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15 Pretty Bangs Hairstyles to Transform Your Look in 2024

If you’re ready for a high-impact change to your look, trendy bangs hairstyles are the holy grail. A quick snip and you’ll have a brand-new look! See 15 of the prettiest fringe looks below, from chic split French bangs to wild and wispy long bangs that light up your cheekbones! 

What Are the Prettiest Bangs Hairstyles?

  • Split bangs, wispy bangs, and baby bangs are super trendy
  • Long bangs that skim the cheekbone are great for contouring
  • Opt for cute bangs hairstyles to highlight your favorite features

Getting bangs is a big deal and it’s one of the quickest “makeovers” you can get. Rocking a new bangs hairstyle can be as simple as adding bangs to your current cut!

But if you’re really out for a major transformation, opting for a new cut with your bangs is the ultimate solution. 

Pay Attention to Current Bangs Trends

Right now, split bangs (like French bangs and bottleneck bangs) are all the rage. We’re also seeing tons of wispy bang looks, baby or micro bangs, and face-framing long bangs at the moment.

These also happen to be some of the prettiest bangs hairstyles for all face shapes and hair types! 

Trends aside, settling on the bangs hairstyles that would suit you best starts with considering your face shape and the type of look you want to create. 

Choose Bangs That Sculpt Your Face

Some bangs are cut in a way that perfectly accentuates and highlights specific zones and areas of your face. So if you’re hoping to make your cheekbones pop, highlight your eyes, or chisel out your jawline, bangs can be a simple way to do it. 

Long bangs that skim or curve outward at the cheekbones are a great way to visually “contour” your face. Shorter bangs that graze the eyebrows or lashes are great for making your eyes pop!

Angled and side-swept bangs draw an imaginary diagonal line across the face, making round and square faces look more sculpted and slim. Sign us up! 

Opt for a New Bangs-Friendly Hairstyle

To get the biggest impact from your new fringe, you may want to go in with a totally new haircut. Pairing a cute, fringe-friendly cut with one of the trendy bangs hairstyles from our guide will revamp your look in an instant! 

Bobs with bangs are a tale as old as time because this look always, always works. Blunt bob, asymmetrical bob, stacked bob, long bob – it doesn’t matter. Bangs will look great with any short to medium-length cut in the bob family. 

Short haircuts for women, like pixies, crops, and bixie cuts, are also great candidates for bangs. Bangs can give you a little extra length in front to make it more fun to style super-short cuts! 

And there’s no doubt that pairing bangs with longer haircuts is an amazing combo. Long locks can get a little boring and feel more like a security blanket than a fashion statement after a while. But add some trendy bangs to the mix, and you’re having a total style transformation! 

15 Trendy Bangs Hairstyles to Transform Your Look

Bangs hairstyles can be short, medium, long, blunt, choppy, layered, sleek – you name it! Browse 15 of our favorite hairstyles and bang types to get ideas for that new look you’re about to cook up. 

1. Long With Open Curvy French Bangs

Smiling woman touches her face with patterned cardigan and crop top while wearing cute French bangs hairstyle with long hair

Svitlana Sokolova/Shutterstock

The ultimate flirty update to any haircut is the trendy French bang! This curvy, open bang won’t obscure as much of your face as other types of bangs and lends a soft, chic quality to any haircut. The fringe is softly feathered on the bottom to encourage the bangs to curve away from the face. 

2. Long With Soft Curtain Bangs

Smiling woman in yellow coat holds coffee cup and glasses while walking in the city with curtain bangs hairstyle


Opt for a softened-up version of trendy curtain bangs to keep the look lightweight and easy to style. Long hair is the perfect pairing for this feminine, lengthy fringe. A simple round brush used to dry the bangs away from the face is all you need to style them in the morning! It’s a great way to shake up a long cut you’re growing tired of. 

3. Medium With Edgy Arched Baby Bangs

Woman with medium length brown bangs hairstyle glances over her shoulder wearing a denim jacket outdoors

Stefaniya Gutovska/Shutterstock

Baby bangs, or micro bangs, are one of those trends you instantly love or hate. If you’re the former, you’ll love the freedom that comes with rocking this short, arched fringe! No hair in your eyes, less work to style – with a medium length, it’s definitely a winner and one of our favorite bangs hairstyles. 

4. Long With Voluminous Side Bangs

Woman stares intensely at camera with long dark blonde hair and voluminous side bangs hairstyle with curls


Blended bangs that ease right into a haircut are the ultimate choice if you tend to wear big, voluminous styles with texture. Waves full of bouncy body are the perfect accompaniment to these voluminous side bangs that flick out at the edges for a flirty twist. Style with a round brush or air dry and finish with a curling iron for this look. 

5. Medium With Heavy Deep-Set Blunt Bangs

Young woman in white shirt stands on the beach at sunset with blunt bangs hairstyle and long bob

Kvitka Fabian/Shutterstock

Blunt bangs are always cute, but this trendy version wraps the bang around further on the sides. While typical blunt bangs end at the edges of the face, this take comes all the way above the ears for a unique twist. This bangs hairstyle looks great with a basic, one-length lob around shoulder-length. 

6. Medium-Short With Swooped Side-Swept Bangs

Woman with bare shoulders wears a ring with medium length lob and side swept bangs


Side-swept bangs create a diagonal line of sight across the face, making them an especially great choice for round, square, or heart faces. Oval face shapes can rock this bang as well! Feathered layering down the angled bottom of the fringe helps encourage the bangs to curve away from the face. 

7. Long With Thin Lash-Grazing Bangs

Redheaded woman in patterned yellow shirt slightly smiles wearing a ponytail with thin eyelash length bangs

Schuchrat Kurbanov/Shutterstock

Eyelash length bangs aren’t for everyone – they can get really annoying if you can’t stand hair in your face. But they’re obviously cute as heck and super-flattering on all face shapes! Have your stylist cut some short layers around your face to help blend these bangs in. The face-framing pieces look amazing with a basic ponytail, too! 

8. Short Bob With Open Blunt Window Bangs

Woman with black bob and bangs hairstyle wears a black turtleneck in front of gray background with red lipstick

VALUA VITALY/Shutterstock

These blunt bangs take a cue from the popular curtain bangs trend to open up the center and graduate the length from short in the middle to slightly longer on the sides. We love the added detail of straight-across wispy pieces that bridge the open gap in the “window” portion of the fringe! 

9. Medium-Long With Wispy Korean Air Bangs

Young woman with black hair and gingham dress stands in front of blue wall modeling her Korean bangs hairstyle with long straight hair


Airy, lightweight Korean bangs are super trendy right now and there’s a lot to love about them! The wispy nature of the fringe prevents them from covering your entire forehead – making them perfect for round and square faces. Give them around brow length to add an airy, sweet vibe to your current cut while putting your eyes in center focus. 

10. Long Bob With Heavy Point Cut Blunt Fringe

Woman with light brown hair wears a blunt bangs hairstyle with a lob and jeweled barrette


If the wispy bangs look isn’t for you, a full and heavy blunt bang that’s been carefully point cut for texture might be ideal. This geometric look adds a strong, straight line across the forehead and helps balance a narrow or rounded chin well. Let the bangs just graze your eyebrows for the most face-opening effect. 

11. Long With Blended Curtain Bangs

Smiling blonde woman with teal shirt and white vest wears her hair long with curtain bangs hairstyle and curls

Lia Koltyrina/Shutterstock

Gorgeous color aside, this long hairstyle with curtain bangs is super flattering and really makes cheekbones pop! Pay attention to where these long curtain bangs bend against the face – right at the cheekbones. This helps sculpt your face shape and puts your eyes front and center. 

12. Long With Piece-y Curved Blunt Bangs

Hipster woman wearing big round sunglasses points to her chin in front of mint green background with piecey blunt bangs


Straight-across blunt bangs can feel a little stark with a long, wavy hairstyle. Try a piece-y, curved fringe instead! These bangs have a looser, softer vibe that perfectly suits more casual styles and longer lengths. Use a tiny amount of wax or pomade to pinch and “piece out” your fringe to style! 

13. Bob With Wispy Long Arched Bangs

Woman with dark blonde bob and long wispy bangs style places her hand against her cheek with bare shoulders

LightField Studios/Shutterstock

A gently sloping arch in your bangs is super flattering for brows, eyes, and cheekbones. This simple bang is long but wispy, so it won’t fully obscure your vision or feel too heavy. Style these bangs with a round brush to get a slight outward curve and pinch the pieces to help separate and group up tiny sections for that wispy look. 

14. Short Bob With Blunt Micro Bangs

Woman with glowing skin and light pink hair wears a tank top in front of a blue background with short micro bangs hairstyle with blunt bob


A short blunt bob gets an instant update with medium-length micro bangs! Micro bangs, or baby bangs, end above the eyebrows and give any haircut an instant trendy edge. Smooth the bangs downward and ask for a slight arch to copy this look. 

15. Medium-Long With Angled Side Bangs

Girl with light brown hair and white collared shirt has medium-long hair with angled bangs


Not quite sure about embracing a short fringe that takes forever to grow out? A longer, angled bang may be just what you need. This angled side bang lengthens toward the outer edges of the face to perfectly blend into almost any haircut length. 

Things to Consider

All these trendy bangs hairstyles are beautiful in their own way, but that doesn’t help you decide if getting bangs is really the right choice for you! Read through a few helpful considerations and tips to discover if you’re really about that #banglife. 

  • Bangs are a commitment. Are you ready to say “I do” to bangs for the foreseeable future? Getting bangs, especially shorter lengths, is going to require long-term commitment on your part. If you’re all about it, go for it! If you’re feeling a little unsure, you can start with longer bangs to see how you feel about them before deciding if going shorter is a good idea or not. 
  • Make sure you know how to style your bangs. Different types of bangs will be styled in different ways, so think about what you’ll need to do to your dream bangs on a daily basis before you get them. Shorter bangs can easily get messed up while you sleep and may be tough to safely reach with hot tools. Longer bangs easily lose their shape overnight and require at least a touchup in the morning to look their best. 
  • Bangs get oily insanely fast. Even if your hair isn’t naturally an over-productive oil factory, know that bangs get greasy really, really fast. Since bangs touch your face all day long, they appear saturated with sebum much faster than the rest of your hair. You can always invest in a great dry shampoo to soak up oil and keep them fresh, but it’s something worth considering if oily hair is already a concern for you. 
  • A new fringe can totally change your look. While it’s, umm, kind of the point here, think about how drastically bangs can change your look before you commit. Classic, softer bangs can usually blend in with different haircuts and clothing styles, but other types of bangs may tweak your whole aesthetic. Edgy baby bangs, stark angled bangs, and deeply arched or precise blunt bangs may or may not “fit” with the whole vibe you’re creating. Think about it before you snip! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Brunette woman with bob and bangs style holds her hand against her cheek in surprise with a smile and white shirt on

Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

Getting bangs is a really tough decision to make. Got questions about the process of picking out the best bangs hairstyles for you? Read through some of the most frequently asked questions to get the answers you need! 

Are bangs out of style 2022?

Bangs are hugely popular this year, especially wispy bangs, French bangs, Korean bangs, and long bangs. It seems like blunt bangs and side-swept bangs are also coming back into style!

Bangs never really go out of style, but pay attention to the different types of bangs trending currently (check the photos above) to have the most modern look.

What are the 5 types of bangs?

There are many more than 5 types of bangs, but general bang categories include blunt bangs, layered bangs, side bangs, micro bangs/baby bangs, and split bangs.

Add an arch to your bangs, texturize them with point-cutting or a razor, make them slightly shorter or longer, or feather them back to make your bangs stand out.

What is the best haircut with bangs?

Any haircut can look great with bangs, but bobs and lobs are the undisputed best cuts to pair with them. Get bangs with a medium to long haircut to break up the length and update the look.

Bangs are also mainstay style elements with shorter pixie cuts and crops. They're also built-in must-haves with heavily layered cuts like butterfly cuts, shags, and wolf cuts!

What kind of bangs are in style now?

Split bangs, like French bangs and bottleneck bangs, are really trendy right now. These bangs are typically brow to lash length and split open in the center or just off-center.

Curtain bangs have been popular for a while, but we're seeing more medium-length wispy bangs, Korean air bangs, and baby bangs this season.

Ready to Shake Things Up With Trendy Bangs Hairstyles?

From sexy split bangs a la Brigitte Bardot to carefree wispy bangs with character, there’s no doubt that bangs are currently having a major moment in the hair world. Are you ready to join in and shake up your look with one of the cute bangs hairstyles above?

Consider some of the current bangs trends first, since they’re all super flattering on difference face shapes and hair types. But let your face shape and favorite facial features be your strongest indicator of which bangs hairstyles will work for you! 

Remember that long bangs are great for accentuating cheekbones and jawlines. Short bangs put your eyes and brows center stage, while side and angled bangs are great at visually slimming the face.

Take your pick to put your best features on display with a cute new fringed-up hairstyle!