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Bright Red and Blonde Hair | 2024 Color Guide

Vivid, bright red and blonde hair color is very trendy ATM and we’re loving this two-tone look! In our hair color guide, you’ll learn about pairing red and blonde shades that don’t clash, choosing the right tones for you, and get inspired with examples of our favorite red and blonde color combos. 

Whether you’re thinking about trying fiery red with golden or copper blonde or cool red tones with white or platinum accents, we’ve got you covered. Learn all you need to know to rock this gorgeous, bold-hued trend in our hair color guide! 

What Is Bright Red and Blonde Hair Color?

  • Pair a vivid, bright red with a complementary blonde accent
  • Work in blonde with highlights, balayage, underdye, or ombre
  • The bolder, the better with this trend

You’re probably seeing and hearing about bright red and blonde hair color a lot right now. This unique color combo is super trendy and currently all over Tiktok. Bright red and blonde are a nice change of pace from the usual brunette and blonde shades that top the trend charts. 

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Let’s break down what this hair color trend is all about and the shades that are most popular to use. 

  • Bright red: A vivid, bold shade of red that’s usually not found in natural hair color – think fire engine red, ultra-vivid copper and auburn, rosy pink-red, coral orange-red, and shades befitting a certain mermaid we all know and love. Natural-looking red shades can also be used for a more subdued effect that still looks totally gorgeous. 
  • Blonde: Tons of blonde shades are used in the bright red/blonde color combo, from warm golden blonde to icy-cool platinum. Usually, the shade of blonde is chosen based on the undertone and how well it complements the warmth or coolness of the red shade used. 

How you combine your red and blonde color is totally up to you – and it’s where you can get a little creative with this trend.

You can start with a bold, red base color and add blonde accents in the form of highlights (subtle or chunky), face-framing strips of color, balayageombre or reverse ombre color, split dye, peekaboo highlights, or even underdye blonde.

The beautiful thing about the bright red and blonde hair color trend is how darn customizable it is.

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There’s no single shade of red or blonde that you have to use to pull it off – it’s all about what you like and what works best with your complexion. We’ll talk about choosing the right shades to pair next. 

Pairing Bright Red and Blonde Hair Color

Pairing the perfect shades of bright red and blonde hair color is easy when you think about these colors in terms of how warm or cool they are. Warm colors go well with other warm colors. Cool colors look best alongside other cool-toned hues.

While some warm and cool colors can be paired without clashing (especially on women with neutral undertones), it’s best to stick to one color temperature for your bright red and blonde hair color combo. 

Pairing Warm Red and Blonde

Look for warm red and blonde combos if your skin has a warm undertone. If you look better in gold than silver, have a warm eye color (deep brown, hazel, amber, or any color with gold flecks), and have a greenish tint in your veins, you’re warm-toned. 

Most shades of red are overwhelmingly warm. Some of the warmest red shades include true copper, golden copper, golden auburn, auburn brown, coral red-orange, red-heavy burgundy, and pinkish-red shades like rose gold. 

There are plenty of warm blonde shades to pair with warm reds. Any blonde with a golden or red undertone will be a warm shade. This includes golden blonde, honey blonde, warm rosy and strawberry blondes, copper and auburn blondes, and toasty caramel tones. 

Pairing Cool Red and Blonde

Look for cool red and blonde color combos if your skin has a cool undertone. If you look better in silver than gold, have a cool eye color (blue, green, or pale brown), and have a bluish or purple tint in your veins, you’re cool-toned. 

Cool shades of red include auburn, burgundy, plum burgundy, mulberry, light pink-red shades, and true red with a blue undertone. These colors will have a faint blue, violet, or pastel pink undertone that cools the color temperature down. 

Cool shades of blonde pair well with cool reds. Cool blonde tones include platinum blonde, white blonde, pearly blonde, champagne blonde, and ash blonde. 

Pairing Neutral Red and Blonde

Look for neutral red and blonde color combos if your skin has a neutral undertone, or a mix of both warm and cool undertones. If you look equally good in gold and silver and have no discernible vein color (or see a mix of green and blue), you probably have a neutral undertone. 

Neutral reds can include true red, balanced deep auburn with equal amounts of red and brown, and any blended color mixed with both warm and cool reds. 

Neutral blondes include taupe blonde, beige blonde, and mixtures of warm and cool blonde shades for a balanced, neutral color temperature.

For example, you can blend warm honey blonde with cool pearly blonde for a neutral shade. Champagne blonde and golden blonde are another pretty combo. 

8 Trendy Takes on Bright Red and Blonde Hair Color

Now that you know which red and blonde shades pair well together, let’s look at some of the different ways you can rock this trend.

We found some unique examples of bright red and blonde hair color that show how different highlighting techniques, color choices, and color placement can completely change the end result! 

1. Bright Red-Orange With Creamy Blonde

Bright Red-Orange With Creamy Blonde Hair

New Africa/Shutterstock

Face-framing blonde highlights brighten up a loud and fiery red-orange color so well! With pink and orange undertones, this shade of red is very unique and grabs your attention instantly. The creamy blonde tones focused around the face make it super trendy with a little edge. 

2. Multi-Toned Auburn, Blonde, and Mulberry

Multi-Toned Auburn, Blonde, and Mulberry Bright Red and Blonde Hair Idea

Luba V Nel/Shutterstock

If you’re looking for a multi-toned color that allows you to work in different contrasting shades, this is a gorgeous option. Blonde highlights and mulberry lowlights add dimension and depth to a pretty shade of auburn red. 

3. Plum Burgundy, Rosy Red, and Blonde Ombre

Plum Burgundy, Rosy Red, and Blonde Ombre Bright Red and Blonde Hairstyle

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

In this eye-catching example, a full color gradient from rich plum burgundy fades into a pinkish rose red and ends in pale golden blonde. It’s bold and bright – perfect when you want to wear the bright red and blonde hair trend with a little twist! 

4. Red and Blonde Reverse Subtle Ombre

Red and Blonde Reverse Subtle Ombre Bright Red and Blonde Hair

Luba V Nel/Shutterstock

A traditional ombre color gets lighter toward the ends, but this look shakes things up a bit! Blonde foils are concentrated near the roots for lighter color up top, while vibrant coppery auburn takes over from the midshaft to ends. 

5. Burgundy and Rose Gold Blonde Ombre

Burgundy and Rose Gold Blonde Ombre Bright Red and Blonde Hair Color Idea


Bright red takes on a purple-brown undertone with this bold burgundy hue, while the usual white-blonde gets replaced with a rose gold tone that really takes this look up a notch. The ombre color features a smooth gradient that looks polished, while the vivid color choices keep it fun. 

6. Light Auburn With Pink-Blonde Highlights

Light Auburn With Pink-Blonde Highlights


Long, auburn waves are crested with pretty pink-blonde highlights that accentuate the texture and brighten up this unique two-toned color. Stick with big, chunky highlights for the most contrast! 

7. Bright Copper Red With Blonde Balayage

Bright Copper Red With Blonde Balayage

George Mayer/Shutterstock

A vibrant copper color looks absolutely stunning next to icy white blonde color. With a bold balayage highlight, the copper root really pops while the blonde tones cool the overall hue down and brighten it up.  

8. Cool Auburn With Golden Copper and White Blonde

Cool Auburn With Golden Copper and White Blonde


Neutral undertones can rock a multi-toned color combo like this with both warm and cool colors in the mix. A close-up look at this heavily highlighted cool auburn tone shows a range of warm, golden copper highlights and white-blonde highlights that brighten up the shade. 

Color Tips and Things to Consider

Before you commit to this pretty color trend, check out these helpful tips and things to consider. You’ll have an easier time choosing, maintaining, and enjoying your new hue when you keep these things in mind! 

  • Bold red color is high-maintenance. The brightest, most vivid shades of red are some of the prettiest to pair with blonde, but it’s important to know that the bolder the shade, the higher-maintenance it’ll be. Vivid colors just don’t last as long as natural-looking colors. You might get to enjoy your bright red for a month or so before it’s in need of a touch-up. 
  • All red shades are known for fading fast. While the boldest red shades are the worst for fading quickly, all shades of red will fade fast. Red pigment molecules are bigger than other color molecules and don’t penetrate hair strands as deeply. This means they wash out at a faster rate (even with permanent color) and will start fading in under 2 months in most cases. 
  • Blonde requires regular toning and touch-ups, too. Red fades quickly, but blonde can be pretty high-maintenance, too. Depending on the shade of blonde you pair with your red color, it may need to be toned and touched up every 1-2 months. Ultra-light cool blondes, like silvery platinum and white blonde, will start looking brassy after a few weeks without the use of purple shampoo or another round of toner to neutralize the color. Keep this in mind and choose a warm, golden blonde to buy a little more time between salon visits. 
  • Only try this trend on healthy hair. It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway – you shouldn’t dye or bleach damaged hair, ever. Even if you’re dying (see what we did there?) to try this trend. Even if you swear it’s the last chemical process you’ll do for a long time. Focus on repairing any existing damage – start with a monthly damage repair hair mask – for at least 2 months before you process damaged hair again. 

Is Bright Red and Blonde Hair Right for You?

With all this info in mind, which bright red and blonde hair color combo are you going to try? It’s easy to start visualizing your ideal colors when you use your skin’s undertone as a starting point like we discussed. 

If you consider your skin tone (fair/light, medium, or deep), choosing flattering color combos is even simpler. If you have fair/light skin, opt for lighter shades of red and blonde, like golden copper with honey blonde for warm undertones or light auburn with creamy beige blonde highlights for cool undertones.

If you want to rock a deeper bright red like dark auburn or burgundy, keep your highlight or blonde accent color no more than 2 shades lighter to avoid a look that’s too high-contrast. 

If you have medium skin, opt for medium to deep red shades with light to medium blonde accents. For warm undertones, this might be a bright coral red-orange with golden blonde highlights. For cool undertones, it could be a cool, rich auburn with champagne or ash blonde balayage

If you have deep skin, look for medium to deep red shades with medium to dark blonde accents. You want lots of rich color to best flatter your skin tone.

For warm undertones, check out deep plum burgundy with rosy red-blonde accents or deep auburn with rose gold or caramel blonde. Cool undertones will look great in dark burgundy reds with dark ash blonde or deep beige blonde highlights. 

Bright red and blonde hair colors are so unique and energizing to wear. If you’re sick of sporting the same old colors over and over, mix things up by going bold and bright with your next hue!

This is one trend absolutely everyone can look amazing in, so figure out your most flattering red and blonde shade duo and get ready to fall in love with your duochromatic strands!