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The 7 Best Hair Steamers for Volume in 2024

Hair steamers are gaining traction, allowing anyone get more volume and benefits from essential care products. To help you join in the fun, We’ve compiled a list of the best hair steamers that will transform the volume and strength of your cuticles. 

What’s the Best Hair Steamer?

Determining the best hair steamer comes down to its versatility, functionality, effectiveness, and price. The ideal machine will do its primary job — exposing steam to your scalp to open your pores — as well as other self-care functions.

Some hair steamers come with ion facial devices or aromatherapy, creating a sensation beyond regular cuticle care.

Surveying the price, functions, and reviews, we’ve decided on seven of the best hair steamers that anyone should try. Each option has noticeable benefits that make it stand out from the rest.

Our Top 7 Picks for the Best Hair Steamers:
  • Best Overall: Kingsteam 2-in-1 Ozone Facial Steamer
  • Best for the Price: EZBASICS 2-in-1 Ion Facial Steamer
  • Best for Home Use: SUPER DEAL PRO 3-in-1 Steamer
  • Best for the Warranty: Red Pro Hair Therapy 2-in-1 Hair Steamer
  • Best for Portability: ELQ Portable Nano Steam Gun
  • Best for Salons: Artist Hand Standing Hair Steamer
  • Best for Professionals: Munsinn Micro Mist Salon Styling Hood

There are enough options on this list for many budgets, needs, and concerns. Many of the best hair steamers are multifunctional devices that can assist you in several ways. Now, let’s take a moment to explain why you may need a hair steamer and how beneficial it can be.

Why You Need a Hair Steamer

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What is a hair steamer and why do you need one? This machine covers your head like the hairdressing equipment at salons, shooting out bursts of steam that open the pores across your scalp.

Once the pores of your hair open, deep-cleaning shampoos, conditioners, dyes, and other products work well, reaching down to your roots. Hair care after a steaming session makes your cuticles retain volume, strength, and color much longer.

Steamers allow you to get the maximum effect from your time at the salon or home. Hair steamers are remarkably easy to use. Each has a vesicle for tap, mineral, or distilled water, depending on the product.

Once you fill it up, pressing a button will heat the water, sending the therapeutic steam to your scalp. You can turn them off manually, but they often power down after a complete session or once the water depletes.

Many hair steamers are multifaceted, too. Typical at-home models have facial steam sprayers, letting you similarly cleanse your face. Some machines are humidifiers, hair dye applicators, or aromatherapy devices in addition.

Because of all the functions, you’ll get plenty of use out of your hair steamer. Finally, hair steamers are easier to access than ever. You don’t even need to leave the house!

Amazon features many reliable at-home models and even portable steam sprayers on the go. Read on to see the many perks of our best seven hair steamers that anyone can use.

Best Hair Steamers: Top 7 Picks

It may take some research for you to find the perfect hair steamer. We happily did the work for you, selecting the seven best models for you to choose from. Let’s examine each one closely, listing their pros, cons, and customer feedback.

1. Kingsteam Facial Steamer

Best Overall
Kingsteam Facial Steamer
  • Portable, convenient size
  • Professional quality and very safe
  • Multifunctional hair and facial steamer with aromatherapy
  • No full warranty
  • Cheaper options available
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The Kingsteam hair steamer uses advanced PTC ceramic heating elements to produce steam faster. Ozone-generated ion particles help the vapor penetrate deep into your roots, guaranteeing complete cuticle exposure.

It works excellently as an exfoliating machine practically anywhere, and it sits comfortably on the tabletop. The Kingsteam comes in three colors.

The machine has aromatherapy diffuser capabilities and facial steaming for a complete spa treatment. You can rest easy knowing that it is safe due to its TUV and CE approval. Other hair steamers can drip boiling water on your scalp, but this one is tight and trustworthy.

Despite being our best pick overall, the Kingsteam isn’t perfect. For at-home hair steamers, its price is a bit high, although it is high quality.

Some machines have warranties, but the Kingsteam only has a thirty-day money-back guarantee with limitations. Overall, the Kingsteam is reliable, with reviewers citing its low-porosity sensitivity, high quality, and professional results.

2. EZBASICS Hair Steamer

Best for the Price
EZBASICS Hair Steamer
  • Convenient and portable
  • Cheap price with fair quality
  • Multifunctions for hair, face, and aromatherapy
  • Some have experienced slight burns
  • Does not take pure or distilled water
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The EZBASICS product looks virtually identical to the Kingsteam hair spa on the surface, but it has a few key differences. It uses the same ozone technology to quickly heat water for your cuticles and face, opening your pores.

This machine provides affordable, accessible, fair quality hair care. Like other models, this machine has intelligent sensors that disable the power when the water depletes. However, you cannot use distilled or pure water with the EZBASICS machine.

It is designed for tap or mineral water, which some may not prefer for their hair. Unfortunately, the EZBASICS hair steamer lacks the quality assurance backing, warranties, and guarantees of other models.

While the machine works excellently for most, some customers have experienced unexpected hot drips on their scalps and faces. The EZBASICS hair steamer is a cheap and effective machine perfect for those willing to compromise slightly to stay within a small budget.

3. SUPERDEALPRO Hair Steamer

Best for Home use
  • Functions as a humidifier
  • Great low-budget pick
  • Responsive customer service
  • Facial steaming is awkward
  • Head exposure is limited
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The SUPERDEALPRO 3-in-1 hair steamer prides itself on its multi-functionality. Not only does it affect your head and face and perform aromatherapy, but it also works well as a home humidifier. Its powerful and consistent steam output can permeate a room.

It is one of the cheapest models on the list but doesn’t have any warranties or guarantees. While it does perform a handful of useful functions, it doesn’t necessarily do them well.

Many customers say that the facial steaming rod is too short and rigid, making it hard to use. Others say that the head cover limits the steam to the top of your head but not the sides. 

While it may not accommodate everyone, the SUPERDEALPRO is on this list for affordability and versatility. It provides low-cost access to the salon experience with minimal frustration.

4. Red Pro Hair Therapy 2-in-1 Steamer

Best for the Warranty
Red Pro Hair Therapy 2-in-1 Steamer
  • Trusted name
  • 1-year warranty
  • Moisturizes hair very well
  • Shuts off automatically too early
  • Filling with water is awkward
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Red by Kiss has made several trusted hair care products in stores and online. The quality continues as the hair steamer effectively moisturizes down to your pores.

The Red Pro Therapy machine comes with a respectable 1-year warranty, covering issues caused by poor shipping or manufacturing defects. While it is a functional hair and facial steamer, the downside is that the water container only holds about 20 minutes’ worth of steam.

Users must constantly refill it for longer sessions, which is awkward due to a plastic pull-stopper mechanism in the water tank. As a result, the Red Pro hair steamer is not the most user-friendly machine on the market.

Still, it lives up to its salon-quality reputation. With the additional security of a warranty, you can rest easy knowing your investment is safe, which is worth the price increase. 

5. ELQ Portable Nano Steam Gun

Best for Portability
ELQ Portable Nano Steam Gun
  • Versatile device sprays more than steam
  • Can go with you anywhere
  • Reaches areas other steamers don’t
  • Doesn’t heat quickly
  • Makes lots of noise
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A steam gun is an alternative device that anyone can use as a hair steamer. A motor on the machine heats the water, and a trigger dispenses hot vapor wherever you aim. The ELQ steam gun is ideal for both hair and facial steaming, opening pores anywhere you can reach.

In addition, the gun can dispense far more than just steam. If you turn off the heating function, you can use the ELQ as a fragrance shooter or disinfectant sprayer.

You can take the gun virtually anywhere, although it does need outlet connectivity to heat its contents. The ELQ Portable Nano steam gun is great in concept, but it doesn’t work perfectly.

It takes much longer than advertised to heat the water, and it makes a cacophony of noise while doing it. Be sure to consider these drawbacks if you decide to buy one. Other than that, the ELQ steam gun is a fantastic replacement for a hair steamer.

6. Artist Hand Professional Hair Steamer

Best for Salons
Artist Hand Professional Hair Steamer
  • Easy to move around
  • Adjustable height and swivel hood
  • Efficient time and temperature control
  • Too bulky and expensive for home use
  • Drips water when overfilled
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Standing hair steamers are great for salons, even if they are too bulky for home usage. The primary advantage of the Artist Hand model is maneuverability, as every component can adjust to different shapes.

In addition, the wheeled base makes moving the machine easy and ergonomic. The Artist Hand product is on the lower end of the price spectrum for salon-quality steamers.

It has an efficient adjustable timer and different degrees of steam exposure in exchange for the affordances of home-use machines. However, the product is known to drip when overfilled because the design doesn’t handle excessive condensation.

Use a head and neck towel when steaming and a modest amount of water to eliminate this problem. Once you do, the Artist Hand hair steamer stands with the others as great cuticle care options.

7. Munsinn Micro Mist Salon Steamer

Best for Professionals
Munsinn Micro Mist Salon Steamer
  • Three professional-quality styling modes
  • Airtight, secured against leaks
  • Highly customizable
  • High price
  • Doesn’t come with assembly instructions
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The Munsinn salon steamer gives you control over everything. It is easy to adjust and the machine has a plethora of settings. Infrared, blue light, and five levels of mist are everything a stylist needs for oil, dye, and steam treatments.

This durable standing hair steamer suits a high-end salon even if it isn’t practical at home. Furthermore, unlike other hair steamers, this one is airtight. Its intelligent design prevents dripping even with excessive condensation.

However, great technology comes at a great price. While the Munsinn steamer is an entirely worthwhile machine, it will be outside most non-professional’s budgets.

In addition, the product doesn’t come with assembly instructions. Thankfully, the process is documented on YouTube and the product page. Altogether, the Munsinn would be the most quality steamer on this list if not for its drastic price.

Finding the Best Hair Steamer for You

Hairdresser in a salon steaming a woman's hair with the best hair steamer


When shopping for a hair steamer, there are many critical factors you must consider. Let’s look at the four main considerations anyone should have before purchasing.


Naturally, performance is the most critical feature of a hair steamer. Before, during, and after use, how well does the machine perform? Some are slow to heat water and some shut off after inconvenient intervals.

An ideal device heats quickly, sprays deeply, and shows results. Finding the balance between performance and price is critical. There are plenty of great budget-friendly options that don’t compromise functionality.


A hair steamer is hooked up to an electrical outlet and used to heat water to boiling. As a result, safety is tantamount when deciding on a machine. Because they steam water, condensation and dripping are an inevitability for most hair steamers.

Look to user reviews, which are the best source of safety information. In addition, verify that the hair steamer’s wattage accommodates your home or salon’s output to prevent electrical dangers.


Even if standing hair steamers have wheels, they’re not as portable as other options. Small desktop machines and steam guns can join you in your travels anywhere. 

As high quality as professional salon steamers are, they won’t fit in your purse. If you’re a frequent on-the-go user, portability is certainly worth considering.


Lastly, multi-functionality is necessary for a hair steamer. Not every machine needs to be a combined facial steamer, aromatherapy dispenser, and humidifier, but such functions can be useful.

In addition, devices that give you control over the volume and conditions of steam are versatile and helpful.

If you work at a salon and want a steamer for your business, you should certainly consider multi-functionality. It could save you hundreds of dollars over buying another task-specific machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Woman with curls pictured holding one of the best hair steamers next to a laundry basket


Let’s answer some frequently asked questions about hair steamers.

Are Hair Steamers Good for Your Hair?

Hair steamers help to repair damaged hair and dead ends. They do this by opening up the pores around your cuticles, allowing treatments, dyes, soaps, and other products to reach deeply, affecting the entirety of your hair.

Do You Wash Your Hair Before Steaming?

We advise that you wash your hair thoroughly before steaming. However, wait until after the process to apply hair care products. Washing your hair will make the steamer process more pleasant and prevent your head from getting too hot.

Can Steam Damage Your Hair?

Yes, steam is capable of damaging your hair. A good rule is that any steam that is too hot for your skin is also too hot for your hair. Cuticle cracking can happen with too much exposure to burning steam, so be careful when using a hair steamer.

How Long Should You Steam Your Hair?

Twenty minutes is a perfect interval of time for steaming your hair, provided that your machine works well. Thankfully, most hair steamers automatically shut off after that duration of use to keep times easy to measure.

How Often Should You Steam Your Hair?

Steaming isn’t an everyday process, especially since it can cause damage in some cases. We advise steaming your hair every week to two weeks at most. Alternatively, undergoing treatment now and then will noticeably improve your hair quality over time.

So, What’s the Best Hair Steamer?

The best hair steamers have a balance of performance, safety, portability, multi-functionality, and price. Taking each detail into consideration, the Kingsteam 2-in-1 is the most worthwhile hair steamer because of its price and features.

Best Overall
Kingsteam Facial Steamer
  • Portable, convenient size
  • Professional quality and very safe
  • Multifunctional hair and facial steamer with aromatherapy
  • No full warranty
  • Cheaper options available
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However, any of the great products on this list could be the machine that transforms your hair care routine forever. So what are you waiting for… add one of our top picks to your shopping cart today!