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12 Long Shag Haircuts We’re Obsessed With in 2024

If you’re crushing on long shag haircuts, you’ll love the 12 trendy examples in our guide! See all the different ways to wear a long shag with different types of bangs, layers, and textures inside. 

What Are Long Shag Haircuts?

  • Long shags have lots of layers that begin at brow or cheekbone level
  • Bangs are part of the package, but you choose the type
  • Wear a long shag with straight, wavy, or curly hair

Long shag haircuts are the current thing and nobody’s mad about it. Long-haired ladies can attest: All that length gets boring after a bit. You want a cut that breaks up the length, cuts out bulk and weight, and leaves you with built-in texture and style!

That’s where the long shag comes in. Long shags are heavily layered, lightweight cuts that focus on creating lots of volume, texture, and shape in long hair. 

To accomplish this weighty task, long shags feature loooots of layers that begin high up, usually around the brow or cheekbone level. Those layers gradually stagger down through the length of the hair, making the top the fullest and most voluminous section. 

The ends are left a bit thinner and wispier in long shag haircuts. That’s ideal for anyone with a full, thick mane! This look can also work for fine or thin hair with a few tweaks. 

Bangs are always part of the package with long shag haircuts. Curtain bangs, split bottleneck bangs, and straight-across blunt bangs are the most popular options to pair with a shag.

But fear not! If you’re simply not digging the idea of bangs with your long shag, you can opt for a longer, cheek-skimming bang instead. You’ll still get the face-contouring benefits and help blend the front section in with your layered cut without going super-short with your bang length. 

We’re really stoked about long shag haircuts coming back into style because they’re really versatile and suit all hair textures and hair types! Straight, wavy, curly, coily – everyone can get in on this trend. 

Check out some of our favorite examples and start gathering inspiration for your new look below! 

12 Long Shag Haircuts We’re Obsessed With

Since long shag haircuts are on everyone’s radar, we couldn’t ignore this look for long. Check out 12 of our favorite examples of long shags of all textures and types! We’re digging how versatile this long, layered cut can be. 

1. Long Wavy Shag With Lash-Grazing Bangs

Woman with long blonde hair wears a shag haircut and winter clothing in front of white wall with arm over her stomach

Bee Bonnet/Shutterstock

No wonder this is one of the hottest trends in hair right now – check out how flattering this layered long shag is! With full curtain bangs that just graze the eyelashes, it’s everything a shag cut should be. Heavily layered, full of texture, and pumped up with volume.

Curtain bangs are the perfect pairing with a shag like this. Flick the ends outward with your flat iron or curling iron to help “blend” them out into the short layers that follow the length of the hair. 

2. Wispy Long Shag With Short Bottleneck Bangs

Woman with dark hair blowing around has a long shag cut with bangs and bare shoulders in a gray-walled room

Konstantin Chagin/Shutterstock

Bottleneck bangs are big right now, so why not combine them with a trendy long shag haircut? This look puts a creative twist on the popular shag with wispy, light layers that give the hair tons of movement. 

Short bottleneck bangs split in the center to form that signature bottleneck shape. This leaves more of the forehead open. That makes them a great choice for round and square faces that don’t want to obscure too much of the top half of the face.

3. Thinned-Out Long Shag With Asymmetrical Bangs

Young Asian woman stands at railing outside looking over her shoulder with white dress showing her version of long shag haircuts


Super long locks are a great candidate for long shag haircuts. This thinned-out version of the style cuts deep layers into the bottom portion of the hair, leaving the layers on top more shallow to give the shag that rounded-top effect.

The shortest layers begin around the cheeks with uneven, asymmetrical bangs to tie it all together. 

4. Disconnected Shag With Short Blunt Bangs

Brunette woman wears big sunglasses in front of wooden building with blue blouse to show examples of long shag haircuts


A disconnected shag has layers that aren’t perfectly staggered and graduated, creating some edgy gaps in length. This look takes long shags in slightly different direction and makes it even more lightweight and airy. 

A short blunt bang is the perfect accompaniment to this cut. It leaves the brows visible so the face appears more “open” and unobstructed. With tons of layers that begin around the brows, this look packs lots of volume on the top sides. 

5. Long Wavy Shag With Curtain Bangs

Redhaired woman sits in chair in pink room with her chin resting on her hand wearing a long shag haircut with sunglasses on her head

Veronica Varos/Shutterstock

Wavy shags with soft curtain bangs framing the face? Sign us up! This look is equal parts wild and flirty with soft layering that makes it less rocker, more vixen. We love how these brow-grazing curtain bangs complement all face shapes!

Soft layering from the cheekbone level through the ends gives this shag a casual, slightly messy vibe. Perfectly flicked-out curtain bangs bring it all together.  

6. Feathered 80s Long Shag With Side-Swept Bangs

Woman with red curly hair and pink top wears one of the 1980s style long shag haircuts with feathered bangs and blue eyeshadow

Sun Shock/Shutterstock

Love those vintage vibes, but looking for something a little more recent? This 80s-inspired shag fits the bill for sure. Curly texture gives this cut lots of shape and dimension that really help the layers stand out. 

Full, side-swept bangs feather back in true 80s fashion. The layers begin around the brow level to make this a true shag that feels super lightweight for maximum curl definition. 

7. Soft Layered Long Shag With Wispy Curtain Bangs

Young Asian woman in sleeveless black top stands in front of stone wall after running her hands through her long shag haircuts' length


Love the idea of long shag haircuts, but hate really choppy layers? Then a softened-up version like this is right up your alley! Feathery layers make this cut lightweight and airy without the choppy, random layered look typical shags have. 

Long, wispy curtain bangs cap off this cut with a feminine, flirty vibe. The ends of the bangs are razored and point cut to encourage them to subtly curve away from the face. 

8. Vintage Feathered Long Shag

Woman with red hair closes her eyes in front of golden background wearing one of the long shag haircuts of the 1960s


Feathering – arranging soft layers so they fan out – used to be huge with vintage shags of the 1960s. It’s coming back into style and we love how this soft, airy cut looks with long hair! Soft side-swept bangs frame the face and help give the front more shape. 

This shag isn’t as heavily layered through the length as many we’ve seen. It deviates from the typical shag this way, but we think the difference is beautiful and very becoming on thinner hair that you’re unsure about layering too much. 

9. Side-Swept Long Shag With Choppy Layers

Woman wearing white dress in field has wind-blown long shag haircut with choppy layers and bangs

Jose AS Reyes/Shutterstock

Bangs are a focal point of shag haircuts in general, but they really give long shag haircuts a more cohesive look and feel. This choppy cut staggers graduated layers from the brow level all the way down for unrivaled texture and movement. 

The look is finished off with soft, side-swept bangs that separate into a piece-y look. It’s perfect for straight and mildly wavy strands that need some built-in texture! 

10. Fluffy Shag With Layered Curtain Bangs

Close up of woman with brunette long hair in a shag haircut smiling with her bangs in her face

Vladimir Gjorgiev/Shutterstock

Long hair gets a major boost from the layering throughout this long shag cut combined with the full, fluffy curtain bangs. It’s a look that hinges on big volume that’s lightweight and full of movement. 

You don’t need a ton of texture in your hair to nail this look – the layers bring in plenty of texture that causes the hair to bend. A slightly off-center part stacks the curtain bangs a little thicker on one side for a cool, asymmetrical look. 

11. Medium-Long Wolf Cut Shag With Split Bangs

Woman in black t-shirt stands in front of gray wall modeling one of the best long shag haircuts with a wolf cut style

Michelle Aleksa/Shutterstock

Split bottleneck bangs are the centerpiece of this long shag, but the choppy, wild layers are what got us hooked. This look has daringly short layers around the head that begin above the brow level for the most voluminous impact. 

The layers continue through the ends, “collapsing” the cut to make it super thin and full of movement at the bottom. If your hair is super thick and you can stand to lose some density, this is a great cut to try. 

12. Long Shag With Precise Blunt Bangs

Blonde woman with long shag hairstyle wears a high neck halter top and necklace while glancing down

Kseniia Perminova/Shutterstock

Choppy layers give this long shag cut tons of movement and volume! Super-precise blunt bangs offset and contrast the rest of this messy, shaggy look.

Take the bang length past your brows for a rocker-esque style that doesn’t quite graze your lashes. 

Things to Consider

If you’re really thinking about going for the long shag look, there are some considerations and tips you should keep in mind to get the best results. Here’s a look at all the things you need to know about getting a long shag! 

  • Styling long shags can be a challenge. Waking up *like this* isn’t really a thing with long shag haircuts. With so many layers in the cut and bangs that require daily styling, don’t expect to roll out of bed looking hot with this cut. You’ll need to twirl a few strands around a curling wand, hit a few spots with a flat iron, or style your bangs at minimum each day. 
  • Those layers are a pain to grow out. Speaking of layers, they’re downright terrible during the grow-out phase. If you plan on rocking a heavily-layered shag look for a while, that may not be a big deal for you. But this is not a look you can try out and immediately try something new. You’ll be stuck growing out lots of short layers for a year or more, so think before you snip. 
  • Don’t go deep with layers in thin hair. If your hair is already on the thinner side, the heavy layering that makes a long shag look cute could be a killer for your hair. Have your stylist go light on the layers through the bottom half of your mane and keep the layers soft and shallow. This will prevent you from losing too much hair to overly choppy, deep layers. 
  • Build a long shag cut that suits you. The examples we’ve shown you above are a great starting point, but you’ll get the most flattering cut when you “build it” yourself with elements from multiple examples. Pair different bangs, softer or choppier layers, and shapes that suit your hair’s texture (straight, wavy, curly) to nail a very complementary cut. 

This isn’t meant to talk you out of getting a long shag. Just make sure you’re considering all the benefits and drawbacks of this cut before you book your appointment!

On average, hair grows about half an inch each month. That means it can take months or years before your long shag cut is fully “grown out,” and even then, you may need to take off some length at the ends to get rid of some of the layering. 

A smart idea for growing out a long shag cut is transitioning into another layered cut with a slightly different shape. Butterfly cuts are a great way to grow out a long shag and they’re also really trendy right now! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Woman with long shag haircut stands in front of gray wall with bare shoulders while gripping her arm

Maksim Toome/Shutterstock

They’re all the rage right now, but long shag haircuts can leave you with more than a few questions. See if your burning questions are answered by checking out the most common questions below! 

Does a shag haircut require bangs?

Shag haircuts always have bangs, whether the overall length is short or long. Shags feature very short layers that begin around brow or cheekbone level and continue all the way down.

These short layers form bangs whether you specify that you want them or not. The best bangs to pair with long shags are curtain, bottleneck, or blunt bangs.

How often do you need to trim a shag haircut?

Shag haircuts need a trim every 4-8 weeks, depending on how short your layers and bangs are. You can go longer between trims if you like a messy, undone look.

Very choppy shags with precise blunt bangs will need trims closer to the one-month mark to keep them looking great.

How do I ask for a long shag haircut?

You can ask your stylist for a long shag haircut by telling them you want lots of choppy or soft layers that begin at your brow level or above the ears.

Specify the type of bangs you want and provide photos to help get your goals across!

Is a shag cut layered?

Yes, shag haircuts are definitely layered! Layers are the main focus of the shag cut. You can make your layers very choppy and random or go with softer, feathery layers that sit more shallowly in the hair. It's up to you!

So, Will You Try the Long Shag Haircuts Trend?

Long shag haircuts definitely aren’t for everyone, but they’re a gorgeous option if you’re looking for a lightweight, airy way to style your long locks. This trendy cut removes lots of bulk, gives hair a feathery feel, and completely shakes up a boring long style. 

So will you be giving a long shag cut a try? We really hope so! 

Make sure you’re picking out bangs that suit you and won’t get in the way of your long-term hair goals. Choose layers that go well with your look – choppy and wild or soft and feathery – to ensure you’ll love the results. 

Commit to getting trims regularly, too! That makes all the difference in a long shag that looks trendy and cute versus one that’s out of control and grown-out. 

You’ll love how a long shag instantly wakes up tired, long locks. Book an appointment with your stylist and see if this becomes your new signature look!