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How Should I Cut My Hair? Quiz | It’s Only 5 Questions!

Upcoming haircut got you scrambling for ideas? Find out what kind of cut will look best on you and flatter your features. Discover your ideal haircut with our How Should I Cut My Hair quiz! 

Overwhelmed With Haircut Options? Start Here.

Woman pondering the results of our how should I cut my hair quiz

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Getting a new haircut can completely transform your look. In an ideal world, the transformation would always be beautiful. But we live in reality, where haircuts sometimes look like garbage and seemingly saddle our faces with 10 extra pounds.  

It’s no secret that choosing your next haircut can be an overwhelming, anxiety-provoking process. If you’re not quite sure what you want, the thousands of haircut options out there can paralyze you from making any decision. 

And if that happens, you’ll sit with your current haircut and style for a few more months. Or years. Of the same, boring, played-out look that you’re desperate to be done with. 

No more, sis. We say it’s time to take the reins back. Today is the day that you find the perfect, flattering hairstyle to suit your face shape and features while hitting every check mark on your ideal haircut list. 

We built a quick and easy quiz to make choosing your next haircut a whole lot simpler. Answer a few questions about your preferences and hair type and we’ll be able to show you how you should cut your hair. You don’t have to listen, of course (you’re taking the reins back, remember?).

But we think you’re going to love the flattering haircut we customize for your face shape, hair type, and preferences. Keep scrolling to take the quiz and find out once and for all how you should cut your hair!

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How Should I Cut My Hair? Quiz

How should I cut my hair? Quiz results will show you the type of haircut you’d look amazing in when you answer 5 easy-peasy questions. Tell us about your face shape, preferences, and what kind of look you’re going for. We’ll do the rest! 

You Took the Quiz. Now What?

Now that you’ve got an idea of how you should cut your hair next, let’s take a look at what makes a haircut flattering for your face shape. 

Try a Short Face-Framing Cut

Short hair results of our how should I cut my hair quiz

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Short cuts scream confidence and put your best features on full display. Sleek, bold, and with nothing to hide, a short haircut is a fun way to wake up your look and fall in love with your mane all over again.

Try a short, face-framing cut to show off your best features and flatter your face shape! Some popular options include:

  • For oval faces: A classic-yet-edgy pixie cut with side-swept long bangs and short, tapered sides is ideal for an oval face like yours. Pump up the volume on top with a little root lift spray for added oomph! 
  • For round faces: A chin-length bob would suit you best – just make sure you avoid blunt bangs. Any cut that hits right above the chin will sculpt your jawline to slim your face. 
  • For square faces: Try a pixie with a side-styled quiff (much longer bangs) to soften and round out a square face. Focusing the weight of your haircut on top draws the eye up, softening the jawline and creating a flattering volume boost up top. 
  • For heart faces: A chin-length bob that tucks under at the ends + a heavy blunt bang is perfect for heart faces. The length draws the eye to your dainty chin and jawline and visually bulks up the area for a more balanced look. The bangs help ‘shape’ the face to visually shrink the forehead’s width while filling out the jaw. 

Try Medium Shoulder-Skimming Styles

Medium hair results of our how should you cut your hair quiz

Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

We think a medium-length, shoulder-skimming style is going to be perfect for you. You have a lot of options – the trendy lob, shoulder-length blunt cuts, heavily layered wolf cuts, and more are popular medium-length cuts.

Here’s what medium-length cut will look best on your face shape:

  • For oval faces: Take advantage of your natural symmetry with a shoulder-length, blunt cut lob. You don’t need a lot of layers or bangs to make this cut work – it’s pretty because of its simplicity. Play with straight, wavy, and curly textures, rock a middle part, or switch it to the side for different looks. 
  • For round faces: Collarbone-grazing haircuts with wispy bangs are ideal for round faces. The eye is drawn to where the hair ends (the collarbone, in this case), so it’s a really slimming and flattering style. Add wispy curtain bangs or bottleneck bangs to shape the cut and highlight your striking cheekbones! 
  • For square faces: Angular faces look great with a softly layered lob, with or without bangs. Long layers help shape the cut and remove any bluntness for a softer look. Style with waves or curls to transform your square shape into a more oval look. 
  • For heart faces: Shoulder-grazing layered cuts – even the extremely layered wolf cut/shag – are just right for heart faces. Heavy layering at the ends adds bulk to the bottom portion of the cut, filling out the dainty chin and jaw most heart faces have. Add side-swept bangs or a full blunt bang to polish the look. 

Try Long, Free-Flowing Haircuts

Long hair results of our how should I cut my hair quiz

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Can we call you Rapunzel? Because we can tell that a long, flowing hairstyle is just what you need. Free-flowing length is ultra-feminine and suitable for all face shapes. Plus, there are dozens of ways to rock long haircuts depending on your layering, bangs, texture, and part line! Here’s a look at what long hairstyle will look best on you. 

  • For oval faces: Long hairstyles are so perfectly matched for oval, naturally symmetrical faces! Try a slight side part (it’ll boost volume on top) with gentle beachy waves that exaggerate your length with lots of bends and curves. Long, wispy layering throughout with a little more layering around your face will take this look over the top! 
  • For round faces: Length visually slims and lengthens round faces, so embrace your inner Rapunzel and rock your long locks with an off-center part and face-framing layers. You’ll hide the edges of your face, making it appear more oval with this particular style. 
  • For square faces: Long cuts need softness and shape to look amazing on square faces, so avoid blunt, one-length cuts and opt for lots of layering and softly textured waves or curls to soften the look. Layers from midshaft to the ends will be the most flattering! 
  • For heart faces: Wearing long hairstyles is a great way to disguise the small jaw and visually balance your facial features. Try a side part with long layers that begin at the chin level to concentrate attention on the overall length and your amazing eyes and cheekbones! 

Not sure about your results? Try our virtual hairstyle try-on app to experiment with any length, color, and style you like!

You’ll be able to see what any style looks like on you when you upload your photo and drag and drop different looks on. Learn more about our app here: Virtually Try on Hairstyles for Free | We Built an App!  

The Only “How Should I Cut My Hair Quiz” You Need!

Woman who just took our how should i cut my hair quiz

Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

It’s always such a struggle to come up with a cute new haircut when you’re feeling ready for a change. We hope our quiz helped you find some new and unexpected ideas for how you should cut your hair next! 

Whether you’re after a short and sassy pixie, a posh bob, a casual shoulder-skimming lob, or long and flowing styles, it’s essential that you know how to pick a haircut that’s going to look as good on you as it does in your mind. 

When you answered each quiz question, it forced you to think a bit about what your ideal haircut or look is. Hopefully, you took a little inspiration for your next look from the quiz and got an idea of the type of cut that’s going to be the most flattering on you. 

Your next haircut is a chance to do something a little different – or maybe something totally out of your comfort zone that you’ll end up falling in love with. 

And if you prefer sticking with your old standby favorites, that’s okay, too! You can still use the suggestions in your quiz results to add elements (bangs, layers, etc.) that will shake up your look just a bit and make it more flattering for your face shape. 

We hope the How Should I Cut My Hair quiz has given you some workable haircut options to consider! Before you run off to make an appointment or start snipping away yourself, remember: It’s only hair, and it always grows back. Why not try something new and fun?