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The 8 Best Hair Dryers for All Hair Types in 2023

Find the best hair dryers with technology that smoothes, volumizes, and protects hair without damaging it. We’ll show you models in every price range that will up your blowout game.

Best Hair Dryers for Shiny, Soft, Smooth Hair

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. What’s the weakest link in your styling routine? It’s likely to be your hair dryer. Blowouts are only as good as the tools you use.

All the heat protectant, serums, hair masks, and expensive shampoos in the world won’t create a great blowout without a quality dryer. But how do you find the best? For one, you could start by reading this guide.

It might seem like all hair dryers do the same thing – blow hot air onto wet or damp strands until they’re dry – but once you use a quality dryer, you’ll never go back. I promise.

Good hair dryers don’t damage your hair. They don’t create frizz, make your hair look dull, screw up your curls, or weaken your hair. They don’t rely on harsh heat alone to dry the hair.

Instead, they use powerful technology made from:

  • Ceramic
  • Ionic
  • Tourmaline
  • Infrared

This technology helps to quickly and thoroughly dry the hair without damaging it. Why? Well, ever notice how soft, shiny, and healthy your hair looks after a blowout at the salon?

The best hair dryers on our list all sitting on a recently vacuumed carpet floor

I bought all of these and put them to the test

That’s partially because they’re using professional-grade blow dryers. Professional sounds expensive, and it really can be ($300+). But there are tons of high-quality dryers on the market that are priced below $100.

You don’t have to spend hundreds to get a great dryer that won’t damage your hair! It’s time for a hair dryer glow up. We’ll show you our top picks for the best dryers on the market along with the top features and technologies to look for in a quality hair dryer.

But unlike other reviews, we didn’t just round up the top-rated hair dryers and add a little commentary. We found the top models according to real customer reviews and actually bought them all. Yes — I spent $850 of my own money on hair dryers and put them all to the test.

Our Top Picks:

Ranking Factors

After each of the hair dryers arrived in my mailbox, I unboxed and scored them according to a few factors that I determined most relevant:

  • Weight. The total number of ounces, as measured on a kitchen scale. The lighter it is, the easier to hold.
  • Noise Level. The total noise as measured on my digital decibel meter. All hair dryers spaced the same.
  • Power. The total wattage output by the motor. The higher the wattage, the more powerful the airflow.
  • Price. What the hair dryer costs to buy new. Not refurbished or used.
  • Temperature. The reading on my grilling thermometer when placed in front of the hair dryer. I ran each for 30 seconds on the highest heat and airflow setting.

Below, we’ll show you the details of our top picks and what makes each one stand out. Any option that made our list is what we consider to be the best hair dryers on the market. Let’s get started!

8 Best Hair Dryers for Soft, Shiny, Healthy Hair

Let’s take a look at the best models on the market right now. These dryers get excellent reviews and quickly dry hair without damaging it. 

1. Drybar Buttercup

Best for Blowouts
Drybar Buttercup Hair Dryer

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Our Grade

  • Weight: 4/5
  • Noise Level: 5/5
  • Power: 5/5
  • Price: 3/5
  • Temperature: 5/5
  • Total: 22/25


  • Everything is extremely high quality
  • 20% less dry times
  • Gentle sound is nice on the ears
  • It’s yellow! So pretty.


  • At $200, it’s a lot to drop on a hair dryer
  • Lightweight, but not the lightest
  • Diffuser attachment sold separately


Hear me out. Two hundred bucks is expensive for a hair dryer, but if you knew it would give you salon-quality results every single time, it would be worth it, right? Right.

That’s exactly what the Drybar Buttercup will do. It boasts negative ionic technology to seal the hair cuticle and get rid of frizz and flyaways. It dries the hair super-fast so there’s less time to damage the hair.

It’s ultra lightweight (about 1 pound!) and powerful, with an 1875 watt motor that just won’t quit. Drybar says it takes 20% less time to dry than other professional hair dryers.

The cord is 9 feet long so you can move freely while drying. It comes with 2 concentrator nozzles so you can customize your results. Women absolutely rave about this hair dryer for a reason. It really is the best of the best.


The Drybar Buttercup is our top pick for the best hair dryer for a few reasons: its long cord, its quiet operation, and the unique technology. With such a good reputation, we had high expectations.

Image of the Drybar Buttercup (the best hair dryer) on the front of the black box

You know exactly what you’re getting

And we are happy to say that when our Buttercup arrived, the box was just what we had hoped for. Everything about this screamed “high class.” From the matte black box to the graphics, it was all on-brand.

Back of the Drybar Buttercup hair dryer

Nice recap of the hairdryer and why it’s the best

I love the color yellow, so perhaps I’m a little biased. But the yellow and black just made me happy. It’s like a trip to the Apple store — the experience is so good that it just puts you in a good mood.

The Drybar Buttercup cradled in its packaging

The Buttercup, all cozy in its box

Opening the box was easy and simple. Just pull it open to reveal your beautiful, albeit expensive, Drybar Buttercup hair dryer. But with so many of the best hair dryers on one list, how does it stack up? Is it really worth $200? We say yes.

First Impressions, Pros and Cons

The first thing we noticed about the Drybar Buttercup is its unique color and its extremely long cord. And when we say long, we mean long. 9 feet long. The finish didn’t appear to be painted on. It looked almost as if it was molded into the plastic.

The drybar buttercup hair dryer and its accessories

Everything that comes in the box

And I was also surprised by the weight of the hair dryer. It wasn’t as heavy as I expected, but it also didn’t feel cheap. It felt… just right. Everything about this hair dryer felt just right.

After unpacking, you’ll see that it comes with two diffusers (also very high-quality plastic), instructions, and an extra filter. Next, I plugged it in and turned it on. And again, I was surprised.

Side angle shot of the Drybar Buttercup hair dryer

Side angle shot of the yellow beauty

Unlike other hair dryers like the Dyson, this one gets really hot, but it also gets really cool. I like hot hair dryers, so I was pleased that I was able to choose from such a wide range of temperatures.

With 1,875 watts, I was a little concerned that the airflow would be too powerful. But again, my worries were unfounded. The airflow was powerful, but it was gentle at the same time. Almost as if it was being diffused prior to hitting the nozzle.

Close up of a yellow hair dryer's buttons

Close-up of the buttons

While I liked the gentle airflow, it could be a con for some. If you buy a powerful hairdryer because you like to feel like you’re in a typhoon, then skip this in favor of the Babyliss Pro Ceramix.

Another downside is the price. At $200, it’s the most expensive hair dryer on the list. We think it’s the best, but not everyone has this type of money to spend on a hair tool.

Also, at such a high price point, we wonder why it doesn’t come with a diffuser. It comes with 2 heads, but they are very similar. I’d have liked to see a larger diffuser. While one is available for purchase, it’s disappointing it’s yet another extra cost.

Front shot of the Drybar buttercup, our top hair dryer pick

What you’d see from the front

Regardless of the missing diffuser, we think this is one of the best hairdryers. And it’s worth the cost if you have fine hair, want to save time hair drying, or just like nice things. If you aren’t after any of those things, there are other great alternatives, such as the Remington D3190.

Field Tests and Results

The Drybar Buttercup is one of the best hair dryers — but it’s also one of the quietest. The BaByliss Ceramix Xtreme is just a hair quieter, but we think the Buttercup is a little gentler on the ears, registering 87.5 on our decibel meter.

Drybar Buttercup noise level measuring 87.5 db on a decibel meter while sitting on a counter

Pretty quiet at only 87.5 decibels

Not only is it quiet, but it’s also one of the hottest (behind the Ceramix Xtreme. I was surprised about this. As I mentioned above, the airflow is gentle, so you don’t feel the heat. But oh boy, does this puppy cook (if you want it to).

Drybar Buttercup next to a thermostat in our field tests of the best hair dryers

The Buttercup gets hot, but only when you want it to

In our tests, we found it’d heat our thermostat to 213 degrees F. That’s pretty dang hot. So if you have fine or curly hair, be sure to use a diffuser, or just turn the temperature down.

The Drybar Buttercup, one of the top hair dryers, on an oz kitchen scale

The Buttercup weighs just over 1.5 lbs

At 18.7 ounces, the Buttercup is pretty lightweight. This makes it easy to hold, especially if you’re blowing out your hair, or just have a lot of it. We attribute this to the composite body and simple design.

Second Opinion


Final Thoughts

Everything about the Drybar Buttercup is right: the weight, the color, the cord length, the finish, and the power. But it’s not for everyone. If you only buy the best, then buy this.

But if you’re tight on cash or don’t require the best hair dryer money can buy, check out another one on our list. After all, the difference won’t be that noticeable to most users.

2. BabylissPRO TT Tourmaline Titanium 3000

Best Buttercup Alternative
BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Hair Dryer

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Our Grade

  • Weight: 5/5
  • Noise Level: 4/5
  • Power: 5/5
  • Price: 4/5
  • Temperature: 4/5
  • Total: 22/25


  • Crazy fast dry times
  • At 88 db, it’s one of the quietest on our list
  • Light — easy to hold above your head
  • 9 foot cord


  • Finish is painted on, not molded into the body
  • Hard to get out of the box
  • Buttons are horizontal and are a bit hard to get used to


This dryer is the ultimate in comfort and power. It combines tourmaline and titanium parts to generate far-infrared heat that gently dries the hair without damaging it. Ionic technology ensures a frizz-free, smooth finish.

You’ll be able to quickly and thoroughly dry your hair with the Babyliss Pro 3000, which comes with a 9 foot cord, 6 heat settings, and a cold shot button to set the style. With 1900 watts, dry time is crazy-fast.

We love this dryer for coarse or thick hair that normally takes ages to dry. It weighs about 2 pounds, which is average but not quite lightweight. For all the features and overall effectiveness of this dryer, it’s definitely one of the best.


Unlike the BaByliss Ceramix Xtreme, this model was a little harder to unbox. First, you have to remove the plastic liner. Then, you have to figure out all the cardboard flaps to remove the cord.

Babyliss pro tt in its transparent box on a counter

You know exactly what you’re getting

It’s easier said than done. I wanted to use some scissors, but I feared I’d cut the cord of a useful accessory. My advice is to just take note of the tabs. Once you remove those, it opens right up.

The back of the Babyliss pro tt red hair dryer

Some more marketing material

At least the hair dryer was well packaged, so it wouldn’t rattle around in the box. And the plastic was kind of soft, which would be helpful in transit (if you order it in the mail).

First Impressions, Pros and Cons

Our readers think this is by far the best hair dryer if you’re looking for tourmaline unit on a budget, so we had high expectations. And for the most part, we liked it.

The complete contents of the Babyliss Pro TT box

Everything that comes in the box

My first impression was that the rubberized finish could wear off. Unlike the Drybar Buttercup, but just like the Ceramix Xtreme, the color is sprayed on, not molded into the plastic. That’s important to note.

If you tend to be hard on your hair tools, or have a firm grip, I could see this finish wearing off over time. User reviews mention this problem, but say it’s been corrected in recent updates of the model.

Up-close of the Babyliss Pro TT filter

The filter up-close. It’s easy to take off

The filter cap is easy to take off, which is a big win in our book. You’ll have to clean that from time to time as it fills up with dust. The overall weight is nice, without being too heavy.

I’d say this is about 60% of the weight of the BaByliss Ceramix Xtreme and about on par with the others on our list. The infrared coils are much gentler on the hair, and the heat didn’t seem as dry as the ceramic models we reviewed. This is also a huge upgrade over the Ceramix Xtreme.

Power was ample, but evenly distributed. Just like the Buttercup, it’s gentle but will get the job done. And with tourmaline technology, your hair will look shinier and will be less prone to breakage.

The buttons of the Babyliss Pro TT are small and hard to use

I personally don’t like the buttons

Another quirk about this model are the buttons. They’re small, pointy toggle switches. Other models have big, rounded roller switches. I’m not sure why BaByliss designed them this way.

The switches are certainly usable, but they’d be less desirable for someone with big fingers. I’m sure this will be addressed in future models, however, and it’s not a deal breaker by any means.

Field Tests and Results

The BaByliss Pro TT might not have the best finish. But it scores major points in the noise level department. I expected a hair dryer with 1900 watts to be really loud.

The BaByliss Pro TT registering 88 db on decibel meter

At only 88 db, it’s not too loud

But at only 88 db, it’s one of the quietest hair dryers on our list — louder than the BaByliss Ceramix Xtreme, but a hair quieter than the Buttercup.

The BaByliss Pro TT cooks up to 205 degrees

We got it to register 205 F on our kitchen thermometer

Quiet? Check. Powerful? Check. Hot? You bet. At 205 degrees, this puppy is just behind the Buttercup and is the third-hottest hair dryer on our list. If that’s too hot for you, try the instant cool button, or just turn down the heat and/or power.

At 14 oz, this is one of the lightest hair dryers on our best hair dryer list

At 14 oz, this is one of the lightest hair dryers

For our third metric, we put the BaByliss dryer on a scale. Registering at 14 oz, it’s one of the lightest. Especially compared to its sibling, the Xtreme. We’re not sure how they put so much power into a lightweight model, but we don’t care — that’s what makes it one of the best.

Second Opinion


Final Thoughts

The BaByliss Pro TT is a great alternative to the Drybar Buttercup, and a big step up from the less expensive ceramic models on our list. But do we think it’s the best hair dryer?

The front of the Babyliss Pro TT hair dryer

Front of the hair dryer on my counter

That depends on what you’re looking for. If you want tourmaline technology, power, and a lightweight unit, it’s worth a look.

But if you have the money to spend, the Drybar Buttercup is our ultimate choice — it’s an improved version of this dryer, without any of the quirks.

3. Remington D3190 With Ceramic, Ionic, and Tourmaline Technology

Best Value
Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hair Dryer

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Our Grade

  • Weight: 5/5
  • Noise Level: 3/5
  • Power: 5/5
  • Price: 5/5
  • Temperature: 3/5
  • Total: 21/25


  • At under $20, you can’t beat the price
  • Great performance on a budget
  • Light — easy to hold above your head.


  • It looks and feels a bit cheap
  • Really loud
  • Relatively short cord
  • Attachments were a bit hard to get on


The price of this dryer is almost unbelievable, but it’s not a typo – it really is a high-quality dryer for less than $17. This one gets rave reviews on Amazon.

It combines ceramic, ionic, and tourmaline technology to create ideal circumstances for your hair. You’ll notice you have no frizz, lots of shine, tamed flyaways, and protection from damage when you use it.

It features 1875 watts of wind-blowing power for a faster dry, micro conditioner technology to lock moisture into your locks, and 3 times more damage protection thanks to the ceramic and tourmaline parts. For this price, your hair can’t afford not to have this game-changing tool.


The Remington D3190 is one of the least expensive hair dryers on our list. So we didn’t have terribly high expectations for this review.

The Remington D3190 Damage Protection hair dryer in its box

The box shows you exactly what you can expect

However, I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived in the mailbox. The box was attractive, and was made of a high-quality cardboard.

Remington D3190, best value hair dryer, and the back of the box on a counter

A standard box meant for retail shelves

The box was easy to open, and the contents were held snugly in the box by a piece of cardboard. Opening was easy, as the hair dryer and its content slid out.

First Impressions, Pros and Cons

My first impressions of the D3190 were that it was simple but attractive. It’s made of mostly plastic. The color seemed to be molded into the body, so it shouldn’t flake off like the BaByliss dryers will.

A pink Remington hair dryer sits on a grey granite counter

The dryer with all of its accessories

One thing to note is that the cord is short. If you’re hair drying right by an outlet, this won’t be a problem. But if you like mobility and reach, try another model.

The attachments easily snap on, but I thought they were kind of cheap. They’ll work fine for most people, but if you try to buy the nicest things you can, get the Buttercup. Its attachments are about twice as thick.

Angled shot of the Remington damage control hair dryer

Back of the hair dryer on my counter

With 1,875 watts under the hood, this is one of the most powerful hair dryers on our list. But, just like the Buttercup or the BaByliss Pro TT, it’s gently. We really liked that.

One word of caution is that reviewers mention the diffuser not working very well with curly hair. It is kind of cheap, and works alright, but not great.

So, again, if you have naturally curly hair, the Buttercup or the Curls in Check might be a better option. You might also want to check out the Revlon Infrared hair dryer, as the infrared heat is better on curls.

Close-up of the hair dryer's heat and speed buttons

Simple heat and speed control buttons

Ok, so we know this is one of the best value hair dryers. But does it get hot? And is there a nice range of temperatures? Yes to both.

This isn’t the hottest hair dryer on our list, but it gets plenty hot. The buttons are nice rounded rocker switches. If I could compare this model to anything else, it’d be a simple wall-mounted hotel unit.

Next, I’d like to point out the blend of ceramic and tourmaline technology. While the Buttercup has tourmaline coils, this model uses ceramic coils and instead adds a tourmaline grate.

Close-up of the front of the damage control hair dryer from Remington

What you’d see from the front

So you’ll still get the benefit of the negative ionic technology, but in a slightly different way, and it won’t be quite as effective. I think this could be just marketing fluff, but some reviewers note they did see a difference.

Last, the hair dryer is made from a lightweight plastic, so it doesn’t feel as heavy as the other models on our list. But that’s a huge plus, especially if you have lots of hair. Less weight means less strain on your arm while holding it above your head.

Field Tests and Results

While the D3190 isn’t the most powerful hair dryer on our “best hair dryers” list, we didn’t expect it to be. After all, it’s under $20. So keep that in mind while we explore the field test results.

The Remington D3190 showing 92.8 on the decibel meter

Our decibel meter registered 92.8

We registered 92.8 on our decibel meter, making this the loudest hair dryer on our list. And yes — it’s pretty dang loud. So loud that my ears would hurt if I left this on for an hour. I’d compare the noise to a screaming jet engine.

At 181 degrees, it's relatively cool compared to others on our best hair dryer list

At 181 degrees, it’s relatively cool compared to others on our list

While it’s loud, it’s also not the hottest hair dryer on our list. We only registered 181 degrees F after running it on high heat and high power for 30 second. But it still gets plenty hot. Remember — this guy is under $20, so it still delivers decent performance at a great price. 

The Remington 3190 is one of the lightest hair dryers on our best hair dryer list

14 oz — the same as the BaByliss Pro TT

While it’s not the hottest, and not the quietest, it is one of the lightest. At 14 ounces, it’s lighter than the Ceramix Xtreme, the Buttercup, and the same weight as the Pro TT. And it’s pretty small as well. So it’d be comfortable to hold for extended periods of time.

Second Opinion


Final Thoughts

The Remington D3190 is a great hair dryer if you’re on a budget, have naturally thick and healthy hair, or if you don’t dry your hair every day.

But if you’ll use this heavily, have fine or brittle hair, or want to protect your waves, check out the Curls in Check diffuser or the Buttercup.

4. Bed Head Curls in Check Diffuser Dryer

Our Grade

  • Weight: 5/5
  • Noise Level: 3/5
  • Power: 3/5
  • Price: 5/5
  • Temperature: 3/5
  • Total: 20/25


  • Works well as a purpose-built diffuser
  • Extremely gentle airflow
  • Great for curly, brittle, and natural hair
  • Overall great price


  • Looks like a little kid’s toy
  • Really loud and whiney sound
  • Not versatile as a hair dryer and diffuser


Curly girls, this is the dryer for you. It has a built-in diffuser you can easily remove if needed. It’s designed to make the most of curly and wavy hair thanks to the tourmaline ionic technology. With 1875W, it quickly dries your hair to a shiny finish with soft texture.

Pop the diffuser off to dry large sections of hair fast, then put it back on to diffuse hot air into your curls for unbelievable volume and shape. It’s super compact but has a large drying area to work through your hair faster.

At just around 1.5 pounds, your arms won’t get tired when you use it. And it includes 3 different heat settings with 2 wind speed settings so you can customize your drying session.


Just like most of the other hair dryers on our list, the Bed Head Curls in Check came in a simple cardboard box. It was secured by a little piece of cardboard, and opening was as simple as popping a single tab and sliding the dryer out.

Front of the bed head curls in check box

Front of the box. Pretty simple.

I thought the box was a little obnoxious, but it does a good job explaining what comes with the dryer. And I’m sure this would catch your eye if you walked by it on a retail shelf.

Back of the curls in check box

Back of the box with description

On the front of the box was a picture of the hair dryer and diffuser, and the back had basically the same thing, but in slightly more detail as the front.

First Impressions, Pros and Cons

I’m not going to lie, my first impression was that this looked like something you’d market to a six year old. I can’t see too many adults being drawn to this, but perhaps that’s part of TIGI’s marketing strategy — to be bold.

Everything that comes in the box of the Bed Head Curls in Check 1875 Watt Diffuser

The Curls in Check diffuser and attachments

This tool is meant to do one thing — diffuse heat onto your hair — and weird color aside, it actually is one of the best hair dryers on our list. Now, we included this as an alternative to the diffuser attachments that come with the other hair dryers on this page.

The bed head curls in check diffuser dryer

You can see how big it is compared to Andrew’s hand

One thing you’ll notice about this hair dryer is that it’s big — really big. But its size is what makes it so great. Unlike the Buttercup, Revlon, or BaByliss hair dryers, the head is extremely wide, which helps more air move through the diffuser.

This results in an airflow that’s gentler than a concentrated stream. In fact, our tests showed that it was about 1/2 of the airflow of the other models. Not to say it’s underpowered, but that the air is less prominent because it’s diffused.

Close up up a purple hair diffuser, sans attachment

Front of the dryer, sans diffuser

The only downside to this diffuser is that it’s just that — a diffuser. It’s not a hair dryer. That means that it’s best for curly hair, which requires less airflow than a typical dryer.

So unless you have curly or naturally frizzy hair, you won’t really see much benefit from this unit. Instead, you’ll see longer dry times due to the reduced airflow.

Close-up of the back of Bed Head curls in check hair diffuser

Back of the dryer close up

In our tests, the heating coils worked just as expected, and actually got pretty hot. The cool button took a second or two to kick in, but it got plenty cool.

The noise is a little annoying, as it sounds like a jet engine that’s just beginning to spool up. So keep that in mind if you tend to hair dry for a long time.

Close-up shot of the temperature and power controls

Close-up of the temperature controls

Last, the handle is bulky, so I can see this being a bit awkward to hold if you have small hands. But overall, it’s a great option if you’ll never need a powerful, concentrated airflow. If that’s what you’re after, we suggest the BaByliss Ceramix Xtreme.

Field Tests and Results

The Curls in Check is pretty loud. 96.1 decibels loud. And it sounds a bit whiney, like a jet engine. I can see it hurting sensitive ears, especially if you use it in a really small space, or one that echoes.

96.1 on the decibel meter for the Bed Head Curls in Check hair dryer (one of the best)

96.1 is pretty dang loud

To avoid any unpleasant noise, just use it in an open environment like bedroom. This helps dissipate the noise so it’s more comfortable. And it also doesn’t get too hot.

It's also not that hot, but keep in mind the heat is dispersed

It’s also not that hot, but keep in mind the heat is dispersed

But keep in mind this is a diffuser, not a standalone hair dryer. So you don’t want too much heat at once. This helps reduce frizz and is gentler on your hair. After all — curly and natural hair is more prone to breakage and damage.

The Bed Head Curls in Check makes our best hair dryer list because it's light

While it’s relatively cool and loud, it’s also light

At 12 oz on the nose, the Curls in Check is a hair heavier than the Revlon All-in-One brush. This makes it easier to hold for a long time. The annoying noise aside, it serves its purpose, and is just what we’d expect from a purpose-built diffuser.

Second Opinion


Final Thoughts

Best for naturally curly hair, the design of this hair diffuser offers gentle airflow at a reasonable price. If you never need power, this tool will work just fine for you. But if you need more power and just want a diffuser attachment, check out the Remington D3190.

5. Revlon 1875W Infrared Heat Hair Dryer

Best Budget Hair Dryer
Revlon 1875W Infrared Heat Hair Dryer for Fast Drying

  • Powerful 1875-watt motor
  • Gives a smooth, frizz-free finish
  • Includes diffuser and concentrator nozzle
  • Affordable at under $25
  • Feels lightweight and cheap compared to others
  • Attachments and filter cover are difficult to switch out
  • Buttons are on the back of the handle
Check Latest Price
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Our Grade

  • Weight: 5/5
  • Noise Level: 3/5
  • Power: 5/5
  • Price: 5/5
  • Temperature: 2/5
  • Total: 20/25


  • Unique blend of ceramic, tourmaline, and infrared heat
  • 2 included attachments (diffuser and concentrator)
  • Great value for the price


  • Built extremely cheaply (2 piece body, looks pretty cheap)
  • Attachments are hard to get on and off
  • I had trouble getting the filter cover back on


Another excellent bargain option for a quality dryer is the Revlon Infrared Heat Hair Dryer. It infuses 3 powerful technologies into one dryer for frizz-free, non-damaging results: Ceramic, tourmaline, and infrared heat.

A triple coating of ceramic and crushed tourmaline inside ensures millions of negative ions are blowing out to seal the hair’s cuticles and prevent frizz. Far-infrared heat is more gentle on the hair and dries it faster, from the inside out.

This dryer has 2 heat settings and 2 speed settings so you can adjust as needed. There’s a cool shot button to set your style when you’re done.

The 7.5 foot long cord isn’t as long as most professional dryers, but still plenty to move around in your bathroom. It also comes with a concentrator to direct airflow to smaller areas and a volumizing diffuser for curls or waves.


You can tell the Revlon 1875 watt infrared hair dryer normally lives on retail shelves. It comes in a really nice red box that compliments the white hair dryer. I’ll give it to Revlon — their branding is always on point.

The Revlon 1875 watt infrared hair dryer in its box

Standard retail packaging. I like the red.

As expected, the back of the box shows exactly what comes inside — a hair dryer (one of the best, in our opinion), some clips, a diffuser, and a concentrator. Nothing too crazy here.

The back of one of the best hair dryers (Revlon 1875 w infrared model) on a granite counter

You’ll see exactly what comes inside the box

Opening the box was fairly easy, but I’d suggest having a knife handy. There were these little tabs covered by plastic stickers that needed to be cut. It wasn’t tricky, but I could see someone tearing the box if too much effort is exerted.

The Revlon 1875 watt hair dryer in its box and wrapped in plastic

Everything is neatly wrapped in plastic

Upon opening the box, I found the contents neatly and snugly packaged in plastic. Just slide them out and you’re off to the races. I liked this, because other models had me twisting apart twist ties, cutting plastic, and more. So I always appreciate a simple unboxing.

First Impressions, Pros and Cons

When I pulled the contents out of the box, I had mixed feelings. “Is this really one of the best hair dryers? It seems so cheap. But it also looks pretty unique, and somewhat space-age-esque.”

The Revlon hair dryer and its attachments sitting on the granite counter

My first thought wat the hair dryer seemed a bit cheap

In a nutshell, it does look cheap. On one side of the handle, you can see the screws, and there’s writing all over the handle. But, remember, it’s under $30. So you’re giving up some of the cosmetic features for performance.

And it does come with three hair clips, a concentrator, and a diffuser. And remember — it uses tourmaline and ceramic technology. So we’re willing to overlook some of the shortcomings.

Close-up of the infrared hair dryer with red lights at the tip

This must be the infrared technology

Ok — off to the good stuff. To keep with the space-age theme, Revlon used a clear plastic. I could see this getting cloudy (and thereby dirty) after a few uses. But overall, it looks nice.

The red light at the end of the nozzle is a nice touch, but I’m wondering if this is the infrared technology. It looks like an LED light to me, which I know does not do anything for hair. I’m waiting for Revlon to confirm, and I’ll circle back when they do.

Close-up of the heat and temperature controls on a white hair dryer

Close-up of the heat and temperature controls

A unique feature about this hair dryer is that the buttons are on the back. It’s a bit strange, but if you have a strong, 5-finger grip, this will actually help you, as you won’t be accidentally turning it off mid-sesh. +1 for the forethought. After all, this was much easier to naturally grip.

Revlon 1875 watt hair dryer with the cap that is nearly impossible to get back on

I had the darndest time getting the cap back on

While the box advertises an “easy removal” filter cap, I didn’t have this same experience. With 4 little tabs to line up, the flimsy plastic gave me an ulcer trying to get them all lined up. I wish they’d have gone with a twist-off cap, as cheap tabs tend to break over time. And they’re so hard to line up.

Close-up of the front of one of the best hair dryers in white color

These light up red when you turn on the dryer

Looking inside the nozzle, I didn’t see any infrared light. I just saw coils. If there was an infrared light inside, I’d have been able to see it. Aside from that, this is what the diffuser clips into. As with the filter cover, I had the darndest time getting the attachment in.

Revlon — if you’re reading this — please make the attachments screw-on instead of clip-in. That’d make this model 10x easier to use.

The white Revlon hair dryer sitting on a counter

A single trigger button for the cool setting

As I stated above, the grip of this hair dryer is really unique. It’s comfortable, easy to grip really hard. and there’s just one button on the front — the cool button. And boy, does this puppy get cool. It does run a little cool to begin with, but this isn’t a bad thing. You hair actually likes cool air better. So that’s another +1 for this model.

Closeup of the Revlon hair dryer body splitting halfway down the middle

The cheap body splits apart halfway down the middle

You’ll notice the body is molded in two pieces of plastic. This has both pros and cons. The pro is that it’s much lighter, making it easier to hold for a long time. It’s also colored plastic, meaning it won’t flake off. The con is that is does look cheap. This won’t affect its performance, but it also just isn’t as nice to look at (unlike the Buttercup).

Field Tests and Results

Ok, so most of our gripes about this hair dryer are cosmetic. But how does it perform? The long and short — decent, for under $30.

The Revlon infrared hair dryer registering 90.5 db on my decibel meter

90.5 db — not super loud, but not quiet either

Registering 90.5 on our decibel meter, it’s not as quiet as the BaByliss or Buttercup models, but it’s also not as loud as the D3190. The latter is important, because that’s the closest hair dryer in price. While 90.5 isn’t quiet, we found the sound to be gentle, and not too jarring to the ear. A big plus for long hair drying sessions.

The revlon white hair dryer on a scale reading 15.17 oz

15.17 oz — just under a pound

Next, we put it on our kitchen scale. And it weighed in at 15.17 ounces. That’s not as light as the Remington, but not nearly as heavy as the Buttercup or Cermix Xtreme. That’s the upside to the molded plastic body that we discussed earlier. This hair dryer would be fairly easy to hold above your head for at least 15 minutes without getting too heavy.

The Revlon 1875 watt hair dryer registering 185 degrees farenheit on a kitchen thermometer

185 degrees is one of the coolest on our list

For our last test, we turned it on high power and heat for 30 seconds. And the result was surprising. 185 degrees is plenty hot, but not nearly as hot as our other models. While it’s got the airflow, the heat is lacking, resulting in slightly higher dry times.

Final Thoughts

For all of its quirks, the Revlon infrared hair dryer delivers decent performance for its price. If this was a $100 hair dryer, we’d say check out the BaByliss models or the Buttercup.

But for about $30, it makes up in performance what is lacks in overall aesthetic design. This is a great hair dryer if you’re on a budget, occasionally hair dry, or just don’t care about the bells and whistles.

6. BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Hair Dryer

Our Grade

  • Weight: 3/5
  • Noise Level: 5/5
  • Power: 5/5
  • Price: 4/5
  • Temperature: 5/5
  • Total: 23/25


  • Extremely powerful and very hot
  • Negative ionic technology
  • 30% shorter dry times
  • Long 9 foot cord


  • Really heavy. Might be hard to hold above your head for a long time
  • Black finish might scratch over time
  • Corny branding


If power is what you’re looking for from a blow dryer – LOTS of power – the BaBylissPRO Ceramix is what you need. It has 2000 watts, which is more than any other on this list. Wattage translates to more airflow and a shorter time to dry.

It includes ceramic-infused parts to ensure the hair is dried evenly with no hotspots. Negative ionic technology ensures the hair is static- and frizz-free for the ultimate shine. It includes a professional AC motor that is a tiny bit heavier than the more-common DC motors, but much more powerful.

There are 6 heat and speed settings you can adjust. You get a concentrator nozzle, cold shot button, and 9 foot long cord for easy maneuvering.  This is a hair dryer that will do the job quickly and last for years.


The BaByliss Ceramix Xtreme came in a simple box, and you can tell it normally lives on retail shelves. It was heavier than I expected, and I thought the packaging was a little corny. So many exclamation points!!! 

Front of the BaByliss Pro Hair Dryer with Ceramic Technology

Front of the BaByliss Pro Ceramix Xtreme

The back of the box is basically the same as the front, but in Spanish. That’s a nice touch in today’s melting pot of cultures. The hair dryer is easy to unpack, as you just flip open the tab and out it slides.

The BaByliss Pro Cermix Xtreme box back

The box also has Spanish descriptions

It’s not too much of a hassle to open the box, unlike the BaBylissPRO Tourmaline 3000. That was a huge pain to get out, but we’ll dive into that in a second.

First Impressions, Pros and Cons

The first thing I thought about the Ceramix Xtreme is that it was heavy and looked like it was designed to be edgy, but failed bad. It’s a fine hair dryer, but what’s with the 1600th century gothic font?

I digress. This hair dryer is clearly well-made, and the weight is both a pro and a con. If you value durability, this is for you. But if you spend lots of time drying your hair, I could see this one getting a little heavy.

The Ceramix Xtreme by Babyliss, one of the best hair dryers

Everything that comes in the box. It’s pretty simple.

It looks to me like this hair dryer uses an electrostatic paint, and if you believe some of the reviews, it’ll flake off over time. However, they’ve appeared to have addressed this problem in subsequent models, and newer reviews don’t mention this problem.

Babyliss Ceramix Xtreme controls

The controls are pretty simple

As a test, I turned on the Cermix Xtreme and used it. I think I swore when I turned this baby on. It’s unbelievably powerful. Unlike the Drybar Buttercup, this bad boy does not diffuse its air. It’s like a fire hose of air.

Back of one of the best black hair dryers, the BaByliss Ceramix Xtreme

Back of the hair dryer. not too fancy.

In fact, I’m pretty sure its 2,000 watts of power have all been concentrated in one place. Again, that’s a pro or a con depending on what you’re looking for, but I really liked it, and could see this drying your hair extremely fast.

In fact, most of our picks for the best hair dryers are powerful, but this one has the most concentrated blast of air. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced something quite like it. So, it’s definitely a standout.

Another shot of the hair dryer back

Another shot of the back

Like the Buttercup, this guy has a 9-foot cord, which is handy for mobility, but a downside when you store it. I suggest using cable ties (the velcro type) to secure it when it’s not being used.

Field Tests and Results

For as powerful as this bad boy is, I thought it’d be much louder. But it’s actually the quietest hair dryer on our list, at only 87 db.

87 decibels makes this the quietest hair dryer we tested

87 decibels is the quietest hair dryer we tested

While it’s the quietest hair dryer, it’s also the hottest, at 239 degrees. Be really careful with this, because that’s pretty dang hot. And spending too much time at this heat could easily damage your hair.

The best hair dryer (or one of them), the BaByliss Pro TT is 239 degrees F

239 degrees makes this the hottest hair dryer on our list

But remember, it’s really powerful. The most powerful, for that matter. So you won’t need to spend as much time drying your hair. And you won’t want to either, considering it’s 1.7 lbs. I could only handle about 10 minutes with this above my head.

The BaByliss Ceramix Xtreme hair dryer is 1.7 lbs, the heaviest on our best hair dryer list

At 1.7 lbs, it’s also the heaviest on our list

But add up all these factors: power, heat, and a concentrated airflow. What do you get? A super-fast hair dry session. So while it’s heavy, it won’t feel that heavy, because you’re spending about 50% less time blow drying. So everything is relative.

Second Opinion


Final Thoughts

While we love the power and the price of this hair dryer, the weight and concentrated airflow will be a problem for some. Also, the painted texture looks nice, but if you tend to be rough on your hair tools, I could see it scraping the surface.

Front of one of the best hair dryers, the Babyliss Xtreme Ceramix

Those nozzles produce some major power

Since it’s black, it’ll tend to wear quicker, so keep that in mind. This is still one of the top hair dryers, but we think it’s important to consider its unique quirks before going out and buying it.

If you like the brand or style but want something a little lighter, less powerful, and don’t mind spending $20 extra, the BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium 3000 is a great alternative to consider.

7. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush

Best for Quick Styling
REVLON One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer
  • Adds volume
  • Quick use
  • Easy styling
  • A bit hard to hold and maneuver
  • Loud
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Our Grade

  • Weight: 5/5
  • Noise Level: 3/5
  • Power: 4/5
  • Price: 5/5
  • Temperature: 4/5
  • Total: 21/25


  • Delivers hot air straight to the hair while styling
  • Overall high quality brush bristles
  • Gets hot without damaging your hair


  • I’d like to see a longer cord
  • Might be hard to hold for those with small hands
  • Really loud and somewhat whiney


You’ve probably seen these hot air brushes around for years and wondered if they were just over-hyped novelty products. I’m here to tell you that the Revlon volumizing brush is the real deal. It is often imitated, but never duplicated.

It does the job of a hair dryer and a round brush to quickly dry and style your hair at the same time. Ionic technology ensures your hair is free of frizz and static after you dry.

Ceramic technology prevents your hair from being damaged as the hot air gently diffuses into your hair through the vents in the brush. The cord is 6 feet long, which has always been plenty for me, and there are 3 heat and speed settings you can adjust.

It’s also super lightweight and drastically reduces the amount of heat-tool damage to your hair by combining drying with styling for a truly one-step finish.


The Revlon Volumizing Hair Brush comes in a simple box. And you can tell it normally lives on retail shelves. There’s not too much to say about the box, other than I think it was well-designed and easy to open.

The Revlon all-in-one volumizing hair brush in its red box

Not too much to say here. Very bright red box.

Flip the box over, and you’ll see basic features about the brush. A nice touch for those new to all-in-one brushes. The box was easy to open, and the contents slid right out.

The Revlon hair dryer brush and its features on the back of the box

Simple graphics show what you can expect when opening the box

First Impressions, Pros and Cons

Inside the box, you’ll find the electric hair brush and some instructions. My first impression was that the handle was much bigger than I anticipated. Given there’s a motor in there, it makes sense.

Revlon electric hair brush sits on the counter next to its cord and instructions

Everything that comes inside the box

The cord is also kind of short, so you’ll need to be close to an outlet. I could see this being a problem if you tend to move around a lot while brushing. After all, you’ll want to brush your hair from multiple angles. But it’s not a deal breaker — just something to consider.

Close up of the Revlon heated hair brush on a counter

Close-up of the bristles and air vents

Despite the short cord and bulky handle, the brush seemed to be very well made. It’s a mid-weight plastic, with a color-molded body. Nice touch there.

Once we plugged it in and turned it on, we noticed the airflow right away. I liked that there were both thick and thin bristles, as that’ll help with tangles.

Close up of the Revlon electric air hair brush

This is where the air intake is located

In our tests, we found that this brush worked best if you hold it vertical and then pull downward. This way, the bristles align with each other, and the airflow has a chance to spread out.

I was actually shocked to see how much of a punch this little baby packs. I was skeptical about the heated brush concept (I’ve never used one), but it was far easier than juggling a brush and hair dryer.

Close-up of the bristles on the Revlon Power styler

The handle might be a little too bulky for some people

In our tests, this brush dries hair, but it’s less effective if the hair is too wet. We suggest thoroughly towel drying your hair before brushing. Also, we noticed that it gets hot, but not as hot as a regular hair dryer. This is by design, and helps reduce hair damage.

Revlon all-in-one heated hair brush handle

The on/off switch is a little awkward

If you like the pleasant warm airflow while hair drying, this tool won’t cut it for you (the airflow will be blocked by your hair). However, this is also a pro, because it delivers the airflow straight to your hair while you style it.

As we mentioned above, the handle is a bit bulky, which could be a problem if you have small hands. Perhaps in future versions, motors will get smaller, and that will fix this problem. But for most, it shouldn’t be too hard to grip

Field Tests and Results

Overall, we liked the Revlon One-Step hair dryer brush. It wasn’t too loud, but also wasn’t quiet. After all, you have noise spitting out of all ends of the brush. 90.3 decibels wasn’t unpleasant, but it does kind of scream at you. It’s a really whiney noise.

A decibel meter registering 90.3 for the Revlon hair dryer brush

90.3 db. Not quiet, but not too loud either

Aside from that, it’s not too bad. It’s also really hot. Now, this isn’t as hot as it looks. After all, there’s more air going on more of the temperature probe. So it’s a bit deceiving. However, we suggest running the brush at medium heat to avoid hair damage.

220 degrees shown on a kitchen thermometer while measuring the Revlon Electric Hair Brush with integrated hair dryer

220 degrees — this puppy cooks

At 11.7 oz, it’s pretty light. But you have to remember, the airflow is less powerful, as it’s a multi-tool, not a purpose-built hair dryer. So it’s going to have less components.

At 11.71 oz, this is one of the lightest units on our best hair dryer list

11.71 oz — definitely light and easy to hold

While the cord isn’t long, it also is pretty easy to maneuver around. And brushing while holding it above your head shouldn’t be uncomfortable for most, as it’s under a pound, making it the lightest model on our list — even lighter than the Curls in Check.

Second Opinion


Final Thoughts

If you struggle with styling and blow-drying your hair simultaneously, the Revlon all-in-one electric brush is your savior. It’s like having a salon-grade blowout in the palm of your hand.

We like how easy it is to style your hair. But keep in mind that you’ll need to towel-dry your hair before using, as the air is diffused throughout the entire brush. Regardless, we think this hair dryer/brush combo should be in the war chest of every beauty queen.

8. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Most Luxurious
Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, Iron/Fuchsia
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Our Grade

  • Weight: 5/5
  • Noise Level: 5/5
  • Power: 5/5
  • Price: 3/5
  • Temperature: 4/5
  • Total: 22/25


  • Ridiculously strong airflow
  • Auto-regulated temperature adjustments
  • Much quieter than traditional models


  • Air inlet is on the handle
  • Price — $400… ouch
  • Easily shows smudges


When most people hear the word Dyson, they think a few things: luxury, quality, and unique design. Or just plain weird, depending on who you talk to. But when you talk about the Dyson Supersonic, you almost always get a unanimous “that’s the best hair dryer ever!” And we tend to agree.

While we think the Dyson hair dryer is the best you can buy, we knocked it on a couple things — price and temperature. First, it’s $400, which puts it out of reach for most buyers. Second, it doesn’t get terribly hot. That’s a design feature, but some people just love blasted hot air.

Regardless, over 50,000 reviewers on multiple shopping platforms gave it a 5-star review, and we see why. It’s awesome. In fact, I even bought and used one for my Dyson Hair Dryer review.

Be sure to check that out, as I go into greater detail than I do here. For this review, our editor Andrew bought a new Dyson Supersonic.

When I used the Dyson, I felt like the dryer just knew me. When my hair was wet, it turned up the heat. But when it started to dry, it throttled it down. In fact, it senses temperature 40 times a second, so it’ll never burn your hair.

And in our field tests, we found that the Dyson literally blew away the competition. And it’s definitely the best, if you have $400 lying around to drop on a single hair product.


For this review, we bought a new Dyson Supersonic. The Fuschia/Nickel with diffuser combo, to be exact. If you buy from the Dyson website, you have the option to add a few accessories, like a carrying case or comb.

For a dyson hair dryer review, the front of the retail box sits on a grey counter

The box has a paper wrap on it

For mine, I chose the diffuser comb, which came in a separate box. As for the hair dryer itself, it came in a nice cardboard box that’s wrapped in a piece of paper with features about the hair dryer.

For a dyson hair dryer review, the retail box sits on a granite counter

Just slide the box from the paper wrap

Dyson could have just printed this on the box itself, but I guess then they wouldn’t be Dyson. They do things differently, after all. However, this made it a bit hard to get the hair dryer out of the box. You have to hold the paper and then push on the side; the box will then slide out of its sleeve.

The inside of the dyson supersonic hair dryer box for a product review

Like the buttercup, everything comes in a nice cradle

Once the box was opened, I found the contents wrapped up in a nice looking cardboard cradle. Just like the Buttercup, you can tell that the manufacturer went the extra step to wow the buyer at the unboxing.

All of the Dyson hair dryer contents unpacked as part of a product review

Not shown: the comb attachment and carrying case

While all of the accessories are pretty standard, Dyson does include a few extra goodies. A cooling mat, a diffuser, two extra nozzels, and a little fabric hanging hook. Nice touch, Dyson.

First Impressions, Pros and Cons

At first glance, you’ll notice how different the Dyson truly is. It looks like a hammer, and it’s about 1/3 the size of the smallest hair dryer on our list. And it’s SO pretty.

Close-up of a side profile of the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer

What a beauty

I also noticed a few different features that set this apart. First, the buttons were on both the handle and the dryer itself. Second, the air inlet was on the handle. If you grip the hair dryer from the bottom, that’ll take some getting used to.

For a Dyson hair dryer review, the back and buttons of the unit

All of the buttons are on the back

And then I turned the hair dryer on. OH. MY. GOSH. For something so small, it’s unbelievable powerful. Even on its lowest setting, it’s got a kick that’ll throw you back in your seat. My goodness, is it powerful.

Front of the Dyson Hair Dryer showing a close-up of the magnet

The attachments are magnetic — just clip them onto the metal in front

I cycled the heat and power through their cycles, and they each had a surprising range between settings. I found that I like the lowest power and hottest heat settings for my hair.

The filter cover close up of a Dyson hair dryer review

The filter cover twists off

While it advertises automatic temperature control, I personally didn’t see too much variation. When I set it to hot, it stayed pretty hot. In fact, that was my biggest fear about this model. But it pleasantly surprised me.

The two biggest design quirks about this hair dryer are the air inlet on the bottom of the handle and the size. The actual nozzle is much shorter, so you almost have to grip the hair dryer from the base of the handle.

But… the air inlet is at the bottom of the handle, which creates a sucking action on your hand. It can be a bit awkward to hold, but after a few uses, you get used to it. It just takes a bit.

Angle of the Dyson hair dryer for a product review of the unit sitting on a counter

I LOVE the fuscia color

And you really don’t need to hold the hair dryer close to your head because it’s so dang powerful. So that’s a big pro. Another thing we like is the attachments, which are magnetic. Just clip them on and off you go.

For a dyson hair dryer review, an attachment clips onto the front via a magnet

Dust sticks to the hair dryer easily :/

And when you’re done, just twist or “peel” them off at an angle. It’s really easy to do, and is much easier than other plastic attachments that snap on.

The dyson hair dryer sitting on a counter next to a yellow happy face mug

It’s smaller than a dang coffee mug

Another weird quirk is that the temperature settings vary, but to get truly cold air, you need to hold down the button. This can be a bit difficult to do, as the button is on the back of the dryer, so you have to hold it with your thumb.

To help answer is the dyson hair dryer worth it, the appliance sits on a counter next to the Drybar buttercup

Dyson Supersonic vs Drybar Buttercup

A huge plus, though, is the size. It is about the size of a rubber sledge hammer. This makes storage a little easier than traditional hair dryers. And you can even get some cool storage racks on Amazon or Google Shopping.

Field Tests and Results

Alright, we’ve covered our first impressions and the weird quirks. But is the Dyson hair dryer really worth the money? Well, it certainly performs well.

Thermometer showing 196 degrees of air output for the dyson supersonic hair dryer

196 F. Not scorching, not cool

First, we tested the heat. This one was a little deceiving, as the air felt hotter than it actually is. I think this is because of the power behind it. It won’t burn your hair, but it also doesn’t get as hot as other dryers on our list.

For a product review of the dyson hair dryer, a decibel meter registering 86.1 on the meter

86.1 db. That’s really quiet!

Next, we tested the noise level. While we think it’s got the best airflow of all the dryers on our list, it’s actually the quietest. And the noise is a much more gently “whine,” as opposed to the screaming noise you typically hear in a hair dryer.

I am guessing Dyson uses a high-powered brushless motor, but the small and hollow nozzle could also muffle the noise (in other units, the large chamber acts as an amplifier).

So, while it’s got power for days, it is also the quietest hair dryer on our list, clocking in at a mind-blowing 86.1 decibels. That’s pretty dang quiet.

Second Opinion


Final Thoughts

So… the big question. Is the Dyson hair dryer worth it? We say yes, if you have the extra money. There are plenty of other units that do a great job for 1/10th of the cost.

The dyson hair dryer sitting on its side and turned on for a product review to help answer if it's worth the price

It’s the best hair dryer on our list

But if you’re after the best hair dryer money can buy, this is it. You don’t buy any Dyson product because the money justifies the performance. Yes, it’s quieter. And more unique. And it has some unique technology. But does it deliver ten times the performance? no.

No product this expensive will deliver that much value. But it does outperform any other hair dryer on the market, and we think for this reason, it’s the best.

Think about it; is a Mercedes Benz 5x better than a Honda? Does its price justify its performance? Absolutely not. They both get the job done. But why would someone want a Mercedes?

The buyer is willing to spend the extra money for the unique design, the exclusivity, and because they want the best. And if you want the best hair dryer you can buy, this is it. Hands-down.

Hair Dryer Comparison Table

ModelWeightNoisePowerOur Score
BabylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme20.5 oz87.0 db2000 w23/25
Drybar Buttercup Hair Dryer18.7 oz87.5 db1875 w22/25
BabylissPRO TT Hair Dryer14.0 oz88.0 db1900 w22/25
Remington D3190 Hair Dryer14.0 oz92.8 db1875 w21/25
Revlon Hot Hair Brush11.7 oz90.3 db1100 w21/25
Bed Head Curls in Check Diffuser12.0 oz96.1 db1875 w20/25
Revlon 1875W Infrared Hair Dryer15.2 oz90.5 db1875 w20/25

What to Look for in a Hair Dryer

You’ve seen terms like ionic, ceramic, tourmaline, and infrared above, but what do these hair dryer buzzwords MEAN? Are they actually more effective than basic dryers? Here’s what you should look for to separate the best from the rest. 

Ionic Technology

Ions are invisible, but they’re everywhere. While the ions themselves may be invisible, their effects on hair are all too obvious. Positive ions create static and frizz. Negative ions smooth and control the hair by breaking the water down into smaller particles as you dry.

So, when you see a dryer with ionic technology, it’s actively neutralizing positive ions to smooth your hair for better results.  Plus, it results in less dry time. That’s always a plus!

Infrared Technology

Infrared light that you'll find in the best hair dryers

Bernd Marczak/Shutterstock

Far-infrared heat technology uses a shorter wavelength to reduce dry time and the amount of heat needed to dry your hair. Silicon carbide, ceramic, or tourmaline components in the dryer generate far-infrared heat.

The hairs are heated from the inside out rather than vice versa in infrared dryers. The result is less frizz, shorter dry time, and shinier hair. You’ll often see infrared and ionic technology in the same dryers. 

Ceramic Technology

Ceramic technology can be a great thing in a hair dryer and the best option for damaged hair. When compounded ceramic parts (instead of a ceramic coating) are used, the dryer heats up faster and more evenly by generating infrared heat.

Like infrared dryers, this dries the hair from the inside out and results in less damage to the hair. While ceramic hair dryers are more expensive, they’re worth it, especially if you have brittle hair.

Tourmaline Technology

Tourmaline is a semiprecious gemstone (and an alternative to October’s opal birthstone) that is often used in hair dryers. Crushed in a fine powder, it’s added to internal parts of the dryer.

As hot air moves over these parts, the tourmaline generates negative ions and far-infrared heat. This works two ways: Preventing damage by drying hair from the inside out and cutting frizz with negative ion technology. 

High Wattage

Attractive brunette woman holding her hair dryer away from her head because it's the best and very powerful

Dmitry Lobanov/Shutterstock

A hair dryer’s wattage tells you how powerfully it blows hot air (Read: How fast it gets the job done). Wattage=wind power. More watts give you a more powerful dryer that thoroughly dries your hair in less time.

For a quality dryer, look for at least 1800W. If you have super fine or thin hair, you can get away with less wattage and still dry your hair quickly. 


The weight of your hair dryer might not seem like an important thing to consider, but 5 minutes into your drying sesh, you’ll rethink that. A lightweight hair dryer makes the drying experience easier and more comfortable.

It also ensures you can properly hold and angle the dryer for the best results. Look for dryers that weigh less than 2 pounds for the most comfort. 

Long Cord Length

Cord length might be the last thing you think about when you’re shopping for a new hair dryer, but a too-short cord can seriously put a crimp in your style.

Look for cords that are 6-9 feet in length to give yourself plenty of room to move the dryer around. It’s also smart to opt for a longer cord if your bathroom outlet is in a weird position. 

Attachments and Settings

Lots of hair dryer attachments found on the best hairdryers in a layflat photo

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Hair dryers that come with attachments and variable heat and speed settings are best. Look for attachments like concentrator nozzles that direct airflow at small sections (boosts shine) and volumizing diffusers that perfect curl/wave shape while giving the roots lots of volume.

Variable heat and speed settings let you adjust your dryer for your hair’s specific needs. For thick and coarse hair, choose a higher heat and speed setting. For fine or thin hair, a lower setting is best.

So, What’s the Best Hair Dryer?

The best hair dryer graphic showing the dyson supersonic in fuscia

Overall, the best hair dryer for you should be easy to use, gentle on the hair, and infused with newer technologies that speed up drying time and give soft, shiny, frizz-free results.

If you opt for one of the hair dryers in our top 8 list, you’ll ensure you’re getting one of the best. Don’t forget to use a heat protectant spray before you dry your hair to further protect your hair from damage and make the most of your new hair dryer.