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20 Absolute Best Hairstyles for Long Thin Hair in 2024

Long locks looking a little sparse or stringy lately? There are some great hairstyles for long thin hair to help! Check out our list of 20 density-boosting styles that help make long thin hair look fuller and healthier below. 

Are There Any Hairstyles for Long Thin Hair?

  • Long, thin hair gets an instant boost from interior layers
  • Textured styles like waves and curls make hair look thicker
  • Half-up styles and ponytail hacks create illusion of fuller strands

You love your length, but maybe you’re finding that your mane isn’t quite as thick and dense as you’d like it to be. When thin hair grows long, it can exaggerate the issue and make thin hair look downright sparse. That’s where hairstyles for long thin hair come in! 

When you know all the tips and tricks to create the illusion of fullness and camouflage the thinnest areas, you’ll never have to worry about stringy ends or styles that fall flat. 

It’s totally possible to rock long thin hair and make it look dense, lush, and full with a few simple style tweaks. The best hairstyles for long thin hair prioritize volume, texture, and strategic style placements to give thin hair a denser overall look. Read more about it below. 

Interior Layers Boost Fullness

It all starts with the right type of long haircut. You’ve probably heard over the years that you shouldn’t layer thin hair because it’ll make it look even more sparse. That’s partially true, but layers only accentuate thinness if you get the wrong type. 

Interior layers – layers cut into the interior, or internal, sections of the hair – are ideal and an instant boost for long thin hair. These layers create additional volume and the illusion of fullness by “propping” up the topmost layers of hair with additional shaping underneath. 

Best of all, getting interior layers won’t affect your overall length! So there’s no sacrifice in getting these thickness-boosting layers added to your existing long cut. 

Texture Adds Depth and Density

Another trick you’ll see in many of the best hairstyles for long thin hair is texture. Texture with waves and curls is an easy way to add instant depth that makes hair look more dense and thick.

Bends and curves in the hair aren’t just for dressing up a style – they’re real workhorses when it comes to creating the illusion of thicker hair. 

Waves, from beachy and shallow to full-bodied and glam, are a great way to add shape and fullness to a hairstyle. Curls, from big and loose ringlets to tight, spiral corkscrews are another easy way to boost overall fullness with added texture. 

Style Hacks Make Hair Look Thicker

We’re always on the hunt for new hairstyle hacks that actually work, and TikTok hair trends really keep us on our toes! Some of the best style hacks we’ve come across are simple to use on long thin hair. These tricks really do create the illusion of thicker, denser hair. 

Some of our favorite thickness-boosting hacks include vertically nesting 2 ponytails to accentuate length and ponytail fullness, using half-up styles to visually double your hair’s thickness, and concealing tools like hair donuts inside styles to amp up the fullness. 

20 Best Hairstyles for Long Thin Hair

Stop fighting with your hair and start enjoying it! You’ll find it a whole lot easier to love when you start working with the best hairstyles for long thin hair.

These really make a difference in how full and lush your mane looks overall. Check it out for yourself and see the difference! Here are 20 cute styles to get you started. 

1. French Braids With Clipped Messy Buns

Back side view of woman in green jacket turning her head and touching face with one of many hairstyles for long thin hair featuring French braids and buns


Hairstyles for long thin hair should focus on creating extra texture to create more visual depth in the style. Twin French braids do just that, along with the messy clipped buns they culminate in!

Loosely French braid your hair after parting it down the middle. Secure with elastics and tug on the braids to fill them out. Wrap the loose ends up in a coil, then secure each with a pretty clip! 

2. Loose Bendy Waves

Woman with ash blonde long thin hair wears loose bendy waves hairstyle and embroidered gown while looking away

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

We mentioned that the best hairstyles for long thin hair typically use some type of texture to make the hair appear fuller. That’s exactly what these big, bendy waves do for this look!

Wide bends concentrated around the face add texture and fullness from the midshaft to ends, where thin hair needs it most. 

3. Quick Half-Up Style With Face-Framing Strands

Woman glances at camera sideways wearing gray zippered coat and half-up hairstyle for long thin hair

Unique Vision/Shutterstock

Instantly bulk up thin hair with a half-up style that creates the appearance of thicker hair! This quick and easy style gathers small sections of hair from the top (with a part down the center) so the fullest portion of your hair is left hanging freely below.

Add volume with light teasing before you clip or pin the top section in the back. Tug a few strands free in front to add to the fullness illusion! 

4. Tuck and Clip Easy Updo

Brunette woman wearing one-shoulder red dress shows off one of the easy hairstyles for long thin hair with a quick claw clip updo

Hazal Ak/Shutterstock

A statement claw clip is all you really need to bring this easy-chic style to life! Thin hair actually works better for most claw clip styles since it’s easier to grip securely.

Gather your hair at the nape of your neck and coil it like you’re making a bun. Then direct the coil up toward your crown and back down toward your hairline before cinching it all with a cute clip! 

5. Double-Stacked Curly Ponytail

Woman wearing pink blazer in front of pink wall wears her favorite hairstyle for long thin hair with a double stacked curly ponytail


Easily one of our favorite hairstyles for long thin hair, the double-stacked ponytail is something you’ll rely on again and again. You essentially create two ponytails stacked right on top of each other at the crown of your head.

Curling both ponytails accentuates the length and fills out the look perfectly! Lightly backcomb and fan out each ponytail for the ultimate thickness boost. 

6. Voluminous Chic Bun

Woman stares out the window with formal example of hairstyles for long thin hair in a voluminous bun with sparkly earrings dangling

Denis Bukhlaev/Shutterstock

Don’t have much volume in your hair? Fake it easily with a chic bun! You’ll get here with backcombing around the hairline and crown, some root lifting product, and a bun pinned in sections.

Pinning individual sections into a larger bun adds texture and interest, making the bun appear thicker. Tug on sections of your hair once the bun is secure to add the illusion of even more depth! 

7. Sporty Twin French Braids

Woman in patterned sleeveless knit cardigan shows one of her favorite hairstyles for thin hair with twin French braids

Sun Shock/Shutterstock

Need a style that keeps your long hair wrangled and intact all day long? Go for twin French braids! This look is simple if you’re skilled at braiding and only takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Part your hair down the center and spritz all over with some volumizing spray or texturizing sea salt spray for extra grip. French braid, leaving the last few inches of the ends out to keep the braids nice and full. 

8. Formal Low Split Pony With Curls

Brunette woman in white lace wedding gown wears her top hairstyles for long thin hair with a low split ponytail styled formally

Oleg Gekman/Shutterstock

Divide and conquer – it works for long thin hair! When you divide your hair into 2 or more sections, you visually increase the amount of hair visible and make it look thicker. This low ponytail is split into 2 pieces to lay over the shoulders.

Backcomb sections on the sides and back before smoothing and pulling a few face-framing strands loose. Finish by curling the ponytail and face-framing strands for a denser texture. 

9. High Volume Side Part With Glam Curls

Blonde woman poses with her hand near her mouth wearing off shoulder pink top and glam curls for long thin hair

Maples Images/Shutterstock

Boosting the volume with a side part is easy for hair that’s long and thin! Take a fine-toothed comb and backcomb the hair on the fuller side of your part before smoothing the hair over it.

This creates the illusion of thicker hair and gives your mane a beautiful lift! Finish with glam curls done with a large-barreled curling iron or wand. 

10. Messy Bun With Side Part Volume Boost

Back view of woman in front of yellow wall wearing her thin long hair in a messy bun hairstyle with extra volume in front


Make thin, long hair look denser with a side part and messy bun. Tease the fuller side of your side part with hairspray and pin above your ear. Then gather your strands into a ponytail at the crown, coiling and twisting it loosely to form a messy bun.

If you own a crimping iron, soft crimping throughout the areas where you want a volume boost is super helpful! The added zigzag texture lifts and fills out hair. Plus, it adds a cool look to a messy bun! 

11. Tousled Wavy Long Layers

Blonde woman leans forward on bed wearing white t-shirt and messy waves in long thin hair

Look Studio/Shutterstock

Interior layering adds invisible lift to thin, long hair, but you can compound the effects by getting some shallow face-framing layers, too. These staggered layers only cut into the shallow top layer of hair so you won’t lose fullness.

Style your hair in beach waves with a flat iron and some sea salt spray for extra texture. Part it on the side for a little volume boost on top. 

12. Curled Loose Low Side Pony

Dark-haired woman in vibrant red long-sleeved dress wears one of the hairstyles for long thin hair with a curly low ponytail and side part


Low ponytails offer a lot of control and help gather up long thin hair to give it a fuller look. Start with a simple side part that falls in line with the arch of your eyebrow.

Gather your hair at the nape of your neck, then adjust it slightly over toward the thicker side of your part. Tug a few strands loose around your face and curl the ponytail ends to add a denser look. 

13. Pancaked Fishtail Crown Braid

Redheaded woman wearing copper glam makeup look has her hair styled in a fishtail crown braid with hand posed under her chin


Fishtail braids are a great way to add instant fullness to a thin hairstyle. Create a side fishtail braid using small sections for the thickest look, then secure the braid with a clear elastic.

Tug on individual sections of the braid to fill it out even more. Wrap the braid over the top of your head, tucking the ends to hide them before pinning with bobby pins. Pull a few strands out around your face for a casual, cute look! 

14. Simple Criss-Cross Half-Updo

Rear view of woman wearing one-shoulder dress in front of gray wall with a half-updo using a large pearl hair clip

Hazal Ak/Shutterstock

It really doesn’t get easier than making cute statement accessories do all the work! Long, thin hair gets an instant boost with a criss-cross half-up style that helps fan out the hair to look fuller in the back.

Take a 2-3 inch section from each side above your ears and cross them in the back. Clip it together with a pretty accessory and use your fingers to help fan out the tails for the fullest look. 

15. Clipped Bottom-Heavy Ponytail

Rear side view of woman smiling with one of the top hairstyles for long thin hair, a ponytail with extra volume in the back


One of the ponytail woes of having long hair that’s on the thin side is the prominent gap that exists between the ponytail and the back of your head. It’s nonexistent with this style hack!

Curl the ends of your hair and gather it into a high ponytail. Tug on the bottom section near the nape of your neck to create extra volume there – no more gap! Secure it with a clip (as shown) or elastic. 

16. The Ultimate Blowout

Brunette woman with long thin hair styled in a voluminous blowout poses with her hand placed on her chin in front of a light brown background in a white v-neck shirt

Kourdakova Alena/Shutterstock

The ultimate trick to creating fuller-looking long hair? A good blowout! A quality hair dryer (like our fave, the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer) that regulates temperature properly and a heat-dispersing round brush are essential for this look.

Amp it up by teasing your hair at the roots and set the style with the Cool Shot button for lasting results.  

17. Double-Clipped Side Part

Woman in black dress looks to the side with hairstyle for long thin hair done with 2 black clips and curls


A deep side part can be tough to rock with long thin hair since there’s not much hair on the thinner side of the part.

Fix it with 2 trendy clips along the thinner side – it’ll make the fuller side of your part look super-thick and luscious! Finish the style with big, glam curls and a little hairspray. 

18. Pristine Mega Donut Bun

Rear view of woman with bare shoulders wearing a thick ballerina bun using a hair donut for long thin hair

Kourdakova Alena/Shutterstock

Channel your inner ballerina with this mega-full hairstyle for long thin hair! A hair donut (easy to find at most retailers and online) makes it quick and easy, but a rolled-up sock with the toe cut out works just as well.

Create a sleek ponytail and slide your donut from the base to a few inches from the ends. Cover the donut or sock with the loose ends, wrapping them under it as you begin to roll the donut toward the base of the ponytail.

Wrap the rest of your ponytail as you go, being sure to keep the roll tight. Finish with a few pins for the perfect, chic style! 

19. Upside Down Braids With Fluffed Space Buns

Back view of woman wearing a hairstyle for thin long hair featuring upside down braids and space buns


You don’t need a ton of hair to make thick, fluffy space buns! This look starts with the somewhat-intimidating upside down French braids. If you can braid without looking, it won’t be too difficult to do this!

Braid from the nape of your neck up to the crown and secure each one with a small elastic. Coil the remaining hair on each side to form a small bun atop each braid. Secure with another elastic and tug on pieces of the bun to fluff it out. 

20. Voluminous Twists With Butterfly Clips

Woman looks over her shoulder with hairstyle for long thin hair featuring red butterfly clips and twists


Boosting the volume at the front and top of your hairstyle will make it look much more dense and lush. It’s easy to keep volume from falling flat when you use butterfly clips to secure voluminous twists!

Start by dividing the front of your hair into 3-4 sections. Backcomb each one for volume and spritz the underside with hairspray. Twist each section, then clip in place with your favorite butterfly or small jaw clips.

Finish the look with curls or waves in the ends of your hair! This will help fill out the areas near the ends. 

Things to Consider

What else should you know about creating gorgeous hairstyles for long thin hair? We’ve got you covered with some extra tips, tricks, and things to consider. 

  • Curl your hair in layered sections. When your hair is thin, you need all the extra depth and texture you can get to boost the thickness of the look. Divide your hair before you wave or curl it for the densest-looking results! You should create a minimum of 6-8 sections around your head to ensure you achieve plenty of curl and layered texture to help your hair look fuller. 
  • Learn the right way to tease and backcomb. Knowing how to tease hair will dramatically improve how full your hair looks in any hairstyle. It’s really important to do it the right way to avoid damaging your hair or making it look overdone. Check the linked guide for details, but at minimum, you need a rattail comb and hairspray to pull it off. You’ll make your hair look so much more dense with this simple step! 
  • Try heatless styling methods to give your hair a break. There’s no doubt that textured waves and curls help thin, long hair look thicker, but it can be damaging to heat style your hair daily. Try some heatless curls and waves to give your mane a break throughout the week – these looks are gentle on your hair and look amazing with little effort! 
  • Start taking a hair growth supplement. If you’re really struggling to make your long, thin hair look thicker with styling, you might be lacking vital nutrients and protein from your diet. A hair growth supplement that contains these natural essentials, like Folexin, is an easy way to remedy that. If you take it as directed (talk to your doctor first), reviews say you should see hair growth results in about 30 days. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Smiling laughing woman holds her brown hair over her face wearing a blue sleeveless dress in front of a pink background

Look Studio/Shutterstock

Maybe you’ve still got some questions about styling long, thin hair to look fuller and healthier. Great – because we’ve got your answers right here. 

What haircut is best for long thin hair?

Blunt (one-length) cuts and long haircuts with interior layers are best for long, thin hair. Blunt cuts prevent the ends from looking scraggly and preserve your hair's fullness without layers.

Interior layered cuts don't remove any visible hair from the outermost layers, but they help prop up the top layers with slightly shorter layers underneath. This is a great way to make thin hair look fuller when it's long.

What can I do with thin long hair?

Thin, long hair will always look better with extra volume from teasing and density-boosting texture from waves or curls.

You can wear long, thin hair down and loose with waves or curls, style it half-up after teasing the top and crown, or wear a ponytail, bun, or braid fluffed and tugged out for extra volume.

How do you make thin long hair look good?

Thin, long hair gets a boost from light, gentle backcombing at the roots for extra volume. Grab volumizing hair products - sprays or powders - to help give hair a fuller look.

Styling thin hair with gentle waves or big, bouncy curls will also make it appear more dense and thick. Subtle hair hacks like double-stacked ponytails can help, too!

Should long thin hair be layered?

Stylists used to advise against layering long, thin hair, but it can be really beneficial if the layering is done properly.

Don't get "deep" layers that cut through too much of your hair. You want shallow, lightweight layers that visually add depth and fullness to your mane. Interior layers can also help add volume and fullness!

Which Hairstyles for Long Thin Hair Work Best?

You’ve seen our favorite hairstyles for long thin hair and learned a few tips and tricks to help visually fill out your mane. But which hairstyles are going to work best for you?

Take your hair type into consideration to find the best looks for you.

Is your hair fine and straight? Medium-textured and wavy? Coarse and curly, but thin? Whatever your natural hair texture and shape is, it’s always best to stick to it. 

That means curly girls shouldn’t slave away daily, straightening their hair into submission. Likewise, women with pin-straight locks will only create a lot of heat damage and spend extra time styling if they attempt to create waves and curls every day. 

A quick double-stacked ponytail or fluffy bun will give you the same full, thick results without the heat damage and time spent! If you really love how your hair looks in waves or curls and you just don’t have them naturally, try the heatless curl methods we mentioned above to get the boost without the damage. 

In the end, the hairstyles for long thin hair that will work the best for you are the ones you’ll actually create. So pick the styles that look manageable and relatively simple to do, not the intimidating ones that you’ll inevitably avoid. 

With the tweaks and styles you’ve seen here, you’re all set to start creating beautiful looks that visually boost your hair’s thickness and make you feel like a full-maned goddess!