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2024 Scotch Porter Reviews | Our No-B.S. Take

If you’ve heard of this company and are considering trying one of their grooming products for men, you need to read Scotch Porter reviews first.

See how real customers rate and describe their products, from conditioning beard balms, serums, and washes to gentle hair and skin care, in our Scotch Porter reviews roundup. 

Looking for Scotch Porter Reviews? Start Here.

For a piece on Scotch Porter reviews, a phone with a bottle of the product sits next to a graphical version of a real user review

In the online shopping era, if you’re buying mens’ grooming products without checking reviews first, you’re taking a big risk. Chances are, you’re seeing Scotch Porter products popping up all over the place and wonder if this is truly a good company to buy from.

Are their products all they’re chalked up to be? Honest reviews and info about the company, their formulas, and prices will give you the answer. Scotch Porter products are becoming more and more popular with guys who take grooming seriously.

You’ve probably heard about their clean and all natural products for beard, hair, and face care. But before you buy from this company, it’s smart to check out Scotch Porter reviews to see how customers are rating the goods they get from them. 

In this review roundup, we take a critical look at the products, ingredients, prices, pros and cons, and – of course – Scotch Porter reviews from real, verified customers.

Find out if this company makes quality products that deserve your attention or if you’re better off trying another brand. 

What Is Scotch Porter?

Scotch Porter is a New Jersey-based company that makes hand-crafted, vegan, and all natural mens’ grooming products.

The company mission is “To provide healthier, multi-purpose beard, hair, and face care products that are highly effective and easy to use.” Everything Scotch Porter makes is hand-crafted in their Newark, New Jersey facility by their 100% black employee workforce.

This inclusive company prides itself on the fact that all their products are made in the USA and that 45% of their workforce (executives included) is made up of women. 

The company was founded in 2015 by Calvin Quallis, who quit his corporate job to open up a barbershop and help men in his community look and feel their best. 

Quallis’ barbershop clients struggled to find affordable grooming products that targeted their main concerns – razor burn, dry skin and hair, coarse, rough beards, frizz, and breakouts.

He started mixing up all natural grooming products to fill the gap and solve the problems his clients faced. Word spread and demand grew for his products, and that’s how Scotch Porter was born.

Scotch Porter believes mens’ grooming products shouldn’t have to be expensive to be effective and made with clean ingredients, so they offer their products at a lower price point than similar competitors.

That appeals to men who don’t like spending a ton of cash on products they use daily for basic hygiene. Scotch Porter products intentionally leave out irritating, harsh, and potentially harmful ingredients, including:

They do this to ensure a potent, clean ingredient list that leaves your beard, hair, and face feeling cleansed, conditioned, and nourished without irritation or leaving behind a “greasy” feeling. 

As Scotch Porter founder and CEO Calvin Quallis states, “…we shouldn’t have to use products packed with harmful chemicals just to look and feel like a boss.”

Agreed, and so far, we like where this is heading. One thing that seems to come up often in Scotch Porter reviews are the enticing natural scents in their products.

While synthetic fragrances are usually used in mens’ grooming products, Scotch Porter sticks with rich natural fragrances (like cedar, sandalwood, amber, cardamom, spice, and musk) that get rave reviews from users. 

While we’ve only scratched the surface, it looks like Scotch Porter has all the makings of a great mens’ grooming company so far.

There are no harsh or harmful chemicals, the products feature potent masculine fragrances without artificial scents, and the products are earning a lot of positive reviews from customers. 

We’ll take a closer look at their products, prices, pros and cons, and Scotch Porter reviews to find out if their grooming products are worth buying. 

All of Scotch Porter’s Products

Scotch Porter’s product list is extensive. They make 3 collections of grooming products designed for beards, hair, and skin care. Each collection has a signature scent profile (we’ll cover that below) and potent ingredient blends that target common hair and skin concerns for men.

Here’s a look at the most popular best-selling products Scotch Porter makes. 

Beard Collection

The Scotch Porter Beard Collection contains a range of 36 beard products for customers to build their own beard care routine. 

Every product in the Beard Collection is formulated with growth-inducing natural biotin liposomes, burdock root, and white willow extract to soften and thicken beards. The signature scent for this collection includes sweet carnation, sandalwood, musk, and spice.

  • Moisturizing Beard Wash: Cleanses and hydrates in one step for a softer beard without buildup
  • Hydrate & Nourish Beard Conditioner: Moisturizes deeply for lasting hydration, less itching, and beard softness
  • Conditioning Beard Balm: Smooth balm hydrates to tame flyaways and add shine for dry or coarse beards
  • Restorative Leave-In Beard Conditioner: Delivers lasting hydration and softness throughout the day for a stronger, shinier beard that feels deeply moisturized
  • Smoothing Beard Serum: Contains avocado and jojoba seed oils for all-day smoothness without frizz
  • Beard Collection: Includes beard wash, conditioner, balm, and serum
  • Ultimate Beard Collection: Includes beard wash, conditioner, balm, serum, boar bristle brush, and comb
  • Superior Beard Collection: Includes beard wash, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, balm, and serum

Other products in the Beard Collection include shaping/styling products, beard-nourishing oral supplements, gift and travel sets, smoothing boar bristle brushes, combs, and exfoliating products. 

Hair Collection

The Scotch Porter Hair Collection includes 14 cleansing, conditioning, and styling products for men’s hair care.

These products are formulated with natural strengthening kale protein, growth-enhancing horsetail plant extract, white willow bark, and a potent mix of vitamins and minerals to promote hair growth and thickness. 

Scotch Porter hair care products are made for use with all hair types, from fine to coarse and straight to kinky. All products in the hair care collection are free from harsh and harmful chemicals typically found in hair products, like sulfates, parabens, silicones, phthalates, and more. 

The Hair Collection has a signature scent that includes citrusy bergamot, lavender, cooling eucalyptus, cardamom, and woodsy amber. These are some of the best-selling products in the Hair Collection. 

  • Hydrating Hair Wash: Cleansing formula for textured hair that won’t strip natural oils like traditional shampoo
  • Nourish & Repair Hair Conditioner: Deeply moisturizing formula to hydrate and soften coarse or textured hair for frizz-free, shinier strands
  • Moisture Leave-in Hair Conditioner: Lightweight moisturizing formula for use after cleansing and conditioning for all-day hydration and anti-frizz effects
  • Smoothing Hair Balm: Thicker formula for use after cleansing, conditioning, and leave-in products for all-day smoothness, softness, and anti-frizz effects
  • Smooth & Shine Hair Serum: Contains argan and avocado seed oils for locked-in moisture that leaves hair smoother, shinier, and deeply hydrated
  • Hair Care Collection: Includes hair wash, conditioner, and balm for a simple hair care routine
  • Ultimate Hair Care Collection: Includes hair wash, conditioner, balm, and serum for a robust hair care routine
  • Superior Hair Care Collection: Includes hair wash, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, balm, and hair serum for a complete hair care routine

The Hair Collection also includes products like styling gels and creams, oral supplements for hair growth and health, and smaller-sized trial and travel kits. 

Face Collection

The Scotch Porter Face Collection includes 11 products that target common face and body care concerns for men, from dryness, flakes, and itching to rough skin and odor.

The Face Collection uses a unique blend of ingredients like natural botanical enzymes from pomegranate, anti-inflammatory turmeric and licorice root, and white willow bark extract for clear, smooth, and moisturized skin that smells fresh. 

The signature scent for the Face Collection is an enticing blend of Californian citrus, spicy vetiver bourbon, woodsy Palo Santo and Alaskan Cedar, and oakmoss. Here are the top-selling products in the Hair Collection. 

  • Restoring Face Wash: Redness and inflammation-fighting foaming facial cleanser to bust breakouts for clear, smooth skin
  • Moisture Defend Face Lotion: Lightweight face lotion with botanical extracts to moisturize without leaving skin greasy or shiny
  • Exfoliating Face Scrub: Complexion-brightening scrub that gently removes dead skin cells to reveal clearer, brighter skin
  • Mineral & Botanical Enriched Refreshing Body Bar: Pure glycerin cleansing bar with natural greens and botanical extracts, suitable for face and body
  • Fresh Goods Anti-Odor Wipes: Aloe vera-infused cleansing wipes with odor-busting natural enzymes and a fresh, manly scent 
  • Face Care Collection: Includes face wash, exfoliating scrub, and face lotion for a simple 3-step skin care routine

The Face Collection also includes smaller trial and travel-sized product kits, bundles, oral skin care supplements, and cleansing supplies for a simple skin care routine. 

Scotch Porter Pricing

Scotch Porter products are priced affordably, especially when compared to similar mens’ grooming brands like Bevel, Detroit Grooming Co., and Brickell. Here’s a look at the pricing on some of Scotch Porter’s most popular products. 

Collection Pricing

Scotch Porter’s collections include anywhere from 3-6 products in a discounted bundle. Instead of paying for individual products, you get a built-in discount by purchasing a collection or kit with multiple products for you to try and see what you like. 

Collections are popular purchases for dedicated users who want a complete, quality grooming routine conveniently purchased from one brand. They provide a great way to sample different products to see which ones you like best and want to buy again. They’re also popular gift purchases.

The Beard Kit$12
4-Piece Beard Care Trial Kit$17
Beard Collection$69.99
Superior Beard Collection$85
Ultimate Beard Collection$89.5
4-Piece Hair Care Trial Kit$17
Hair Care Collection$34.5
Ultimate Hair Collection$59.99
Superior Hair Collection$69.99
Beard & Face Collection$99.99
Face Care Collection$29.5

Best-Selling Product Pricing

Scotch Porter’s individual products are priced in the affordable mid-range price point. They’re more expensive than basic drugstore grooming products, but they’re also made with higher-quality, clean ingredients with no harmful or harsh chemicals in the formulas. 

Here’s a look at the pricing for some of Scotch Porter’s most popular products when purchased individually.

You can score discounts by purchasing these products as part of a collection or bundle, using some of the promos and discounts offered on the website, or applying rewards points to your purchase. 

Exfoliating Beard & Face Wash$9.99
Restorative Leave-In Beard Conditioner$11.99
Conditioning Beard Balm$14.99
Moisturizing Beard Wash$18.99
Hydrate & Nourish Beard Conditioner$18.99
Smoothing Beard Serum$19.99
Hydrating Hair Wash$11.99
Nourish & Repair Hair Conditioner$11.99
Exfoliating Face Scrub$11.99
Restoring Face Wash$10.99
Moisture Defend Face Lotion$11.99
Anti-Odor Wipes$5.99

Scotch Porter Reviews

Now that you know all the different grooming products they make for men and how much they cost, let’s take a close-up look at honest Scotch Porter reviews from verified customers.

Reviews are often the best way to gauge how effective a product is, hear about the scent, consistency, and usage directions from a user perspective, learn about product pros and cons, and find out how actual users rate and describe the products. 

We’ve taken some of the most helpful Scotch Porter reviews from different products in the beard, hair, and face care collections. This will give you a broad overall perspective on what users think about Scotch Porter products and if they’re worth purchasing. 

Scotch Porter Reviews: Overall Average Rating

Overall, Scotch Porter products get a review rating average of 4.9 out of 5 stars with more than 5,000 reviews from real, verified customers through the website alone. 

This excellent average rating is almost unheard of in men’s grooming products and brands, where users tend to be very selective about their products due to the personal nature of use and high expectations for beard, hair, and face care products.

We review tons of mens’ grooming brands and products each year, and this is one of the top-rated brands we’ve come across over the years.

Since we consider verified customer reviews a great indicator of quality (or lack thereof), we feel comfortable stating that Scotch Porter reviews signal high quality, effective products that do what they’re supposed to.

The men who purchase these products for personal use and women who buy them as gifts leave excellent ratings for Scotch Porter products across the board. Here’s a look at real user reviews for different Scotch Porter products. 

Verified Scotch Porter Reviews from Real Users

“This collection easily took my beard from dry and flat to soft and dense! I have never been so happy with the way my beard looked or smelled in my life. The instructions are clear and detailed. Great products all around in this kit.” -5 stars from Carlos S., Superior Beard Collection

“SP products are amazing & streets ahead of many many others. Scent is strong enough for you & your lady to notice (& enjoy) but subtle enough to not get in the way…The effect on my beard was something I didn’t get from any other beard brands, washes without stripping, conditions into a soft & malleable beard instead of the wire brush effect that my beard sports without these products & the balm thickens it up nicely. SP sent a few extra things this order which I’m obviously very happy with & the gesture as well as the performance of the products will keep me coming back for refills.” -5 stars from Gregg E., Moisturizing Beard Wash

“Really like the deep hydration and moisturizer that this beard mask provides. Super easy and works great. Every other part of [the] face can have a mask treatment and finally one’s available for your beard!” -5 stars from Ryan Z., Nourishing Beard Mask

“My husband was using other products that he THOUGHT were doing a good job. When he tried these out he, after only one use, realized that his old products were not even close. His hair and his beard now look and feel amazing.” -5 stars from Antha H., Beard Health Kit

“BEST wash-out conditioner. I’ve used a lot of different brands of wash-out beard conditioners, but this one is definitely the best. Just a couple days using it and I can already see a difference in my super dry, scraggly beard.” -5 stars from Sean G., Beard Conditioner

“This fragrance library is perfect to get an idea of which scent suits you the best, and they all smell great. They are also bigger than I expected and have enough for several uses each.” -5 stars from Alex K., Scotch Peters Fragrance Library

“Smooth. Does a good job of taming the rebellious ones giving you a smoother look.” -5 stars from Dean W., Conditioning Beard Balm

“Great product, even better customer service. I discovered this product a little over a year ago and have been using it ever since. I love the way this conditioner makes my hair look AND feel, and refuse to use any other name at this point. My most recent package was lost by FedEx and within a couple days you guys shipped me out a replacement order, no questions. Thank you so much. You have a customer for life!” -5 stars from Gregory M., Nourish & Repair Hair Conditioner

“The serum is my favorite product that Scotch Porter has. Leaves my beard soft shiny and smelling amazing. Scotch Porter is the best beard product out there!!” -5 stars from Atwood G., Smoothing Beard Serum

“It gives sheen and holds those hard to manage grey hairs in my beard at bay. I would like to see a Beard Package that includes 1. The Shape and Hold, 2. The Beard & Hair Conditioner Spray 3. The Beard Wash, and 4. The Hydrate & Nourish Beard Conditioner.” -4 stars from Dexter J., Shape & Hold Beard Balm

“Softy. This is my go-to daily leave-in…it keeps my beard soft, smells great, & DOESN’T irritate even if left in overnight from the previous day. I haven’t found anything else that compares & won’t make my skin itchy or irritated & red. Can’t go wrong…GET YOU SOME!” -5 stars from Tom G., Leave-In Beard Conditioner

“This is some of the best hair care product that I have used. I appreciate the fact that we as black men have a product made for us by us.” -5 stars from Brent Y., Hydrating Hair Wash

“Before I found out about this product, I was searching for years to find something that was good for my skin. The face wash is perfect for daily use and does not dry out my skin. The scrub is just right for me and leaves my skin soft. I have been using the face care collection for 2 years now, great product!!” -5 stars from Marcus P., Face Care Collection

“I was a heavy user of the Bevel face wash! I started using this earlier this week & my face has felt super smooth!! My beard has also felt better with usage of all the beard products from Scotch Porter. I will definitely purchase more!” -5 stars from Roy G., Exfoliating Beard & Face Wash

“I have had poofy frizzy hair ALL OF MY LIFE!! I’m 49 years and can finally wear my hair down. Just brush and go! I use it after every wash & condition. I leave it in over night and I’m good until my next hair wash! Love,Love,Love!” -5 stars from Jerry V., Leave-In Hair Conditioner

“I think this is better than the non grit Dr Squatch soaps… will keep using to see long term results. Love how it makes my skin feel immediately after use.” -5 stars from Antione M., Mineral & Botanical Enriched Refreshing Body Bar

“I have three sons and we are very athletic so we are always sweating. When we can’t take a shower right away these wipes come in handy. I highly recommend you do yourself a favor and invest in this product.” -5 stars from Jay M., Fresh Goods Anti-Odor Wipes

Scotch Porter Pros and Cons

Every brand has pros and cons – what’s the real dirt on Scotch Porter? Here, we outline the pros and cons from user reviews, FAQs, and brand info to see what customers love and hate about the brand. 


  • Top-notch grooming products for all men. Scotch Porter is a proudly black-owned and staffed business that makes beard, hair, and face products for ALL men. Their top-rated hair care products are tailored to coarse, highly textured hair and are a great option for men in need of gentle cleansing and heavy hydration. Their user-loved beard and face care products are designed and formulated for all men, with beard- and skin-softening, cleansing, conditioning, and strengthening properties that know no bounds. 
  • Overwhelmingly positive user reviews. Scotch Porter reviews are positive across the board, with an overall average star rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. While some companies boast misleading high review averages with few reviews making up the average, SP’s user reviews total more than 5,000 and are only posted from verified customers. 
  • Nothing harsh or harmful in the mix. All Scotch Porter products are made with no sulfates, silicones, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, petrolatum, animal byproducts or derivatives, or synthetic fragrances or dyes. Dudes can enjoy truly clean grooming products with nothing nasty in the mix by using SP products. 
  • Affordable pricing for high quality products. It’s easy enough for a brand to charge a lot for products that are made with high-quality ingredients and a commitment to clean, all natural formulas. We like that Scotch Porter doesn’t hike up their prices to reflect this quality and instead charges a lot less for their products than similar brands like Bevel, Duke Cannon, and Detroit Grooming Co. In fact, affordable pricing is part of their mission. 
  • Lots of discount options. We found tons of promos and discount options for Scotch Porter, from student and military discounts to subscribe and save and bundle discounts that make prices even cheaper. Rewards points can be used for free products and discounts on products on the website as well. 
  • Great, responsive customer service. Both user reviews and Scotch Porter’s return and refund policies make it evident that the company offers great customer service. They stand behind their hand-crafted products with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a 60-day refund policy. Users said the company didn’t hesitate to replace or send out new products in the event of shipping mixups or issues, as well. 


  • No custom kits or bundles. We noted a couple of reviews where customers wished the company would offer customized kits or bundles for them to combine their favorite products for a cheaper price. While Scotch Porter does offer a range of different bundled products for a reduced price and special promos on beard, hair, and face care kits, you can’t currently design your own kit with your favorite products (though this feature may be in the works). 
  • Rewards can’t be used with other discounts. Since Scotch Porter rewards points tally up fast (10 points per dollar spent), they don’t allow customers to combine rewards points with other discounts. You can use your rewards points on regularly priced products or opt to use your rewards discount instead of another discount offered on the same product. 
  • No products designed for women. Scotch Porter only makes grooming products for men (right now), so women will miss out on trying this brand unless they want to use hair or skin care products with a more masculine scent profile. We wish there were some products formulated specifically for women so more people could try these products, but for now, this brand caters only to the guys. 
  • Domestic shipping can take up to 7 days. Scotch Porter offers both domestic and international shipping, but without paying extra for expedited shipping, orders can take anywhere from 1-7 days to arrive. International orders take longer, up to a month if the orders are held by customs. 

With both the pros and cons considered, this brand has very little going against it and a lot of pros to make up for any negatives.

If you can handle a few days for shipping, some restrictions on rewards points usage, and a lack of kit customization, you’re going to love the way Scotch Porter products treat your beard, hair, and skin. 

Scotch Porter FAQs

These are some of the most common questions new customers have about Scotch Porter – the company, the products, and the policies. 

Does Scotch Porter offer free shipping?

You can get free shipping from the Scotch Porter website by meeting an order minimum of $50. They regularly run promos offering free shipping on orders less than $50, and the best way to get alerts when these promos happen is signing up for their email list on the website. 

What discounts can I get on Scotch Porter products? 

Scotch Porter offers a range of discounts to make their products even more affordable. There’s a student discount (25% off), military and first responder discount (25% off), nurses (25% off), teachers (25% off), and government employees (25% off). 

They also offer subscribe and save discounts (15% off) for auto-delivery orders and bundle and save discounts (varies by bundle) to make it cheaper to buy multiple products at once. See their current promos, discounts, and deals here

What’s the Scotch Porter return and refund policy? 

Scotch Porter offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with a full 60-day refund policy. If you’re not satisfied with your product(s) within 60 days of your purchase, you can get a full refund (including any shipping fees you paid) to make things right. If there’s an issue with one or more of your products, Scotch Porter will gladly replace or refund your purchase. 

Does Scotch Porter have a rewards program?

Scotch Porter does have a rewards program where customers earn 10 points for every $1 spent on the website. You can use your rewards points to earn discounts on products and free products when you sign up for an account on the website. 

Users can earn rewards by creating an account, sharing and following Scotch Porter on social media, referring friends, and purchasing products. Rewards points never expire and you can use them on any regular-priced products on the website. Learn more about the rewards program here.

Is Scotch Porter made in the USA?

Yes, Scotch Porter products are hand-crafted in the USA. All their beard, hair, and face products are made in their facility in Newark, New Jersey (founder and CEO Calvin Quallis’ home state). Their products are also vegan and made with non-toxic ingredients that are never tested on animals.

Is Scotch Porter all natural?

Scotch Porter products are made with all natural ingredients, including potent biotin liposomes, botanical extracts, enriching protein, rich natural fragrances, and conditioning oils and butters that make their products so effective.

Scotch Porter products are all free from sulfates, silicones, parabens, petrolatum, mineral oil, phthalates, synthetic dyes, PEGs, and animal-derived ingredients. 

Is Scotch Porter for white people? 

Scotch Porter’s customer base is roughly 60% African American, Asian American, and Hispanic. About 40% of Scotch Porter customers are Caucasian. The founder, New Jersey native Calvin Quallis, wanted to create a line of grooming products that could be used by any man who wanted to step up his grooming game.

The company is proudly 100% staffed by black employees and some of their products are targeted specifically toward African American hair types and textures.

While white people do use these products with a lot of success (especially the beard and skin products), Scotch Porter products are definitely for all ethnicities, hair types, and skin types. 

Do Scotch Porter Reviews Show These Products Are Worth Buying?

All things considered – the brand mission, company policies, products, prices, pros and cons, and reviews – Scotch Porter gets an A+ from us. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive for all of their mens’ grooming products, earning a crazy 4.9 out of 5 star review rating average sitewide. 

That’s amazing, especially for a grooming brand. Impressed is an understatement, and we’re seeing tons of reviews with customers echoing the same sentiment. 

Maybe it’s the wholesome, community-driven mission behind the brand. One guy started this company as a way to make affordable, clean beard, hair, and skin care available to men across the globe.

He started with a mission to help his barbershop clients fix their hair and skin concerns without harsh chemicals and ingredients. He ended up making best-selling grooming products for guys across the world, all right here in the USA. 

Maybe it’s the vegan, clean ingredient commitment with delectable-yet-manly scents that leave you smelling as fresh as you feel.

Without sulfates, parabens, silicones, phthalates, petrolatum, mineral oil, animal byproducts or derivatives, Scotch Porter only makes products that are natural, nicely fragranced, and formulated to keep things pure and simple.

Or maybe it’s the wide range of just-for-guys grooming products that Scotch Porter makes. From beard care (washes, conditioners, masks, balms, leave-ins, serums, and stylers) and hair care (washes, conditioners, stylers, balms, serums, and leave-ins) to face and body care, you can pretty much fully stock your bathroom cabinet with Scotch Porter products and create complete grooming routines without cobbling together products from different brands. 

We always analyze customer reviews with a critical eye and try to look at the whole picture – what’s the company mission, what makes their products stand out, what their price level is, how they handle customer service and ensure satisfaction, etc. 

With all these things in mind, it’s clear that Scotch Porter has earned every star in their 4.9 star review average.

If you’re looking to get groomed without unnecessary chemicals and want to support a company that makes all their products in the USA, Scotch Porter is definitely one to try. If your experience is anything like the 5,000+ other reviewers, you’re in for a treat.