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2024 Function of Beauty Reviews | Our No-B.S. Take

Custom beauty products (haircare and skincare) made with natural, clean ingredients – that’s what Function of Beauty is all about, but is this beauty brand worthy of the hype?

We’re taking an honest look at FoB products, ingredients, pricing, and customer service to find out. Does it actually make a difference to buy custom-mixed haircare and skincare products formulated for your hair and skin type?

Or are you better off buying one-size-fits-all products? We’re on a mission to see if FoB’s personalized beauty products are worthy of your attention.

About the Function of Beauty Brand

You wouldn’t use someone else’s contact lenses or Invisalign aligners – why should we all be using the same beauty product formulas when our hair and skincare needs vary so widely? That’s the question Function of Beauty asked and it’s the heart and basis of the brand. 

Function of Beauty was founded in 2015 with one purpose: Making totally customizable haircare (and now skincare) for individuals who want tailored products that are designed to help them meet their beauty goals. 

Instead of picking a mass-formulated shampoo designed for really wide ranges of people and hair types, using FoB products means you get science-backed recommendations and formulas designed just for you.

We’re naturally intrigued by this concept – not that it’s a new one, but Function of Beauty’s more affordable prices and wider product range make it really appealing compared to similar custom beauty brands we’ve tried like Prose. 

Function of Beauty offers full ranges and lineups of haircare and body/skincare products that are 100% customizable based on your needs and goals. For this review, we’re concentrating on the haircare side of the brand for the sake of being thorough and more narrowly focused. 

It’s a great idea on paper and we’re always up for trying out clean beauty products made with natural, effective ingredients. So let’s take a closer look at Function of Beauty and how their ordering/customization process works!

How It Works

So, how does the Function of Beauty haircare customization process work? We went through the quiz and product customization options and found it really simple and straightforward. There were tons of explanations and options to tweak each formula to suit your hair’s specific needs. 

Step 1: Take the Quiz

It all starts by taking a quick quiz on the Function of Beauty website to determine your hair type, any specific needs or ingredient customizations you have, and to discover your overall hair goals. 

You’ll answer a few questions about your hair texture, strand thickness, dryness/oil level, hair color, and your usual chemical processing habits.

Then you’ll have a chance to select any of your personal hair goals from a big list including things like color protection, lengthen, shine, or volumize.

You’ll tell FoB how you usually style your hair (air dry, curling iron, blow dryer, etc.) to assess your current level of damage. Your style goals (like volume, smoothness, or curl definition) are entered along with your preferred amount of hold for styling products.

Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to give your custom hair products a unique name, fragrance (or go fragrance-free), and fragrance strength level to really make it your own.

We loved that there were so many fragrance options – 9 in all if you consider Fragrance Free as an additional option. So far, so good!

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Step 2: Get Your Customized Formula

After submitting your quiz answers, you’ll get your results instantly. You’ll get to see the different ingredients in your custom formulas and how they will address your hair’s specific needs and goals, which we found really helpful and made the process a little more personalized.

One of our testers discovered her hair was typed as wavy, fine, and oily using the FoB quiz. This confirmed the results she got with our own hair type quiz – Type 2A waves.

We liked that the FoB quiz seems to deliver accurate results by asking the right questions about hair. Customized products wouldn’t do much good if the quiz didn’t accurately type your hair! 

Step 3: Fully Customize Your Products

Once you’ve checked out the special ingredients that will be added to your custom product formulas, you can move on to the product order page. From there, you can choose your favorite colors and sizes for each product, from shampoo and conditioner to leave-ins, styling primer, and hair masks. 

You can make all your products the same color to uniformly “color code” your haircare system or choose different shades for each step to make them easy to tell apart. We liked that there was also a dye-free option for many of the products. 

Add and remove the products you want from your order on this page. You might only want to add shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in conditioner to your order, or maybe you’re building a full haircare routine with your order. 

You can choose from a one-time purchase for each product or subscribe to Function With Benefits membership program to get your products delivered on a regular schedule (every 1, 2, or 3 months).

You can learn more about the Function With Benefits program and the perks it comes with later in the guide. 

Function of Beauty Haircare Products

Function of beauty reviews showing a woman getting custom-made hair products


FoB’s customized haircare products are their flagship offering and there are tons of options to choose from. After you take the hair quiz, you’ll be presented with an array of hair products tailored to suit your hair’s specific needs and to help you meet your hair goals.

From cleansing products (shampoo, conditioner, purple shampoo, co wash) to treatments and styling products/tools, Function of Beauty customizes formulas for every single product using the ingredients that match your hair type and goals. 

While your products will be tailored to meet your hair goals and needs, you can generally expect each product to do the following:

  • Shampoo: Cleanse, remove buildup, and boost shine
  • Conditioner: Moisturize, soften, and hydrate
  • Leave-in conditioner: Detangle, soften, and hydrate
  • Hair mask: Deep treatment to strengthen, smooth, and reduce breakage
  • Styling primer: Prep and protect from heat and UV rays
  • Purple shampoo: Cleanse and tone blonde and silver hair
  • Purple conditioner: Condition and tone blonde and silver hair
  • Purple mask: Bust brassiness in blonde/silver hair and condition with oils
  • Hair serum: Fight frizz, breakage, and dryness
  • Co wash: Low-foam cleanse for curly and coily hair

Miscellaneous Products and Tools

FoB also offers a few haircare tools that you can include as a one-time order (these won’t be delivered every 1, 2, or 3 months if you choose a subscription). 

  • Wide-tooth hair comb: Gently detangles hair pre- and post-wash
  • Travel toiletry set: 4 reusable travel bottles, FoB hair ties, and holographic bag

With 10 haircare products and 2 miscellaneous product/tool options, there’s enough here to build out a complete haircare routine from scratch. We do like that you can select only the products you need or want to purchase one time or as part of an ongoing subscription – this totally fits with Function of Beauty’s customization model. 

Function of Beauty Pricing

How much does Function of Beauty haircare actually cost? This is the part that can make or break our decision to try a new brand. If it’s too expensive, it’s not something many people are willing to shell out money to experiment with.

While they’re not cheap, we were surprised to find that FoB products are more affordable than similar custom haircare brands like Prose.

A single 8.5 ounce bottle of Prose custom shampoo is $28, while a similarly-sized bottle of custom shampoo is $20 with Function of Beauty. You also get the option to get larger 16 ounce bottles that last a little longer. 

Take a look at the current pricing on each Function of Beauty product below. You’ll see that some products are only offered in one size – these are the leave-ins, masks, and styling products. 

ProductSmall (3-8 Ounce)Large (16 Ounce)
Shampoo$20 (8 oz)$25/$20 FWB*
Conditioner$20 (8 oz)$25/$20 FWB*
Leave-In Conditioner$20 (8 oz)--
Hair Mask$20 (7.5 oz)--
Styling Primer$29 (6 oz)--
Purple Shampoo$20 (8 oz)$25/$20 FWB*
Purple Conditioner$20 (8 oz)$25/$20 FWB*
Purple Mask$20 (7.5 oz)--
Hair Serum$25/$20 FWB* (3 oz)--
Co Wash$20 (8 oz)30

*FWB: Price with Function With Benefits Membership and First Order Offer

We want to point out that there are some price differences on the larger bottles of the different shampoo and conditioner options. The larger 16 ounce bottles are priced at $25/each, but signing up for the Function With Benefits member program when you place your first order will instantly discount the bottle price by $5 to make it $20. 

You have to get at least 2 products to unlock the maximum first order discount of $10 off. If you only want to try the shampoo or conditioner for your first order, you’ll get $5 off your order. Good to know! 

Overall, Function of Beauty products are pretty affordable (though nowhere near drugstore cheap). They’re priced on-par with salon brands and have the added benefit of being custom-tailored to your hair’s specific needs. 

Function of Beauty Discounts and Promos

Who doesn’t love great discounts and promos? We did some digging to uncover some of the ways you can get discounts and take advantage of promotions on Function of Beauty products.

These include:

  • Sign up for texts to get 10% off your first order
  • Take 25% off your order as a student with the student discount
  • Subscribe to Function With Benefits to take up to $10 off your first order and get 10% off on all orders, free hair treatments every 4 orders, and free shipping
  • Get freebies throughout the year with limited-time promo codes sent to your phone or email

Honest Function of Beauty Reviews

Let’s face it – reviews are the first thing we look at when we’re thinking about trying a new beauty brand. Reviews give us insight into how other customers are liking their products and can also offer a peek into how a brand handles their customer service, shipping, and order issues.

Function of Beauty gets excellent reviews from customers ordering different custom formulas for their hair type and goals.

The average review is 4.7 to 5 stars and there are currently more than 100,000 authentic reviews on the website. That’s pretty impressive, so let’s take a look at what customers are saying about these products. 

5 Star Reviews

Function of Beauty Real User Reviews in a Blue Graphic

“This is amazing smelling. I purchased the cherry blossom for both my shampoo and conditioner and oh my lanta! Amazing smell, and the softness of my hair it doesnt feel coarse or anything! This is after one use! I’ve noticed it feels healthier already too. I literally could run my fingers through my wet hair to get a kind of wide tooth comb effect. I could NEVER do that with Olaplex, Hairatage, etc! 10 out of 10 RECOMMEND.” -User Alexis

“I’ve been using the shampoo and conditioner for about a year now and I absolutely love the formula. I noticed that I shed significantly less hair now than I did with other shampoo brands. My hair and scalp feel so clean, I don’t feel buildup, oily, or itchy. Now I wash my hair only 3 times a week vs. before I washed my hair almost everyday. I’ve enjoyed all the scents I tried so far (pear, mango, peach) and the peach scent is my favorite so far. I enjoy picking out the formulas, colors, and scents for each delivery. The price is worth it because the products last for a very long time, I end up delaying deliveries because I’m not done yet!” -User Caroline

“I absolutely love it!! I’ve been struggling for years to find shampoo and conditioner that doesn’t dry out my hair but also manages the oiliness of my hair. I have very oily hair. I could skip washing my hair for one day and it will literally look like I haven’t washed it for several days. After getting Function I don’t have to wash my hair as often and it doesn’t get stupid oily PLUS my hair still stays hydrated and doesn’t dry out either. Best of both worlds which I thought wasn’t possible. I LOVE having my hair long and now that I’ve started using Function I love it even more.” -User Adina Carico

“I’ve tried the shampoo, conditioner, leave-in and hair serum, and I love it all. Love the scents, the look and most of all the results. My hair has never felt softer, shinier and healthier. And it takes me a while to get through the big bottles, which is lovely – my hair is quite long and medium thick I guess for info. Also, I have psoriasis, and I know everyone’s experience is different, but my scalp feels happy with the products – nothing else has worked great for me except prescription medicine.” -User Cecilie

“I had gotten my hair bleached and dyed so it was a dry and brittle mess. I’ve done about four washes and there is already a BIG difference. My hair feels soft and light, and so healthy. I love a strong scented shampoo and conditioner, and Functions of Beauty didn’t disappoint. The mint and eucalyptus fragrance smells amazing and lasts all day. I’m never going back to store bought shampoo. You can’t beat a formula scientifically designed for your hair.” -User Keely Ford-Blackwell

4 Star Reviews

“I have been using Function of Beauty shampoo and conditioner for a few years now. The scents are my favorite thing about the product! My hair smells great for awhile after using the products. Getting to customize based on what your hair might need is also great since everyone has different needs. I always have a stock pile of shampoo and conditioners and I will continue to use these for years to come!” -User Shelly Masse

“I love the customizable shampoo and conditioner!!! I have naturally thick, curly hair and recently bought the curly hair shampoo and conditioner that is being sold now at Target and I was very disappointed with these products…I would not recommend the products being sold at Target, but love the customizable products I have bought from the website! I have also tried the skincare line and was very impressed with the results!” -User Lauren

“I loved this product so much! I have thick hair and the only conditioner that made it not greasy was the function of beauty, given by a friend. The only thing is how expensive it is for just shampoo and conditioner. I know it’s not JUST shampoo and conditioner, it’s something customized and made in labs just for our benefit…I think they would make a lot more money and customers if they reduced the price by at least 20 dollars.” -User Gabrielle

“Overall I feel like this product does what it’s supposed to do. It feels good in my hair, my hair doesn’t get majorly tangled while shampooing, it doesn’t turn my hair and a straw and strip all of the natural oils and every thing good out of it. I have very long hair and I find that I don’t need a ton of product to get it clean well. If you’re looking for scent free or lightly scented products then I would definitely recommend this as a great option.” -User Stella

“I had received my first shampoo and conditioner set with the bottle and pumps broken. Customer service was super quick and sent me a replacement of both immediately. The shampoo smells amazing. I think it lathers really well too.” -User Julia Chen

Function of Beauty Pros and Cons

We’ve checked out the brand basics, the quiz and customization process, their products, and prices. We’ve been keeping a running tally of the things we like and the things we’re a little disappointed with, so let’s dive in. 

Pros: What We Like About FoB

  • Custom formulas: Being able to tailor your entire haircare routine specifically to fit your hair type and goals? That’s definitely a pro and one we can all get behind. Whether your hair is pin-straight and oily or coily and dry, you’ll be able to build custom-formulated products to help you get your mane where you want it. 
  • Excellent reviews: Function of Beauty gets rave reviews from customers – 4.7 to 5 stars on average with more than 100K reviews. It’s a great sign to see that so many customers are submitting incredibly positive reviews for their custom-formulated products. This many reviews and a high star average indicates FoB is making effective products that people love using. 
  • Clean ingredients: Every FoB product is formulated with no sulfates, parabens, phthalates, or gluten. They’re all 100% vegan and certified cruelty-free (never tested on animals). You can choose to make your custom formula fragrance-free, dye-free, or silicone-free to keep your ingredient list as clean as possible. 
  • Eco-friendly: All FoB shampoo and conditioner bottles are made with 100% recycled plastic and can be recycled after use to keep plastic out of the landfills. Since the products are all made in the USA, there’s less transportation required (and fewer emissions) to ship the products. Bottles are designed to minimize waste and unnecessary packaging. 
  • Made to order in the US: Since all products are custom-made for each customer, they’re not mixed up months or years in advance in huge batches that sit on shelves for ages. Instead, all products are made to order in the USA. 
  • Backed by science: FoB has an in-house Research & Development center to test and optimize their ingredients and products every step of the way. There are no untested ingredients or formulas – FoB has mixed up thousands of custom formulas and uses a team of dermatologists and stylists to make sure each one is up to par. 
  • Subscription benefits: The Function With Benefits membership program unlocks free shipping on every order and you can adjust it to auto-deliver your haircare products every 1, 2, or 3 months. Members get first access to new products, exclusive scents and colors, and free reformulation on products that missed the mark. You can also pause, edit, or cancel your subscriptions at any time. 
  • No-risk ordering: Placing an order for custom hair products through a brand you haven’t used before can be a little scary. We like that FoB has a You x Function contract that allows you to get a free reformulation if your first order doesn’t meet your expectations or isn’t right for your hair. 

Cons: What We Don’t Dig About FoB

  • A little pricey: Sure, it’s not as expensive as high-end salon brands or similar custom haircare brands like Prose, but Function of Beauty is not cheap. With prices that start at $20 for shampoo and conditioner, it’s safe to say that this brand is a little pricey when you consider how cheap non-customized lower-end products are. 
  • You must ID what your hair needs: During the quiz process, you’re expected to choose a few hair goals so FoB can mix up the right formula to help you get there. That’s great if you’re sure about what you want – no frizz, more shine, lots of volume, etc. If you’re not really sure what your hair needs, it can be hard to choose the right goals and customizations for your formulas. 
  • Can’t package multiple sets in 1 order: If you’re placing an order and want to gift someone with a custom haircare set, you won’t be able to do it all in one order at this time. You’ll need to submit your first order and log in again to place another, which will ship separately. Shipping is free if you’re subscribed to FWB!
  • Shipping takes a week: Since your products will be custom formulated after you place your order, it can take roughly a week before your products arrive (longer for international orders). In the US, you can usually expect to receive your order within a week of purchase. 
  • Product line at Target not as great: While the FoB product line sold at Target is cheaper than the custom products sold online at $9.99 each, they’re not fully customizable and we found a few reviews from customers who didn’t get the same results with these ready-made products. 

So, Is Function of Beauty a Good Choice for Custom Haircare?

Image of a woman preparing a gift basket for a piece on real Function of Beauty user reviews

Natalia Mir/Shutterstock

Tallying everything up, it’s clear that there are a lot more pros than cons with Function of Beauty. From the custom formulas, excellent reviews, and bonuses you get with FWB subscriptions to the eco-friendly packaging and heavily-researched ingredients and formulas, there’s a lot to love about this brand. 

You’re getting clean ingredients in a custom formula that is specifically tailored to suit your strands and help you meet the loftiest hair goals.

Heck, they even have a cheaper, ready-made product line for different hair types you can buy in-store or online at Target if you’re on a budget but still want to see what all the buzz is about. 

But we’re realistic, so we’re not going to ignore some of the drawbacks we came across while digging deep into Function of Beauty. Price is easily the biggest con here and may be a roadblock for those on a tight beauty budget.

It’s not cheap at $20-$25 per bottle of shampoo or conditioner, though there are several ways to get discounts and free products as a subscribed FWB member. 

The quiz is super helpful and straightforward, but it does require you to have a good idea of what your hair needs and where it’s lacking. Luckily, you can reformulate and edit your order before your next subscription order is mixed up and shipped if you want to tweak your formula. 

It can be a little time-consuming if you want to order a set as a gift (or just to try an additional custom formula) without the ability to add multiple sets to one order.

Shipping also takes a week or more since they’re custom products (sorry, Amazon has us spoiled here) and the cheaper Target line doesn’t seem to be as beloved by customers. But all things considered, the pros far outweigh the cons here.

Function of Beauty can help you meet all the needs and demands of your strands with custom formulated products shipped straight to you as often as you want, and that’s pretty much every beauty lover’s dream. 

If you can swing the price, we’d definitely recommend signing up and placing a trial order (don’t forget to take advantage of that first order discount!) to see if FoB works as well for you as it has for the 100K others who’ve left glowing reviews.