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Curtain Bangs and Wavy Hair: Here’s the 101

If you’ve spent any amount of time researching hairstyles and bangs specifically, you have probably come across curtain bangs and learned how flexible and stylish they are.

And if you’re wondering whether or not curtain bangs and wavy hair work well together, keep reading to learn everything about this combination!

What Are Curtain Bangs?

Curtain bangs get their name because they frame your face like a curtain frames a window. They achieve this curtain-like framing by being shorter in the center and longer on the sides.

This bang hairstyle suits most face shapes, and the bangs work with many hairstyles and hair textures. Although curtain bangs tend to look better on straight hair, they also work well with wavy hair.  

Besides the versatility of this style, one of the other main benefits of curtain bangs is that they are low maintenance. Because the V-shape of curtain bangs already has a textured appearance and a stylish shape, curtain bangs will not need a laborious daily styling routine.

And if you were worried about whether curtain bangs and wavy hair work together, worry not: wavy hair and curtain bangs play nicely as long as you give them more drying attention.

Some of the main benefits of curtain bangs include:

  • Frames your face beautifully
  • A flexible style that works on a variety of hair textures
  • Low-maintenance most of the time (wavy hair textures requires a bit more attention)
  • They continue to look great as your hair grows out.
  • Despite originating in the 70s, curtain bangs are growing in popularity.

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Curtain Bangs Wavy Hair Inspiration: 30 Ways to Rock the Trend

Now that you have the basic idea of what curtain bangs are and how they can work with wavy hair, let’s check out some specific examples showcasing this hairstyle!

1. Long Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs on wavy hair on a European-looking woman


These long curtain bangs do a great job of staying out of the way while still framing her face nicely. The rest of the hair is in a neat and low ponytail, which helps draw attention to her face and bangs.

2. Red Curtain Bangs With Hair Bun

Red Curtain Bangs With Hair Bun on a woman with wavy hair

Axel Bueckert/Shutterstock

One of the features you will come to understand in seeing these curtain bang examples is how versatile a haircut it is—these bangs work with almost any hairstyle you choose. In this example, the thin and long bangs help to elongate her face.

3. Side Part Bangs

Side Part Bangs for a piece on curtain bangs for wavy hair


As this example shows, curtain bangs can be parted to the side if you wish. This styling can be a great way to hide a cowlick (angled hairline) if you have a particularly noticeable cowlick.

4. Medium Blonde Curtain Bangs

Medium Blonde Curtain Bangs for a piece titled Curtain Bangs Wavy Hair

Volodymyr Tverdokhlib/Shutterstock

This woman’s hair texture is only slightly wavy, but as you can see, the curtain bang style works well. It has a way of styling the hair and getting it out of the way, all the while the main feature is that it brings attention to her face.

5. Thick Curtain Bangs

Thick Curtain Bangs on wavy hair

Just Dance/Shutterstock

Closer to the theme of curtain bangs and wavy hair, this example shows how this bang style works with a thicker hair texture. The haircut gives this woman a natural beauty that is hard to put into words.

6. Short Curly Curtain Bangs

Short Curly Curtain Bangs on a woman with wavy hair

Amelia Fox/Shutterstock

Some of the previous examples showcased longer curtain bangs that fully framed the face. But this example shows that the short version of this hairstyle is open and youthful. 

7. Short Curtain Bangs

Short curtain bangs for wavy hair

Dwik Bali/Shutterstock

There are many ways to make curtain bangs work when short, and in this example, the short bangs only frame the face subtly. Combined with the long wavy hair in the back, this style is neat but also casual. 

8. Red Hair Curtain Bangs

Red Hair Curtain Bangs for woman with wavy hair


Besides the variety of textures and styles that work with curtain bangs, don’t forget about the more wild hair colors that will blend with this haircut. This particular haircut has a subtle way of elongating her face.

9. Messy Curtains

Messy Curtain bangs for wavy hair

Volodymyr Tverdokhlib/Shutterstock

Just like there are a variety of ways to decorate the curtains in your house, there are lots of creative ways to personalize the curtain bang hairstyle. In this example, the messy style of framing captures a casual look.

10. Neat Curtains

Neat curtain bangs on a wavy hair woman

Auttapol Tatiyarat/Shutterstock

Unlike the previous example that embraced the style of a messy approach to the bangs, this example of a curtain bang style is all about the neatness of the sharp edges.

11. Subtle Curtains

Subtle Curtain bangs for wavy hair women

This example pushes the boundaries of what might be considered a curtain bang haircut, but it still captures the framing effect. Consider copying this example if you want to try out curtain bangs without fully committing to them.

12. Long and Wavy 

Long and Wavy curtain bangs

Cookie Studio/Shutterstock

Many people with wavy hair dislike the hair texture and would rather not deal with it. But this example is all about embracing the waves and showing them off by wearing the hair down with a subtle curtain bang style on top.

13. Wavy Red Hair

Woman with long red hair rocking wavy hair curtain bangs

Cookie Studio/Shutterstock

This example is a textbook version of the wavy curtain bang style. If you have long and wavy red hair, consider copying this type of haircut. 

14. Short Brunette Bangs

Short Brunette Bangs for wavy hair

This woman’s hair is not all that wavy, but it is a great example to see how the curtain bang style works with brunette hair. Plus, these bangs can be styled each day differently for a variety of looks.

15. Slight Side Shift

Slight Side Shift Curtain Bangs on Wavy Hair

George Mayer/Shutterstock

This example is not quite a side part, but the split in the bangs is styled slightly to the side. This hairstyle might be a good option for those with a subtle cowlick that they need to hide.

16. Curly Curtain Bangs

Curly Curtain Bangs

James R. Martin/Shutterstock

Making curtain bangs work with wavy and curly hair indeed takes a bit more attention, like when drying your hair, but the effort is worth it. This example showcases long flowing curls with subtle curtain bangs that frame the face.

17. Curtain Bangs With Hat

Curtain Bangs With Hat for a piece on curtain bangs for wavy hair

When it comes to finding unique looks each day for your curtain bang haircut, don’t forget how stylish accessories—for example, the hat in this picture—can add to the look!

18. Thick and Shiny

hick and Shiny Curtain Bangs Wavy Hair Idea


One of the advantages of wavy hair is that you can get the thick texture that makes straight-haired people jealous. This example blends that texture with a sharp and well-defined curtain bang to frame her face.

19. Curtain Bangs With Headband

Nicole Richie wears curtains bangs, wavy hair, and a headband

Everett Collection/Shutterstock

A headband blending into your hair color is another great way to mix accessories with curtain bangs.

20. Medium Wavy

Medium Wavy Curtain Bangs on a brunette woman in a halter top

Lina Ptashka/Shutterstock

Here is another example of someone who is embracing their wavy hair, and in this case, she has narrow curtain bangs with medium-length curly hair.

21. Tucked In

Tucked In curtain bangs wavy hair idea on a thin woman outside in the snow


If you’re looking for a unique look, consider a style like this example where you combine subtle curtain bangs with long hair that you tuck into your sweater.

22. Long Blonde Hair

Long Blonde Hair for a piece titled curtain bangs wavy hair

Alon Brik/Shutterstock

If you want a haircut that allows you to show off your long blonde hair, curtain bangs allow you to keep that length while still having a shorter approach to bangs.

23. Wavy Blonde Bangs

Wavy Blonde Bangs on a woman with wavy hair


While the previous example of blonde hair was on the straighter side, here you can see how curtain bangs work with long and wavy blonde hair.

24. Smart and Seductive

Smart and Seductive curtain bangs for wavy hair

Moon Light PhotoStudio/Shutterstock

This example showcases how the curtain bang style works with a more sophisticated look. Combined with glasses, the wide bangs give off an energy that is both smart and seductive.

25. Middle Part

Middle Part curtain bangs for wavy hair

This example pushes the limits of what could be considered curtain bangs, but it fits in with this style because of how similar it frames her face.

26. Short Curtains With Long Wavy Hair

Short Curtains With Long Wavy Hair


Here is another example of how you can show off your long wavy hair while having short curtain bangs to equally draw attention to your face.

27. Thin Curtains With Long Hair

Thin Curtain Bangs With Long Hair

Red Umbrella and Donkey/Shutterstock

This haircut might be out of style for some of you, but it is worth checking out for how well it does the thin version of curtain bangs.

28. Long Brunette Bangs

Long Brunette Bangs for a piece titled Curtain Bangs Wavy Hair


In this example, the long bangs are brushed to the side, something you can always do with curtain bangs to get your hair completely out of the way.

29. Super Wavy 

Super Wavy curtain bangs with wavy hair

Valua Vitaly/Shutterstock

If you want to embrace your long hair with a super wavy hair texture, this example showcases a great way to make all those features work together.

The length and thickness, combined with the part to the side, look fantastic. And with the red hair, the look comes together beautifully.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you’ve seen loads of ways that curtain bangs can work with wavy hair textures, let’s answer some of the most commonly asked questions about this hairstyle. 

Do curtain bangs work with wavy hair?

One of the great aspects of the curtain bangs hairstyle is that it pretty much looks great on all hair textures. So you should feel confident sporting curtain bangs with your wavy hair, but just be sure to make sure the part is even.

Can curtain bangs be parted on the side?

Curtain bangs can be parted on the side, and there are many fashionable ways to wear this style. Especially if you have an angled hairline (known as a cowlick), placing the fringe of the curtain on the side instead of the middle can help hide that cowlick.

How do you cut wavy curtain bangs?

To cut wavy curtain bangs, you can use both regular and blending shear scissors with dry hair. Isolate the bangs by tying off your hair in the back, after which you should have a clean V-shape on the bang portion of your hair.

Finally, twist the hair in the front—this helps establish a nice blending angle—and cut the hair to your desired length.

Are curtain bangs high maintenance?

While curtain bangs can be tricky to cut initially, they are a low-maintenance hairstyle. Curtain bangs are easy to style and will continue looking great for up to six weeks after trimming.

Who shouldn’t get curtain bangs?

As you’ve probably discovered from the examples, curtain bangs are a flexible hairstyle that works great on almost everyone. But there are a few situations where curtain bangs won’t look ideal, such as having a round face shape or a square jawline.

Curtain bangs can also be a problem for those with a noticeable cowlick, but parting the bangs to the side can help mask the cowlick problem.  

Are Wavy Haired Curtain Bangs for You?

Considering how flexible and stylish curtain bangs are, especially with wavy hair, you can be confident in trying out the style next time you’re ready to change up your haircut.

Hopefully, these examples have shown you just how flexible the hairstyle is and has given you the courage to try it out for yourself!