Find the best hair dryers with technology that smoothes, volumizes, and protects hair without damaging it. We’ll show you models in every price range that will up your blowout game.

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Best Hair Dryers for Shiny, Soft, Smooth Hair

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A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. What’s the weakest link in your styling routine? It’s likely to be your hair dryer. Blowouts are only as good as the tools you use.

All the heat protectant, serums, hair masks, and expensive shampoos in the world won’t create a great blowout without a quality dryer.

ModelBest ForCheck Price
Drybar Buttercup Hair DryerShort Dry TimesCheck Price
BabylissPRO TT Tourmaline Titanium 3000Frizzy and Brittle HairCheck Price
Remington D3190 Hair DryerThose on a BudgetCheck Price
Bed Head Curls in Check Diffuser DryerCurly and Wavy HairCheck Price
Revlon 1875W Infrared Heat Hair DryerBrittle Hair on a BudgetCheck Price
BabylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Hair DryerLots of PowerCheck Price
Revlon Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air BrushQuick StylingCheck Price

It might seem like all hair dryers do the same thing – blow hot air onto wet or damp strands until they’re dry – but once you use a quality dryer, you’ll never go back. I promise.

Good hair dryers don’t damage your hair. They don’t create frizz, make your hair look dull, screw up your curls, or weaken your hair. They don’t rely on harsh heat alone to dry the hair.

Instead, they use powerful technology made from:

  • Ceramic
  • Ionic
  • Tourmaline
  • Infrared

This technology helps to quickly and thoroughly dry the hair without damaging it. Why? Well, ever notice how soft, shiny, and healthy your hair looks after a blowout at the salon?

That’s partially because they’re using professional-grade blow dryers. Professional sounds expensive, and it really can be ($300+). But there are tons of high-quality dryers on the market that are priced below $100.

You don’t have to spend hundreds to get a great dryer that won’t damage your hair! It’s time for a hair dryer glow up. We’ll show you our top picks for the best dryers on the market along with the top features and technologies to look for in a quality hair dryer. 

7 Best Hair Dryers for Soft, Shiny, Healthy Hair

Let’s take a look at the best models on the market right now. These dryers get excellent reviews and quickly dry hair without damaging it. 

1. Drybar Buttercup ($199.00)

Drybar Buttercup Hair Dryer
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Hear me out. Two hundred bucks is expensive for a hair dryer, but if you knew it would give you salon-quality results every single time, it would be worth it, right? Right.

That’s exactly what the Drybar Buttercup will do. It boasts negative ionic technology to seal the hair cuticle and get rid of frizz and flyaways. It dries the hair super-fast so there’s less time to damage the hair.

It’s ultra lightweight (about 1 pound!) and powerful, with an 1875W motor that just won’t quit. Drybar says it takes 20% less time to dry than other professional hair dryers.

The cord is 9 feet long so you can move freely while drying. It comes with 2 concentrator nozzles so you can customize your results. Women absolutely rave about this hair dryer for a reason. It really is the best of the best.

2. BabylissPRO TT Tourmaline Titanium 3000

BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Hair Dryer
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This dryer is the ultimate in comfort and power. It combines tourmaline and titanium parts to generate far-infrared heat that gently dries the hair without damaging it. Ionic technology ensures a frizz-free, smooth finish.

You’ll be able to quickly and thoroughly dry your hair with the Babyliss Pro 3000, which comes with a 9 foot cord, 6 heat settings, and a cold shot button to set the style. With 1900 watts, dry time is crazy-fast.

We love this dryer for coarse or thick hair that normally takes ages to dry. It weighs about 2 pounds, which is average but not quite lightweight. For all the features and overall effectiveness of this dryer, it’s definitely one of the best.

3. Remington D3190 With Ceramic, Ionic, and Tourmaline Technology

Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hair Dryer
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The price on this dryer is almost unbelievable, but it’s not a typo – it really is a high-quality dryer for less than $17. This one gets rave reviews on Amazon.

It combines ceramic, ionic, and tourmaline technology to create ideal circumstances for your hair. You’ll notice you have no frizz, lots of shine, tamed flyaways, and protection from damage when you use it.

It features 1875 watts of wind-blowing power for a faster dry, micro conditioner technology to lock moisture into your locks, and 3 times more damage protection thanks to the ceramic and tourmaline parts. For this price, your hair can’t afford not to have this game-changing tool.

4. Bed Head Curls in Check Diffuser Dryer

Curly girls, this is the dryer for you. It has a built-in diffuser you can easily remove if needed. It’s designed to make the most of curly and wavy hair thanks to the tourmaline ionic technology. With 1875W, it quickly dries your hair to a shiny finish with soft texture.

Pop the diffuser off to dry large sections of hair fast, then put it back on to diffuse hot air into your curls for unbelievable volume and shape. It’s super compact but has a large drying area to work through your hair faster.

At just around 1.5 pounds, your arms won’t get tired when you use it. And it includes 3 different heat settings with 2 wind speed settings so you can customize your drying session.

5. Revlon 1875W Infrared Heat Hair Dryer

Revlon 1875W Infrared Heat Hair Dryer for Fast Drying
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Another excellent bargain option for a quality dryer is the Revlon Infrared Heat Hair Dryer. It infuses 3 powerful technologies into one dryer for frizz-free, non-damaging results: Ceramic, tourmaline, and infrared heat.

A triple coating of ceramic and crushed tourmaline inside ensures millions of negative ions are blowing out to seal the hair’s cuticles and prevent frizz. Far-infrared heat is more gentle on the hair and dries it faster, from the inside out.

This dryer has 2 heat settings and 2 speed settings so you can adjust as needed. There’s a cool shot button to set your style when you’re done.

The 7.5 foot long cord isn’t as long as most professional dryers, but still plenty to move around in your bathroom. It also comes with a concentrator to direct airflow to smaller areas and a volumizing diffuser for curls or waves.

6. BabylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Hair Dryer

If power is what you’re looking for from a blow dryer – LOTS of power – the BabylissPRO Ceramix is what you need. It has 2000 watts, which is more than any other on this list. Wattage translates to more airflow and a shorter time to dry.

It includes ceramic-infused parts to ensure the hair is dried evenly with no hotspots. Negative ionic technology ensures the hair is static- and frizz-free for the ultimate shine. It includes a professional AC motor that is a tiny bit heavier than the more-common DC motors, but much more powerful.

There are 6 heat and speed settings you can adjust. You get a concentrator nozzle, cold shot button, and 9 foot long cord for easy maneuvering.  This is a hair dryer that will do the job quickly and last for years.

7. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush

REVLON One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air Brush
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You’ve probably seen these hot air brushes around for years and wondered if they were just over-hyped novelty products. I’m here to tell you that the Revlon volumizing brush is the real deal. It is often imitated, but never duplicated.

It does the job of a hair dryer and a round brush to quickly dry and style your hair at the same time. Ionic technology ensures your hair is free of frizz and static after you dry.

Ceramic technology prevents your hair from being damaged as the hot air gently diffuses into your hair through the vents in the brush. The cord is 6 feet long, which has always been plenty for me, and there are 3 heat and speed settings you can adjust.

It’s also super lightweight and drastically reduces the amount of heat-tool damage to your hair by combining drying with styling for a truly one-step finish.

What to Look For in a Hair Dryer

You’ve seen terms like ionic, ceramic, tourmaline, and infrared above, but what do these hair dryer buzzwords MEAN? Are they actually more effective than basic dryers? Here’s what you should look for to separate the best from the rest. 

Ionic Technology

Ions are invisible, but they’re everywhere. While the ions themselves may be invisible, their effects on hair are all too obvious. Positive ions create static and frizz. Negative ions smooth and control the hair by breaking the water down into smaller particles as you dry.

So when you see a dryer with ionic technology, it’s actively neutralizing positive ions to smooth your hair for better results.  Plus, it results in less dry time. That’s always a plus!

Infrared Technology

Infrared light that you'll find in the best hair dryers
Bernd Marczak/Shutterstock

Far-infrared heat technology uses a shorter wavelength to reduce dry time and the amount of heat needed to dry your hair. Silicon carbide, ceramic, or tourmaline components in the dryer generate far-infrared heat.

The hairs are heated from the inside out rather than vice versa in infrared dryers. The result is less frizz, shorter dry time, and shinier hair. You’ll often see infrared and ionic technology in the same dryers. 

Ceramic Technology

Ceramic technology can be a great thing in a hair dryer and the best option for damaged hair. When compounded ceramic parts (instead of a ceramic coating) are used, the dryer heats up faster and more evenly by generating infrared heat.

Like infrared dryers, this dries the hair from the inside out and results in less damage to the hair. While ceramic hair dryers are more expensive, they’re worth it, especially if you have brittle hair.

Tourmaline Technology

Tourmaline is a semiprecious gemstone (and an alternative to October’s opal birthstone) that is often used in hair dryers. Crushed in a fine powder, it’s added to internal parts of the dryer.

As hot air moves over these parts, the tourmaline generates negative ions and far-infrared heat. This works two ways: Preventing damage by drying hair from the inside out, and cutting frizz with negative ion technology. 

High Wattage

Attractive brunette woman holding her hair dryer away from her head because it's the best and very powerful
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A hair dryer’s wattage tells you how powerfully it blows hot air (Read: How fast it gets the job done). Wattage=wind power. More watts give you a more powerful dryer that thoroughly dries your hair in less time.

For a quality dryer, look for at least 1800W. If you have super fine or thin hair, you can get away with less wattage and still dry your hair quickly. 


The weight of your hair dryer might not seem like an important thing to consider, but 5 minutes into your drying sesh, you’ll rethink that. A lightweight hair dryer makes the drying experience easier and more comfortable.

It also ensures you can properly hold and angle the dryer for the best results. Look for dryers that weigh less than 2 pounds for the most comfort. 

Long Cord Length

Cord length might be the last thing you think about when you’re shopping for a new hair dryer, but a too-short cord can seriously put a crimp in your style.

Look for cords that are 6-9 feet in length to give yourself plenty of room to move the dryer around. It’s also smart to opt for a longer cord if your bathroom outlet is in a weird position. 

Attachments and Settings

Lots of hair dryer attachments found on the best hairdryers in a layflat photo
Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Hair dryers that come with attachments and variable heat and speed settings are best. Look for attachments like concentrator nozzles that direct airflow at small sections (boosts shine) and volumizing diffusers that perfect curl/wave shape while giving the roots lots of volume.

Variable heat and speed settings let you adjust your dryer for your hair’s specific needs. For thick and coarse hair, choose a higher heat and speed setting. For fine or thin hair, a lower setting is best.

So, What’s the Best Hair Dryer?

Overall, the best hair dryer for you should be easy to use, gentle on the hair, and infused with newer technologies that speed up drying time and give soft, shiny, frizz-free results.

If you opt for one of the hair dryers in our top 7 list, you’ll ensure you’re getting one of the best. Don’t forget to use a heat protectant spray before you dry your hair to further protect your hair from damage and make the most of your new hair dryer.

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