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20 Popular Korean Men Hairstyles With Messy Volume

From the two block cut to the modernized mullet, Korean men hairstyles have swept the world. See the 20 best hairstyles to nail that trendy look with messy, lightweight volume in our guide! 

What Are Korean Men Hairstyles?

  • Hair is typically longer on top, shorter through back and sides
  • Styles prioritize messy volume with lots of texture
  • Styles work best with two block cuts, mullets, or layered, tapered cuts

Korean men hairstyles are becoming a worldwide trend. While our Korean bros have popularized these looks, you’ll see guys from all walks of life sporting this style trend! 

Korean men hairstyles are all about messy volume and texture. There are a variety of common haircuts to pair with these popular styles, from the iconic two block cut to modern mullets and layered, tapered K-pop cuts with extra length on top. 

In fact, having a little extra length on top with shorter length though the back and sides is key if you want to rock trendy Korean men hairstyles. The shorter length in the back and sides is what keeps these styles looking casual, but still neat and classic. 

Products and Tools for Korean Men Hairstyles

Some of the most popular Korean hairstyles for men are based on super-voluminous, wavy texture. But how can you rock these styles if your hair isn’t naturally wavy, or tends to lay flat and limp without much volume?

Hair products are the answer. We’ll give you tips on which types of products work best for each of the styles we’ll show you below, but in general, here’s what you need in your haircare arsenal to rock Korean men hairstyles. 

  • Volumizing mousse
  • Volumizing/texturizing spray
  • Dry shampoo
  • Hair wax or pomade
  • Round brush
  • Hair dryer
  • Diffuser attachment

Volumizing mousse is applied to your hair while it’s damp and sets you up with built-in volume that lasts all day. Choose a mousse product for wavy hair to help enhance and define any natural texture in your hair. 

Volumizing/texturizing spray will help you further boost volume while separating and defining your hair with more texture. These sprays can help lift hair at the roots for more volume and group strands together attractively for Korean men hairstyles. 

Dry shampoo is a must if your hair is on the oily side, but it’s also a great way to add a little more lift and lightweight movement to thin or limp strands. Spray some into clean hair to stave off greasiness and get that fluffy, voluminous look. 

Hair wax or pomade products help you fine-tune your hair texture and get it to lay the way you want. This is great for Korean hairstyles that are often styled with bangs, very defined parts, or piece-y texture. Pinch these products in where you want definition or use them to slick hair to the side or straight back. 

A round brush, a hair dryer, and diffuser are all key tools for Korean men hairstyles. With relatively short strands, it won’t take long to use these tools to create awesome styles! Make it even quicker by combining a round brush and dryer in one with Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer.

Tuck a round brush in at your roots, twirl it to capture hair, and direct air from your dryer downward onto strands to get tons of volume at the roots. To style the trendy curtains look, tuck the brush under your bangs and twirl it away from your face. 

If you’re styling wavy or curly hair and want lots of texture, use a diffuser instead to keep texture intact. With these products and tools on-hand, you’ll be ready to create any of the following Korean men hairstyles with ease! 

20 Hottest Korean Men Hairstyles

It was tough, but we’ve narrowed the list down to our top 20 favorite Korean men hairstyles. From two blocks and mullets to shaggy styles and voluminous curtains, we’ve got examples of all the trendiest Korean hairstyles you’ve been waiting to try. 

Get inspired with these styles and see which ones you’ll try out next! 

1. Messy Tousled Volume With Split Bangs

Young Korean man wears an orange jacket over a black shirt in front of pink wall to show off a messy volumized Korean hairstyle


The heart of many Korean men hairstyles is the longer top that’s part of the two block cut. Brush that length forward with a little texturizing mousse or gel to amp up any natural wave or curl in your hair! 

Use a little wax to pinch and lift pieces from the sides so they curl out and down to round out the look. Split the bangs in the center and use wax to arrange them parted perfectly. 

2. Fluffy Curtains Two Block Hairstyle

Man wearing glasses and black clothing sits on steps to show off one of many Korean men hairstyles with a curtains style


Curtains hairstyles are especially popular among Korean men hairstyles. This look is built on a two block cut, which is long on top and very short around the back and sides.

Style this look by drying the long top with a round brush to get root lift and let the front pieces curve inward on the forehead. 

3. Layered and Tapered With Off-Center Part

Korean men hairstyles model shows off a layered tapered style with volume in front of a white wall

TimeImage Production/Shutterstock

Layering is really common in haircuts for Korean men since it allows thick, dense hair to have lots of movement and volume. Tapering keeps the look neat and shaped well.

Pump some volumizing foam into your hair, create a slightly off-center part, and dry your hair while brushing it away from your face for that soft, voluminous look. 

4. Long Tousled Waves With Burst Fade

Smiling Korean man wears a coat and scarf in the city with one of the best Korean men hairstyles, a voluminous curly look with burst fade


This style puts texture front and center with long, tousled waves on top lifted with plenty of healthy volume. A burst fade around the ears pulls the style in to sculpt and chisel your jawline in contrast with the fuller top.

A little mousse and your natural hair texture are all you need to quickly create this look. If you want to perfect the style, add your mousse while your hair is damp and use a diffuser to dry it with tons of wavy texture. 

5. Brushed Back With Soft Spiky Volume

Korean man in light pink collared shirt stands in front of light gray wall with volumized spiky hair, one of the best Korean men hairstyles


Extra length on top is a key part of many Korean men hairstyles, but it can be annoying to have that hair fall into your eyes! Try a volumized, brushed back style with soft spikes to keep your visual field wide open.

This look can be recreated with a little pomade, gel, brush, and hair dryer. 

6. Over and Back Volume With Side Part

Korean man places his hand on his chin wearing a white t-shirt in a white-walled room with voluminous brushed back hairstyle


Clean cut and neat, this is one of the top Korean men hairstyles to try if your hair is long on top with tapered length in the back and sides. A little gel or mousse will make it happen!

Apply your favorite product to your hair while it’s damp, then blow dry in a side part by directing the hair slightly over and back. 

7. Side Part With Brushed Forward Bangs

Man crosses his arms wearing a gray t-shirt in front of blue wall with straight hair brushed down over his forehead

TimeImage Production/Shutterstock

Rocking a Korean-style cut with extra length on top means you can style the front to look like bangs. Brushing the hair forward in the front puts all the focus on your eyes! Try creating a deep side part and using a small amount of mousse while your hair is still damp.

Dry your hair with the help of a round brush, lifting the roots on either side of the part and guiding the hair down over your forehead in the front. Finish by pinching sections of your bangs with a little wax. 

8. Softly Textured Layers With Side Part

Young Korean man smiles and sits on couch with tan sweater and long, softly textured hairstyle

220 Selfmade studio/Shutterstock

Layers make Korean men hairstyles really come to life with movement and soft but shapely texture. Feathery layers through the front of this look help it fan out and create a swooping shape around the face.

Style it with a round brush and hair dryer, or let your hair’s natural texture shine by air drying. Use a brush to direct the hair in front up and back so it falls in a feathery shape like this. 

9. Tousled Lifted Waves With Side Part

Korean man slightly smiles wearing a white t-shirt in front of white wall with messy side part hairstyle


You’re going to need lots of volume to pull off this look! Start with volumizing mousse in your damp hair and try using a little texturizing dry shampoo (yes, even in clean hair) once it’s dry. Use a diffuser to dry it with waves intact and get some extra lift! 

Create a side part and finish by arranging the front pieces so they curve inward toward your face. Direct the hair slightly over and back at the part and spritz with a little hairspray for staying power. 

10. Brushed Back Messy Two Block Cut

Teenage Korean boy wears a blue sweater in front of a marble wall with a messy Korean men's hairstyle


The two block cut has a ton of style possibilities thanks to the extra length on top. Try a brushed back, messy look with lots of volume and you’ve got one of the best Korean men hairstyles!

Volumizing mousse is great for this lightweight, airy look. Air dry after adding your mousse and tousle it up with your fingers while directing the hair over and back. 

11. Slanted Side-Swept Volume

Man wears one of our top Korean men hairstyles with slanted side-swept volume in white collared shirt


Turn up the volume with your favorite volumizing spray or mousse, then direct your hair over and back to create this slanted, side-swept look.

A deep side part is key to creating this look and tapered length down the back and sides prevents it from looking too rounded. 

12. Long and Straight With Curved-Under Ends

Korean man stands in front of blue wall with collared cream colored shirt and long straight hairstyle


Whether you’re at your perfect length or on your way to growing it out, you can rock plenty of Korean men hairstyles! We like this simple look for naturally straight hair. You’ll need a little tapering through the ends to make this look work without creating the rounded bell shape. 

If you choose to blow dry, add some shine-enhancing serum and use a round brush to gently curve the ends under when you dry it. 

13. Lifted, Tousled, and Styled Forward

Stylish Korean man in a blazer models a trendy hairstyle with tousled waves and lots of volume brushed forward


If you’ve got a few more minutes to spend perfecting your style, try a voluminous look like this. The hair is moussed-up while damp, then dried with a round brush with the hair directed forward onto the forehead. 

To finish the style, use a little wax on your fingertips and pinch pieces of hair through the top layer to create some texture. Use any leftover wax on your fingers to lightly pinch and separate the bangs a bit. 

14. Parted Two Block Cut With Fluffy Volume

Young Korean man looks at camera in room with white columns wearing a half-tucked blue dress shirt and fluffy two block hairstyle


Is it just us, or does more volume=more handsome? It’s worth a try, and this super-voluminous two block hairstyle is easy to create! 

Work your favorite volumizing product through your hair while it’s damp. Brush it upward while you dry it for the most root lift, and create a middle or slightly off-center part when you’re done. A little pomade will help you secure the look. 

15. Tapered Length With Half-Up Ponytail

Man lifting boxes wears a denim shirt and half up half down man bun hairstyle with long hair


If your hair is long enough, ponytails are one of the hottest Korean men hairstyles to try. This half-up look uses the longest hair on top to create a small ponytail and keep the length out of your way.

Pull a few pieces down around your face to give it a lived-in, looser look. Try it with a tapered cut to keep the sides nice and tight! 

16. Volumized Mushroom Cut Blowout

Korean man stands with hands in his pockets wearing a sweater vest and collared shirt with a mushroom cut styled in a blowout


Shiny, healthy blowout volume is such a quintessential element of Korean men hairstyles! Nail this look with root-lifting spray or volumizing mousse throughout your hair.

A mushroom cut like this has extra length on top with short length around the sides and back to keep the volume focused high up. Blow dry it with a small round brush to lift each section and slightly part it in the center. 

17. Layered Side-Swept Style With Long Top

Asian man smiles wearing a red shirt in front of gray wall to show off his hairstyle with straight, layered hair styled to the side


Don’t fight pin-straight hair everyday to create wavy or curly styles. Some of the best Korean men hairstyles are built around straight hair! All you need to add a little more texture are some light, feathery layers through the longer top. 

Brush the hair on top over to the side, making a hard part where the length gets shorter on the sides. Use a little wax to give your strands more definition on top and to help the look stay put. 

18. Voluminous Side-Swept Curtains

Asian man sits on steps in bandstand with casual t-shirt and jeans while wearing one of the top Korean men hairstyles with lots of volume


The curtains look is super popular among Korean men hairstyles and this side-swept version is one of the best! You want lots of volume for this look, so work some in with every step. Volumizing mousse, spray, and texturizing powder will help you achieve it! 

Try drying your hair with a round brush to really focus that lift at the roots and nail the characteristic “swoop” look of the curtains hairstyle. 

19. Curly Tousled Shag Mullet With Layers

Serious man wears a black high neck shirt with a medium wavy shag hairstyle


A layered, shaggy mullet is one of our favorite Korean men hairstyles and there are tons of ways to style it! Here, loose curls or waves add lots of texture and volume to shape this look with a messy-casual vibe. 

Emphasize volume at the crown and through the front sides for this style. Texturizing spray or mousse for wavy hair works well to amp up any natural texture in your hair and really separate and shape your layers. 

20. Messy Two Block Curtains Style

Young Asian man with hands on his hips poses in a white long sleeved shirt in front of a purple wall with short two block curtains hairstyle

Luis Molinero/Shutterstock

Love more casual looks? Then you’ll appreciate this slightly messy two block style with curtains! You don’t have get too fancy to create the look. A middle part, a little volumizing mousse in your damp hair, and some time to air dry will make it happen.

It looks best with some angled layers in the front to help your curtains style shape up. The shorter length around the back and sides keeps the look somewhat neat, even with messy, air-dried texture on top! 

Things to Consider

What did we miss? You’ll have better luck creating the trendy styles in this guide if you keep the following things in mind. 

  • Consider a haircut. You can mimic some of the style elements found in Korean hairstyles for men with a basic medium or long haircut, but you really need one of the specified cuts to make things work. A two block haircut (short on sides + back, long on top), modern mullet (long in back, shorter in front/sides), or medium-length tapered cut with layers is ideal. 
  • Stock up on the right hair products. We linked some of our favorite products earlier in this guide, but it’s really important that you get a few things to bring your Korean styles to life. At minimum, try to grab some volumizing mousse, wax or pomade, and a hair dryer with a round brush to create these looks. You’ll achieve tons of volume this way and find it so much easier to style these looks! 
  • Get out of your comfort zone. Some of the trendiest Korean hairstyles for men are big on volume and texture – so much so that it might take you out of your comfort zone a bit. That’s okay! Start small if you prefer, but you’ll achieve the look when you really focus on adding volume and creating that signature messy texture. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Asian man with platinum two block hairstyle in purple t-shirt stands in front of blue wall with hand on his head

Luis Molinero/Shutterstock

Still have a few questions about Korean men hairstyles and which looks are the most popular? Check out our answers to frequently asked questions below to learn more. 

What is the Korean haircut called?

The quintessential Korean haircut for men is the two block cut. Two block cuts leave the top half long with the back and sides cut short.

How do you get Korean messy hair?

Korean messy hair prioritizes volume and texture. Use a volumizing or texturizing spray to lift hair at the roots and finish up with pomade or wax to arrange and hold a breezy, messy style.

What is a Korean men hairstyle called?

There are lots of popular Korean men hairstyles, but the two block cut and mullet are two of the hottest.

While the two block cut leaves the top half long with the back and sides short, the mullet flips the equation for a longer back with shorter front and sides.

So, Will Korean Men Hairstyles Suit You?

Korean men hairstyles are big on volume and texture, short on the back and sides, and long on top. Will these types of looks suit you? The best way to find out is to try it for yourself! 

These styles focus lots of volume and texture on top, which is a height-boosting element. Adding height and volume to your hairstyle helps visually lengthen the face.

That’s just perfect for round, oval, and square faces! It’s not as ideal for heart faces, but balancing it out with a little volume on the sides will help. 

These styles are also built on casual, messy texture. That can be tough to accomplish with pin-straight strands, but texturizing and pomade/wax products will be your saving grace here. Naturally wavy and curly-headed men can easily create the perfect casual, messy texture. 

Any guy can rock Korean men hairstyles with confidence. Once you’ve rounded up a few great products and tools to help you create these looks (and picked out a few of your favorites from this guide), you’ll be ready to try out a few new styles and totally shake up your look!