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Does Great Clips Dye Hair? | Here’s What They Do

Customers, who frequent the Great Clips chain of stores often ask, does Great Clips dye hair? Many people enjoy dyeing their hair because it adds customizability and enhances a new look. Still, they are unclear if Great Clips will provide this service.

What Is Great Clips?

Great Clips is a barbershop chain specializing in haircuts and hairstyling for its clients. While Great Clips offers various services catered to different ages and demographics, they do not provide hair-dying services.

Great Clips strives for consistent quality, and it is hard to quantify the success of a dye job. Hair dye has been a popular way to customize one’s appearance for some time and has taken off in the last decade. Having the ability to customize your hair color is both fun and liberating.

Does Great Clips dye hair? Unfortunately, while Great Clips does provide a variety of hair care services in a convenient and accessible way, dying your hair is not one of those services.

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What Services Can Great Clips Provide?

While the stylists at Great Clips cannot dye your hair for you, they can provide you with a bevy of services to maintain your desired hair. Below we discuss what services Great Clips can offer and how they may benefit you.

Men’s Haircut

All stylists working at Great Clips have been professionally trained to provide men with a haircut. Stylists train and practice famous men’s styles of the day. These workers can generally find out what you want with only a few simple questions, even if you aren’t entirely sure going in.

Stylists working at Great Clips are very familiar with fades, crew cuts, and even minor adjustments like trimming. Employees will provide these services quickly and conveniently at a price most would consider fair.

Stylists working at Great Clips also stand out because they are trained to take notes on all of their clients. Get a haircut you particularly like. Stylists will make a note of what you did or didn’t like about it for next time, going as far as to take a reference photo with your permission.

Women’s Haircuts

Fortunately, the stylists working at Great Clips are not only trained in men’s haircuts but women’s cuts as well. Many local barbershops advertise that they are proficient with women’s haircuts but fall short because of inexperience or lack of training.

The stylists at Great Clips have been professionally trained to work with women’s hair and can give you the cut you desire. While women’s hair is generally more complex and specific than men’s, potential customers can rest easy, as the stylists know how to do many hairstyles, such as bobs, blunt cuts, or even layering your hair.

Like men’s cuts, the stylist will note what you do or don’t like about your haircut and keep them for when you come in next. This way, the stylist knows how to cut your hair the next time you need a haircut.


Not only do these stylists at Great Clips know how to cut your hair, but they will also style it. The workers at these chains will know how to do short, long, and formal styles.

Stylists working at Great Clips are familiar with all sorts of popular styles and the maintenance that comes with them. Great Clips workers will even offer perm services, a chemical treatment that adds waves and curls to your hair.

Beard Trim

Is your beard overdue for some maintenance and shortening? Well, look no further. Great Clips can be a fantastic option for you. Great Clips employees have been trained to offer beard trims for those needing a touch-up or looking sharp for an event. 

While Great Clips offers short trims and cuts, it should be noted that extensive beard styling is not listed as a service on its official website.

Bangs Trim

While you might love your bangs and how they look on you, your bangs might not always love you back. Over time, bangs will begin to get long and can start to block your eyesight. So it can be good to get them trimmed regularly. Fortunately, Great Clips offers bang management services at an affordable price.

Neck Trim

If you are someone whose hair spreads to the back of their neck in an unruly fashion, You might need to get your neck trimmed with some regularity.

Fortunately, Great Clips will offer this service to you if you require such a trim. Clients often opt to ask for a neck trim alongside their regularly scheduled haircut or shaving.


Great Clips is a great place to ask if you have questions or need any consultation on hair or your personal hair maintenance. The company’s professionally trained stylists will be happy to answer any questions you might have about healthily managing your hair.

Everyone’s hair is different and unique to them. If you require a product recommendation or have a general question, going to Great Clips is a great way to find the best option for your hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Woman getting her hair trimmed for a piece titled does great clips dye hair


Still, have questions about Great Clips or where to get your hair dyed? Below we have some more answers to frequently asked questions.

Should I wash my hair before a haircut?

It is not mandatory to come in with clean hair, your stylist will opt to wash your hair right before cutting it because it is easier to cut wet than dry. Things like curls will stretch when wet, and it can also benefit from seeing that when you want a specific length off of your end.

How much of a tip should I give my hairdresser?

Similar to waiters and waitresses, the standard tip for your hairdresser is 20%. If you pay for a haircut that is $100, you should be giving a $20 tip to that hair stylist. Much of a hairstylist’s wage is made from tips, so it is essential for a client to tip them appropriately if you want them to stay in business.

What are Korean bangs?

Bangs are a type of hair kept along the hairline above your eyebrows that covers your forehead. Korean bangs are a type of bangs that are famously known for being light and tidy.

What hairstyle makes you look older?

Generally speaking, concise pixie cuts will make you look older. Not only do shorter haircuts like this tend to draw attention to lines and wrinkles in your face, but the styles are trendy amongst older women. Having a hairstyle like this often makes people think you might be older than you are.

Is it better to dye your hair before or after a haircut?

You generally want to apply hair dye before you get a cut. Dying your hair before you receive a haircut makes it easier to section off your hair and prevents overlapping of the old color. Dying your hair before you get a haircut also acts as a safety net because you can cut off sections you feel might not be dyed correctly.

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So, Does Great Clips Dye Hair?

Does Great Clips Dye Hair? Unfortunately, Great Clips will not dye your hair for you. While the company is excellent for providing cheap and convenient haircuts and styling from professionals, they fail to offer hair dying. However, we love Great Clips, and suggest checking out the other services they do offer!