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10 Trending Peaky Blinders Haircuts to Rock in 2024

Ah, the Peaky Blinders haircut. Certainly unique, this cut made its appearance a few years back, and lads all over the world have clamored to rock the look. Read on to learn just about this unique style.

Want a Peaky Blinders Haircut?

Fancy a Peaky Blinders haircut? You’re not alone. Since the show was released in 2013, lads have been going mad at the barber, and continue rocking this unique style today.

While Peaky Blinders may not have the best role models, there’s no denying that it’s full of tonsorial inspiration. The show’s dapper cast boast slick hairstyles that are loosely based on what actual 1920s gangsters wore.

However, the Peaky cuts have a noticeably contemporary twist that makes them a great choice for today’s sense of style. If you’re a fan of the show, you’ve probably at least entertained the thought of getting a Peaky Blinders haircut yourself.

Well, you’re in the right place! We’ve broken down 10 of the best cuts from the show in this article so you know exactly what to ask for.

10 Peakly Blinders Haircuts We Love

Whether you’re after a particular character’s look or just want to get some inspiration from the show, read on to learn more about our favorite Peaky Blinders haircuts.

1. Thomas Shelby Haircut

Thomas Shelby is the face of the Peaky Blinders, so if you’re even just a casual fan, you’ll probably recognize his trademark hairstyle. Most stylists describe his haircut as a texturized and cropped undercut.

In lay terms, this means that his hair on top is cropped for texture while his sides are skin faded to create the undercut. Thomas’s haircut is uniquely identifiable by the swooped hair in front.

According to Peaky Blinders stylist Loz Schiavo, this haircut is almost two cuts in one, with the fringe front styled separately from the back. To get Tommy’s style, ask for a disconnected undercut.

Your stylist will use a #0 clipper on the sides and about 3 inches on top to achieve the swooping fringe. Schiavo’s go-to products are Reuzel Hair Tonic and Reuzel Blue Pomade, so keep those in mind.

2. Arthur Shelby Haircut: Disconnected Undercut

Like Thomas, Arthur rocks an undercut, but his is a little more structured. Whereas Thomas’s is a bit looser, Arthur’s is more styled. His disconnected undercut features slicked back hair and a high bald fade on the sides.

This means that his sides are buzzed down to the point where they’re nearly bald, which helps to add a ton of contrast to the slicked hair on top. This also creates the disconnected part of the cut.

To get this style, ask for a disconnected undercut with a bald fade. The sides should be extremely short––about a #1 or #2 clipper setting––and you’ll want about 5-6 inches on top to slick back.

Then, use some water-based pomade with a high amount of shine and comb your hair backward to lock the style in place. This will keep it styled and strong throughout the day.

3. John Shelby Haircut

Like Arthur, John has a disconnected undercut. However, John’s is much shorter and tighter on the sides, which gives him a much more refined appearance. Because this undercut variation is so short, it’s extremely low maintenance.

In fact, you can usually style the hair without using any product. Of course, it does require regular trims to stay looking fresh. For this cut, ask your barber or stylist for an undercut that’s short on top and bald faded on the sides.

To style this cut, brush the hair either all to one side or set a part into the hair. If you like, you can finish by applying a light hold pomade or wax. Alternatively, you can apply a small amount of light hairspray just to make sure the style stays in place.

4. Alfie Solomons Haircut: Ragged Beard

Tom Hardy attends the 'Lawless' Photocall during the 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival at Palais des Festivals and rocking the Alfie haircut

Denis Makarenko/Shutterstock

Alfie Solomons is one of the few main characters who isn’t known for his haircut. Rather, he’s known for his beard. However, for completion’s sake, we’ve analyzed the rare shots of Alfie without his hat.

This will give you the full scoop on how to get the Solomons style. Up top, Alfie’s hair is quite messy. Unless you really want that grimy gangster look, go for a haircut that’s a little tidier.

Generally speaking, a long Ivy League haircut without a fade will get you in the realm of Alfie while still looking presentable. Beard-wise, Alfie also has pretty rough facial hair, and you probably don’t want that caveman look.

Instead, go for a lumberjack beard that’s long and voluminous while still being tidy. This will require a lot of growth as well as regular trimming and conditioning to produce the best results.

5. Michael Gray Haircut

Whereas many of the other characters have quite modernized hairstyles, Michael Gray sports a classic side part that’s very much in keeping with the authentic styles of the 1910s and 1920s.

While slightly unkempt, Michael’s side part is significantly more polished than his cousin’s cuts. This style is easy to get because the side part is a staple in every barbershop and salon. The sides are much longer to create a sense of fullness and an all-around tidy appearance.

Michael’s side part is also easier to style because it requires less product. Opt for a pomade or styling cream with a medium shine, as you don’t want your hair to be too glossy.

6. Finn Shelby Haircut: Extreme Undercut

Since Finn is the youngest Shelby brother, it makes sense that he has the most adventurous hairstyle. Like his brothers, he wears a disconnected undercut, but his is far more extreme.

His sides are completely buzzed so that there’s only a light layer of stubble on them, and the fade goes almost above his temple, making it a much higher fade than what any of his brothers have. There’s not even much hair on top of his head!

For a similar style that’s not as extreme, opt for a crop with a very high fade. This will give you the same vibe as Finn’s haircut without you having to go bald everywhere but the top of your head. (Of course, you can get that too if that’s really what you’re after.)

7. Luca Changretta Haircut

Luca’s mobster hairstyle is a unique Peaky Blinders haircut that is not often seen because Luca, like Alfie, often wears a hat. However, when he takes his hat off, he reveals long, slicked back hair.

This is one of the simpler styles on this list because it’s basically just long hair that’s brushed straight back. One notable feature is that the sides are grown out and not faded.

Mostly, all you need to do for this look is to grow out your hair. For a little variation, you can tousle the front. A small amount of wax or pomade will help you keep your locks in place.

8. Bonnie Gold Haircut: Tousled Curls

Boxer Bonnie Gold’s hairstyle is another Peaky Blinders haircut that stands out from the rest. He has medium-length hair that’s much longer than any of the Shelby’s cuts, and, like Luca, he does not fade his sides.

In addition, while most of these hairstyles will work with most hair types, Bonnie’s hairstyle relies on his hair’s curly texture (though this will also work with very wavy hair).

Bonnie’s mop of curls is set into place using a generous dose of pomade. His hair is slightly messier on top and neater on the sides and back. You can fade your sides if you like, but for a more accurate look, grow out your sides.

9. Jeremiah Jesus Haircut

Jeremiah Jesus Peaky Blinders haircut


It would be remiss of us to not include Jeremiah Jesus in an article about cool Peaky Blinders hairstyles. In fact, Jeremiah’s hair is possibly the most unique in the series.

While he also typically wears a hat, his trademark dreadlocks are unforgettable. Note that Jeremiah has type 4c hair, which is the most tightly curled of any hair type.

This is an easy type of hair to style into dreadlocks, and some people find it easier than 4a or 4b hair (though obviously both of those hair types are also workable).

10. Ollie Haircut: Medium Length Curly

Ollie peaky blinders haircut

Known mononymously as Ollie, Alfie’s assistant is another character who sports an underrated head of hair. Ollie has dark, curly hair that he wears in a simple grown-out style.

If you have this hair type, then this hairstyle will be easy to achieve. Like Luca and Bonnie, Ollie has longer sides that add even more thickness and fullness.

Fancy a Peaky Blinders Haircut?

And there you have it––from Thomas Shelby’s iconic undercut to Jeremiah Jesus’s signature dreadlocks, those are 10 of the best Peaky Blinders haircuts. If you’ve found inspiration in our guide, head over to your local barber and show them your favorite look.