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Should I Buzz My Head? | We’ll Help You Decide!

“Should I buzz my head?” This question is burning on the lips of many individuals suffering from a crisis of confidence. Watching your hair clog up the shower drain is painful, especially for those affected by hair loss.

We’ll show you all the reasons, benefits, and considerations, including buzz-cut styles for your head. Read on to learn all you need to know!

What Is a Buzz Cut? 

You should buzz your head if you suffer low confidence levels because of hair loss. Also, buzz your head to save maintenance costs and spend more time doing the things you love the most.

A buzz cut is a hairstyle that shaves the entire hair on the head close to the scalp and a uniform length. However, there’s so much more to this military hairstyle than meets the eye.

All sexes suffer from hair loss. Jada Pinkett Smith is one celebrity handling alopecia areata like a boss – thanks to the buzz cut. Sometimes, hair loss has no connection with our decisions or lifestyle.

Androgenic alopecia causes hair loss in most men. Whether you’ve lost hair through cancer, pattern baldness, or alopecia, the $64,000 question you ask yourself is: should I buzz my head?

If you’re currently losing a battle against any hair loss type, know that you’re not alone. This article will help you to rediscover your confidence through the many joys of the buzz cut.

Reasons to Buzz Your Head

Man getting a buzz cut in a hair salon

Amnat Dpp/Shutterstock

Your hair affects the way you carry yourself. Even if you have a full head of hair, there are a gazillion reasons you should opt for a crew cut. 

For most people, deciding on a buzz cut takes a bit of time and mental preparation. Here are a few reasons to buzz your head to save time to think.

Redefine Yourself

Your hair often defines the way people perceive you. And if perception is tied to your hair, then the buzz cut gives you a fresh look and a chance to redefine your style. A buzz cut also helps you to do away with vanity, allowing you the carefreedom to attain your goals. 

The military gives recruits a crew cut to foster team spirit and eliminate individuality. Tibetan monks sport this hairstyle because vanity is an obstacle on the road to spiritual enlightenment. 

You’d channel your external energy inwards by opting for the buzz cut, which will work wonders for your mental health. 

Buzz Cut Is Low Maintenance

Buzz cut saves you significant time to prep for the day. You can get out of bed straight into the shower with a soap bar and be right out in less than a minute. 

The hairstyle will bid you goodbye to various hair care products and the many steps of conditioning, blow drying, and styling. During summer, you can quickly transition from pool to beach and bar without worrying about going to the stylist.

Buzz Cut Makes You Look Younger

The grays pop out of the woodwork in your thirties all through your forties. However, they’re only noticeable when you grow your hair long. 

It’s virtually impossible to pick out the gray hairs when you keep it short, hence the youthful look. If you’re self-conscious about growing old, a buzz cut will give you a youthful appearance for some time yet.  

Buzz Cut Saves Money

More men spend a significant chunk of their income on grooming accessories. The longer your hair length, the more cash you need to make it look presentable. 

Opting for a crew cut discourages spending on hair care products. Styling products are pointless, while conditioners are unnecessary.

Buzz Cut Never Gets Out of Style

Take a look at Jada Pinkett. Or Timberlake. Or Jason Statham. The list continues about how many celebrities rock the buzz cut. Many guys look incredibly cool with a buzz cut.

It’s a hairstyle that also gives you a mature, sophisticated look. Hair loss issues aren’t the only reason you need a crew cut. It instills confidence and makes you look refined.

A 2012 study from the University of Pennsylvania revealed that bald men were considered more attractive and successful than their full-headed counterparts.

Buzz Cut Styles

Man buzzing his hair for a guide to whether or not you should buzz your head


Now that you know why you need a buzz cut – let’s look at the various buzz cut styles you should consider.

The Induction Cut

The induction cut is the lowest length you can cut your hair without using a shaving razor on your head. It is the nuclear option for those seeking a total reset. It’s also known as the military cut since all recruits shave their heads this way.

The Butch Cut

The butch cut requires a 4-guard clipper to give you a decent uniform hair length around your head. It leaves your hair longer than most buzz-cut styles and is suitable for individuals still testing the waters. Use a styling gel to give your hair more volume if needed.

The Crew Cut

It’s a running debate that the crew cut is a distinct hairstyle rather than a buzz cut. The crew cut is renowned for the fades at the back and sides while leaving a significant amount of hair on the top. Some crew cut styles include:

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Balding Buzz Cut

Longer haircuts will make any hair absence visible. Consider the balding buzz cut if you’re not down for a full-skin shave. Jason Statham is one celebrity who wears this hairstyle with confidence.

Receding Hairline Buzz Cut

Look no further than Chris Evans if you’d like to know what a buzz cut for receding hairline looks like. This buzz hairstyle will take away the attention from your hairline, creating a graduated contrast between your hair and forehead.

Considerations Before Buzzing Your Head

Image of a woman with a buzz cut for a piece on should i buzz my head


Buzz cuts give you that fierce look. Just take Saweetie and Demi Lovato’s buzz-cut appeal as an example. General beauty standards emphasize long hair but cutting your hair in the military fashion will make you feel liberated in the most rebellious way. 

However, like every other hair transformation, there are factors to remember before buzzing your head.

First Time? Go to a Barber Shop

There are many TikTok videos of first-timers buzzing their head at home. Still, not everything you see on TikTok is true. The hairstyle might look as simple as pie.

Still, a professional hair stylist will create the graduation that gives your hair a more defined shape. Moreover, due to self-shaving inconsistencies, DIY crew cuts won’t grow out smoothly. Never cut your hair yourself unless you’re a pro.  

Be Comfy With Your Head Shape

This point may sound ridiculous, but many individuals have never seen their skull shape. You forget cuts and bruises on your head because they’ve never seen the light of day, thanks to your hair. 

A buzz cut will reveal your head shape so ensure your confidence is at the max before embarking on this transformation adventure.

Frequent Haircuts

Now I think about it, investing in a hair clipper will offer long-term benefits. A buzz cut typically requires frequent appointments to keep the hairstyle fresh and appealing. I cut my hair twice a month, the maximum time needed to maintain a buzz cut.

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Compulsory SPF Protection

You forgot about that, didn’t you? If you’re out in the sun often, then it’s only logical that you apply SPF to your scalp. Without your hair, the scalp gets more sun exposure. 

There are hundreds of conditioning products on the market that offer UV protection. An excellent alternative is to wear a hat when going outdoors.

Alternatives to Buzzing Your Head

If you’re not ready to buzz your head, various inexpensive and easy options are at your disposal.

Wear a Hat

Wear a hat if you’re combating hair loss and not ready to buzz your head. There are various head covers that work for all seasons, ensuring you maintain your persona and style.

Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss treatments act as catalysts for growth and make your hair appear fuller and thicker. You can buy these treatments over the counter.

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Have you ever heard of a toupee? It’s an artificial piece designed to cover bald patches. Moreover, men’s wigs offer a natural look that’s a perfect fit for your face.

Frequently Asked Questions

Man wondering should I buzz my head while wearing a black shirt

Manny DaCunha/Shutterstock

Here are answers to questions about buzzing your head.

How do I know if my head is good for a buzz cut?

Buzz cuts work well for individuals with a lean face, great cheekbones, and a strong, visible jaw. Buzz cuts aren’t a fantastic fit for people with large foreheads.

Does a buzz cut look good?

The buzz cut is a versatile hairstyle. It’s one of the few haircuts that fit different facial shapes.

Can buzz cuts damage your hair?

Unlike many hairstyles, the buzz cut doesn’t damage your hair. However, it may take some time before your hair grows to its fullest hair length.

Should I get a buzz cut if I’m balding?

Buzz cuts are ideal for balding men. This hairstyle redefines your hairline, making it difficult for people to spot your hair loss.

How long does a buzz cut last?

Genetics is the most crucial factor in the longevity of a buzz cut. Still, it will take four months or more for your hair to grow to its original length.

So, Should I Buzz My Head?

Your reasons don’t matter; buzzing your head for the first time can be scary and intimidating. Ensure you don’t have scalp issues before going this hairstyle route. 

A buzz cut will help you maintain your style while giving you a timely self-confidence boost! Besides low maintenance, buzz cuts will emphasize your facial features like never before, giving you a daring, bold look.