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What are Shower Caps For? | An Overly-Detailed Guide

Wondering what all the fuss is about shower caps? There’s more to it than you know. If you’re asking, what are shower caps for? You are right on track. 

What are Shower Caps for?

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Shower caps are typically plastic hats worn around the hair, covering it in its eternity to prevent it from getting wet.

This is extremely useful for certain styles of hair that you don’t want to wash every day or at all, like dreadlocks. Shower caps could be the one thing you never think about when you step in the shower.

But the second it goes missing, it’s chaos left, right, and center! The shower cap ranks number one in the most underrated hair care accessories list. Few people realize how such a tiny, plastic thing can improve their lives. Consider how difficult it is to tame frizz.

Think about how long it would take to dry your hair after it gets wet in the shower. The shower cap is the most convenient hair accessory that every woman and man needs.

A shower cap is the difference between a good and a bad hair day. We delve deep into what they are for? Why do you need them? How can you use shower caps properly? And more.

Why You Need a Shower Caps

Shower caps protect and keep the hair from getting wet. But that isn’t the only reason you should own a shower cap. Shower caps have numerous other uses such as:

Keeps Your Hairstyle Intact

Are you yet to shower and get dressed up for your special occasion? Chances are you had your hair done prior. The surest way to keep your hairstyle intact is by putting on a shower cap while you get ready. It’s easy to mess up a curl or two as you try to fit into your cute dress.

You could use hair spray and a couple of bobby pins to try and salvage the situation. But it won’t turn out as good as it was earlier. Putting a shower cap on keeps your hair from getting frizzy, especially when it’s a particularly humid day.

Saves Water and Maintains Scalp Health

The urge to wash your hair as you take a shower is irresistible when you don’t have a shower cap on. But did you know that washing your hair more than twice or thrice a week can irritate your scalp?

Plus, you use more water than you would when you’re not washing your hair. Sebum, the scalps’ natural moisturizer, comes from the hair follicle, and its job is to provide lubrication. Hair shampoos remove all oil traces from the scalp and hair.

If you clean your hair too often, it could lead to a ‘dry scalp’, a condition that can cause dandruff and excessive itching. A shower cap saves you water and aids in maintaining scalp health.

Helpful During Deep Conditioning

A shower cap allows your hair to marinate when deep conditioning. Deep conditioning is an essential hair care practice. It softens, strengthens, and nourishes your hair.

There’s no way around it if you want long, bulky, lustrous hair. Deep conditioning is requisite. Deep conditioning needs time. It would be best to give the product enough time to penetrate the hair strands and work its magic.

Instead of counting the minutes till you can wash the deep conditioner off, how about putting on a shower cap and going about your normal day?

You could make yourself some tea, do some chores, or catch up on your favorite movie. Before you know it, time’s up. The shower cap saves you from messing up your clothes and keeps your hair in place.

Tames Hair Breakage

Hair breakage can happen owing to reasons such as hair dryness and tangling. Without adequate moisturization, the hair dries out and breaks like a twig. Alternatively, removing tangles means thoroughly brushing and detangling tiny knots in your hair.

Both cases are avoidable if you put on a shower cap. Use a shower cap to allow hair lotion/oil to penetrate deep into the hair cuticles.

After that, you can style your hair using minimum heat. On the other hand, if you have long hair with tight coils, consider showering and sleeping with a shower cap to keep your hair from tangling.

Works as Substitute for a Bonnet

Is your bonnet missing? Put on a shower cap. A hair bonnet uses silk material for its components. Silk protects your hair from damage often caused by rubbing your head on the pillow.

A shower cap will do just fine without a hair bonnet. It keeps your hair contained in one place and safe from damage regardless of how much you move your head around during sleep.

Maintains Natural Curls

Do you have curly hair? If yes, you know how much of a struggle it is to maintain healthy hair. Curly hair looks incredibly beautiful when you’ve had your hair done.

But if you aren’t keen on protecting your hair, your curls could turn from vibrant and bouncy to stiff and dull. A shower cap protects your hair from damaged strands, ruined edges, and prevents breakage.

Why You Should Sleep with a Shower Cap On

There’s a slow shift from bonnets to shower caps. Women are now sleeping with shower caps to grow softer, stronger, longer hair. Wondering why you should sleep with your shower cap on? Below are two main benefits.

Rapid Hair Growth

The hair needs plenty of warmth, hydration, and sebum to grow. Sleeping with a shower cap may solve your worries if you have trouble growing your hair past a particular length.

The shower cap works by mimicking the infamous baggy method. The baggy method keeps hair from becoming brittle. It works by triggering hair growth through moisture retention and increased sebum production.

Protects Your Bed Sheets

DIY hair dying and hot oil treatments can take a long time to cure. If it’s already bedtime, you might want to sleep with the product and wash it off in the morning. Sleeping with a shower cap keeps the dye or hair oil from sipping through and onto your sheets and pillowcases.

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Make the Most Out of your Shower Cap

Is your shower cap part of your daily routine? Chances are, you have a shower cap or two hanging somewhere in your bathroom. Besides keeping your hair dry, here are several tips you could use to get the most out of your shower cap.

Quality Is Key

Shower caps may all consist of plastic, but some shower caps are more durable than others. Disposable shower caps may come cheap, but they show your disregard for your environment. The best shower caps consist of reusable, long-lasting materials.

You can use a good shower cap daily for up to a week. You want a nice shower cap, but you need something that gets the job done. The best quality shower caps don’t leak. They have the right grip, not too tight or too loose.

Buy in Bulk

The best way to avoid hair mishaps and inconveniences is by having a shower cap on standby. If the current one gets lost you’ll have plenty of unused shower caps in storage. Also, buying shower caps in bulk saves you more money than buying a single item.

Wash After Every Use

Most shower cap users don’t clean them after use. However, shower caps need cleaning, like clothes, shoes, and other items you put on. To avoid re-introducing dirt and bacteria on your hair and skin, wash your shower cap, inside and out, after every use.

Use It With a Headband

When conditioning, dying or applying the treatment to your hair, consider securing your shower cap with a headband. A headband keeps your shower cap from moving and shields your face from products, water, or steam.

These are part of the treatment. Also, wrap a headband around your head to ensure your hair stays completely dry under the shower cap.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are some of the commonly asked questions about shower caps.

What can I use in place of a shower cap?

A plastic bag. Grab a plastic bag and put it on like you do your shower cap. Wrap it around your head and use a headband or a tie to keep it in place.

Can guys also use shower caps?

If you are a guy and have long, curly hair, you can benefit equally from using shower caps. Men with dreadlocks also use shower caps when cleaning their locks or taking a shower. There exist larger, more masculine shower cap designs for guys only.

How long should one use the same shower cap?

Assuming you have a good quality shower cap, it can last from a week to a month. A shower cap that doesn’t fit properly may tear and become useless.

A shower cap made from cheap plastic can easily tear. Purchase a shower cap that can accommodate your demands and last for at least a week before needing a new one.

Can my shower cap grow mold?

Failure to properly wash and dry your shower cap often can allow bacteria to grow. Avoid storing your shower cap in humid spaces. Allow it to dry completely before placing it inside the bathroom drawer or storage. Mildew and other types of bacteria thrive in humid conditions.

Can you disinfect a shower cap in the microwave?

The microwave comes in handy when you don’t have the time to soak your shower cap in disinfectant solution. The best method to disinfect your shower cap in the microwave is

  • Find a clean glass or ceramic bowl
  • Place your shower cap inside with the elastic edge exposed
  • Microwave for 30 to 45 seconds
  • Turn the shower cap inside out and repeat the process

How often should you switch shower caps?

How often you change your shower cap depends on quality and preference. Some shower caps can last no more than a day, and others can go for up to a week or even a month.

If the shower cap gets torned or the rubber band gets loose, it’s time to get a new one. Also, if the shower cap is too dirty/stained, a new one will work better.

So, What are Shower Caps For?

A shower cap is a seemingly simple hair tool that has established its place across the globe. It’s unimaginable for many to think of what life would be if there were no shower caps. Above is everything you need to know about shower caps and what they are for.