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Vegamour Reviews | Pros, Cons & Real User Reviews

Searching for Vegamour reviews? You’re in the right place. Their products are all about helping customers get thicker, fuller, healthier hair. But do they deliver? Read on to learn all you need to know.

Disclaimer: We sourced information from what we consider trustworthy sources, but we are not doctors. Before taking any supplements, we highly suggest consulting your doctor. This piece is an objective summary of our interpretation of product data and user reviews.

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Looking for Vegamour Reviews?

For a piece on Vegamour reviews, a phone with a bottle of the product sits next to a graphical version of a real user review

Vegamour is a vegan hair care company that has been around for a few years, but it’s starting to get a lot more attention. As more women start to avoid synthetic chemicals and ingredients in their hair care product lineup, companies like Vegamour are really beginning to shine.

Vegamour makes plant-based, vegan products that are intended to make hair thicker, fuller, and healthier. These products are built for anyone with thinning, sparse, or damaged hair that needs a boost.

These include eyelash and eyebrow growth serums as well. So if you have thinning, short, or sparse lashes or brows, this company’s products could be something to consider. 

Before you stock up on Vegamour goodies, you should take a peek at real Vegamour reviews.

You can learn a lot from a company’s website, but the best way to find out whether or not their products are as effective as they say is by reading honest reviews from people who’ve used them. 

We’ve collected Vegamour reviews and a whole lot more for you here in this guide. You’ll learn about the company and their claims, see pros and cons, find real Vegamour reviews from verified customers, and get our final assessment on whether or not this company is worth buying from. 

If plant-based vegan hair care that works better than the synthetic kind is what you’re after, Vegamour could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Keep reading to see if they hit the mark!   

What Is Vegamour?

Vegamour Products in Lay Flat

Founded in 2016, Vegamour is a holistic, vegan hair care company that produces a range of natural hair and beauty products. Vegamour makes products to help hair, lashes, and brows reach their full potential for growth, density, and health. 

Many women dealing with hair loss and thinning turn to Vegamour products to restore thickness to their hair, lashes, and brows. Some have indicated that Vegamour products made their hair look and feel better than ever before thanks to the company’s exclusive blends of natural, clinically proven ingredients. 

Some of Vegamour’s most popular products right now are:

  • GRO and GRO+ Advanced Hair Serum: Formulated with scalp-stimulating caffeine, anti-inflammatory turmeric, nourishing vitamins and minerals, powerful vegan actives, microencapsulated full-spectrum CBD (GRO+ Advanced formula only), and sweet-smelling bergamot for thicker, fuller hair.
  • GRO and GRO+ Advanced Hair Foam: Features the same formula as the GRO serums in a lightweight mousse-like form for easy application and thicker, fuller hair.
  • vegaLASH Volumizing Serum: Formulated with lash-nourishing magnolia bark extract, red clover sprout and flower extracts, this lash volumizing serum gives you thicker, longer lashes in 30 days.
  • GRO+ Advanced Lash and Brow Serum: Get all the natural, vegan actives found in the original lash and brow serum formulas plus microencapsulated full-spectrum CBD to deliver growth-enhancing nutrients deep into your lashes and brows without irritation.
  • GRO Biotin Gummies: A full 30 day supply of strawberry-flavored bioavailable vitamins that are proven to accelerate and promote hair health and growth, including biotin and vitamins B5, B6, B12, A, C, and E.

Vegamour is focused on holistic hair wellness powered by nature. They do this by using plant-based ingredients that are proven effective for improved hair health, beauty, and wellness.

Their 4 core pillars – what they promise for every product they produce – are bioavailability, 100% vegan ingredients, holistic hair wellness, and science-backed results. We were pleased to see bioavailability as one of Vegamour’s core principles, and they back it up.

This company uses clean bimolecular tech to optimize the bioavailability – how much of a natural ingredient is available to be used and broken down by the body – of each ingredient in their products.

The fact that this company values science-backed results is another positive indicator. They’ve put a number of products through clinical trials and studies that have shown them to be highly effective.

Overall, Vegamour seems like a trustworthy company with a range of positively-reviewed hair, lash, and brow products. We like that they offer 100% vegan products with high bioavailability.

And if these products really work, they provide an easy, natural way to get fuller, stronger, and healthier lashes, brows, and hair. So far, so good. 

Next, let’s look at Vegamour’s product claims, pros and cons, and Vegamour reviews from real customers who have used their products.

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Vegamour Claims

Graphic table highlighting what Vegamour reviews from around the web say the product does against blue background

What does Vegamour claim their products do? Are their claims legitimate and backed by science? Let’s find out. Vegamour has the following claims about their products on their website: 

  • Reduce shedding by up to 76%**
  • Increase appearance of hair density by 52%***
  • 100% vegan ingredients, never tested on animals
  • Support the appearance of longer, denser, thicker hair
  • Safe for everyday use with no toxins or hormones

If these claims are true, this company makes some incredibly effective hair products. Fortunately, we were able to confirm these claims through real clinical trials of Vegamour products. 

These double-blind trials took place over a period of 150 days with participants ranging in age from 18 to 62. In two of the trials, participants’ shedding had reduced by 76% from day 1 to day 150. Their hair’s thickness or density had increased by an average of 52% during that time period, too. 

If you’re struggling with thinning hair or hair loss, these are precisely the kind of results you’re looking for. According to these scientific trials, Vegamour’s hair serums can deliver those results in less than 6 months, and many times, much sooner than that. 

**Results from a double-blind, in-vivo clinical trial by Vegamour with 40 subjects ages 18-60 over 150 days
***Results from a double-blind, in-vivo clinical trial by Vegamour with 20 subjects ages 21-62 over 150 days

Vegamour Pros and Cons

Vegamour has a lot going for it and its products promise a range of benefits that anyone will appreciate. But there are also some cons to consider before you decide to buy from this company. We’ll take an honest look at the pros and cons below. 


  • Get fuller, thicker, healthier hair: Whether it’s the hair on your head, eyelashes, or brows, Vegamour products are all about improving the fullness, thickness, and health of your hair. Thousands of reviews back up the effectiveness of Vegamour’s products and how they improve the thickness, look, and feel of hair. 
  • High bioavailability in every product: Bioavailability is essential for any natural, plant-based ingredient to be effective. Every vitamin, mineral, protein, and enzyme included in natural hair care products has to be broken down and metabolized by the body in order to have an effect. Low bioavailability means low effectiveness, so Vegamour’s high bioavailability in every product they offer is a definite indicator of quality. 
  • 100% plant-based vegan ingredients: If you’re making hair care choices based on the quality of ingredients, Vegamour is a great option to consider. Every ingredient in their products is sustainably harvested, 100% vegan, plant-based, and all natural. Their products are never tested on animals, and they don’t sell their products in countries that require animal testing. Choosing Vegamour products is a choice for compassion toward animals and the environment.  
  • Clinically tested for quality and effectiveness: Vegamour clinically tests every ingredient they use to make sure it’s pure enough for use, highly bioavailable, and optimized for effectiveness. You can be sure you’re getting standardized doses of the natural ingredients in their products, which is important for safety and quality control. 
  • Unique ingredient profiles: We’ve reviewed tons of different hair care supplements and vegan hair products, and many of the ingredient lists look so similar it’s hard to tell the difference. But Vegamour’s ingredients are delightfully different, making use of natural compounds and substances that other companies haven’t caught onto yet or have a hard time sourcing from distant parts of the world. 
  • Range of products: Vegamour offers a wide range of hair wellness products, from dry shampoo and thickening hair serum to eyelash and eyebrow growth serum. Their wide range of products means there’s something suitable for almost every woman, whether you want to vamp up your hair, lashes, or brows. 
  • Excellent customer reviews: Vegamour reviews are overwhelmingly positive on their website, Amazon, and influencer blogs. While this isn’t the only thing to consider when considering trying a new company’s products, it’s definitely a helpful indicator of quality. 
  • Subscribe and Save discounts: Vegamour offers discounts when you sign up for their Subscribe and Save program. You’ll get deliveries every 3 months along with a substantial discount (up to 23% off!) when you sign up. You can cancel without penalty anytime if you change your mind. 


  • Pricing is on the high end: With their famous GRO Hair Serum priced at $44 for a one ounce bottle, Vegamour is not a cheap brand. Vegamour’s packaging, product design, and ingredient exclusivity make it more like a luxury brand. So if you’re looking for low-cost products, Vegamour won’t be the source for you. Don’t forget the Subscribe and Save discount you can take advantage of, though! 
  • Their products are more expensive on Amazon: You can buy Vegamour products directly from their website (recommended) or on Amazon. But for some reason, the prices of their products on Amazon are higher than their website. For example, a bottle of their GRO Hair Serum is $44 on the website, but the same bottle is $52 on Amazon. So be aware of pricing differences before trying to buy on Amazon! 
  • Hair serum can be problematic for oily hair: Since their GRO and GRO+ Advanced Hair Serums are some of their most popular products, there’s a good chance you’re considering purchasing one. But if you have oily hair, you’ll need to go light on the application to avoid weighing your strands down because the formula is kind of heavy. Using less than is recommended could slow down your results, so keep this in mind.  
  • Small product sizes: A quick overview of Vegamour’s products revealed that some products are offered in very small packages. The GRO serums are offered in 1 ounce bottles, and the dry shampoo comes in a bottle that is similar to a travel size. That said, these products are intended to use in smaller amounts and can easily last for a while, but you might be surprised at the size.

Vegamour Reviews

We’ve verified the company’s claims about their products’ effectiveness, we’ve taken a thorough look at the pros and cons, and now, it’s time to look at real customer reviews to see if it all adds up. 

Vegamour gets excellent customer reviews both on its website and on Amazon. The vast majority of their product reviews are 5 stars. It’s helpful to look at individual reviews to get a sense of how customers feel about some of the different Vegamour products. 

Below, we’ll check out a range of Vegamour reviews from 5 stars to 1 star. This should give you a sense of where Vegamour products nail it and where some may fall short. 

5 Star Reviews

Vegamour reviews listed in graphical format on a blue background

“Love the serum, within one week my husband’s hair started to regrow. I see minimal regrowth but will give it a full 3 month trial.” -G. Frazier on Amazon

“I was skeptical but decided to give this a try. After 6 weeks of use I see a noticeable difference in the thickness of my hair as well as length – I’m frankly shocked because I did not expect it to work at all and so only ordered one bottle not wanting to waste money. I also tried the Vegamour eyelash serum (when my eyelashes were in a horrible state after removing extensions during COVID) and found that it works as well when others that I have tried have failed to do anything. I am truly amazed and now, I will be a customer for life. Thank you to Vegamour for solving a terrible problem that I was having with hair loss, breakage and thinning. I can’t say enough good things about this product!” -NYC Gal on Amazon

“This is awesome. Helps with the growth of areas I lost hair from covid-19 and makes [my] scalp feel good.” -Michelle on Amazon

“Holy baby hairs! I need to re-order ASAP! The amount my hair has grown from one bottle and all the new hair coming in is insane! Even my hairdresser noticed a drastic difference!” -Karis Bergen on Amazon

“Can see my hair growing already, it’s been 3 weeks.” -Jessica Licardi on Amazon

4 Star Reviews

“Doesn’t feel oily and reduced my shedding. Thus far my hair seems to like this product. I’ve noticed a reduction in shedding, and scalp itch.” -J. Williams on Amazon

“I haven’t been using this product more than a few months, but it does seem to be helping with hair loss. My hair is falling out less and it appears to be a little fuller in the area I apply this serum to. I will say, I had to learn how to apply it properly so that my hair didn’t seem greasy in the front. But it smells fantastic and I will continue to use it!” -Shawna Stanton Monroe on Amazon

3 Star Reviews

“Works well but the bottle is too small for the price. I don’t even use it all over and still run out in like 2 weeks when it’s supposed to last a month.” -Georgia on Amazon

2 Star Reviews

“I barely used any each day and I got to day 17 my bottle is now empty. When I got the product it was far from full. Oddly enough I have since purchased a bottle directly from the manufacturer and the bottle is full. I will not be buying this item on Amazon again.” – K.L. on Amazon

“It’s too soon to tell if product is working and the amount you get is not enough to last a month as advertised. The price is too high for the amount you get, however I will give it 4 months to see if I get the desired hair growth or the stopping of shedding hair. If I don’t get the desired outcome then I will have to discontinue using the product because it is very expensive.” -Deborah Booth on Amazon

1 Star Reviews

“I don’t feel like the bottle was full when I received it, I have gone through it quicker than another product (same size) I purchased a month earlier.” -Curly Girl on Amazon

Vegamour Review Summary

Vegamour reviews from Amazon listed on a laptop

Overall, Vegamour products get mostly positive reviews. They make multiple products and all have different ratings, but their best-selling products on Amazon get great reviews from customers. 

The original GRO Hair Serum has 4.1 stars on Amazon, and the GRO Hair Serum 3-Month Supply pack has an average rating of 4.4 stars on Amazon. This is very similar to the average ratings for these products on the Vegamour website (where the GRO serum gets 4.4 stars). 

That indicates that Vegamour isn’t paying anyone to leave false positive reviews. We love seeing this level of honesty from a company. 

Some products on the Vegamour website, like the shampoo and conditioner duo, scalp detoxifying serum, and GRO biotin gummies, have a full 5 star rating average. That’s pretty impressive!  

We noticed that the small number of negative reviews we found were from customers who either:

  • Purchased their products on Amazon
  • Didn’t use the products for the full 3 months to get results
  • Wished the bottle/package size was larger or that the product was cheaper

It looks like customers who purchased Vegamour products through Amazon had complaints about the product consistency or it running out before the month was over. We did not see complaints like this for products ordered directly from the Vegamour website.

We recommend buying your products directly from Vegamour to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money. Plus, buying on third-party sites opens the door for near-expired products or even counterfeits.

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So, Should You Use Vegamour?

Key reasons to trust Vegamour reviews and use the products

Overall, Vegamour products get excellent customer reviews across the board. After analyzing the company’s clinical trials, product claims, ingredient source and quality, and reviews from different channels, we feel confident that Vegamour is a trustworthy vegan company to buy from. 

If you’re experiencing hair thinning, hair loss, or negative effects from damage, Vegamour products are worth a mini-splurge.

With consistent use over 3 months, you’ll experience hair that looks and feels fuller, thicker, stronger, and healthier. And you’ll feel good knowing no animals were harmed to test these vegan products! 

They’re not cheap, but you can grab a bottle of their best-selling GRO Hair Serum for as little as $39 (with the Subscribe and Save discount). Vegamour products can help you transform your locks naturally.

Think you’ll give Vegamour hair products a try? We’d love to see your review of their hair growth products. Who knows – it might even make it into this Vegamour review!

Does Vegamour really work?

According to reviews we sampled online, most users said Vegamour does really work. But expect it to take between 60 and 120 days to see any meaningful results.

What happens if you stop using Vegamour?

If you stop using Vegamour, don't worry - your hair won't fall out! You just won't see any more progress in hair growth and overall volume. In short, expect to see your hair go back to how it was prior to using the products.

Is Vegamour hair serum FDA approved?

Vegamour's hair serum is classified as a supplement, which does not need to be FDA approved. So no, it's not FDA approved. But you'll be surprised to learn that neither are most vitamins and supplements.

Is Vegamour a Hoax?

Vegamour is not a hoax. When seeking out Vegamour products on the internet, be sure that the product you purchase says "Vegamour." To be sure, make purchases at Like any well-known or coveted brand, Vegamour products may be subject to imitators, impostors, and scam artists.

Is Vegamour a Good Product?

Vegamour products are excellent products, tried and true, tested by countless customers. Most negative reviews result from a failure to understand or accept that results will vary by person, usually depending upon the severity of the condition they are trying to remedy.

Does Vegamour Really Grow Hair?

Vegamour really does grow hair! Be patient because the timeline for results will manifest differently from customer to customer. After careful use for several weeks, many will see a noticeable difference, ranging from six to eight weeks or longer.