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Champagne Blonde vs. Ash Blonde | Yes, They’re Different!

Understanding champagne blonde vs. ash blonde can help you to select the shade that’s right for you. They are two of the hottest blonde shades around, and both can make you look more refreshed, younger, and vibrant. 

Champagne Blonde vs. Ash Blonde: A Summary

Although champagne blonde and ash blonde are similar, there are some significant and essential differences between the two. The correct color for you hinges on many factors, like whether you have warm or cool skin tones, how often you dye your hair, and whether you want something more classic or dramatic.

Champagne blonde is a warmer, more neutral shade, whereas ash-blonde tends to be cooler.

There are also different variations to both shades. You can go really warm and bright with champagne blonde and almost gray with ash blonde. It’s totally up to you and your personal preferences.

Regardless of whether you opt for champagne blonde or ash blonde, it’s a good idea to keep your lovely locks looking fresh with a violet or purple shampoo.

Depending on how light your hair color is, you might want to use these types of shampoos once or twice a week to avoid staining your locks. In addition, purple or violet shampoos and regular treatments can help you maintain your look and avoid going too brassy.  

What Is Champagne Blonde?

Woman with champagne blonde hair to compare champagne blonde hair vs. ash blonde hair


Champagne blonde is a versatile, easy-to-wear shade that strikes a good balance between cool and warm tones. Although it’s more of a neutral shade, it’s anything but boring, and multiple celebrities like Elle Macpherson and Sienna Miller are on the champagne blonde train.

One of the reasons people adore champagne blonde is that it looks multi-dimensional, and although it has plenty of bright color, it’s never too brassy.

Benefits of Champagne Blonde Dye

Dying your hair champagne blonde can give it a lovely layered look that gives off the impression of dyed and highlighted hair. The secret is in champagne blonde’s natural undertones, which give your locks lift and definition.

Since it’s not as bold as platinum blonde, many people can wear this shade and look phenomenal. 

Also, since champagne blonde gives your hair a lot of texture and definition, it’s an excellent pick for people with damaged or breakable locks. And thanks thanks to champagne blonde’s natural highlights, your split ends and frizz will be far less noticeable.

What Is Ash Blonde?

Woman with ash blonde hair for a piece on ash blonde vs champagne blonde hair

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shuttertock

Ash-blonde hair falls on the other end of the spectrum. Instead of adding light and layers to your hair, it adds a subtle dose of sultriness and depth.

In addition, ash-blonde is a cool color, which means that you’re less likely to get the pesky brassiness that you could find with a more buttery huge. It’s also very sophisticated and easy to maintain, and you can dress it up with highlights or balayage. 

Benefits of Ash Blonde

While some blonde shades can look too brassy or bright, ash blonde is a more subtle and chic variation on blonde hair dye. Nuanced ash blonde is a cooler tone that won’t compete with more dramatic hairstyles or makeup.

More dramatic ash blonde can look gray or even blue-gray and is a statement all of its own. One of the huge upsides to opting for ash blonde is that you can get as dramatic as you’d like with it without sacrificing style. 

Determining Which Shade Is Right for You

If you’re trying to choose between champagne blonde vs. ash blonde, it helps to understand your particular skin tone. If you have cooler tones, ash blonde is more likely to compliment your complexion.

Conversely, people with cooler skin tones will do better with champagne blonde. To determine your skin tone, look at your veins. People with warm skin tones tend to have green veins, and those with cooler skin tones have blue veins.

If you’re having trouble figuring out if your veins are green or blue, think about what kind of jewelry you wear. Silver jewelry looks better on people with cool skin tones, and gold looks great on those with warmer skin tones. 

Once you’ve determined whether you have warm or cool skin tones, you can start to think about the different shades of champagne blonde or ash blonde.

It could be wise to look at various celebrities for inspiration. You can also bring pictures of these celebrities to your hair appointment and talk to your stylist about whether or not they could recreate the look.

Champagne blonde celebrities include:

  • Madonna
  • Reese Witherspoon
  • Emma Roberts

Ash-blonde celebrities include:

  • Kim Kardashian 
  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Beyonce

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have concerns about finding the absolute right blonde shade for you, don’t worry. These frequently asked questions and answers will help you look your absolute best, whether you opt for champagne blonde or ash blonde.

What kind of color does champagne blonde qualify as?

Champagne blonde is a neutral color, which means it falls between warm and cool, although it does look better on people with warm skin tones. Although champagne blonde is light and summery, it’s not as buttery as some warmer blondes or dramatic as a color like platinum blonde.

What color will my ash blonde eventually look like?

Ash-blonde has plenty of deeper, cooler color in it. At first, your ash blonde might look very dramatic or even darker than you expect. Over time, ash-blonde tends to fade into lighter blonde or even bright blonde. You can counteract this by getting regular hair treatments or using a purple shampoo to keep the color from turning brassy.

How can I keep my ash blonde fresh?

If you want to maintain your ash blonde look for the long run, purple shampoo can be your best friend. Purple keeps your original color looking as fresh as possible, but it also eliminates brassiness from your hair. Brassiness makes your hair look too light or even yellowy. There’s a scientific reason why purple shampoo banishes brass; violent and yellow are opposite colors.

Can I use champagne toner on my hair?

Absolutely. Champagne blonde toner is an excellent idea for people who either temporarily want to try out the champagne blonde hair color or boost their existing dye job. Champagne toner does have a little bit of color in it, but it’s not as dramatic as champagne blonde hair dye. Instead, the toner evens out your hair and makes it look less brassy.

Is champagne blonde good for warm or cool skin tones?

Champagne blonde might be a neutral color, but it’s much better for people with warmer skin tones, and it can even wash out people with cooler skin tones. If you’re not sure if champagne blonde will look good on you, ask your stylist to put in some highlights first.

Champagne Blonde vs. Ash Blonde: Final Thoughts

Both ash blonde and champagne blonde are super hot colors right now. The difference between them is that ash blonde is a cool-toned shade that gives your hair tons of depth.

And champagne blonde will provide you with plenty of definition and can brighten up your overall look. Finding the right one for you lies in whether your skin tone is warm or cool.