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Avocado Oil for Low Porosity Hair | Overly-Detailed guide

Low porosity hair can be a frustrating situation because there’s nothing you can do to change the makeup of your hair. So, we’ll show you how using avocado oil for low porosity hair can give you the healthy, soft hair you’ve always dreamed of.

What Is Avocado Oil for Low Porosity Hair?

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Avocado oil helps low porosity hair by penetrating the cuticles, allowing nutrients and moisturizing properties to enter. In this article, we’ll guide you through the following:

  • How avocado oil helps low porosity hair
  • Benefits of avocado oil
  • Step-by-step application guide

Delaying the treatment of your low porosity hair will only lead to more dead ends and tangles that result in broken hairs. So, read on to find out how avocado oil can prevent these situations.

Avocado Oil’s Effect on Low Porosity Hair

If a hairdresser told you that you have low porosity hair, you might be wondering—what exactly does that mean? Low porosity means that your hair doesn’t absorb water and treatments well because of your cuticle arrangement. 

So, how can you tell if you have low porosity hair? Below are the most common signs:

  • It takes a long time for your hair to get wet
  • Hair products stay on the surface of your hair
  • Beads of water run down your hair when it’s wet

Causes of Low Porosity Hair

Here’s the good news: Low porosity hair has nothing to do with anything you did wrong or could have done differently to your hair. Instead, you were born with genes that caused your cuticles to grow close together. 

For people with average or wide cuticle distance, their cuticles have lots of space to open when they take a warm shower. But when the cuticles have a close arrangement, they bump into each other as they try to open, causing them to remain mostly or partially closed.

How Avocado Oil Impacts Porosity

Avocado oil can’t change the porosity of your hair. However, because it’s a lightweight oil than many other butter and moisturizers on the market, it serves as an excellent conditioner for low porosity hair.

The reason that avocado oil works so well for tightly packed cuticles is that it has a small molecular size. It can more easily penetrate low porosity hair. Also, it has a low viscosity, meaning it has less internal friction and glides more easily over hair.

So, if you apply it correctly, avocado oil won’t create a thick build-up on hair. People with low porosity hair don’t have to worry about this moisturizer weighing down their hair or making it look greasy—something that’s a struggle with many other oils.

Things to Watch Out For

If you have an allergy to avocado consumption, there’s a chance you may also experience a reaction when applying it to your hair. In either case, it’s wise to do a patch test on a small place on your skin before using avocado oil.

The saying that too much of a good thing can be a bad thing applies here. While avocado oil is an excellent option for low porosity hair, if you apply too much of it, your hair will take on an oily, weighted-down appearance.

Benefits of Avocado Oil for Low Porosity Hair

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As you’re weighing your options for using avocado oil for low porosity hair, the benefits below will give you a feel for some of the results and perks you can expect to receive.

Increased Shine

People with low porosity hair are all too accustomed to dealing with shiny hair from conditioners and moisturizers that hang out on top of their hair instead of absorbing into the cuticles. But by using a small amount of avocado oil, your hair’s shiny appearance won’t look greasy.

Much of this is because avocado oil has a high vitamin and fatty acid concentration. These properties help restore your hair to a healthier, more brilliant state. And given that avocado oil has such small molecules, these nutrients can reach deep into your hair.

Stronger Hair

Dead ends and hair breakage are common scenarios that many people with low porosity hair face. However, avocado oil can alleviate this problem, given that it infuses the hair with so many nutrients. By having stronger hair, you may start noticing less hair loss.

That’s especially noticeable when you put your hair up or run your fingers through to detangle it. Of course, since hair is a series of dead skin cells, eating a nutritious diet will also help build your hair’s strength while allowing avocado oil to manage it.

Adds Softness

As a person with low porosity hair, you’re likely used to dealing with coarseness and brittleness. So, by incorporating avocado oil into your routine, you’ll finally have the opportunity to experience softer, supple locks. 

The reason for this is avocado oil’s high vitamin E content, which is a fat-soluble antioxidant.

Not only will vitamin E help make your hair feel better to the touch, but it’s also an excellent vitamin for improving a dry, dandruff-prone scalp. In fact, it can even encourage circulation in your scalp.

More Elasticity

Before now, you may not have thought about your hair needing to be elastic. And while we’re not talking about rubberband-quality elasticity, your hair’s ability to have some give and take is crucial to its health.

Avocado oil can help you achieve elasticity because it prevents brittleness and split ends—circumstances that cause hair to lose its elastic nature. So, if you use hair ties for styling your hair, once you start your avocado oil regime, you’ll likely start noticing a difference in the ease of managing your hair.

Protective Coating

Even though low porosity hair tends not to soak in the number of pollutants that average or high porosity hair does, it’s still susceptible to damage from contamination and ultraviolet (UV) rays.

In fact, according to a study on the impact of UV rays on hair, researchers found that UVB radiation causes hair protein loss, and UVA radiation changes the color of hair.

However, avocado oil can build a protective seal from UV rays and other contaminants, keeping your hair healthy long after it works its moisturizing wonders.

How to Apply Avocado Oil to Your Hair

With so much talk about how avocado can help low porosity hair, you’re likely ready to try it. But before you pour avocado oil straight on your hair, know that many of the most effective methods are to mix it with other ingredients.

So, below are some of the most popular DIY ways to incorporate avocado oil into your low porosity hair treatment routine.

Create a Hair Mask

Take out your blender and prepare a hair mask that’s as effective for low porosity hair as it is delicious. Peel one avocado and banana and toss them in the blender. Then, combine them with one tablespoon of each of the following ingredients:

  • Avocado oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Honey

Work this natural hair mask into your scalp and hair. Then, let it sit for 20 minutes to three hours, depending on your schedule and how much treatment your hair needs. You can then rinse the mask with warm water, using shampoo if you wish.

Make a Hot Avocado Oil Treatment

Whipping up a hot oil treatment for your hair involves boiling water on your stove and then placing a glass jar with avocado oil and extra virgin coconut oil inside it. Use 3 – 5 tablespoons of each oil.

Let the jar sit for 1 – 2 minutes, then test the oil’s heat on your skin. Once it’s warm enough but not so much that’ll burn you, rub the mixture into your washed hair. Wrap your oily hair in a towel for as long as 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Add It to Shampoo or Conditioner

Mixing avocado oil with other ingredients doesn’t always mean you need blenders, pots, and pans. Instead, if you want a little pick-me-up, squeeze a couple of drops of avocado oil into your shampoo or conditioner.

We recommend adding the oil directly to the amount of shampoo or conditioner you squeeze on your hand to use for the day. Otherwise, you could end up regretting adding it to your shampoo, given that you might not want such a strong treatment for your low porosity hair. 

Finally, it’s best to use a natural, chemical-free shampoo or conditioner for your low porosity hair. That way, it’ll minimize further damage as the avocado oil works to strengthen and make your hair shiny.

Using Straight-Up Avocado Oil

We don’t want to intimidate you if you like the simplicity of one-ingredient hair treatment. So, you can apply avocado oil directly to your hair. However, it’s crucial to use a small amount (the size of a nickel is often all you need). Otherwise, your hair could become too oily.

Some of the most popular uses for applying avocado oil straight to your hair include:

  • Leave-in conditioner: Only use it on the tips of your damp hair, and don’t style your hair until it dries.
  • Antibreakage: Run a small amount of oil through the ends of your dry hair.
  • Detangler: Spot-treat tangles with avocado oil to reduce damage with a comb.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re still unsure about using avocado oil for low porosity hair, the questions and answers below may help you decide.

Is avocado oil good for low porosity hair?

Yes, avocado oil is excellent for low porosity hair. The reason being is that it has smaller molecules than other oils. This means it can better penetrate your hair’s cuticles.

Does avocado oil moisturize Hair?

Avocado is an effective moisturizer since it helps penetrate cuticle cells with its oil and then seals them off from UV rays and other environmental conditions that can damage them. During the moisturizing process, avocado oil can also repair and strengthen hair.

Does avocado oil help hair growth?

Avocado oil can help stimulate hair growth, given that it stimulates scalp circulation. To benefit from the hair-growing impacts of avocado oil, thoroughly massage the oil into your scalp. 

Does avocado oil change hair color?

No, avocado oil doesn’t change hair color. On the contrary, UVA radiation can cause hair to change color, and avocado oil blocks the impact of those UVA rays.

Does avocado oil have protein for hair?

Avocado oil contains a small number of amino acids and protein that your hair will benefit from by applying it to your scalp. For added benefits, use this oil as a leave-in conditioner.

So, What Is Avocado Oil for Low Porosity Hair?

Avocado oil is an excellent choice for low porosity hair because it can penetrate your hair’s cuticles. As a result, nutrients and moisturizing properties can reach inside your hair instead of remaining on top. The result is softer, shinier, and more elastic hair.