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The 7 Best Halloween Costumes for Purple Hair in 2024

Looking for a unique, fun costume to compliment your perfectly purple hair? You could choose from tons of different Halloween costumes for purple hair, but we’ve rounded up 7 of the best options right here in this guide. 

Keep reading to see the scary, the sexy, and the silly costume ideas that center on – you guessed it! – purple hair. 

Looking for the Best Halloween Costumes for Purple Hair?

  • Colored hair or purple wigs make these costumes easy to pull off
  • Ideas include iconic purple-haired characters, twists on traditional costumes
  • Choose your purple-haired ‘stume (sorry) based on your style and interests

Having the perfect costume at Halloween is priceless, but finding a great one that includes purple hair is a bit harder. Not to worry – we’ve rounded up all the best purple-haired costume ideas to bring you a tidy list of the best. 

It doesn’t matter if your hair is colored purple right now or if you’re just planning on donning a purple wig or temporary dye. These costume ideas don’t discriminate!

We’ve gathered up a list of iconic characters with purple hair and funky twists on traditional Halloween costumes that look amazing with violet strands. Check them out below and choose the costume that feels right to you. 

Let’s look at why you need a special costume for purple hair (you really do)! Then, you can browse some of the best Halloween costumes for purple hair so you can choose which one best fits your style. 

Why You Need a Halloween Costume for Purple Hair

Woman dressed up in one of several Halloween costumes for purple hair with clown makeup and colored contact lenses

Tim Paza May/Shutterstock

Let’s face it, purple hair is a unique and super-fun feature to have! When dressing up for Halloween, you’ll want to incorporate this fun feature into your costume by looking through the best Halloween costumes for purple hair.

Purple is such a versatile hair color and works well when you have a particular costume in mind. There are so many different iconic characters with violet strands!  There are also tons of unique and traditional costume ideas that are often overlooked if you don’t take time to do some research.

You could create your own costume from scratch, but this takes time, money, and a lot of mental energy that we just don’t have this close to All Hallow’s Eve.

Finding a costume that is perfect for purple hair and purchasing it instead will save you the hassle and a ton of time!

The 7 Best Halloween Costumes for Purple Hair

To make life a little easier for you before the big spooky night, we’ve picked out the 7 best Halloween costumes for purple hair. Browse our list to find the perfect costume for you and that pretty purple mane! 

Our Top 7 Picks:

  1. Best Overall: Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy
  2. Best for Disney Fans: Disney’s Descendants Mal
  3. Best for the Lazy: Ashley O Purple Synthetic Wig
  4. Best for Parties: Disguise Celia from Monsters Inc.
  5. Best for Superhero Fans: Raven from Teen Titans
  6. Best Sexy Costume: Forplay Sexy Ninja Costume
  7. Best for Kids: Tutu Dreams Vampire Witch Costume

Find out which type of costume you are looking for and choose which one will best reflect the goal you are trying to achieve with your Halloween costume for purple hair.

1. Best Overall: Rubie’s Endgame Gamora Costume

Our Top Pick
Rubie's Women's DC Comics Avengers Endgame Gamora Costume
  • Pull-on Costume
  • Officially licensed Marvel brand
  • Family-owned and focused brand
  • Somewhat pricey
  • Hand wash only
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The Rubie’s Endgame Gamora Costume is the perfect costume to compliment beautiful purple hair. Gamora is an incredible hero in the popular movie franchise Guardians of the Galaxy. She’s known for her iconic purple hair, which is why this costume is our top pick.

It’s made of 100% polyester and easily pulls on as one piece. Consumers love it because it looks very authentic and is comfortable to wear for long periods.

One thing that is important to note is that this costume has a unique sizing method, so be sure to check out the size chart provided before ordering.

2. Best for Disney Fans: WonderBabe Mal Costume

Our Pick
WonderBabe Descendants 3 Mal Costume
  • Perfect for Disney fans
  • Zipper closure
  • Comfortable
  • Only available in children's sizes
  • Elastic could make it hard to wash
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The WonderBabe Mal costume is an excellent option for those Disney-loving fans out there. It is made from elastic and polyester and zips to close. It’s long-sleeved and comes with gloves which makes it perfect for the cooler weather when trick-or-treating outdoors.

Customers are raving over how comfortable this costume is and how authentic it looks! It’s really close to how Mal’s outfit actually looks in the movie, Descendants 3.

One important thing to note about this costume is that the wig is sold separately, so when looking for the best Halloween costumes for purple hair, be sure to buy your wig or dye your hair purple.

3. Best for the Lazy: Ashley O. From Black Mirror

Our Pick
MapofBeauty Short Synthetic Side Bangs Purple Wig
  • Super easy to put together
  • Inexpensive
  • Unique
  • Not everyone may know who you are
  • Wigs can be itchy
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The popular Netflix series Black Mirror brought in more than 1.6 million viewers and had a memorable episode featuring Miley Cyrus as the pop star Ashley O. 

Her signature purple hair is what makes this Ashley O. costume come together! The MapofBeauty 12” Synthetic Wig is the start to a perfect Halloween costume for purple hair. And it’s perfect if you’re feeling a bit lazy about dressing up! 

Customers are happy with how comfortable and easy to style this wig is – this is the perfect costume idea for the lazy Halloween customer. Use what you have in your closet, plus this wig, and have the perfect, simple Halloween costume.

4. Best for Parties: Disguise Adult Celia From Monsters Inc Costume

Our Pick
Disguise Adult Monsters Inc. Celia Mae Costume
  • Adult sizes
  • Disney licensed
  • Comfortable
  • Headpiece is heavy
  • Difficult to walk in
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The Disguise Celia from Monsters Inc Costume is another great option when looking for Halloween costumes for purple hair. It is easy to put on and extremely comfortable – made from elastic, cotton, polyester, and spandex, this costume fits various body shapes and sizes.

Customers love the design and the comfort and recommend wearing something tight underneath in order to keep the costume fitting true to size. It’s great for parties because everyone recognizes Celia and will love the effort you put in! 

5. Best for Superhero Fans: Raven From Teen Titans

Our Pick
Teen Titans Raven Deluxe Costume
  • Costume detail is impeccable
  • Easy to put on
  • Lightweight
  • A bit pricey
  • Tight for plus-size people
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This Teen Titans Raven Cosplay Costume is a great costume choice for people with purple hair that love superheroes. The deluxe version of the costume has three pieces, a cloak, a gem belt, and a black leotard. It’s everything you need! 

Customers love this costume’s authenticity and say it’s effortless to put on and take off. The material is a bit stretchy, but it may be a tight fit for plus size folks. The deluxe costume is on the pricier side, but it’s well worth it for an awesome Halloween costume! 

6. Best Sexy Costume: Sexy Ninja Costume

Our Pick
Forplay Women's Karate Chop Sexy Ninja Costume
  • Comfortable
  • Fits snugly to your body
  • Easy to put on
  • Hand wash only
  • Imported
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The Forplay Women’s Ninja Costume looks excellent – and even sexier – with purple hair. It’s made with spandex and polyester for a great fit and comes in four different sizes.

This costume is perfect for someone trying to get in touch with their sexy side this Halloween. It’s revealing, but that’s the point! It wouldn’t be great for a super chilly Halloween night, but by a warm and toasty bonfire or at an indoor party, you can’t beat it. 

7. Best for Kids: Tutu Dreams Vampire Witch Costume

Our Pick
Tutu Dreams Witch Halloween Costume
  • Smooth, non-itchy material
  • Great for kids
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Dry clean only
  • Headband horns are heavy
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Witch costume would be great for purple hair? This one! The Tutu Dreams Vampire Witch Costume for kids is a perfect choice. This costume compliments purple hair really well and is super comfortable for kids to wear all night long while gathering their candy treats.

The costume is made of polyester and nylon and comes with a tutu, horns, and a dress. Customers love the look and feel of the material and say it is the perfect fit for their kids’ Halloween parties and trick-or-treating.

Things to Consider

When purchasing the perfect Halloween costume for purple hair, it helps to know what to look for. This buying guide will help you choose the perfect Halloween costume for purple hair that fits your style and will wow everyone you see! 

  • Consider the look you’re going for. Do you want a sexy, flirty look, or are you looking for something more silly and traditional? You can find a Halloween costume for purple hair that compliments many different types of styles.
  • Find a costume made of quality materials. If you want the costume to last, buying one made of high-quality materials is essential. Although costumes made from cheap fabrics may be more inexpensive, in the long run, you will get more use from one made with quality materials. Who wants their costume falling apart on the funnest night of the year?
  • Choose one right for the occasion. It’s important to choose a costume appropriate for the occasion on which you plan to wear it. For a kid’s costume meant for trick-or-treating all night, you may want to choose one that is comfortable and easy for them to put on. For an adults-only Halloween party, you have a lot more freedom of choice. 
  • Consider the price. You don’t want price to be the only determining factor when choosing the perfect Halloween costume for purple hair, but it is something to consider. Come up with a budget of what you want to spend on the costume, and then choose one that fits within those boundaries. This way, you aren’t breaking the bank this Halloween season.
  • Double check the size before you buy. Make sure you’re able to fit into the costume before buying it! Take special notice of any size charts attached that are made for each specific product. Costumes can be tricky when it comes to sizing, so be extra cautious you’re selecting one that will fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Woman with purple hair dressed up as a witch for Halloween wearing black hat and looking over her shoulder


Buying a new Halloween costume for purple hair is fun, but it can be a challenge! These are the most frequently asked questions about buying a costume that’s perfect for purple hair – see if you can find the answers you need here. 

Do you have to buy a wig to go with your costume for purple hair?

If you already have hair that’s dyed purple, there is no need to buy a wig! If you want to wear a costume that requires purple hair and you don’t already have dyed hair, a purple wig is a great finishing touch.

We listed a great, affordable purple wig above that works for a variety of costumes. Check it out to start building your own costume!

Are there kids costumes that are perfect for purple hair?

There are a lot of different costumes for purple hair for both kids and adults alike. You're sure to find one just for kids that works perfectly!

If your child wants to dress up as a character that happens to have purple hair, search through the many different Halloween costumes made just for kids. We linked a few in this guide!

What are the best Halloween costumes for purple hair?

The seven costumes listed above are just a few of the best Halloween costumes for purple hair! They're all really great options, but there are truly tons out there.

You can easily find a costume online at Amazon for a quick and simple shopping experience.

How long do Halloween costumes for purple hair last?

The length of time in which the Halloween costume will last depends on the quality of the costume chosen. Choose one made with high-quality materials and has good reviews online to ensure it doesn't fall apart on - or before - Halloween!

Where can I wear my Halloween costume for purple hair?

You can wear your Halloween costume anywhere you would like! If you choose a costume that is comfortable and easy to put on and take off, you can wear it to a Halloween party, trick-or-treating, or even just to show off your Halloween spirit at school or work.

So What’s the Best Halloween Costume for Purple Hair?

The best Halloween costumes for purple hair are always fun, comfortable and make it easy to show off your personality and unique style. There are tons of options to choose from when buying a costume that includes purple hair.

Suppose you’re looking for a costume that compliments your purple hair at a Halloween party with friends. In that case, you may want a creative and fun costume like the Gamora costume or Black Mirror’s Ashley O. wig. If you want to make a splash at a party, a familiar costume like Celia from Monsters Inc. is perfect! 

Purple hair gives you a great start to a range of fun Halloween costumes, but it’s just the beginning! We hope this buying guide and costume ideas list will help narrow your search. So be creative, have fun, and most importantly – have a safe and spooktacular Halloween!