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10 Pretty Ways to Wear Spring Twist Hair in 2024

Spring twist hair is taking the top spot among protective styles because it’s so flattering, lightweight, and low-maintenance! See our favorite examples, tips to install, and styles you can wear with spring twists below. 

What Is Spring Twist Hair?

  • Use pre-twisted braiding hair to create spring twists
  • Protective, lightweight style that lasts up to 6 weeks
  • Creates tight twists that resemble coiled springs

More and more women are flocking to spring twist hair for a lightweight, low-maintenance style that stays in place for weeks. Spring twist hair is visually similar to passion twists, but the twists are a little tighter with a neater look. 

You’ll still get that casual, tousled look with spring twists – they’re not meant to look “too perfect.” The spring twist hair look is created with pre-twisted braiding hair that can be used right out of the pack. 

Alternatively, you can use curly braiding hair to create your own twists and save a little bit on the cost of the hair. 

For smaller spring twists, you can split the pre-twisted coils in the bundles into two, three, or four smaller coils. Leave the coils as-is for jumbo spring twist hair that really captures the texture and springy nature of the style! 

How Is Spring Twist Hair Installed?

Spring twist hair, like many protective styles for natural hair, takes some time to install – 6 to 8 hours is typical. It sounds like a long time, but it’s worth it for a low-maintenance style that can last for up to 6 weeks. 

The total amount of time you’ll spend installing spring twists depends on the length of hair you’re using, the thickness of each twist, and the method used to start each twist. 

The general installation process starts with cleansing, conditioning, and sectioning the hair for your twists. Then, you’ll braid about one inch down on each section to create a sturdy base for the twists. 

Once your starter braids are in place, you can loop in the crochet twists and wrap (without twirling) the hair down the rest of your natural hair.

Finally, you’ll finish each twist by gently rubbing the ends with your fingers to seal them. 

1. Cleanse, Condition, and Section Hair

For any protective style, you want to start with cleansed, conditioned hair with all your products layered in.

You might need to use curl cream or smoothing cream to help flatten and smooth your natural hair for the most perfect spring twist style. 

Once your hair is dry, section your hair neatly into boxes just like you would for box braids.

Do this by creating horizontal rows, then vertical lines down through them. Make your sections bigger for jumbo spring twists or smaller for medium or mini spring twists. 

2. Braid the Top Inch of Each Section

Once your hair is smooth and sectioned off, you can begin braiding the top inch of each section to give your spring twist hair something to really grip onto.

You can braid the full length of each section if you’d like, but it’s not necessary. 

Try to ensure your braids are neat, but they don’t need to be perfect since they’ll be mostly hidden with your spring twist hair in the next step.

3. Install the Spring Twist Hair

Most people need 2-3 packs of spring twist hair to complete the style. Determine how much hair you’ll need and separate the coils in each if you want smaller twists. 

Separate a single coil into 2, 3, or 4 sections depending on how large or small you want your spring twists to be. Leave them as is if you want jumbo spring twists. 

Holding a starter braid in one hand, use a crochet needle tool to loop your pre-twisted hair into the base of the braid.

Twist without twirling the hair down the length of your natural hair and beyond until you reach the end of the braiding hair. 

If you’re not using pre-twisted hair, you can install curly braiding hair without starter braids. Just section and braid the curly hair in at the roots before switching to the twist-wrap technique.

4. Finish and Seal the Ends

When you reach the ends of each section, use your fingers to gently rub the ends together to seal the style. Repeat for all sections – this is the time-consuming part! 

You should finish and seal the ends as you go, but it’s helpful to do another once-over when the entire look is complete. You can seal up any ends that seem loose during this step. 

10 Spring Twist Hair Ideas to Try

From tight, neat twists to loose, boho chic springs, you’ll love the way your hair looks and feels in any of these spring twist hair ideas! 

1. Boho Wavy Spring Twists

African American girl with spring twist hair wears a coat, scarf, and red gloves outside walking the city


If you love the loose and casual look for protective styles, don’t miss boho spring twists! For this look, you’ll want to separate the pre-twisted coils into 2 or 3 smaller coils to reduce the size of each twist.

2. Jumbo Soft Spring Twists

Mixed woman side view with spring twist hair lifted up to show the texture in front of peach-colored wall

Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

Small and medium spring twists are gorgeous, but no twist size shows off the texture quite like jumbo spring twists!

This is a great way to maximize texture and achieve a little more volume while still keeping the style lightweight. Don’t separate the coils in your hair pack if you want to get jumbo twists. 

3. Spring Twists With Tie-In Accents

Black woman smiles with sunglasses arm on her lip with spring twist hair style featuring a white twist


This spring twist hair makes us think of silver and gold with the tie-in, metallic toned accents and a few silvery white twists for pops of color. These coiled twists are neat and styled in a middle part look that suits all occasions. 

4. Copper-Colored Medium Spring Twists

African American girl with bare shoulders looks away with her copper and brown spring twist hair behind her shoulders

Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

Medium-sized twists are the sweet spot if you want a protective style that looks polished and stays intact without loosening up quickly. This look gets an instant boost with copper-brown hair that shines where the light hits!

5. Textured Spring Twists With Face-Framing Highlights

African American woman with long spring twists wears a side part with a green button down shirt in front of gradient green background


Small sections of blonde (or any highlight color you like) around the front frames the face nicely in this spring twist look!

You can rock a deep side part to tumble the ends over to the other side for a layered look. Go with smaller twists to mimic this look.

6. Curly Mini Spring Twists

Woman of color poses with hand tucking her spring twist hair behind her ear outside holding a glass of water in a yellow and purple patterned dress

AS photostudio/Shutterstock

Choosing the size and texture you want for your spring twists can totally change the look. Here, the model rocks mini spring twists worn in a curly texture for an added boost of volume. Every section bends in loose S-shaped curls for maximum texture. 

7. Loose Side Part Spring Twists

African American woman in fur coat wears a side part spring twist hair style while facing the side outdoors

Kuziva Shamu/Shutterstock

If you love spring twists but want a slightly looser look, don’t wind the twists as tightly. You can also use wavy or straight hair to wrap your twists instead of curly for a looser, less textured look. 

8. Auburn Spring Twists With Curly Ends

Black woman in overalls and white button down shirt looks to the side wearing spring twists and a hat in front of wooden wall

AS photostudio/Shutterstock

You can boost the texture and style of your spring twist hair with curly ends. They perfectly contrast the tightly-twisted sections and finish the style with a little extra volume to keep the ends from looking too thin. 

9. Half-Up Silver Spring Twists

Back side view of woman with silver colored spring twist hair styled in a half updo in front of a gray wall


Shiny in varying shades of silver and smoky dark gray, this look is refreshing and cool when you want to rock a color you don’t see everyday. These twists are on the smaller side of medium so they’ll stay intact for longer than large or jumbo spring twists.

10. Neat Spring Twists With Red Highlights

African American woman view from top side shows red spring twists wrapped around her shoulders with blue shirt in front of gray background

African American Hair Model Side Profile View Of Red Toned Twist Braids in Torrance, CA December 30, 2019/Unique Dandridge/Shutterstock

If you love vivid, bright colors for your protective hairstyles, this raspberry red color is phenomenal. It’ll look great with hints of your natural color peeping through at the base and even through the first few inches! 

These twists are neat and tidy in a medium size, so they’ll stay put closer to the 6-8 week mark with proper care. 

Things to Consider

What else should you know about spring twist hair and pulling off this trendy look? Take a look below to get answers to some commonly asked questions and learn a few more pointers about spring twists.

What Styles Can You Do With Spring Twist Hair?

You have so many styling options when it comes to spring twist hair. Wear your twists on their own as a great daily style or tweak the look with any of the following easy style suggestions! 

Mega Volume High Bun

African American woman on city street wears a chic blue coat with twisted bun hairstyle


Gather your twists at your crown, secure them in a ponytail, and loop the ends around to create a voluminous high bun. It’s super chic but works for gym days, too!

Chic Half-Back Updo

African American woman laughs with mouth open in front of pink wall with half-up spring twist hair style


It doesn’t get easier than a low half-back look like this with spring twists. Separate the top half of your twists and gather them at the nape of your neck. Secure with a clip, large elastic, or elastic string to hold the style. 

Low Casual Bun

Woman with high waisted jeans and pink crop top wears spring twists in a low bun hairstyle

AS photostudio/Shutterstock

This look lets you work with the natural part line you’ve created with your spring twist sections. Just tilt your head back to gather your twists at the nape of your neck, then loop and secure them into a low bun. 

Half-Up Top Knot

Multi-colored spring twists seen from the back in a half up top knot hairstyle


Get some extra volume and show off any cool colors or accessories in your twists with a half-up top knot! Separate out the topmost twists (you don’t need to use the full top half) and loop into a small bun. 

Can You Do Spring Twists With Natural Hair?

Spring twists are a protective style that use packs of braiding hair to achieve the uniformity, tight hold, and length often seen with these twisted styles.

However, if you want to try spring twists with your natural hair, you can definitely go with a simple two-strand twist to get a similar, more natural look! 

Black woman with kinky two strand twists hairstyle in short hair seen from the back side with caramel blonde highlights

Ryco Montefont/Shutterstock

Once you learn how to do kinky twists or twist-outs, you’ll be able to secure a protective style for your natural hair without using hair extensions or braid packs. That’s a great way to give your natural hair a break in between extension styles! 

Can Men Wear Spring Twists?

Men can absolutely rock spring twists and similar protective styles. You’ll be able to use less hair to achieve the look you want, so your style may take much less than 6 hours to install. 

Not only spring twists look great on guys, but they’ll also protect fragile natural hair, help you through grow-out periods when you’re aiming for more length, and achieve styles that are difficult or time-consuming to do with natural strands. 

African American man wears spring twist hair in a pompadour undercut style

Luna Vandoorne/Shutterstock

Guys can wear spring twist hair and reap all the protective, low-maintenance benefits! We love how spring twists look in a pompadour undercut style to let the coils tumble down with a big boost of texture. 

So, Should You Try Spring Twist Hair?

Spring twists are a great protective style because they’re universally flattering, lightweight, and low-maintenance. If you like this trendy look, we say go for it! 

Spring twists have very few disadvantages. They take a while (up to 6-8 hours) to install, but that’s true of most protective hairstyles. If you choose to go with curly braiding hair over pre-twisted hair, it could take a little longer. 

But as far as benefits go, you can’t beat the pros spring twist hair brings to the table. The hair packs needed are low in cost, the style lasts up to 6-8 weeks, and it’s lightweight enough to prevent scalp tension. 

Spring twists can be styled in almost any way you’d style loose hair. We love how high buns, half-back styles, low buns, and half-up top knots look with these springy twists. 

Spring twist hair installation takes a while to do on your own, but it’s a very simple process. If you can twist hair, you can do this!

Give spring twists a try for the next few weeks and see how easy it makes getting ready. You might never go back to your old favorite protective styles!