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The 20 Best Short Grey Hairstyles for Women in 2024

Whether you’re aging gracefully with natural grey or rocking trendy grey dye, we found 20 short grey hairstyles that will give you cute options for lazy days, polished looks, casual styles, and everything in between.

See the best short grey hairstyles to add to your repertoire with our jam-packed photo guide! We’ll show you a range of different ways to style your short, grey mane with plenty of options for all occasions.

If your style catalog is looking a little lean lately, you’ll find tons of new ways to do your hair. It’s time to shake things up a bit and see how great your hair can look with a new style! 

20 Best Short Grey Hairstyles for Women

What Are Short Grey Hairstyles explainer image on a tan background

There are tons of amazing short grey hairstyles out there, but what good does that do you if you haven’t seen them yet? We’ve compiled a list of the absolute cutest looks from all the short grey hairstyles we’ve found.

These hairstyles typically fall into a few categories:

  • Flirty tapered pixie cuts
  • Chin-length bobs with bangs
  • Midi layered bobs with texture

Browse through and see which of the below styles could work for you — you might even be inspired to try a new haircut, too! Below, you’ll find a range of short grey hairstyles for lengths from super-short buzz cuts to shoulder-skimming midi bobs.

We wanted to share the best styles for short pixies, crops, bobs, and mushroom cuts to give you lots of ideas for new ways to wear your hair. So what are you waiting for? Your next look awaits!

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1. Edgy Grey Buzz Cut

Edgy Grey Buzz Cut short grey hairstyle for women


No short grey hairstyle is easier to arrange and maintain than a buzz cut! It’s edgy, sleek, and puts your feminine features in the spotlight.

Try a #4 buzz cut with clippers to achieve this uniform, still-styleable length. Brush the top over to the side to polish it up a bit and go for a bold eye or lip to finish the look.

2. Clean-Cut Tapered Pixie Crop

Clean-Cut Tapered Pixie Crop Short Grey Hairstyle for Women


This pixie is very short around the back and sides, making it super flattering on round, oval, and square faces. With a little boosted length on top that tapers down nicely at the sides, you can part it to the side as shown for a clean-cut, casual look that will carry you through any day-to-day activities. 

3. Silver Faux Hawk Pixie

Silver Faux Hawk Pixie short grey hairstyle for women


Pixie cuts with extra length on top are one of the most versatile cuts you can get. There are so many short grey hairstyles that work with this haircut as the base! Try styling the long top upward, leaning toward the center in an edgy-yet-chic faux hawk. 

4. Tousled & Messy Grey Pixie

For a piece on short grey hairstyles for women, a woman rocking a Tousled & Messy Grey Pixie

Axel Bueckert/Shutterstock

Sleek, clean-cut pixies aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. But who doesn’t love a messy-on-purpose style with tons of texture and lift? This tousled look is so easy to pull off and is perfect for days when you can’t be bothered to blow dry or heat style.

Work a little mousse in while it’s damp, rake your fingers through, and pull sections of the top in different directions to create texture. 

5. Silver Side-Swept Pixie Cut

Silver Side-Swept Pixie Cut Short Grey Women's Hairstyle

Olga Ekaterincheva/Shutterstock

Styling short grey hair can be as simple as brushing it over to the side and smoothing down the back and sides when you’re rocking a close-cropped pixie. Mousse with light to medium hold will help your hair hold the style.

Just brush the top downward and over to your preferred side, then brush down the back and sides to keep the look nice and sleek. 

6. Classic Sleek Pixie

Classic Sleek Pixie Short Grey Women's Hairstyle

Milan Ilic Photographer/Shutterstock

Metallic silver or muted grey strands look amazing in a classic, sleek pixie cut. Styled without much volume, this head-hugging look is slimming and energizing while putting your best facial features on display.

Direct your hair forward and slightly off to the side on top. Brush the sides and back downward, bringing the face-framing pieces forward to copy this look. 

7. Messy Tapered Pixie Cut

Messy Tapered Pixie Cut as a featured hairstyle for women with short grey hair


If you’re rocking a tapered pixie cut with grey hair, you’ll love how quickly you can do a messy, tousled style like this. It works for any texture, but if you’ve got some natural wave or curl, even better!

Add a little mousse or gel for added control, then direct the strands on top to cross over each other and smooth down the back and sides. It’s just polished enough to work for any occasion and messy enough to feel casual! 

8. Silvery Grey Crop With Burst Fade

Silvery Grey Crop With Burst Fade Short Grey Hairstyle for Women


Cropped cuts that keep the hair ultra-short are oh-so-easy to style and care for. Pair a close-cropped cut like this with a burst fade around the ears for a slimmer silhouette that makes your cheekbones and jawline pop. Brush the top forward and let your natural texture shine to make it super easy to style. 

9. Trendy Silver Mushroom Cut

Trendy Silver Mushroom Cut


A mushroom cut with tapered sides and curved blunt bangs is very much on-trend. It also happens to be a simple look to pull off, especially if your hair texture is straight.

For the most root lift and side volume, work some volumizing mousse through while your hair is damp. Blow dry out and downward or allow it to air dry for one of the easiest short grey hairstyles. 

10. Rosy Grey Pixie With Razored Side-Swept Bangs

Woman with a short grey hairstyle for women in a pink room with a pixie cut combed to the left


We love this rose-toned grey color, but the real focus here is the razored, side-swept style! A pixie cut with long, razored bangs makes it pretty simple to pull off. Using a little straightening cream or anti-frizz serum before you blow dry will help you nail the smooth, sleek texture.

Direct the hair over to one side when you reach the front, bringing your brush underneath to lift the hair at the root. Dry the sides downward to avoid a bulky look and perfectly frame your face. 

11. Long-Top Metallic Grey Pixie Undercut

Long-Top Metallic Grey Pixie Undercut

Eugenia Porechenskaya/Shutterstock

In the interest of keeping cool (in both senses of the word), opt for a long-top pixie undercut. It’s edgy, easy to style, and very flattering on oval, round, and square faces.

Style the top forward as shown, heat style waves or curls to change things up, or slick it over to the side for different looks. The shaved back and sides mean all you have to style is the longer top! 

12. Grey Two Block Crop With Side Part

Short Grey Two Block Crop Hairstyle With Side Part

Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

A two block haircut means the top is cut similar to a bowl cut, while the bottom layers are shaved short for contrast.

This removes bulk and weight from the bottom half of the style and makes it lightweight and flattering for round, square, and oval faces. Style the longer top over to the side for a cute, everyday look that can be air-dried for simplicity.

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13. Silvered Platinum Chin-Length Bob With Heavy Bangs

Silvered Platinum Chin-Length Bob With Heavy Bangs


If you want to put your sparkling eyes front and center, this chin-length bob look is one of the best short grey hairstyles you’ll find.

A heavy, brow-grazing bang puts the spotlight on your eyes while the turned-in layers around the face create a slimming silhouette that is perfect for square, oval, and heart face shapes. Style the bangs over to the side to break up the fullness and show off the layered texture. 

14. Chin-Length Bob With Short Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs short grey hairstyles on an older woman


Curtain bangs have been trendy for a while, but they can be annoying when they’re falling into your eyes constantly. Style them away from the face with a pronounced curl and hit with a little hairspray, then curl your ends under for a quick, put-together look. 

15. Short Bob With Thinned Ends and Side Bangs

Featured short grey hairstyle featuring a Short Bob With Thinned Ends and Side Bangs

Lipik Stock Media/Shutterstock

Thick hair can be tough to wrangle with short hairstyles, but thinning out the ends to remove bulk makes a huge difference.

We love a chin-length bob with side bangs for short grey hair, especially with some extra volume at the crown and a nicely curved bang! Invest in a good root lift spray to create lots of volume on top and keep the ends straight to de-bulk the look. 

16. Tousled Curly Bob With Lifted Roots

Tousled Curly Bob With Lifted Roots

Olena Yakobchuk/Shutterstock

Curly texture makes short grey hairstyles so much fun to play with! Prep your curls while your hair is damp with your favorite mousse, curl cream, or gel.

Spritz a little volumizing root lift spray near your roots and diffuse dry upside down for the most volume. Finish by arranging the face-framing pieces to direct them away from your face and let your best features shine. 

17. Inverted Bob With Long Side Bangs

Inverted Bob Short Grey Hairstyle With Long Side Bangs

Denis Orea/Shutterstock

Inverted bobs are such a good option when you want to wear grey hair at a short length without going all the way into crop or pixie territory.

You get a little more length to play around with, and with longer bangs in the front, you get the feel and look of a chin-length bob but with less hair in the back to style and worry about. 

18. Grey-White Flipped Out Layered Bob

Grey-White Flipped Out Layered Bob

Viktoriia Hnatiuk/Shutterstock

A short bob with lots of long layers is begging for a flipped-out style like this! The layers begin high up, around the temples, to provide plenty of texture and make the style more lightweight.

Use a round brush to blow dry it in this flipped-out shape, or heat style with a large-barreled curling iron to achieve the same effect. Style the bangs over to the side and slightly back off the face to finish the look.

19. Midi Inverted Silver Bob

Midi Inverted Silver Bob Short Grey Hairstyle for Women


This midi length inverted bob is shortest at the nape of the neck and longest in the front, reaching just past the jaw.

A silvery grey is absolutely stunning with this cut and a sleek, turned-under style to showcase the short, stacked layers in the back. This kind of style works best for blunt cuts and cuts with stacked layers near the ends. 

20. Grey Midi Bob With Dramatic Curved-Under Ends

Short Grey Hairstyle featuring a Midi Bob With Dramatic Curved-Under Ends


A midi length grey bob reaches the collarbones, but looks shorter when styled like this. The curved-under ends really make the look special and perfectly frame the jawline to work a little face-slimming magic, especially for heart-shaped faces.

You can skip the dip-dyed violet ends if a solid grey is more your speed, but we’re loving how this technique accentuates the dramatic curved ends of the style. 

Things to Consider

Now that you’ve got a big list of short grey hairstyles to try out, what else should you know? Keep these things in mind to improve the health, color, and tone of your hair to make your styles that much more beautiful. 

  • Take steps to prevent styling-related damage. Short hair can make damage more obvious, so take steps to keep damage at bay and boost your hair’s health. Air dry when you can and heat style less often. Always use heat protectant spray before blow drying or using any hot tool. Be gentle when brushing, washing, and manipulating your hair to avoid putting breakage-inducing stress on your strands. Try to use a deep conditioning mask at least once a month to moisturize and protect your hair. 
  • Start using walnut oil to treat your mane. Using walnut oil for grey hair has a range of hair-healthy benefits. It delivers deep moisture, makes hair stronger, nixes dandruff and scalp flakes, helps encourage cell turnover and regeneration, and boosts hair growth. It’s not a miracle tonic, but it certainly makes a difference in how shiny, strong, and healthy your hair looks and feels. We recommend it whether your hair is naturally grey or dyed!
  • Keep your grey pure without brassy tones. It doesn’t matter if your hair is naturally grey or dyed – yellow tones can mess with your color and muddy it with unwanted warmth. Invest in a good purple shampoo (neutralizes yellow tones) or blue shampoo (neutralizes orange tones) to keep your grey color pure and bright. 
  • Get regular trims for easier styling. If you’re a little lax on getting trims with short hair, you’ll find that it’s harder to style and get it to lay properly. A trim every 2 months or so is usually recommended for short hair. For precision cuts and very short haircuts, you might need to trim it more often to keep the shape intact. Regular trims make a big difference in how your hair will look in different styles, so don’t neglect your mane!
  • Go silver if you’re sick of grey. Grey is a more muted color without the metallic glint of sparkly silver. If your hair is naturally grey and you’re ready for a change, consider going silver instead of dying it the usual blonde, red, or brunette. Silver is super dimensional and flattering for cool and neutral undertones. It’s a unique take on the pretty grey tones and adds a little sparkle and brightness to your strands! Here’s how to get silver hair step-by-step at home.

Ready to Branch Out With New Short Grey Hairstyles?

With an alluring air of mystery, wisdom, and brightness around it, it’s no wonder grey hair is so trendy right now. Whether you’re naturally grey or rocking dyed grey hair at a short length, you can always use a few more cute short grey hairstyles in your repertoire! 

Now that you’ve got 20 gorgeously grey looks to choose from, you’ll have the perfect style for any event or occasion that comes your way. From edgy and easy-to-style buzz cuts to flirty pixies and midi bobs, wearing grey hair short is one of our favorite looks for women.

Keeping the length on the shorter side allows you to let your color shine and put your best features forward without hiding behind a long, thick mane. Which short grey hairstyles ended up on your must-try list?

We think you’re going to love trying out some new looks to rejuvenate your love for your strands! Remember to take good care of your hair to prevent damage, get regular trims, and use pigmented toning shampoos to keep brassy tones at bay.

You’ll see what a big difference these little changes make in how great your hair looks whether it’s air dried or painstakingly styled!