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This Is What the Drake Heart Haircut Means

The Drake heart haircut is giving us all the feels, but why did the rapper choose to shave a heart into his hair? We found out what the heart haircut is all about, and the answer might surprise you!

What’s Up With Drake’s Heart Haircut?

Drake’s rocking a new haircut these days, and it’s stirring up a lot of love (and a little confusion). He’s known for clean, crisp fades and experimenting with cool freehand clipper designs, so the arrival of his new heart design wasn’t exactly shocking.

But we did find ourselves scratching our heads a bit. 

Why a heart? Why is it shaved in the front? And what was up with the Instagram photo he posted earlier this year (showing him with a bleached heart in long, Bieber-like hair)? 

The Drake heart haircut is unique, for sure – you don’t see many people with a heart shaved into their hair. Until now, that is. 

Drake’s love locks have made quite a splash since he first debuted the look in November 2020. This year, he’s remained committed to the heart on his head.

He’s sported the ‘do everywhere from swanky celebrity birthday parties to Lakers games – and even in the State Farm Super Bowl commercial.

He’s apparently spawned a new trend.

Check out this video to see how the classic Drake drop fade with a shaved heart is done.

Barbers are hearing more and more requests for the “Drake heart haircut,” and they’re getting creative with it. Even Drake’s three-year-old son, Adonis, is sporting a shaved heart in his haircut. 

But…what gives? Why is the buzzed-in heart part of Drake’s style now? We found out the answer, and now everything makes sense.

What the Drake Heart Haircut Means

Drake’s been planning on releasing his new album, Certified Lover Boy, for months. The shaved-in heart he’s become known for started out as a way to subtly reference and promote the upcoming album.

The first appearance of the Drake heart haircut was in a short-lived Instagram post captioned “Big #Mood.” The photo showed the rapper with long, swooping Justin Bieber-like hair and a heart bleached in the front.

The photo raised a lot of questions from fans. One commented, “3 days into 2021 and Drake out here looking like a member of Big Time Rush.” Another begged, “Can someone just please tell me that isn’t Drake’s real hair before I lose my mind?”

But some were digging it from the start. One fan commented, “Drake’s hair is hard you guys are buggin. Who trying to bleach a heart into my hair like drake?”

As it turns out, that first bleached-heart photo was probably photoshopped as a peek into the real shaved heart style Drake was about to adopt to promote his upcoming album. Not long after that first bleached heart photo, he debuted his real heart style shaved into the front of his head.

Why the Wait?

So why has he been wearing the heart style for so many months? Is it just his new thing? Originally, the Certified Lover Boy album was scheduled for release in January 2021, but Drake injured his knee in late October 2020 and had to undergo surgery.

That set things back a bit – the surgery meant he’d have to stay off the knee for a bit while it healed and became stronger. And since the album hadn’t come out yet, the heart was here to stay for a while.

On Halloween 2020, he posted a photo of his knee in a brace on Instagram, saying, “New challenge unlocked.”

He later deleted and shared the post again with a more inspirational message: “I actually want to use this post to send love and motivation to anybody else that 2020 let loose on. Start writing the best bounce-back story NOW.”

The surgery wasn’t his first. He underwent another knee surgery in September 2009 after an onstage fall that resulted in 3 torn ligaments.

This time around, Drake knew to take it easy and slow. He posted a video of himself walking weeks after the most recent surgery along with the caption “CONFIDENT STEPS at 5 WEEKS.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Drake's haircut called?

Drake typically sports a buzz cut with a side fade and a clean line-up across the forehead. The fade may be low or medium height on the sides depending on the look. He usually also shaves patterns or shapes in his hairline.

Is the Drake haircut real?

Nobody knows for certain if Drake’s early-2000s bangs and bleached heart haircut were real. He quickly took the picture off Instagram, and it may have been the product of a filter or other photo manipulation. However, he did later shave a heart into his hairline as promotion for his album Certified Lover Boy.

How do you get the Drake heart?

You can get the shaved Drake heart look with a trimmer, straight razor, and a steady hand. You’ll need a barber or a close friend for that method. Alternatively, you can use a stencil and bleach your hair in a heart shape, similar to Drake’s original heart haircut.

What is the most popular haircut?

The crew cut is one of the most popular men’s haircuts of all time. Also called a regulation cut, this military-influenced hairstyle is cut short on the back and sides with a few inches of hair on top. It offers plenty of room for variation in length and styling.

Some of the most popular women’s haircuts feature layers of different lengths to create a lighter and more dynamic look. Layers are frequently paired with short or medium-length bangs.

How do I ask for Drake’s haircut?

To get Drake's haircut, ask your barber to give you a buzz cut with faded sides and a line-up at your hairline. Drake has worn high, medium, and low fades, so be specific about which level you want.

Is the Drake Heart Haircut Here to Stay?

Drake’s heart haircut seems like it will last at least until the Certified Lover Boy album finally drops. Drake says Certified Lover Boy is finally finished and “on the way.” 

Who knows? Maybe he’s grown so fond of the heart it’ll be part of his hairstyle for years to come. In any case, next time we see a new shape shaved into Drake’s ‘do, it might mean a new album is on the horizon. 

Now, if we can just lobby for Drake to agree to a Degrassi reunion show as Jimmy, we’ll be all set.