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20 Unnatural Hair Colors for Pale Skin Trending in 2024

Every woman loves a relaxed look, and having the right hair shade takes these looks to a new level. Here are the best unnatural hair colors for pale skin.

What Is Unnatural Hair Color?

Unnatural hair color refers to the human hair that an individual acquires through the help of some chemical such as hair dye or other coloring agents. It’s a color other than what their hair would be if you didn’t dye it.

If you’re thinking of making a few changes to your hairstyle to make it look flattening and attractive, you’ll need to find the right hair shade that fits your super-fine skin. There’s no limit to the color combinations when doing unnatural hair color.

You can choose to do single or multiple colors to dye your hair in part or totality. The key benefits of dying your hair include having a striking look and curating your unique identity.

Outstanding Look

Adding unnatural color to your hair gives you a unique and artsy look. It’s a great way to change your look, and the best thing is that it’s never permanent since the new color fades with time. If you end up not liking your new looks or wish to change to yet another new look, you can do it instantly.  

Unique Identity

Acquiring unnatural hair color makes you instantly memorable. While some people may not remember you by your name, they’ll remember you for having fabulous-looking hair.

Come to think of that glorious feeling when a little girl points out that your hair is her favorite color. This is just icing on the looks of awe you’ll receive from grown-ups secretly admiring your hair.

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The Best Unnatural Hair Colors for Pale Skin

Woman with pink, an unnatural hair color for pale skin, hair stoically looking at the side of the camera


If you have pale skin, dying your hair a unique color can be a fun way to amp up your style quotient and express yourself. Here are 20 unnatural hair colors for pale skin to try out in 2022.

1. Pastel Blue

Pastel blue looks gorgeous on pale skin. It features cool undertones that will complement your fair skin beautifully. If you wish to play with your hair color without being overly bold, you’ll never go wrong with a light shade of blue.

2. Coral

Coral is a highly experimental hair color that will take your hair game a notch higher. The shade looks distinctive on different hair and will completely brighten your face. You may have to consider bleaching your hair to attain the perfect coral shade.  

3. Pastel Pink

Pastel hues will look stunning on your fair skin tone if you wish to have some fun while playing with the out-of-the-box color. Pink hair has become trendy lately, and pastel pink is the ideal shade for people with pale skin to rock.

4. Gold

Gold hair color looks shiny and healthy. It’s more like blonde and bleached hair but with a more metallic shine. This shade will make your hair look like you’ve gone under rebounding treatment upon bleaching your hair.

Golden hair works best for both warm and cool skin tones. Gold hair color is more beige than icy-blonde hair shade.

5. Dark Chocolate

Are you after a high-contrast look? Well, if your answer is yes, dark chocolate is your best choice. You’ll never go wrong with rich, dark chocolate color. It’s a neutral shade that will flatter your warm or cool skin tone. Its depth will surely add a striking element to your look.

6. Blackberry

If you love dark hair but wish to add some unusual color to it, blackberry might be the best shade for you. It’s quite a playful hue that includes shades of purple with a hint of blue. This hair shade will give you a pretty subdued but edgy look.

7. Mushroom Brown

Mushroom brown hair is another ashy shade color that has become trendy lately and seems it’s going nowhere soon. This cool-toned brunette hue will never wash you out. Its medium brown base pops against the complexion while the ashy tones flatter fair skin.

8. Opal

Opal color has taken the beauty world by storm. These days, you can find it all over your Instagram feedsThis unnatural hair color is quite sophisticated and will look graceful if you decide to go for it. Please, note that opal is highly reflective. It may not be ideal if your hair has too much yellow.

9. Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde is a universally flattering shade that works well with pale skin tones. If you think of going blonde, you’d probably want to consider this variant ahead of anything else.

Whereas you can manipulate the platinum blonde undertones, you’ll find classic platinum blonde to be extraordinarily bright and neutral. This might make it your best choice ever. Its brightness adds contrast, while its light depth makes it blend with your pale skin.

10. Violet

Violet is a flirty and fun shade that’s appealing and will give you stunning looks. Violet is a rocking hue that gives you vibrant and hot looks without being too out there. It’s a deeper shade of lilac or lavender and works pretty well with pale, medium to dusky skin tones.  

11. Strawberry Blonde

Pale skin tones tend to pull off the strawberry blonde shade beautifully. This gorgeous unnatural hair shade has equal parts of rose, copper, and warm blonde. Strawberry blonde is a light-to-medium hue that’s bright enough to pop against your pale skin.  

12. Lime Green

Lime green is another shade of green family that’s equally ideal for people with pale skin. It’s a much bolder and brighter green with a closer resemblance to neon. The shade is vibrant and will give you an electrifying look.

13. Warm Blonde

If you have neutral or cool pale skin, you can inject a beautiful contrast to your looks without appearing harsh by doing a sunny, warm blonde hair shade. It’s a great way to take your complexion’s brightness to a new level without opting for a bold color.  

14. Scarlet Red

Scarlet red is a fantastic unnatural hair color to do in all seasons. It’s a bright and bold choice that can instantly change your appearance. 

This versatile shade works pretty well with all skin tones. It’ll give a fresher and more radiant look to your face thanks to the yellow elements in it.  

15. Ash Blonde

Ash blonde hair shade is an excellent choice if you have ashen skin with cool undertones. You can be sure that this shade’s calm tone is subtly flattering and will never create a harsh contrast against your complexion.

16. Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue is a vibrant, bold, and crazy color belonging to the fantastic blue family. It’s a highly versatile hair shade known to be a head-turner. Work with blue hues to identify what’s suitable according to your preference and mood.  

17. Mint Green

Mint green is an unnatural hair color with a hint of blue. It’s one of the green family’s prettiest pastel shades. The shade works pretty well with both cool and warm skin tones.

However, you must be careful to choose the right shade. Depending on your taste, you can choose anything from bright to a more subdued green.

18. Teal

Teal hair shade will give you a radical makeover while instantly brightening and freshening up your looks. This vibrant color lets you play with a palette going from light to medium to dark to enable you to find what’s perfect for you. The shade works well with all skin tones.  

19. Rose Gold

Rose gold is among the trendy unnatural hair colors ideal for people with pale skin. It’s a perfect blend of blonde, red, and pink and will make your traditional hair color feel alive.

Rose gold has been around for pretty long. It’s appropriate for complementing any skin tone. This exceptionally versatile unnatural hair shade is suitable for nearly all occasions.  

20. Chocolate Brown

If you’re new to hair coloring, we recommend trying out chocolate brown unnatural hair shade. It’s ideal for marina and pale skin tones, so you’ll find it easy to work with. This might be an excellent choice if you don’t want a drastic change in your naturally dark hair.  

Choosing the Right Unnatural Color for Pale Skin

Woman with pale skin picking the best unnatural color for her skin

Dragan Grkic/Shutterstock

Finding the right unnatural hair that fits your pale skin might not be a walk in the park. With the guidelines below, however, finding a perfect fit for you shouldn’t be a big problem.

Determine Your Dressing Code

Have a clear picture of your wardrobe before trying anything new to your hair. This way, you’ll quickly tell what colors would look good on you. For instance, it would be absurd to be in striking clothes color while your hair is in a relaxed tone.

It will send you offside, and you’ll not flatter. Warm hair colors, such as rich brown, burgundy, red, and golden, will look good on you if you appear good in warm colors, such as orange, gold, yellow, and red.

Pay Attention to Your Current Hair Color

Going for a much lighter tone may cost you lots of effort and even damage your hair if you have extremely dark hair. Consider picking colors that are closest to your natural hair. Alternatively, you may choose colors that are lighter or have three shades of dark.  

Check Your Skin Tone

Your skin tone has nothing to do with your skin color. It refers to the style of your skin, which can either be cool, neutral, or warm.

You can identify your skin tone color by checking your wrist. If your veins appear to be green, then you’re warm-toned. However, if they appear to be purple or blue, then you’re cool-toned.

Consider Your Eye Color

Determine whether your eyes are entirely green or have some shades of blue or hazel. This will allow you to choose the right color to either play down the green color in your eyes to bring out its cool or warm undertones or to make it pop out.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Woman rocking an unnatural hair color for pale skin in a jean jacket outside a pink and purple wall

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Here are the FAQs about unnatural hair colors.

Does pale skin look better with light or dark hair?

Light cool blonde shades and colors, such as ashy blonde, silver, and white, compliment pale skin exceptionally well.

What hair colors will make me look younger?

Lighter hair colors will give you younger and more vibrant looks. Go for warmth with shades like honey, and try to avoid ashy tones if your purpose is to look more youthful.

What hair color will make my skin less pink?

Consider doing light, cool blonde shades if you yearn to make your skin a little less pink. These shades will quickly neutralize your pink while still maintaining your natural looks.

Which hair colors wash out pale skin?

If you have pale skin, wearing too dark or too light hair shades can make your skin appear washed out. Please, consult your stylist about the best unnatural hair colors for you.

So, What Are Unnatural Hair Colors for Pale Skin?

Doing unnatural hair color is and brings you gorgeous looks. Good hair color will speak volumes about your personality while creating an image for the onlookers.

With the help of our advice, coupled with a good understanding of your skin tone, you can quickly finalize the unnatural hair shade that you prefer for your tresses.