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11 Trendy Butterfly Clip Hairstyles to Wear in 2024

Whether you’re a grown-up 90s girl or are just now falling in love with these little winged hair clips, you’ve got to see the cute butterfly clip hairstyles we’ve found!

From iconic Y2K hairstyles like butterfly clip twists and half-up pigtails to unique looks you’ve never seen before, you’re going to find inspiration and tons of new ways to wear butterfly clip hairstyles in this guide!

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What Are Butterfly Clips?

  • Styles range from colorful plastic to shiny metallic clips
  • Add butterfly clips to any hairstyle for an instant trendy look
  • Try throwback 90s and Y2K styles or add to your favorite modern looks

Before we fly off into the world of butterfly clip hairstyles, let’s talk about what butterfly clips really are. The term butterfly clip can refer to any small claw clip with flared edges that open the clip when squeezed.

But when we talk about butterfly clips, we’re usually referring to small hair clips that are actually shaped like a butterfly. In the 90s, these tiny clips were hugely popular and came in a variety of bright colors and styles.

Butterfly clip hairstyles on a white background


From plastic butterflies, flowers, and stars to metallic butterflies bedazzled with rhinestones and glitter, there were butterfly clips for every style and mood. 

Now that butterfly clips are back in a big way, girls and women around the world are revisiting iconic 90s and Y2K hairstyles featuring these cute accessories and coming up with new ways to rock them.  

If you’re excited to wear this trend but aren’t sure where to start, we’ll get you all sorted out in this guide. You’ll see several cute butterfly clip hairstyles to try, a few helpful style tutorials, and tips for making your clips match your style below!

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6 Unique Butterfly Clip Hairstyles for 2024

Put your fluttery butterfly clips to work with these 6 cute hairstyles! From fancy-schmancy updos accessorized with golden butterfly clips to simple half-up and clipped-back styles that take seconds to pull off, we found some unexpected ways to work butterfly clip hairstyles into your style routine below! 

1. Butterfly Clip Elegant Updo

Butterfly Clip Elegant Updo


Accessorizing a glamorous updo with metallic butterfly clips is such a grown-up way to rock this back-again trend for fancy occasions. Nestle a couple of butterfly clips into your elegant updo – keep it under 3 for the most polished look.

Choose metal butterfly clips that best flatter the undertones in your hair – for warm colors, choose gold or rose gold, and for cool colors, choose silver or black. 

2. Chic Butterfly Clip Half-Up Style

Chic Butterfly Clip Half-Up Style

Redumbrella Europe/Shutterstock

Here’s proof that butterfly clip hairstyles can be less child-like and more chic when you want them to be. Choose a dark, neutral clip color for this simple, polished look.

Separate a section of hair on top, twist it, and secure with a single butterfly clip to look instantly put-together. This style would look just as cute with a colorful or larger butterfly clip, too – feel free to make it you

3. Mini Low Bun With Realistic Butterfly Clip

Mini Low Bun With Realistic Butterfly Clip


Low buns add instant elegance and are super quick to style. Gather your hair at the nape of your neck, twist it into a low bun, and secure with an elastic or bobby pin it into place. 

Pop in a unique, realistic butterfly clip in your favorite color on the side, and you’ve got a stand-out style that gives your look a whimsical, feminine touch. Try a ring of small butterfly clips around the bun for another twist on this low-key style! 

4. Twin Butterfly Clips

Twin Butterfly Clip Hairstyles

Altrendo Images/Shutterstock

Big butterfly clips are a fun twist on the trend and make the look a little more unique! We love how larger butterfly clips look in coily and curly hair textures. Instead of getting lost in the texture, the larger clip size is able to stand out! 

Glittery clips add a little extra dazzle, but big metallic or realistic butterfly clips would make a great addition to this style, too. For a more subdued look, try smaller clips around the temple area on each side. 

5. French Braid With Flat Butterfly Clips

French Braid With Flat Butterfly Clips


While the term “butterfly clips” conjures an image of the bright and colorful plastic clips from the 90s, there’s actually a ton of variety in these winged hair accessories. Try sliding a few flat butterfly clips into a single French braid to accessorize your strands with a little more sparkle! 

Flat butterfly clips can work for special occasions where bright, plastic butterfly clips would feel a little cheap. You can use fewer clips or finish the braid with a single, 3D butterfly clip for another twist on the style! 

6. Down and Loose With Statement Butterfly Clip

Down and Loose With Statement Butterfly Clip

Red Umbrella and Donkey/Shutterstock

Grab a large butterfly duckbill clip for an easy way to dress up a casual, down and loose hairstyle. Duckbill clips feature long prongs that close around the hair, and some feature internal teeth that more securely hold the hair in place. 

Clip back one side of your hair by closing the clip around a section of hair behind your ear for an instant style upgrade that fits in with the butterfly clip trend! 

Butterfly Clip Hairstyles: TikTok Inspiration

We’ve found so many cute butterfly clip hairstyles on TikTok that have inspired us to try new things with these trendy clips. Check out some of the brilliant and simple ways you can style your clips! 

1. Half-Up Pigtails

@_courtneystokes_ IT’S SO FUN 🦋 #hairstyle #butterflyclips #fypシ ♬ original sound – courtney stokes

This throwback style looks cute on everyone and is super easy to do. Create 2 tiny ponytails near your hairline with a middle part, add color-coordinated butterfly clips over the elastics, and you are set, sister! 

2. Y2K Butterfly Clip Crown

@linndolly_ I needed to recreate this #y2k #britneyspears #hairstyle using @shopmissa colorful #butterflyclipsfromthe90s #hairinspo #seconddayhairstyles #easyhairstyle ♬ original sound – Linn Dolly

Use butterfly clips to create a “crown” hairstyle that looks a lot more intricate than it really is! Section small pieces of hair from your hairline and secure each one with a small elastic for extra staying power. Secure each section with a butterfly clip for all the Y2K vibes! 

3. Vertically Stacked Butterfly Clips 

@kirstyeelizabeth Cute 🦋 #festivalhair #butterflyclips #hairinspo ♬ The Less I Know The Better – Tame Impala

It couldn’t be easier to do a butterfly clip hairstyle than this! Take a small section of hair from the top layer with a center part. Add butterfly clips in even intervals down the section and repeat for the opposite side. 

4. Curls With Butterfly Clips in Baby Braids

@curlvitality Ive been LOVING this one as my bangs are growing out. #curlyhairstyle #butterflyclips #hairstyles #braids #curlybraids #intuitivecurlcare ♬ Fame – Irene Cara

Baby braids are definitely trendy and oh-so-simple to style! Create a middle part, then braid small sections on either side of the part right at the hairline. Top each braid’s elastic with a pretty butterfly clip for a cute and easy style! 

5. 90’s Inspired Butterfly Clip Half-Updo

@laraadkins saw @isabellavrana do this and had to try 🧚 #90shairstyle #butterflyclips ♬ 1991 truffle prod. jcleez – j

Use the top section of your hair to create 2 half-up pigtails close to your crown. Twist the pigtails around their bases to form mini buns, then use butterfly clips to secure the ends in the middle of each pigtail. Finish the style by adding more clips to hold the buns securely in place, and you’re done.

Butterfly Clip Hairstyles Tips and Tricks

Butterfly clip hairstyles are super simple and with the right placement and clip style, they can look amazing on everyone. If you’ve tried rocking butterfly clips but haven’t loved the look so far, these tips and tricks should help! 

Try a More Flattering Clip Placement

If you’ve tried copying butterfly clip hairstyle tutorials but didn’t love the results, you might need to alter the clip placement to better flatter your face shape. A middle part is standard for most butterfly clip hairstyles, but doesn’t look as great on round or square faces as it does on oval and round. 

Instead of creating a middle part and arranging your clips on either side for twists, crown, or halo styles, try taking a section directly from the center of your hairline first. Then, stagger your clipped sections down each side and gently tug on the twists or ponytail sections for a little extra volume.

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Look for Grown-Up Butterfly Clips 

The tiny, colorful plastic butterflies we see in so many TikTok videos are super cute and definitely fit the Y2K aesthetic, but they’re not the best for a polished, grown-up look. 

If you want a more subdued butterfly clip hairstyle, try using metallic butterfly clips, neutral colors (black, brown, tortoise shell, etc.), or small claw clips that aren’t shaped like an actual butterfly. 

Get Creative With Butterfly Clips

The butterfly trend is going strong right now, so try using other clip styles with butterflies for another twist on the trend. Duckbill and alligator clips, flattened butterfly clips, realistic butterfly clips, and 3D butterfly clips are all cute ways to shake things up. 

You can also get creative with the trend by adding butterfly clips to styles you already wear on the regular. Pop a clip or two into your messy bun, stagger a few through a braid, or evenly space them throughout a down and loose hairstyle for a whimsical touch! 

Use an Elastic Underneath for More Style Security

Butterfly clips have small hinges and claws to hold your hair, so they aren’t always the most secure hairstyle accessory. You can use small elastics under your clips for more style staying power! 

Choose small clear elastics or elastics in colors similar to your hair color to keep them undetectable. Go ahead and twist, braid, or gather your hair into small ponytails for the style, then secure each section with an elastic before covering it up with your cute clips. 

Use Larger or Metal Clips for Thick or Coarse Hair

Most butterfly clips are very small with tiny little teeth to grip your hair. These work best on thin, fine hair and may struggle to hold medium, thick, and coarse hair over the course of a day.

Luckily, there are tons of different butterfly clip types and styles out there that are perfect for thick and coarse strands! Look for metal butterfly clips with sturdier teeth and hinges. You can also check out larger plastic butterfly clips that have more room to hold your strands.

You’ll spend less time fighting the clips to stay in place and find butterfly clip hairstyles much easier to create when you’re using the proper clip size!

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Ready to Try New Butterfly Clip Hairstyles?

It’s funny how trends work – people either love them or hate them. This 90s throwback trend isn’t for everyone, but if you’re digging butterflip clip hairstyles and want to give them a try, you’ll be off to a great start with the different styles in this guide! 

Add these winged accessories to braids, twists, updos, ponytails, half-up styles, or loose strands for an instant trendy look. Pick ultra-colorful clips, subtle neutrals, or gleaming metallic styles that best fit your style. 

Just make sure you’re choosing clips that are big and strong enough to hold onto your hair! If you’re buying butterfly clips online, it can be hard to tell how big or small the clips are in photos.

Be sure to check measurements and look at review photos before purchasing – or just pop into a local store to grab some you know will work for you. Remember that butterfly clips don’t have to be shaped like actual butterflies to fit in with the current trend.

Any small claw clip with a similar shape will work, whether you’re choosing basic clips or other fun shapes from the 90s and Y2K era, like flowers, hearts, and stars. 

We’re so glad butterfly clip hairstyles are back! There are just so many cute ways to wear them. Which clip-accessorized hairstyle will you try first? Don’t miss your chance to try these flirty, girly styles before the trend flies away again!