hair. Check them out and save your faves! 

1. Half-Up Twists With Bubble Braid

Back view of woman in front of pink background with cute hairstyle for long hair: Twists with bubble braid


Pancaked twists on the sides lead into a voluminous bubble braid in the back for this cute long hairstyle. The bubbles are actually inverted ponytails to add a little more texture.

Start with basic over-under twists on the side and secure both together before fluffing each twist out. Finish with bubble braids and any hair texture (straight, wavy, curly) you’d like! 

2. Boho Baby Braids

Woman with long hair and white fringe boho top turns her head to show her cute hairstyle for long hair with baby braid

Alex Volot/Shutterstock

Don’t underestimate the power of your outfit and accessories to elevate a basic hairstyle! Here, trendy baby braids hang down on each side and subtle waves in the ends of the hair make styling simple. The dangly earrings and outfit really pull it all together! 

3. Down and Loose Beach Waves

Back view of woman with long hair styled in loose waves with brown to blonde ombre color

Kourdakova Alena/Shutterstock

Natural waves are gorgeous and if you can get away with air-drying, we’re all for it. But it’s hard to beat the polished, messy-chic look of perfectly styled long beach waves created with an iron or wand! Wrap 1-2″ sections of your hair in alternating directions and tug on the curls while they’re hot to get pretty waves. 

4. Double Hanging Braids

Blonde woman in hat wearing one of the top cute hairstyles for long hair with double hanging braids


It’s quick and easy with a pretty boho chic vibe. We love doing two simple hanging braids with loose pieces around the face! Pairing this casual style with a cute hat really takes it to the next level. 

5. Sleek and Straight With Off-Center Part

Woman stands in front of black wall with one of her cute hairstyles for long hair, straight and parted off-center

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

Texture in itself can be a cute hairstyle for long hair and we love how lengthy strands look all sleek and straight! Lots of moisture and a damage-repairing protein mask can help your hair look better when it’s perfectly straight. Sleek it out with heat protectant (yes, it really does work), a little shine serum, and a quality flat iron. 

6. Loose Chignon With Braid Accent

Woman in front of red background looks down with low chignon and braid accent as one of the cute hairstyles for long hair

Luba V Nel/Shutterstock

A low and loose chignon placed to the side is a timeless look that always elevates an outfit. It’s perfect for long hair since it keeps everything gathered and secure without being too tight.

Try a baby braid or two in front before gathering your hair at the nape of your neck on one side. Roll the hair into a chignon and tuck pins in for security.

7. Loose Side Braid With Hat

Woman wearing hat and white lace top touches her hair with loose side braid style


Adding a pretty accessory like a hat is one of our favorite ways to quickly create cute hairstyles for long hair. A simple loose side braid with pieces pulled out to keep it casual looks great topped with a chic statement hat. 

8. Casual Glam Brushed Waves

Smiling woman in white tank top wears one of our cute hairstyles for long hair with brushed glam waves

Irina Bg/Shutterstock

This is a great second-day style for big, glam waves, or you can create it start-to-finish with freshly washed hair. Use a curling iron or wand to create waves in the bottom portion of your length, then lightly brush through them after they’ve cooled for this casual yet glam style. 

9. Sleek Low Wrapped Pony

Woman turns to the side with strapless gown and shows her low ponytail as one of the many cute hairstyles for long hair


A middle part is the foundation of this chic, low-key style. It’s a classic look that can be quickly pulled together on mornings when you’ve got no idea how you’ll wear your hair. Gather your hair low at the nape of your neck and wrap the elastic with a small section of hair to instantly upgrade the look. 

10. Twisted Space Buns

Woman wears one of the cutest hairstyles for long hair with twisted space buns

Olena Hromova/Shutterstock

Space buns are a fun throwback style, but they don’t always look super-polished. Try a tweaked version with twists to make it feel updated! Start with a middle part and twist each side into a coiled bun. Place the buns back toward the crown and keep them high for the most flattering look! 

11. Polished Midi Ballerina Bun

Woman with white strapless top glances away with hand on her neck wearing a ballerina bun with long hair

Irina Bg/Shutterstock

The easiest way to quickly create a polished style when you don’t have time to curl or straighten your hair? A ballerina bun placed just below the crown.

Make sure the ponytail has no lumps or bumps when you gather and secure it. Then, wrap it tightly and pin in place with a little hairspray for extra staying power. 

12. Sleek Half-Up Style

Woman intensely looks ahead showing one of several cute hairstyles for long hair, a half-up style

Red Umbrella and Donkey/Shutterstock

A slight side part with the hair brushed down and back toward the crown is the basis of this sleek half-up look. Gather your brushed sections in the back below the crown and secure with bobby pins, a small elastic, or a funky barrette to elevate the look. 

13. Quick Chic Scrunchy Bun

Back view of woman in long sleeves tying her hair into a scrunchy bun as an example of a cute hairstyle for long hair


Don’t have time to create an intricate style with your long hair? Toss it up into a quick bun and use a pretty scrunchy as a statement accessory! Find a scrunchy that goes well with your outfit and pop it in after created an easy coiled bun. 

14. Messy Top Knot

Woman with off-shoulder top stands in white room with one of the cute hairstyles for long hair in a messy top knot


A quick cat eye, a nude lip, and a chic top are all you need to elevate a messy top knot into posh status. Gather your hair at your crown in a ponytail and secure it with an elastic. Twist the tail and wrap it around the base to form your top knot and adjust as needed before pinning it in place. 

15. Twisted Low Ponytail

Back view of woman standing in front of orange wall with ombre hair in a cute hairstyle for long hair, a low twisted ponytail


This is one of those cute hairstyles for long hair that looks a lot more complicated than it really is! Start with a low ponytail, leaving two sections out on either side, and invert it (topsy tail) through the base.

Take one of the loose sections and split it, twisting section over section across the base of the ponytail. Pin and hide the ends, then repeat for the other side. 

16. Curling Wand Faux Perm

Woman with very curly hair texture wears one of her favorite cute hairstyles for long hair in black strapless top

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

Even straight-haired vixens like to experiment with big, voluminous curls every now and then! It’s a glam, feminine look that’s a little time-consuming on long hair, but not hard to style with a good curling wand. Curl small sections and pin them while they cool and set for the most definition. 

17. Half-Up Braided Style

Fit woman lifts arms with black workout top on to show off her cute hairstyles for long hair with braided half-updos


When in doubt, go half-up! That’s a simple rule to remember for long hair and it always helps you look more put-together and intentional. Start two hanging braids, one on each side of your head, and fluff them up to fill them out a bit. Secure in the back, then braid down the joined tail to complete the look. 

18. Simple Claw Clip Updo

Back view of woman in white collared shirt against gray background wearing a claw clip updo as a cute hairstyle for long hair

Redumbrella Europe/Shutterstock

This style works best for long hair that’s on the thinner side (unless you’ve got a really great claw clip!) and it’s so amazingly simple.

Just gather your hair at the nape of your neck, twist it into a tight coil, and place the coil vertically up the back of your head. Direct the tail back down to bend the twist and secure it with a pretty clip. 

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19. Accessorized Loose Ponytail

Woman with dark brown hair smiles with a fabric headband in a cute ponytail hairstyle for long hair

Red Umbrella and Donkey/Shutterstock

Simple accessories you love can instantly upgrade a basic hairstyle to make it a little more special. This loose ponytail gets a boost from a patterned headband and a few face-framing tendrils pulled out in front. Try it with a scarf or your favorite headband!

20. Voluminous Waves With Braided Headband

Dark haired woman glances away with fur coat and shows off voluminous waves with braided headband for long hair


If your hair is long and you’ve got a lot of it, big bouncy waves are always a great go-to style. Make it a little different by adding a braided “headband” with a volume boost in front!

Tease the front section and smooth it back before tightly French braiding a thin plait horizontally across your head. Secure with pins. 

Things to Consider

Knowing some cute hairstyles for long hair is really just the beginning! You’ll get better results and enjoy your long hairstyles more when you keep the following tips and tricks in mind. 

  • Heat protectant is a must. Hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons and wands, waving irons – these things are basically essential to style long hair, but they all do their fair share of damage to hair. A good heat protectant is all you need to insulate fragile long strands from all that heat damage. Grab one in your budget and use it faithfully anytime you expose your hair to heat!  
  • Use high quality styling tools. If you’ve been using the same curling iron for 10 years or grabbed the first hair dryer you saw at Walmart, you’re not doing your hair any favors. Working with quality styling tools is key to getting better results with any hairstyle. Find our favorite flat irons, curling irons, and hair dryers to upgrade your results to salon-quality. 
  • Get a trim for healthier-looking hair. We get it – trims on long hair can be scary and sometimes, enthusiastic stylists take off too much. But knocking off the oldest part of your hair on a regular basis keeps it looking much healthier and thicker! Be clear about how much length you want taken off and show your stylist exactly where you want your trim to reach. Don’t just say “take off the split ends.” 
  • Start curating cute accessories. If you have a closet full of pretty hair accessories to choose from on a given day, you’re a lot more likely to put the effort in and wear a cute new hairstyle with it. Start curating a little collection of pretty headbands, several types of clips, hair scarves, and barrettes so you always have a bold statement accessory to wear when you’re not sure how to style your mane.

Which Cute Hairstyles for Long Hair Works Best for You?

We shared 20 cute hairstyles for long hair and you probably picked out a few that you think you’ll actually use. Keep the screenshots on your phone, sure. But doing a trial run with each style you like is the best way to keep it fresh in your memory! 

When you’re considering which styles will actually work well with your hair, keep your hair’s thickness/thinness and texture in mind. Naturally thin, fine hair looks great in half-up styles that make it look thicker, but not so great in braided looks where the hair struggles to fill out the braid. 

On the other hand, super thick hair is awesome in buns and braided styles, but can literally cause a headache in a high spunky ponytail or feel too heavy in styles like space buns. Keeping your hair’s characteristics in mind will help you choose styles that are the best fit. 

Your hair’s texture can also point you in certain style directions. A word of advice: Don’t fight your natural texture. If it’s pin-straight, use that and work in twists, braids, or updos to switch up the look. If it’s curly, rely on half-up styles and lots of pins to create different textures and interest in your mane. 

Keeping long hair happy and healthy is a job in itself, but coming up with a constant revolving door of hairstyles is the real challenge. Use the cute hairstyles for long hair on our list to make that task a little easier! You just might fall in love with your length all over again.