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30 Sexy Latina Hairstyles We Love in 2024

Latina hairstyles are just like the Latin culture: bold, beautiful, and fashionable. To highlight the flavor and variety of this unique culture, we’ve compiled 30 examples of hairstyles to rock this year.

What Is a Latina Hairstyle?

Each culture has its own variety of unique and fashionable hairstyles, and Latin culture is no exception. The Latina community spotlights so many great hairstyles that work well with the thick, full hair that many Latina women have.

Of course, it’s not only practical but also social –– a Latina hairstyle has as much to do with culture as it does with style. Many Latina hairstyles have their roots in local customs, so if you visit, for example, Mexico and Brazil, you’ll see different hairstyles in each country that reflect the local community and culture. 

While we can’t possibly cover all of the Latina hairstyles out there, we’re going to do our best! We’ve compiled 30 styles that are popular in various Latin regions so you can get inspired and hopefully find your next look. 

1. Long Latina Hair

Young latina woman with long hair in sunglasses stands in front of a bush

Fotoluminate LLC/Shutterstock

Latina women tend to have thick hair, which is great for growing out and wearing long. This may be one the simplest hairstyles on this list, but it’s also one of the most fashionable and recognizable Latina hairstyles.

You’ll commonly see this across both Central and South America, and of course, you’ll also see it on the heads of Latinas who live in other countries because it’s such a reliable style.

Many Latinas have a natural curliness or waviness to their hair, but if you don’t, you can always use a curling iron. This helps give it volume, body, and style.

2. Flowing Braid

Young woman with a latina hairstyle in braids and a black camisole stands with her hand on her hip


Latina hair can also lend itself well to being braided, and if you have enough hair, you can achieve this large, intense braid that falls all the way past the shoulder blades.

The braid is largest at the top, where it almost forms a bun, and tapers as it falls, culminating in a small knot and a tail. The thicker your hair, the easier this style will be for you. You can also change up the length and braid size to better suit your hair.

3. Side Part

Young Mexican woman in a pink floral shirt stands in front of an aging blue sided building


Most often, the side part is traditionally associated with men’s styles, but many women’s styles use it, too. Case in point: this modest yet stylish tied-up side part style. Practical for everyday wear, this hairstyle has the bulk of the hair tied up in the back, so the focus is on the front.

The side part gives this simple style an elegant look. Another great thing about this hairstyle? It’s low maintenance since you’re just tying up and parting your hair. You can use this technique no matter how long (or thick) your hair is.

4. Long Dyed Hair

Young hispanic woman with nice Latina hairstyle that's natural and slightly wavy


Hair dyeing is something that occurs across cultures, and the Latina culture is no exception! Many Latina women choose to dye their hair for various reasons, and blonde is one of the more common colors that you’ll find.

Dirty blonde colors tend to suit Latina complexions nicely, so whether you go for highlights or a whole dye job, you can’t go wrong with this color.

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5. Simple Ponytail

Woman with a bright blue button up shirt stands outside in a wooded area


Similar to the side part style shown above, this hairstyle features tied up hair that results in a simple, no-nonsense look. And it’s so easy! This is basically the simplest way to “style” Latina hair.

This five-minute style is hard to beat in terms of simplicity and usefulness. And it’s an especially great style if you’re highly active and need hair that won’t get messed up easily.

6. Asymmetrical Flow

Pretty young brunette woman with a typical Latina hairstyle of long flowing black hair stands outside on the median of a road


Many Latinas like to keep their hair long, often reaching well past the shoulders, and they’ve come up with many creative ways to style long hair. This asymmetrical look is one of those styles.

While it’s not breaking any new ground, it’s yet another Latina hairstyle that balances fashion and function. The hair is simply taken to one side––that’s all there is to it! Despite the simplicity, when combined with the fullness of Latina hair, this hairstyle looks fantastic.

7. Middle Part

Latina woman with a hairstyle with a part down the middle holds a phone while standing in front of a brightly-colored marketplace

Sam Wordley/Shutterstock

Many hairstyles can simply be defined by how the hair is parted. We’ve already taken a look at the side part, so here’s a middle part style that’s just as simple.

The hair is parted into two distinct “curtains” that are brushed behind the shoulders. This is yet another style that works best with extremely long hair, though it would also look nice with shoulder-length hair.

8. Textured Waves

Young woman stands outside of a street with stairs leading to the sidewalk


If you like the overall look of the middle part but want something a little more dimensional that also gels with shorter hair, consider this textured style that features a middle part and thick waves.

The waviness starts out rather subtle and then explodes into a cascade of movement at the bottom. Even if your hair is naturally wavy, chances are you’ll want to manually add some more waves in to get the most out of this hairstyle.

9. Long Bob

Young Spanish woman with a long bob haircut stands with her hand on her chin

Daniel M Ernst/Shutterstock

We’ve seen a lot of longer hairstyles, so let’s change it up and look at a shorter option. While this hairstyle isn’t a traditional bob haircut, it shares many elements of the bob and has been customized to suit Latina hair.

It’s longer than most bobs, but it retains the overall shape and style. There’s a subtle side part to add some definition, but otherwise, there’s no specific styling involved––it’s mostly just allowing the hair to fall naturally.

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10. Messy Ponytail

Woman with a heathered white v neck shirt smiles at the camera and wears a standard latina hairstyle

Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley/Shutterstock

There are countless Latina variations on the ponytail because it’s such a useful and practical hairstyle. Another example is this messy ponytail style where the hair sticks out of the ponytail to create a frayed texture that gives off a more casual feel all around.

The ponytail itself is also looser and messier to create more volume. As with the other ponytail styles, this one works well with most hair lengths and types.

11. Wavy Hair

Cute young woman with slightly wavy hair grins as she stands in front of a few trees

Daniel M Ernst/Shutterstock

This hairstyle is similar to the asymmetrical look we’ve seen, but it’s notably different because it features extremely wavy hair. This hairstyle takes on a completely different look when you add waviness into the hair — there’s much more volume.

And the texture makes it look like a completely different style. Like many of the Latina hairstyles showcased on this list, this wavy waterfall is extremely long. Generally, the hair falls to shoulder blade level (and sometimes even below). This length also helps get the most out of the style.

12. Wavy Part

Young woman in a green blouse smiles at the camera and wears a Latina Hairstyle that is gorgeous

Daniel M Ernst/Shutterstock

Most of the hairstyles we’ve looked at so far have elements that are unique to each specific style. This one, on the other hand, blends those elements into one unified look.

There’s a subtle middle part. But the hair is also noticeably wavy. On top of that, the hair is brought forward on one side while it’s brushed behind the shoulder on the other side for a prominently asymmetrical look. This mixture of elements results in an all-around balanced hairstyle.

13. Thick Layers

Young woman stands with her hands on her head


Thick Latina hair is great for many things: growing out, wearing in large braids, styling in many different ways, etc. One such way to style thick hair is by layering it, and there are many methods of layering that all look fantastic.

The Latina hairstyle shown here features subtle layering on top that creates a textured look. Since the hair is so long, the layering helps to create visual balance and make sure that the top of the hair doesn’t look too flat.

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14. Pulled Back

A popular latina hairstyle featuring hair that is straightened and then pulled back into a standard ponytail

Daniel M Ernst/Shutterstock

Another super simple style, this slicked-back ‘do is even easier than the ponytail styles we’ve looked at thus far. The hair is just tied back into a tight bun that makes the hair look short when viewed from the front. It’s a good match for professional and formal settings because of this neatness.

And, as a plus, once the workday is over, you can let your hair loose and style it. This means you essentially have two hairstyles at your disposal (although the longer style will take a little longer to achieve).

15. Curly Latina Hair

Curly Latina Hairstyle on a pretty young woman sitting in front of a laptop

Daniel M Ernst/Shutterstock

Some Latina (and mixed race Latina) women have a more curly, coiled, or kinky hair type that’s very similar to black hair. These hair types are able to achieve looks that you just can’t get with any other hair type.

If you have this hair type, you might find that this style is perfect for you. The hair is subtly parted on one side to create volume, and the hair’s natural texture takes care of the texture.

If your hair tends to be frizzier, then you’ll have to control that using a styling product specifically formulated for curly hair, but there’s not much more styling you need to do since your hair will do everything for you.

16. Short Curls

Young latina woman with nice curly hair outside in a parking lot

Daniel M Ernst/Shutterstock

If you have curlier or kinkier hair and want something a bit shorter, try this style out. The short length helps to corral the textured hair and give it a defined shape that will stay in place all day.

The hair’s coarse, curly texture causes the hair to stack and naturally spread out into wings, resulting in a ton volume without any extra effort. This is another respectable choice for the classroom or office.

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17. Parted Crop

Woman with a green tank stop has a typical latina hairstyle featuring straight pulled back hair

For a really low-maintenance hairstyle that can move with you, check out this simple short crop. While the hair is long for a crop style, it’s pretty short all things considered.

After all, there’s no visible length that falls in the back. To round out the style, there’s a subtle middle part to add a final touch of neatness to the look.

18. Messy Waves

Latina woman with a long wavy hairstyle and bangs clipped back looks to the left of the camera

Trendsetter Images/Shutterstock

Here’s another hairstyle that’s great for wavy hair. Instead of neater and more flowing waves like we’ve already seen, this style uses choppier, messier waves to create loads of texture.

The waves are mostly visible on one side for that classy asymmetry that tends to be popular. As a small touch, the hair is clipped on top to pin a strand of hair back and create a “crown” that finishes off the look.

19. Ponytail With Fringe

Beautiful but serious latina woman in an orange tank top looks intently at the reader

Cameron Whitman/Shutterstock

We haven’t seen too many fringe hairstyles yet, so here’s one that works well with Latina hair. Most of the hair is pulled back into a ponytail, but the hair in front hangs down to form an asymmetrical fringe.

As with many of the other looks on this list, there’s not much to this style––it’s a practical yet fashionable look that’s easy to achieve with the right hair type.

20. Large Curls

Young Panamanian-American woman with a curly hairstyle wears an open-neck white shirt

Emerald Raindrops/Shutterstock

We’ve seen a couple of curly styles already, but what if you have much larger curls? In that case, you may want to go with a more voluminous style like this one. It loosely forms a bob shape.

But it’s much more square and structured. Again, the natural texture of the hair is doing the heavy lifting here, which is why it’s so good for women who have this particular hair type.

21. Cascading Curls

Latina woman with cascading curls (a typical Latina hairstyle) in a red v-neck stands in front of a marbled studio backdrop

Palmer Kane LLC/Shutterstock

Here’s one for Latina women with curly hair of any type. (You can even curl or crimp your hair if you want––we won’t tell!) The hair is simply parted down the middle into two curtains that emphasize the curly texture. And, like many Latina hairstyles, this one is great for both formal and casual situations.

22. Short Asymmetry

Latina woman with a shorter asymmetrical hairstyle in a studio

Cabeca de Marmore/Shutterstock

Since we’ve highlighted so many long hairstyles, let’s take a few moments to look at some short Latina hairstyles that don’t compromise on looks. This one is a variation of the asymmetrical styles shown above.

But it’s much shorter and easier to maintain. The hair falls down just past shoulder level, but you can also achieve this style with shorter hair. (Pro tip: tuck one side behind your ear to enhance the asymmetry and create contrast.)

23. Parted Fringe

Happy Latina woman wearing a black sleeveless turtleneck sweater

Laurin Rinder/Shutterstock

Here’s another nice option for a fringe-based hairstyle where the hair falls to the middle of the ear and is parted 3/4 of the way to one side.

This flair technically makes this haircut asymmetrical, though it’s not as noticeable. It’s more of a touch added to a simple style to elevate it and make it a little more interesting.

24. Even Longer Bob

Long bob haircut on a pretty older Latina woman standing in front of a staircase

Pixelheadphoto Digitalskillet/Shutterstock

If the long bob style above didn’t quite cut it for you, then you might like this longer bob. As with the other hairstyle, this look isn’t a traditional bob, but it has many of the hallmarks of a bob haircut.

The main difference is that it’s much longer, so the hair forms curtains that hang down on either side. Again, asymmetry saves the day––tucking one side behind the ear never fails!

25. Short Shag

Thin, young brunette Latina woman stands in a studio in a grey shirt and wears a slightly toustled bob haircut


This short style is reminiscent of a shag style –– it’s neat but rough around the edges and is full of texture. The hair isn’t very long either, falling just past chin level, making it a great choice for a low maintenance hairstyle.

This style is mostly in how the hair is cut. All you have to do is part your hair in your preferred fashion.

26. Long Dyed Hair

Woman holding her hands up like she's questioning something

If you like long hair and are partial to dyeing your hair, this might be the style for you. It features long curtains, a middle part, and splayed ends where the brown dye is concentrated. This style really brings out the dyed portions while making sure that everything’s nice and balanced.

27. Voluminous Side Part

Hot Latina woman in an elegant sleeveless shirt looks to the right at the camera


This one’s quite different from all the others on this list. Almost resembling a retro pompadour, this voluminous side part style is full of attitude and personality. The hair is worn short on the sides but noticeably long on the top, to the extent that the hair on top hangs down to chin level.

Unlike other styles, this look can only be achieved with in-depth styling. You’ll have to use a hair product like a pomade or clay to keep the top in place, and you might need to finish it off with a healthy dose of hairspray to keep everything in its right place.

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28. Parted Bob

Young Latin hispanic woman with a short parted bob haircut stands in front of a blurry background

Anna Krayova/Shutterstock

Here’s another bob haircut that more closely resembles the traditional bob. The hair is cut to about chin level and parted on one side to create––you guessed it––asymmetry.

This is also a good choice for Latina women with hair that’s not as thick (or even just on the thinner side of thick). It’s a simple, easy-to-maintain style.

29. Swooped Fringe

Pretty young woman with a Latina hairstyle wears a red sweater and round glasses while standing in a studio with a pink backdrop

Similar to the parted fringe style we showcased earlier in the list, this swooping look features an asymmetrical fringe that curves down past the brow. Overall, the hair is considerably short, although you can also get a very similar look by just pulling your hair into a ponytail.

30. Thick and Fluffy

Happy young Latina woman with a short layered hairstyle

Asier Romero/Shutterstock

To finish up our list of Latina hairstyles, here’s a look that accentuates the rich, thick hair that so many Latina women have. There’s not much styling going on here.

It’s mostly just thick, healthy hair on display. It goes to show that if you have this versatile hair type, you don’t need to do much to make it look good!

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of hair do Mexican have?

Latina hair is as diverse as the people who have it. It can be straight, wavy, curly, kinky, and any combination of the above. Because many people in Mexico have Indigenous, Latin American, or Native American backgrounds, they often have dark curly or wavy hair, though this is far from universal.

What is Chicano hair?

Chicano or Chicana is an identity term chosen by some Mexican Americans living in the United States. Chicano hair is as much about cultural identity as genetics and natural texture. Chicano hair can be traditional, reflecting the Indigenous styles worn by a person’s ancestors, or slicked back into pompadours and buns as is stylish in Mexico.

How do you cut Hispanic hair?

Popular haircuts for Hispanic hair take advantage of the thickness and volume that comes naturally to many Latina women. Short hair with layers is great for wavy hair, and curly bangs are on-trend, too. More and more Latino men embrace their curls, too, growing their locks long. The man bun is also flattering on Hispanic men.

Which race grows hair the fastest?

There are three primary ethno-hair profiles: Asian, Caucasian, and African hair. Of the three, Asian hair grows the fastest, at roughly 1.4 centimeters per month. Caucasian hair is next, at 1.2 centimeters per month. African hair grows the slowest, at 0.9 centimeters per month, although this is mainly due to the curl pattern that causes length shrinkage.

What percentage of Mexicans have curls?

Over 50 percent of the people living in Mexico City, Mexico have curly hair. The people of Mexico come from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds. The Indigenous people of Mexico had straight hair, while the colonizing Spaniards had curls. Worldwide, roughly 70 percent of Hispanic people have curly or wavy hair.

Latina Hairstyle Considerations

Finally, here are a few things to consider when choosing a Latina hairstyle that’s right for you:

  • Think about your hair type. For best results, you should choose a style that works well with your hair type. For example, if your hair is pretty straight, then you won’t want to choose a style that requires extremely curly hair.
  • Choose short or long first. Short Latina hairstyles look quite different from long ones, so it’s a good idea to decide on length first and then choose a specific style.
  • Implement your heritage if it’s important to you. Many Latina women like to wear hairstyles that are indicative of their culture, so this is also an important thing to consider.

That does it for our list of some of the best Latina hairstyles. Once you’ve settled on a style, head over to our salon finder so you can be one step closer to your new look!