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30 Trendy Hairstyles for Asian Men in 2024

Looking for examples of the best Asian men hairstyles? This guide is for you. We’ll show you hair inspiration photos that range from classic and conservative to trend-setting and edgy.

Why Asian Men Hairstyles Are Unique

Hairstyles for Asian men aren’t all that different from hairstyles for other hair types. But they should take the hair’s unique texture and thickness into account for the best overall look.

Asian men typically have thick, straight hair that is perfect for hairstyles with volume, height, and a longer top. Luckily, these types of hairstyles are very popular right now. And your lush, dark hair will make them look even better on you.

There are countless trendy hairstyles for men with this hair type. We’ll show you lots of examples that might inspire you to try a new style. 

30 Popular Asian Men Hairstyles in 2024

Here are the 30 most popular hairstyles for Asian guys who want to make the most of their thick and healthy hair. 

1. Brushed Forward and Choppy

Asian man hair featuring a guy crossing his arms and looking straight at the camera

Tirachard Kumtanom/Shutterstock

This hairstyle is perfectly suited for super straight hair. Brushed forward, it covers the forehead and shows off the choppy, layered ends for a casual vibe. 

2. Taper With Deep Side Part

One of the most popular asian men hairstyles is a simple brushed over crop


A deep side part gives your hair a boost of volume, especially if you take the time to blow dry it in the opposite direction you want to part it in. Tapered sides keep the cut from looking puffy.

3. Clean Cut Classic Fade

Asian man rocking a popular hairstyle and wearing a grey crew neck shirt with a pocket in the front

Rachata Teyparsit/Shutterstock

Classic fades start midway down the head and progressively get shorter toward the bottom. With a medium length on top, the hair is long enough to brush back and to the side for a clean cut look. 

4. Casually Slicked Back

Asian man with an asian men hairstyle crossing his arms and smiling at the camera in a white v neck


Slicking the hair back is a dressier look, but you can dress it down by letting some of the longer pieces fall forward or over to the side. Use a little gel or pomade in the top of the hair to guide it backward, then lightly tousle it to get this undone look. 

5. Diagonal Parted Retro Wave

Young asian man with a laptop and a coffee on the table looks at his computer in a coffee shop

Dragon Images/Shutterstock

Switch things up with a diagonal part and a slight wave on the side. Volume is the key to keep this style from looking flat. 

6. Pushed up With Shaved Part

For a piece on asian men haircuts, a guy in a white button up crosses his arms and grins in a studio


Bring a cool geometric twist to this popular pushed back style with a shaved part that stands out at an angle. A little gel will hold thick Asian hair up and back in this pompadour-esque style. 

7. Medium Length Faux Hawk

Young man sitting at his mac with a phone in his hand and holding a cup of tea

Dragon Images/Shutterstock

Faux hawks are a great way to style hair that has more length on top than on the back and sides. Use gel to comb the hair on top up and toward the center. 

8. Short Fade

For a piece on asian men hairstyles, a well-dressed guy smiles at the camera in an office


If you have shorter hair on top, you can have the sides faded to get a strong, masculine look. This style can be worn professionally or tousled a bit on top for a more casual look. 

9. Up and Out Fringe

Young asian man with an up and out fringe haircut holds his hands together

Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock

If you don’t like to style your hair back and off your face, try the up and out fringe. Your naturally thick hair will have lots of volume up front, and a little styling product enables you to comb the bangs up front outward for a different look. 

10. Styled Side Part

Man with a gingham blue button up rocks a standard asian man hairstyle and smiles in a studio

Hans Kim/Shutterstock

Guys that don’t mind pulling out the hair dryer can easily get a style like this if the hair is long enough! A side part gives you a little fringe to cover the forehead. Use a round brush with a little mousse or gel in the hair to get the soft, tucked under ends. 

11. Deep Parted High Fade

Attractive asian man smiles as he runs and his hairstyle is perfect while outdoors


High fades are great on Asian hair because the contrast from long to shaved is even more eye-catching with the intensely dark hair color. A deep part set with a little gel gives it a dressed-up yet modern look. 

12. Wavy Two Block

Side profile of an asian man looking straight ahead in a studio on a grey backdrop

Tom Wang/Shutterstock

Two block haircuts are shaved underneath with much longer hair sweeping over the sides. With a little wave on top, this style is modern and casual. 

13. Refreshed Bowl Cut

Refreshed bowl cut on an asian man in a pink shirt

Atstock Productions/Shutterstock

Bowl cuts are back in a big way. If your hair has lots of body, you can pull off this look with a slightly uneven fringe. This haircut is becoming very popular among young Asian men.

14. High Drop Fade With Side Part

High drop fade with side part as an asian man hairstyle on a guy with a phone in his hand


High fades are perfect for Asian hair that tends to get puffy on the sides. The high fade keeps the areas below the temples short, while the drop fade keeps plenty of length on the back of the crown. 

15. Tousled Wavy Taper

Tousled wavy taper that is a popular asian men hairstyle

Tom Wang/Shutterstock

If you like a mix between clean cut and casual, this tousled style may be for you. It features a long top with a little wavy texture and shorter back and sides to keep it from looking messy. 

16. Brushed Forward Short Crop

Older man with a grey beard has a popular asian man hairstyle and wears an elegant turtleneck


This overall short style keeps a tiny bit of extra length on top. That allows you to brush it forward without the hair covering your forehead. 

17. Ponytail With Undercut

Side profile of an asian man with a faded man bun in a scarf and long jacket


A shaved undercut in the front adds interest to this unique style. If your hair is long enough to pull into a low ponytail, try this out. This is an increasing popular Asian men haircut.

18. Long Side Swept Fade

Young asian man trying his hardest to be serious wearing a puffed up long tapered fade on his head


This fade has a stark contrast between the long, side-swept hair on top and the progressively shorter sides and back. It’s a trendy look that will require some time to style. 

19. Classic Shaved Fade

Classic shaved fade, a staple asian men haircut among the youths, wears glasses and looks at the camera


Who doesn’t love a fade that is shaved to the skin? This style takes advantage of the height your hair can naturally achieve thanks to its thickness on top. 

20. Taper With Long Bangs

Classic long taper cut on an asian man walking under a bridge while wearing headphones

Bangs can change the look of a haircut or style. Keep the front long while the back and sides are tapered to a shorter length. Wear the bangs to the side or pushed back for different looks. 

21. Combed Over

Asian man in an unbuttoned long sleeve shirt smiling and looking at a laptop


A little tapering on the sides and back give this look that clean-cut vibe. Keeping the top long enough to push back and comb over ensures your hair doesn’t get in your eyes or cover your forehead. 

22. Medium Curly Taper

Young asian man without a shirt wears a popular asian men hairstyle of a spikey long updo

David Ryo/Shutterstock

Medium-length curly hair that begins to taper at the ear level is a casual style that’s easy to manage. Smooth a little gel or mousse into damp hair and let it do it’s thing!

23. Medium Length Drop Fade

Asian man wearing a medium length drop fade haircut


Drop fades are getting more and more popular with Asian men. Especially the younger generation. It’s a great way to wear the fade trend in a unique way. Keep the top medium long for the best contrast. 

24. Medium Length Mushroom Taper

Happy asian teenager looking at a phone and wearing a popular asian man hairstyle popular among the youths


A medium-long top that tapers into a shorter back and sides is a youthful, on-trend look. Brushed forward with the ends slightly turned under using a blow dryer gives it a carefully styled look that balances casual with polished. 

25. Fade With Pushed up Bangs

Young asian man with spikey hair looks straight at the camera in a studio


A classic fade gets an update with bangs that are pushed back and up to stand up straight. Style the hair on top forward with a little gel and use a brush to style the bangs upward. 

26. High Fade With Shaved Part

Man looking at a laptop and wondering what is going on on the screen while sitting in a modernly-decorated living room


A shaved part turns a high fade into a fashion statement. A dab of gel in the hair on top allows you to style it back and to the side to keep it out of your face. 

27. Bangs Twisted Back

Man without a shirt and twisted back bangs holds his hands up to his chin trying to be sensual

Atstock Productions/Shutterstock

Long bangs have a ton of styling options. We love the twist back. While the hair is slightly damp, use a blow dryer and brush to grab the bangs and style them back, turning the brush at the ends to get that twisted look. 

28. Casually Slicked Back

Man with a typical young asian man hairstyle and a goatee and moustache walks outside a closed market and looks off into the distance


A top that is at least a few inches long looks great slicked back. If you prefer a more casual look, let a few strands fall over to the side and use a light or medium hold gel. 

29. French Crop

Young asian man holds his hands out and appears to be perplexed by something happening behind the camera

Atstock Productions/Shutterstock

A French crop is a twist on the Caesar cut with similar blunt-cut short bangs. The hair around the back and sides is kept very short with a little more length on the brushed-forward top. 

30. Buzz Cut

Young man smiles at the camera while standing on a beach and wearing a blue tshirt


Guys who prefer to spend minimal time washing and styling their hair should opt for a one-length short buzz cut. This kind of haircut doesn’t require much to look its best – just regular trims with clippers!

Frequently Asked Quetions

Now that you have some of the most popular hairstyles for Asian men, we’ll show you answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

What hairstyle should I get Asian male?

Asian men tend to look great in a variety of hairstyles. One of the most popular is the undercut and comb-over. This requires shaved sides, which fade into a longer top section. The longer hair is combed over with the help of a medium to firm hold mousse. The undercut offers clean lines, while the comb-over retains a youthful quality.

How do Asian boys style their hair?

Asian hair is known for being thick, which sometimes causes it to stick up. To tame rogue hairs, many Asian boys style their hair directly out of the shower. After a quick towel dry, use pomade or mousse and massage into the roots. Style the damp hair using a comb, and dry into place with a hair dryer, or let it air dry.

How do Asian men cut long hair?

For long hair, a popular look for Asian men is the layered tousled look. This looks great in a low messy bun, achieved by capturing a little more than half of the hair and tying it back. Tug a few strands out at the front, and leave the bottom of the back down for a devil-may-care look.

How do you texturize Asian men hair?

Razored layers are the top way to achieve a textured look in Asian men’s hair. This offers volume and movement without blunt edges or unnatural lines. Gel or mousse helps bring additional life to the hair, texturizing the layers further.

What should Asian men do with their hair?

Asian men have such versatile hair. A popular style is reminiscent of the 2009 Justin Bieber hairdo. It includes a long full bang or fringe, which is brushed forward and to one side. Unlike Bieber’s look, most Asian men wear the sides short and tapered.

Picking the Right Style for Your Hair

An Asian man’s hair is structurally different from Caucasian and African hair. Under a microscope, you can actually see that Asian hair is more rounded, thicker, and stronger than other hair types.

This makes the hair more apt to stand upright when cut short, be very straight, and appear super thick. For these reasons, the styles that men with Asian hair should choose may be a little different than guys with other types of hair.

Know Your Face Shape

Face shape is one of the most important factors in choosing your hairstyle. For example, if you know that your hair is very thick with lots of volume and you have a round face, steer clear of styles with high-volume sides.

Here’s a quick overview of style characteristics each face shape should avoid:

  • Round: Avoid too much volume on the sides, add volume to the top
  • Oval: Avoid too much height on top combined with shaved sides
  • Square: Avoid short bangs (like the french crop or Caesar cut)
  • Heart: Avoid too much height on top, opt for more balanced styles

Watch the Hairline

Asian hair tends to “stack up” at the hairline, pronouncing the thickness. If you’re not careful, styles that are cut very short in the front can cause the hair to stick straight up at the hairline.

Asian men hairstyles that are longer in the front and pushed back can help you manage additional thickness at the hairline. This way, you’ll use your hair’s natural tendencies to work for, not against you.

Beware the Thinning Shears

Since Asian hair is naturally thick and coarse, your stylist might be tempted to pull out the thinning shears and snip away a lot of the body in your hair.

Too much of this makes any haircut shapeless and thins out the ends too much. What’s more, thinning cuts select pieces of hair shorter than the rest. Remember the warning about taking Asian hair too short? Shorter thinned pieces can stand straight up, pushing against the longer hairs and making the overall style look thicker.

Make sure you’re working with a stylist who understands Asian hair and thins the hair only as much as needed with scissors and gradual layers. 

Opt for Full Bangs

Wispy, thin bangs aren’t the best fit for thick, straight hair if you want a style with a fringe. Choosing a hairstyle with full bangs is better for men with Asian hair.

It allows the straight hair to lay normally. Super-straight wispy bangs have a tendency to stick out in different directions and require more styling. Asian men hairstyles range from casual to polished and classic to edgy.

Know your personal style and how much time you’re willing to spend on styling your hair each day before you commit to a new style. Keep your hair’s natural characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses in mind.

This way, you can rock an effortless hairstyle that either follows the trends or sets them. Find a stylist who specializes in cutting and styling your hair type with our salon locator. Just enter your zip code to see which salons are near you.