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15 Ideas for Silver Hair on Men Trending in 2024

Looking for examples of silver hair on men? You’re in the right place. We’ll show you everything about this unique, metallic shade of gray and how to style it – dyed or natural – to look your best in this trendy hue.

Is Silver Hair on Men Trendy?

Going gray can make a man feel old, but there’s a timeless allure associated with silver hair on men. Silver hair represents something different – something more youthful, energetic, and mysterious – than other shades of gray.

Maybe it’s the hypnotic sheen and dimension of the color that make it the center of a new hair trend for men. 

While some men have been rocking natural silver locks for years, others are just beginning to catch on to the universally-flattering look of silver. Today, silver hair is blowing up in popularity for men young and old. It’s a unique color that stands out from the crowd and plays tricks on the eye.

The metallic, almost-reflective qualities of silver hair make it a truly dynamic and changeable hair color. When silver hair catches the light, it doesn’t shine – it almost sparkles. 

And similar to shades of red, silver hair has incredible dimension with lots of light and shadow effects. Every time you glance at silver hair, it looks a little different.

That’s part of what makes silver hair such a trendy look for men of all ages. Whether you’re naturally graying or want to experiment with an interesting new hair dye, silver is a trendy option that will really shake up your look. 

If you’re one of the lucky ones and find your hair is naturally turning silver, you’ll be able to check out dozens of ways to style it in our trendy examples below.

And if you’re planning on dying your hair silver to hop on board the metallic trend, you’ll find easy style examples that pair perfectly with captivating silver hair. Take a look at our style guide with inspiration photos below.

Then check out a list of things to consider if you’re thinking about going silver – naturally or with the help of a little hair dye. Let’s dig in! 

15 Distinguished Examples of Silver Hair on Men

There are tons of ways to rock silver hair for men. From trend-setting youthful styles to more distinguished, mature looks, take a look below to see a variety of ways you can style silver hair for a trendy, flattering look. 

1. Silver Faux Hawk Fade

Man with a Silver Faux Hawk Fade


Faux hawks keep a little extra length on top so it can be styled up toward the center in a faux mohawk. The sides aren’t shaved down to the skin (as with a traditional mohawk).

Instead, they’re faded in length to keep the volume and focus on the longer top. This close-cut look is on-trend and easy to style, making it a great choice for men of all ages. 

2. Side-Swept Silver Taper

Silver haired man wearing a Side-Swept Silver Taper


If you want lots of volume on top (perfect for guys with round or square faces), consider a tapered haircut with a longer top. Paired with the silver color, this becomes a fashionable look that will have you feeling like you’re on the cover of GQ. 

The long hair on top is styled with a dab of gel (thick/coarse hair) or mousse (fine/thin hair) for a volume boost. Then, it’s blow-dried upward and over to the side for plenty of root volume. Brush the sides straight back to keep all the volume concentrated on top. 

3. Distinguished Silver With Full Beard and Handlebar Moustache

Distinguished Silver haired man With Full Beard and Handlebar Moustache

Olena Yakobchuk/Shutterstock

Natural silver hair has incredible depth and dimension – it can appear to change colors before your eyes. Here, ultra-light silver dominates the central front where the hair opens up in a middle part.

The sides bring a little natural “shadow” from the darker layers underneath to give this look more depth. This tapered cut is a bold choice for a mature man, and we’re beyond here for it.

Ear-length in the front and dipping down to the nape of the neck in the back, this longer hairstyle really plays up the metallic silver tone and pairs perfectly with the manicured beard and fun handlebar moustache. 

4. Styled-Back Silver With Shadow Root

Man with Styled-Back Silver Hair With Shadow Root

Jack Frog/Shutterstock

We love this styled-back silver look on guys of all ages. When you style your hair upward and brush it slightly back, you’re adding volume that creates a little extra height in the hairstyle.

This can help a round or square face appear more oval – a very slimming effect. Lifting the hair up and back with a little gel or mousse doesn’t just keep your hair out of your face. It’s also a great hairstyle for silver hair because it shows off a natural or dyed shadow root.

If you hate one-dimensional color that looks dull or monochromatic, pairing sparkling silver with a styled-back look like this is the answer. 

5. Slick Taper Fade With Silver Sides

Slick Taper Fade With Silver Sides worn by a handsome man


Here, the silver tones are barely visible in the longer top – just a few strands here and there. At the temples and below, the silver color takes over. The long top is brushed over to the side and gives off a sophisticated, professional vibe.

The result is a high-contrast look that is more James Bond than Grandpa. Since the silver tones peek out on the sides and back, this hairstyle creates the illusion of a trendy skin fade.

But instead of shaving the back and sides down to the skin, this gentleman keeps a little length that means fewer barber visits and trims than a skin fade would require.

6. Masculine Silver Chin-Length Bob

Man wearing a Masculine Silver Chin-Length Bob


Bobs might be traditionally associated with women, but this chin-length style shares all the main characteristics while retaining a masculine edge. The silver color makes it interesting, and the medium length is flattering for all face shapes – round, square, oval, and heart. 

Mousse is the key to achieving lightweight volume in a style like this.

Work mousse through your damp hair so it’s evenly distributed. Blow dry upside down to get an extra volume boost, or use a brush to pull your hair upwards as you dry. Create a deep side part to get more height along the part. 

7. Silver Salon Blowout With Quiff

Silver hair on a man with a Salon Blowout With Quiff


This look isn’t for everyone, but big fans of volume and dramatic looks will love this trendy style. The cut is tapered with a much longer top to create some length contrast.

The hair on the back and sides gets gradually shorter toward the neckline to keep the appearance nice and tidy, even with long hair on top. And the top is where all the fun stuff happens.

Mousse in damp hair gives you a little hold and anti-frizz power, while a round brush will help you hold the hair up and away from the scalp as you blow dry it for extra volume.

Dry the bang area with a round brush, pointing the dryer toward your face to copy this look. Rub your fingers into a little wax or pomade to create the slight separation and “piece=y” look you see here. 

8. Casual Textured Silver Taper

Casual tapered haircut on an older man relaxed with silver hair

Jack Frog/Shutterstock

Messy, tousled, and casual with lots of texture, this silver tapered haircut is a great choice for men of all ages who like the “undone” look. Who says you need to spend an hour styling silver hair to be trendy?

This look pulls it off without requiring more than a few minutes of styling time. The short, tapered haircut is what makes this look so easy to pull off. It’s slightly shorter toward the bottom so you really only need to focus on styling the top.

Work some gel or mousse throughout your damp hair to add hold. Then, use your fingers to muss up the texture on top. You can point a blow dryer on low at the top to speed up drying time.  

9. Dapper Silver With Deep Side Part

Dapper Silver Haired Man With Deep Side Part


Medium-short silver hair with a naturally straight texture can be styled in a number of ways, but if you’re partial to classic looks, this is a great option.

A blow dryer and a little mousse can help you add just enough staying power to keep the hair in this deep side part without falling forward over the forehead. 

The hair is parted with a deep side part – all the way over to the temple – and brushed over across the head without adding volume or height. The result is a dapper, low-key look that lets the silver tone take center stage. 

10. Medium-Long and Wavy With Silver Streak

Silver hair on a man with a Medium-Long and Way Haircut


Medium-length styles are attractive on their own, and if you’re growing your hair out, you’ll need style options like this while you wait for your mane to grow long.

If you’re naturally going silver in sections, choosing a high-volume, pushed-back style like this will help you make the most of the look. A wide streak of silver in the hair is mirrored by speckled silver coming in on the sides and bottom of the beard.

With the hair styled upward and back on top, that lone silver streak becomes the focal point of the style. The height and volume of the pushed-back style creates a flattering and slimming look for any face shape. 

11. Long Platinum-Silver With Shadow Root

Long Platinum-Silver Men's Hairstyle With Shadow Root


Young men can really pull off the silver color when it’s paired with the right length and style. Worn on styles that are too short, silver hair on young men can look like a child “playing dress up.”

But longer lengths inject a little youthful spark and really fit the silver-haired look for younger guys. This longer look requires a little more styling than shorter styles, but the payoff makes it well worth it.

For chin-length locks, a silvery-platinum sheen makes them stand out even more and gives an almost-ethereal look to the style.

We’re getting major Legolas vibes here! Work a little shine serum or hair milk in before blow-drying on low (or air-drying, if your hair is straight) to really make the silver color pop. 

12. Slicked-Back Silver Taper

Slicked-Back Silver Men's Taper Hairstyle


Classic hairstyles like a slicked-back taper are always a flattering choice for mature men and evoke an air of importance and sophistication. The longer hair on top is slicked backward with a little medium-hold gel (firm enough to hold the hair back without making it hard or crunchy). 

The shorter, tapered length on the sides is also brushed and styled back. This keeps the hair up and off the face – and there’s no better way to show off your eyes. Paired with trendy dark-framed glasses, you’ll definitely be a silver fox when you sport this style. 

13. Oxidized Silver Pompadour

Oxidized Silver Men's Hair with a Pompadour

Sfio Cracho/Shutterstock

Oxidized silver is darker and less shiny, but still has that metallic sheen and sparkling dimension of the popular silver color. You may have the oxidized silver hair color if you’re naturally going silver with brunette hair.

A few sparkling strands of silver peek through on the top and sides, but the color is strongest in the beard and moustache. To make the most of your natural oxidized silver color, wear the top longer and style it upward and back.

This shows off the roots in front, making the silver color a little more obvious and adding to that mature, distinguished vibe we love so much.

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14. Tousled Styled-Forward Taper

Tousled Styled-Forward Taper


If you’re worried about silver hair making you look older, try a fun, tousled style like this. It’s got a touch of youthful energy with the messy style up front.

But it’s all balanced with the tapered length around the back and sides and that rich, dimensional silver color. Pump a half-dollar sized amount of mousse into your palms and evenly distribute it throughout your hair.

Using a brush or wide-toothed comb, brush the hair from the crown area forward toward the forehead and blow dry. Brush forward and make a slight upward motion at the ends to nail this fun and casual look. 

15. Gentleman Side Part Fade

Silver hair man in a leather jacket wears sunglasses


This is a great example of how silver hair can work for men of all ages – and just how trendy this color can be! A hipster side part fade keeps the volume low on the sides, where the hair is shaved down to the skin.

The hair on top is long and parted on the side to create a little boost of volume on top along the part. 

This extra volume on top makes the style look a bit more sophisticated, and we think it’s the perfect pairing for this ultra-light silver color. Throw on some cool shades and a leather jacket and you’re ready for your closeup. 

Things to Consider

One thing about silver hair men can all agree on: It’s a color that steals the spotlight and gets attention. If you’re naturally going silver and want to look your best, or if you’re thinking about dying your hair to get that lively metallic sheen, here are a few things you should consider. 

  • Know the various shades of silver: If you’re planning on dying your hair silver, you’ll want to check out some of the different shades so you can tell your stylist exactly what you want. You might prefer a dark, “oxidized” silver color with a shadow root for a more natural look. Maybe you’re imagining a bright, platinum-silver that shines and sparkles. You might like a more monochromatic silver-gray tone that brings out the blue in your eyes. It’s all up to you, but know what you’re looking for before you ask your barber or stylist to make it happen! 
  • Determine your skin tone: If you’re dying your hair silver, choose a shade that suits your skin tone. Since silver is a cool-toned color, it’s always going to look best on cooler or neutral skin tones. You can determine if you have a warm, cool, or neutral skin tone with the jewelry test. Put on a jewelry piece or watch that is gold, then one that is silver. If the gold looks best on you, you probably have warm undertones. If the silver looks best, you’re likely cool-toned. And if both look equally flattering on your skin, you may have neutral undertones. 
  • Perfect your natural silver color: If you’re naturally going silver with time, you don’t have to wait for nature to take its course. Have your stylist add some bright silvery highlights to work a little more of the color into your mane for a more uniform look. Alternatively, if you’ve found that your particular shade of gray or silver isn’t quite what you were hoping for, a permanent hair color and a darker shadow root or a few lowlights can help transform your natural color into the silver you want. 
  • Pair with the right hairstyle to look younger: Silver hair alone won’t age you, but wearing the wrong haircut or style with it can. Opt for a trendy haircut to keep that youthful spark alive if you’re rocking silver hair in your 40s and beyond. A simple side part fade, slicked-back pompadour, or close-cropped taper cut can all keep your silver style trendy and young. 

If there’s one thing we love about silver, it’s the sheer versatility due to the dimension and depth of the color. In bright light, it looks reflective and almost metallic. In dim light, you see the interplay of light and shadows.

Will You Join the Silver Haired Men Trend?

No wonder this eye-catching color has become so popular that men are dying their hair to imitate it! If your hair color is naturally transforming to silver, you’re a very lucky man. There is no shortage of ways to style and show off this icy, metallic color.

Make sure you choose a trendy haircut and style if you want to look younger with naturally silver hair – fades and pompadours are easy options that won’t require too much maintenance. 

If you’re tired of experimenting with different shades of traditional colors like blonde, brown, black, or red, silver presents a unique and trendy option.

Just ensure you know exactly what shade of silver you want and bring plenty of photos to show your colorist. If you found a few silver styles you like in this guide, you’re already off to a great start! 

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