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15 Warm Red Hair Colors That Flatter Every Skin Tone

Warm red hair colors are hot this season! Whether you want fiery or muted tones to flatter your skin, you’ll love how these 15 spicy hues energize your look.

What Are Warm Red Hair Colors?

  • Think copper, auburn, cinnamon, strawberry blonde, and crimson
  • All red shades are warm, but some have cool/neutral undertones
  • Look for golden, true red, copper, or bronze undertones in red shades

Warm red hair colors are seeing a huge surge in popularity right now. Red is one of those hair colors that’s always in the spotlight, but warm metallic reds are invading our consciousness because they’re so. Darn. Flattering. 

If you’re developing a (healthy?) fascination with warm red shades at the moment, you’re in good company. These colors inject a certain life and energy into your look that other colors just can’t imitate.

If your mane has been looking a little dull or lackluster as of late, consider a warm red color the ultimate antidote. We’re talking about warm shades of copper, auburn, cinnamon, crimson, and strawberry blonde.

Even brown-heavy red shades like chestnut and burgundy are on the list! When we say warm red shades are incredibly flattering, it’s not an exaggeration.

Warm reds have the distinction of being one of those color families that literally looks good on everyone. Everyone! Even if you’re cool- or neutral-toned. Even if you’re a natural blonde or have ebony hair. Even if you’ve got nary a freckle in sight. 

You just have to do a little research to find out which warm red hair colors are going to be the best fit for your skin tone, undertones, and maintenance needs. And this guide totally counts as research! 

Let’s talk about the science of picking out a flattering warm red color first. Then, we’ll take a look at some of the hottest colors so you can collect a little inspiration! 

Choosing Warm Red Hair Colors That Flatter You

You don’t want your red hair color to look out of place, clash with your skin tone, or make you appear washed-out. That’s why it’s essential to narrow your focus to warm reds that will flatter the shade and undertone of your skin. 

  • Undertone: Find out if you have warm, cool, or neutral undertones. Warm undertones look great in the warmest shades of red – copper, strawberry blonde, crimson, burgundy, etc. Cool and neutral undertones look best in warm red shades that have a subtle cool or heavy brown undertone, like true red, auburn, chestnut, or cinnamon. 
  • Skin tone: The shade of your skin (fair, medium, or deep) can help you pinpoint the most flattering warm reds. You can follow the low-contrast rule to ensure you get great results – lighter skin with lighter reds (like strawberry blonde and light copper), deeper skin with darker reds (like dark auburn and burgundy). Very bold and vibrant reds can look great on all skin tones! 

It doesn’t have anything to do with how flattering your red color will be, but it’s just as important to think about the maintenance and upkeep for the shade of red you’re considering. Red is known to fade quickly, so more frequent color refreshes may be needed to keep the color vibrant. 

If you’re on the fence about going red, you might consider muted red shades with a warm undertone. Dark auburn, medium cinnamon, and chestnut brown are great colors to try if you don’t want your results to look “too red.” 

14 Warm Red Hair Colors to Heat Things Up

Perfectly flattering red hair colors that make your complexion glow? You got it! Take a look at some of the trendiest warm red hair colors for all skin tone and undertone combos below.

1. Rich Auburn Copper Sombre

Woman with long, curly dark auburn hair in sheer black dress looks down with eyes closed against black background


This entrancing shade is a subtle blend of two warm red hair colors: Auburn and copper. The color itself is far from subtle – it’s a very bold statement shade – but the transition from auburn to copper is gradual with the shades being so similar. Extra copper accents around the face balance the color nicely. 

2. Bold Blood Orange

Woman in darkness with long straight blood orange color showing off one of the best warm red hair colors


A vibrant choice for lovers of truly warm red colors, this bold blood orange shade instantly grabs your attention. It’s a medium shade that can suit all skin tones, but is best suited for those with warm (golden or peachy) undertones. 

3. Muted Natural Cinnamon

Redhead woman in denim dress slightly smiles against a light background with cinnamon, one of the trendiest warm red hair colors

Cookie Studio/Shutterstock

Show off your spicy side with a gorgeously muted shade of warm red: Cinnamon. This natural-looking color is like a toned-down copper and looks great with subtle highlights that add a little dimension. Try it if your skin has warm undertones or you’re looking for a subdued red. 

4. Golden Strawberry Blonde

Woman glances over her shoulder with warm red hair colors in golden strawberry blonde

Ekaterina Jurkova/Shutterstock

If light copper and golden blonde had a baby, it would come out looking just like this gilded strawberry blonde! We’re mystified by the golden sparkle entwined in the light copper color for a blended shade that shimmers in the light. 

5. Soft Coral Red With Strawberry Blonde Ribbons

Smiling woman in sweater with soft coral hair has one of the most beautiful warm red hair colors

Want a color that’s trendy but still unique? You can’t miss with a soft coral red color decorated with thick ribbons of strawberry blonde. This dimensional shade is bold with a pink-toned softness that makes it really appealing on warm, cool, or neutral undertones. 

6. Highlighted Light Copper

Woman looks at camera with long, curled hair in warm light copper red shade in front of dark gray wall

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

Subtle golden blonde highlights weave into this light copper color so finely, they look almost natural. Since copper has a golden undertone, dark blonde with the same tint is the perfect way to add dimension and brightness without sacrificing that pretty light copper. 

7. Medium Auburn With Bold Copper Highlights

Woman outdoors with glam eye makeup gazes at camera with one of the top warm red hair colors in an auburn with copper highlights shade


Don’t underestimate the power of a bold red highlight! Rich red-orange copper color takes a medium auburn shade (red-brown) to new heights with all-over ribbon highlights.

This color combo has both warm and cool undertones, so it’s a great way for cool- and neutral-toned people to wear a warm red shade. 

8. Vibrant Burgundy to Scarlet Ombre

Woman lies with curly hair scattered around her on a white surface with a warm red ombre hair color


Can’t pick your favorite shade among the many gorgeous warm red hair colors? Don’t! A two-toned gradient ombre color lets you try two warm reds at once. Luscious burgundy transitions smoothly into a hot scarlet shade in this look. It’s perfect for warm, cool, or neutral undertones. 

9. Warm Metallic Rose Gold

Serious woman in oversized blouse looks straight ahead with one of the more unique warm red hair colors in a metallic rose gold shade

Ekaterina Jurkova/Shutterstock

Metallic undertones on the warm side of the color spectrum are super appealing in warm red hair colors. For a light and unique take on the trend, try a warm metallic rose gold shade that really stands out. The soft pink undertones make it appropriate for cool and neutral undertones as well as warm. 

10. Velvety Crimson Red

Woman with sultry stare wears a nude dress with black lace gloves and sports crimson as one of the best warm red hair colors


Want bold red color that doesn’t even pretend to be natural? Look no further than vivid crimson. This color is rich with enough depth to make it sultry. This medium shade is balanced with warm and cool blue undertones, so it’s really flattering on warm, cool, or neutral skin tones. 

11. Blazing Scarlet With Blonde Money Piece

Woman smiles in white shirt with hands clasped showing off her warm red hair colors with blonde money piece highlights

Bold and chunky blonde accents around the face – money piece color – is the only way this scarlet color can get any hotter! Channel your inner Ginger Spice with this fun and funky look that’s vibrant and perfect for warm skin tones. 

12. Vivid Medium Copper

Woman with bare shoulders and floral ring poses in front of white wall with vibrant warm red hair color

VALUA VITALY/Shutterstock

Can you see the subtle golden undertone in this rich copper color? It’s undeniably warm and suits skin with warm undertones in a fair to deep skin tone very well. It’s a medium shade of copper that’s light enough to show off the incredible dimension and tone in the color. 

13. Dark Chestnut Auburn

Woman in dark sunglasses holding purse adjusts earring with dark auburn warm red hair color

Look Studio/Shutterstock

This dark shade of auburn with a chestnut brown undertone looks stunning on all skin tones and undertones – a truly universally flattering color. The copper and golden undertones keep the color warm, but heavy brunette tones cool it down enough for cool- and neutral-toned skin.

15. Peachy Copper With Ash Brown Root Melt

Woman smiles with closed lips and touches her face under peachy copper colored red hair

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

So much dimension and perfectly blended color graduation make this look one of our favorites among warm red colors. It’s a distinct peach-toned copper color with an unexpectedly cool-toned ash brown root melt for easier maintenance and a little more depth. 

Things to Consider

Getting a new warm red hair color is one of those things you’ve got to consider carefully before you act. Is it gorgeous? Yes. Is it a surefire way to update and freshen up your look? Of course. But is it always the best color choice? Not necessarily.

Here’s what you should keep in mind before you commit to becoming a redhead:

  • You’ll need color refreshes almost monthly. Every 6-8 weeks, vibrant red hair colors need a quick refresh to look their best because they fade so fast. Unlike other colors, roots aren’t the only thing you need to worry about with red. Red dye molecules slip off the hair faster, leaving a faded red shade behind that isn’t quite what you started out with. Regular glosses, toners, color rinses, or pigmented conditioner can keep fading at bay. 
  • Virtually “try on” the new shade. You can’t really know how you’ll look with a drastically different hair color without trying it on first. You can use our virtual hairstyle try-on tool to see how you’ll look with different shades of warm red hair colors in real time! You might find that some shades are stunning while others are definitely skippable. 
  • Try warm red highlights instead. Not quite sure about going full-on red with your color, but love the warm red trend? Try it in highlight form instead. You can opt for thick, chunky ribbons of color for the biggest impact or weave fine highlights in a subtle red shade, like cinnamon or medium auburn, into your current color for a softer effect. 
  • Use a warm red in balayage or ombre color. Don’t feel like you have to embrace all-over red color to rock this trend! Some of our favorite looks are warm red balayage or ombre colors. We included a few examples in this guide for inspiration, but feel free to get creative with a bold red and blonde ribbon balayage or brown and red ombre color! 
  • Switch shampoos for prolonged color. Regular shampoo that contains sulfates will strip any hair color faster, but it’s especially true for red shades. It’s a good idea to purchase some sulfate-free shampoo before you even get your hair colored so you can get your strands used to the lower-lather nature of gentle sulfate-free formulas beforehand. 

Which Warm Red Hair Color Will You Choose?

Whether you’ve enjoyed rocking a warm red color before and are back for more or are just now getting around to this spicy group of shades, we’re glad you’re here.

When it comes to high-impact color that flatters every skin tone, undertone, and hair type, warm red hair colors just can’t be beat. You do need to pay attention to the specific shade and color depth you choose to ensure it’s a good fit for your coloring and complexion.

Your personal maintenance goals should also be top of mind during shade selection. Opt for a darker smudged root or root melt to make maintenance a little bit easier for demanding warm red hair colors! 

To recap, warm undertones (golden or peachy skin tint) are always going to glow with the warmest reds like copper, medium auburn, strawberry blonde, and crimson. That said, all warm red hair colors will look great if you have warm undertones – go crazy with it! 

Cool and neutral undertones (pink, blue, or olive skin tint) look amazing in balanced warm red hair colors like dark auburn, chestnut, true red, or cinnamon. Pink or rosy undertones in red are also great for warm, cool, or neutral undertones.

When you’re choosing your red shade depth, keep your skin tone – not just undertone – in mind. The lighter your skin is, the better you’ll look with lighter shades of red. The same is true for darker skin tones.

But it’s important to remember that this isn’t a hard and fast rule! You can absolutely rock a rich, dark red with fair skin or try a light copper with deep skin.

It’s all about finding the shade you feel most comfortable in. Once you’ve settled on a pretty shade of warm red that will suit your skin tone, undertones, and maintenance goals, you’re all set to transform into your fiery red-haired alter ego.

Even if you just opt for a few face-framing warm red highlights, you’re going to find out that even a touch of red adds a whole lot of spice to your life!