Are you wondering where to buy good wigs online? If so, you’re not alone. We understand the struggle, and scoured the internet for the 7 best sources to find high-quality wigs at reasonable prices.

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Where to Buy Good Wigs Online

For a piece on where to buy good wigs online, two hairpieces sit alongside rollers and pink hair tools on top of a lay flat pink backdrop

Maybe you’ve been considering getting a wig to change up your look, deal with hair loss, complete your cosplay look, or ensure every day is a good hair day. Maybe you’ve been wearing wigs for a while but know there’s a better place to buy them online. 

Whatever boat you’re in, this guide is for you. 

We can all rejoice because we’ve finally found out where to buy good wigs online. We’ve been hanging out in forums, reading reviews, scouring product pages, and checking out company policies to find the best online wig retailers.

Our Top Picks:
  1. Vogue Wigs
  2. True Indian Hair
  3. Arda Wigs USA
  4. EbonyLine
  5. Wig Types
  6. BobbiePinz
  7. UniWigs

When it comes to something as important and personal as your hairdo, you can’t take chances on a scammy website with subpar products. Shiny, cheap Halloween wigs need not apply.

We Did the Hard Work

If you want to ensure you end up with a wig that you’ll love, you’ve got to start with a reputable retailer. After all, you’ve likely searched one of these phrases:

  • Where to buy good wigs online
  • Best wigs online
  • Natural looking wigs
  • Buy wigs online
  • Best wig companies
  • Best online wig store

We set out to answer each of these. And you can bet that we’ve seen it all – the good, the bad, and the ugly. On our list you’ll find the top 7 online wig retailers that passed the test and hit all our check boxes. 

These retailers have great customer reviews, flexible return and exchange policies, affordable pricing, a wide variety of wigs available, fast shipping, and special perks for customers.

You’re going to want to bookmark every wig retailer you see in our guide. Trust us! Keep reading to learn where to buy good wigs online in our unbiased guide. Let’s get started! 

Here’s Where to Buy Good Wigs Online

When you find something great, it’s natural to want to share it with others, right? We’ve found 7 of the very best websites to buy wigs online and we can’t wait to share them with you. See which retailers ended up on our list below. 

1. Vogue Wigs

vogue wigs, one of the best places to buy good wigs online

  • Free shipping on $50+
  • VIP rewards program for discounts
  • Wigs starting at $17

Vogue Wigs is a well-known trusted website to buy wigs online. They have everything: Human hair wigs, synthetic wigs, all lengths and colors, hair pieces, accessories, extensions, and more.

Seriously – if you can dream it up, it’s probably on this website.

We saw wigs ranging in price from about $17 for short synthetic wigs to over $3K for the highest quality human hair wigs. They have tons of gorgeous options available for every price point.

Users absolutely rave about the quality and fit of wigs purchased from If you want to make sure you get a high-quality wig that doesn’t look like it’s from a party store, this is a great place to start. 

What else makes Vogue Wigs stand out? You get free shipping when your order total is $50 or more, and reviewers say their customer support team is super responsive.

Sign up for their Wigscription program ($19.99/year) to get free shipping on every order. Returns and exchanges are free if you end up changing your mind. 

We love that they offer a VIP Rewards program where you earn points to redeem discounts. They also price match if you find the same wig online at a cheaper price. 

2. True Indian Hair

True indian hair, one of the best stops if you're wondering where to buy good wigs online

  • 100% virgin human hair wigs
  • Offers buy now, pay later program
  • Wigs start at $90

True Indian Hair is so well-known in the wig world. It’s a highly reputable site that offers a range of wig colors, lengths, materials, and styles. They only use 100% human virgin cuticle hair in all their wig lines – never chemically treated.

If you want the most natural look, this is the only way to go. 

Pricing is very fair for the quality you get here. We saw wigs ranging in price from $90 to $950. You can use Sezzle through their website to make payments over time on your purchase. 

They have wigs in every hair texture imaginable. You can even choose wigs by hair type (like 4C or 2A). You can easily color, heat style, chemically straighten or perm these wigs. 

The wig you want is on this website – you just have to find it! The website makes it easy to browse different styles to find the one that’s right for you. If you want an undetectable, natural wig, this is the place to grab it. 

3. Arda Wigs USA

Arda Wigs Usa, a quality retailer of good wigs online

  • Free shipping on $75+
  • Rewards program for discounts
  • Wigs starting at $18

Arda Wigs USA is a unique wig shop online that specializes in cosplay, anime, and fashion wigs. This is THE spot to get your wigs if you’re into cosplaying.

They have so many options ranging from the most popular to the obscure for serious fangirls and fanboys. The cosplaying community takes their wigs very seriously.

The fact that this website receives so much support from the community says a lot about the quality of their products. They’re regularly mentioned in forums online when someone asks for the best place to buy good cosplaying wigs online. 

You get free shipping on orders that are $75 and up. They also have a great rewards program they call Arda Coins. You get points when you make a purchase, sign up for their email list, or create an account on their website.

You can redeem points for discounts on any of their products. Pricing is great at Arda. We found wigs ranging from $18 for short, synthetic styles to $110 for longer, premium styles.

It’s a small company based in Chicago, so you know you’ll get the best customer service here. If you want a great wig for cosplaying or fashion, this is the best place to start! 

4. EbonyLine

Ebonyline, a good stop if you are wondering where to buy good wigs online

  • $3.99 flat rate shipping on $30+ orders
  • Rewards program for discounts
  • Regular priced wigs start at 

EBONYline offers a complete range of wigs, weaves, extensions, hair pieces, and accessories. You can easily spend an hour just browsing their site! This is a customer favorite for a reason.

They provide easy flat-rate shipping for just $3.99 when you place an order of at least $30. This website caters to women of color, but you’ll find options for men and women of all colors here.

From short to long, all colors, and a range of styles, you’re sure to find exactly what you want here. And the affordable pricing – wow. We found wigs in their clearance section marked down as low as $4.50.

Seriously! They do offer a huge range of wigs, so the quality level differs. Whether you’re looking for a cheap wig or a high-quality human hair option, you’ll find it on EbonyLine. 

5. Wig Types

Wig types, a retailer of good wigs online displayed on a graphic with a mac

  • Free shipping on $69.99+
  • Same-day shipping
  • 110% price matching

Wig Types is another failsafe option for buying wigs online. This retailer has a huge inventory of wigs, extensions, weaves, accessories, and more. They regularly run big sales on their entire stock.

We’ve seen sitewide discounts as much as 40% off! 

They are committed to customer satisfaction. If you find one of their wigs online available at a cheaper price – even after your purchase – they’ll match the price plus give you 10% more. They call it the 110% price match guarantee. 

You’ll find tons of top wig brands and accessories here in a range of lengths, styles, and colors. Prices range from as low as $10 (!) to around $150 for human hair lace front wigs.

Customers say the quality is unbelievable at these price points. You’ll find style options that range from natural to cosplay-worthy. For a massive inventory with tons of variation and affordable pricing, this is the best option. 

6. BobbiePinz

Bobbiepinz website displayed on a graphic image of a mac

  • Wide variety of high quality synthetic wigs
  • Custom wigs available
  • Next-day shipping option

BobbiePinz is a small, New York-based online wig retailer that focuses on synthetic wigs. They offer both factory-made and custom-made options. Quality is the name of the game here.

You won’t find $10 wigs on BobbiePinz, but if you’re looking for the highest quality synthetic wigs, this is your spot. Their website offers a range of lengths, styles, and color options.

Since every wig is synthetic, there’s no huge cost difference from one style to another. Most of their wigs are available anywhere from $70 to $100. In the wig world, this is still surprisingly affordable. 

We love the option to have wigs custom-made for you. You can opt for things like hand-tied hairlines for the most natural look, human hair, double or single stack, and more.

They also don’t accept returns or exchanges. But their customer service team is small and always ready to answer questions.

This ensures you can find out all you need to know about the wig you’re considering before you order. If you want beautiful, high quality wigs and a super-responsive customer service team, check out BobbiePinz. 

7. UniWigs

A good choice if you're looking for where to buy good wigs online

  • Free shipping for rewards members
  • Free gift set with first purchase 
  • Loyalty points rewards for discounts

UniWigs offers a variety of both human hair and synthetic wigs at different price points. You can even have them create a custom wig for you in the color, length, and style of your choice! 

One of the best things about UniWigs is their special discount for first-time customers. You get $20 off your purchase of $100 or more when you sign up for emails.

If you sign up to be a rewards member, you’ll get a free gift set with your first order. This loyalty rewards program enables you to earn points with each purchase to get discounts, free shipping, and other bonuses. 

You’ll find synthetic wigs as low as $64 on the UniWigs website and human hair wigs start at around $600. Customers rave about the quality of the wigs they get from this website! 

They also offer no-hassle returns and exchanges for up to 30 days after your purchase. This ensures you don’t get stuck with a wig you don’t like. 

Things to Consider Before You Buy

For an image on where to buy good wigs online, an image showing a pink and purple wig along with hair tools
LightField Studios/Shutterstock

Wigs are a wonderful way to increase your hairstyle variety, conceal hair loss, or transform you into a favorite character. But they’re not for everyone and there are some pros and cons to consider.

If you’ve been going back and forth about buying a wig, don’t make the leap until you read these things to consider. 

  • Human hair or synthetic? There are pros and cons to choosing human hair or synthetic wigs. Synthetic is typically cheaper, but you’re not always able to heat style or color these. Human hair is more realistic and you can heat style or color treat it, but it’s also more expensive to buy. Which one meets your needs the best?
  • If you’re going for natural and realistic, you might need to customize. Wigs only look “wiggy” when the hairline is too thick or the part is overly dense. You can remedy this and turn even a cheap wig into a natural-looking one by plucking the hairline. By removing some of the bulk from the hairline, you can create a few “baby hairs” that really make it look realistic. Wig companies sometimes offer hand-plucking, but it gets expensive. You can check out YouTube videos to learn how to do it yourself! 
  • Know how you’ll secure your wig. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of getting a new wig, but think about how you’ll secure your new wig before you buy it. You can glue wigs down, but you risk damaging your natural hairline if you do. There are wig caps and headband products available that secure your wig without glue. Be thinking of how you’ll secure your wig and review all the options out there before you buy. 
  • Know your size. Before you buy a wig online, you need to ensure it will fit properly. Even the most gorgeous wig will look bad if it’s not properly sized! Each of the websites on our list has a sizing guide to help you measure and determine the size you need. Feel free to email customer service to get help with sizing before you order. These companies want you to love your wig and will help ensure you get the best fit possible! 

Now that you know where to buy good wigs online, the rest is up to you. Will you opt for a synthetic platinum pixie cut or long, auburn waves? Maybe a naturally kinky human hair wig or brightly colored wig made for cosplaying is more your speed. 

Perhaps you’re dealing with hair loss and just want a wig that’s as close to your natural color and style as possible. In any case, you have a list of great places to find wigs online now. Go browse some of the websites to see what style you like best.

Don’t forget to sign up for rewards on the site you choose to start earning points and discounts – because if you’re anything like most wig wearers, you’re not going to be able to stop at just one!

Author: Debra Carpenter

Debra is a Nashville-based content creator and strategist. As the daughter of a long-time hair stylist and salon owner, she’s spent most of her life as a guinea pig for new color and cut techniques. Writing for respected publications like Forbes and HuffPost, she’s committed to bringing her passion for great hair to the masses.