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The 13 Must-Have Mustache Styles in 2024

Mustaches have been an essential part of mens’ style and fashion for thousands of years, but only the 13 best mustache styles have stood the test of time and are still popular today. 

Check out our list of the 13 must-have mustache types and learn about the different styles, lengths, and ‘stache grooming pointers that will keep your nose neighbor looking nice! 

How Many Mustache Styles Are There?

  • There are 13 general categories for popular mustache styles
  • Styles range from thin and neatly groomed to bushy and long
  • Longer mustache styles may require wax for styling and hold

While every mustache (‘moustache’ in some parts of the world) is slightly different and no two ‘staches are alike, the diverse world of mustaches can be sorted into roughly 13 types. 

Like the 15 beard types, there are distinctive types of mustaches that are set apart by their shape, length, and placement.

With instantly-recognizable types like pencil and walrus mustaches alongside hipster favorites that are in style like handlebar and Hungarian mustaches, there’s a type of mustache that can suit every man. 

The sheer variety and diversity of mustache styles means you can choose one that perfectly suits your sense of style. 

Thin, neatly groomed mustaches are always popular and include types like the pencil, parted pencil, and the painter’s brush mustache.

Fans of ‘staches that make a statement will love the eccentric handlebar, Imperial, horseshoe, and Dali mustache. With longer lengths and interesting styles, these mustaches really make a splash. 

Bushier mustaches that require more length and density include the Hungarian, walrus, chevron, English, lampshade, and pyramid mustache styles. 

As you get into the longer mustache types, you may need to use mustache wax – a product with stiff hold to keep a mustache style in place – to achieve some of the more eccentric mustache styles. 

If you’re in the process of growing out your lip toupee or are thinking about switching up your ‘stache style, check out this list of the different types of mustaches to get inspired! 

13 Must-Have Mustache Styles

Why let your mustache grow into its natural shape when you can put in a little effort to create one of these recognizable, downright dapper mustache styles? 

You’ll find options for all mustache growth patterns, densities, and lengths in the 13 mustache styles shown below.

1. The Handlebar Mustache

Hipster man with long hair in a black hat posing thoughtfully with hand under his chin models a classic handlebar, a popular mustache style with curved, waxed ends

El Nariz/Shutterstock

While you don’t see this mustache very often IRL, it’s one of the most well-known mustache styles and features a sloped shape on top with thin, curved ends that are waxed to hold their distinctive handlebar shape. 

The handlebar mustache is similar to the Imperial, but the handlebar isn’t as wide and covers less of the upper lip with more prominently curved, thinner ends. 

2. The Imperial Mustache

Man wearing a red beanie hat and white henley shirt smiles with an imperial mustache, one of the longer and most recognizable mustache styles


Long enough to cover part of the cheeks with an exaggerated upward curve at the ends, the mighty and majestic imperial mustache drops low enough to cover much of the upper lip.

You need a long mustache length to create this mustache style, which is like the furrier big brother of the well-known handlebar mustache. 

3. The Hungarian Mustache

Gray-haired man in a green long-sleeved shirt touches his glasses with a Hungarian mustache and full beard in front of a yellow wall

Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

The Hungarian mustache is another long, full mustache style that features bushy growth that extends out to the cheeks and a clear center part with a  subtle, natural upward curve at the ends. 

The Hungarian is similar to Imperial mustache styles, but the curved ends are less prominent and the mustache growth extends further out onto the cheeks. 

4. The Pencil Mustache

Brunette man with a patterned shirt stands in front of a painted brick wall wearing one of the most well-known mustache styles, the pencil mustache


It’s easy to recognize a pencil mustache – it’s thin, slightly curved downward, and doesn’t extend past the lips very far. A man might shave some of the area above the mustache to keep the line thin and precise. 

Pencil mustaches are one of the most attainable mustache styles for men who have a naturally short terminal mustache length. The mustache itself is kept very short, so it’s easy to groom and style. 

5. The Parted Pencil Mustache

Fashionable man crosses his arms with sunglasses, a white hat, and a cape over his shoulders as he sports an example of parted pencil mustache styles


A parted pencil mustache is very similar to its brother, the pencil mustache, but with one important distinction: It’s parted with a small shaved space in the center. 

Like a pencil mustache, the parted pencil is kept thin and short. It doesn’t extend far beyond the corners of the mouth and is usually shaved and shaped on top to keep a gentle slope. 

6. The Walrus Mustache

Close-up image of a man with a thick, brown walrus mustache combing the hair with a black t-shirt on


The walrus mustache is bushy, long, and covers the top lip in its purest state. Walrus mustache styles aren’t brushed out to the sides. Instead, it’s allowed to naturally fall downward.

The bushy walrus mustache style usually extends past the lips and all the way up to the nose with a very subtle downward slope on top. 

7. The Chevron Mustache

Man with dark blonde hair and beard wears a white t-shirt and smiles with a pompadour hairdo and chevron mustache with a full beard to show one of the most popular mustache styles

Cast Of Thousands/Shutterstock

Shaped like a loose upside-down V, the chevron mustache always extends slightly lower than the top lip and features a very subtly sloped shape on top. 

Most men find this one of the more tangible mustache styles, since the hair doesn’t have to be very long or trained to part or curve dramatically.

8. The Painter’s Brush Mustache

Smirking man wearing a suit with a red tie raises his eyebrows and models a painter's brush mustache, which is one of the vintage mustache styles still popular today

Angela Holmyard/Shutterstock

A painter’s brush, or paintbrush, mustache is a neatly-groomed, sloped mustache that stops at the corners of the mouth and features smooth, rounded edges. 

A painter’s brush mustache shouldn’t cover any portion of the top lip and may feature a small shaved space just below the nose for the neatest appearance. 

9. The Horseshoe Mustache

Headshot of balding man standing shirtless with a serious expression showing one of the more dramatic mustache styles, the horseshoe

Axel Bueckert/Shutterstock

The horseshoe mustache – popularized by Hulk Hogan – features a dramatic downward curve that extends down to the chin. This is an example of a thin horseshoe mustache that leaves more open space between the nose and the upper lip. 

The mustache extends all the way up to the top of the philtrum (the groove linking the nose and upper lip) and generally is not parted or especially bushy. 

10. The English Mustache

Stylish man with long hair and rounded sunglasses with a lip piercing wears an English mustache, one of the historic mustache styles for men

Eugenia Porechenskaya/Shutterstock

An English mustache features elements of the handlebar and Imperial mustache, but isn’t curved upward like these famous mustache styles. 

Instead, the English mustache extends straight out at the sides and narrows at the ends. You’ll see a prominent slope on the top of the mustache, which may or may not cover the upper lip. 

11. The Lampshade Mustache

Fashionable man standing in the woods wears a gray suit and slicked-back hairstyle with a thick lampshade mustache style as he raises one eyebrow in a quizzical expression

Just dance/Shutterstock

The lampshade mustache is thick, bushy, and gently sloped on top without extending far past the corners of the mouth. This mustache style is brushed downward.

There’s usually no space between the nose and start of this mustache type, and the top doesn’t need to be meticulously groomed as it follows the natural slope of mustache growth.

12. The Pyramid Mustache

Man in a blue button-down shirt smirks and touches his pyramid mustache accompanied by a groomed beard and slicked-back hairstyle


The pyramid mustache style is roughly triangular in shape, which is where it earns its fitting name. The pyramid ‘stache typically begins right under the nose with an angled top shape. 

Pyramid mustache styles can be brushed outward to form a slight handlebar-esque curve or brushed down toward the lip for a more traditional look. 

13. The Dali Mustache

An eccentric hipster man holds the ends of his Dali mustache, one of the most unique mustache styles with upward tilt and length that extends far past the mouth


This unique, eccentric ‘stache is named after Salvador Dali, the famous Spanish surrealist artist known for his wacky, long mustache that angled sharply upwards. 

The actual “footprint” of the Dali mustache is quite small – it doesn’t extend past the lips in its growth pattern – but the length is very long with thin, twisted ends that are waxed to angle upwards. 

Things to Consider

Close-up of hipster tattooed man with earrings wearing one of the 13 mustache styles, a handlebar mustache with waxed ends


With these 13 mustache styles in mind, there may be a few that you’re considering going for as you grow or start trimming, styling, or training your current ‘stache in a new direction. 

Here are some helpful grooming and styling tips that every mustache maestro needs for a successful foray into fancy facial hair. 

Trimming Your Mustache

All mustache styles benefit from regular trims that keep it within a solid style and prevent it from going rogue (unless that’s what you’re into). 

Try to trim your mustache once a week to every 2 weeks to prevent stray hairs and loss of your desired mustache shape. Trimming a mustache can easily be done at home. 

Start by cleaning your mustache with a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo and use a towel to pat (not rub) it dry. Comb the mustache hairs in the direction of growth.

Use a razor to tighten up the shape and remove unwanted stray hairs above and beside the mustache. Use scissors to trim the length according to the mustache style you’re rocking. 

Styling Your Mustache

Mustaches will naturally grow into their own pattern and style, but if you’re interested in rocking one of the 13 stylized types, you’ll have to put in some work to make it happen. 

Some mustaches, like the handlebar, Imperial, Hungarian, Dali, and English mustache, are styled by combing the hair outward to the sides.

You may have to “train” your mustache to grow this way by combing and waxing the hair into your preferred direction daily. 

Other mustache styles, like the walrus, chevron, lampshade, and pyramid mustaches, are styled by brushing the hair downward.

This is the direction mustache hair naturally grows, so you may not need to wax a mustache to help it hold the shape with these types. 

Pencil, parted pencil, and painter’s brush mustaches are kept short enough to make it unnecessary to style or train the hair growth. These are the easiest mustaches to maintain and style. 

Growing Your Mustache

Mustache growth rate is one of the most frustrating things for men who are interested in growing out a ‘stache for the first time. In general, mustaches and facial hair grow about 1/4 inch per month. 

If it seems like your mustache is growing more slowly than that, you can try supplements to boost hair growth. 

We’ve analyzed and reviewed different nutraceuticals designed to super-charge the body’s natural hair growth process and found that Folexin gets the best reviews and results.

As a bonus, you might discover that taking a supplement like Folexin results in faster, fuller hair growth on your head, too! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Concept of different mustache styles indicated with Photo Booth props of mustache silhouettes on sticks


Browsing the 13 different mustache styles might have you itching for a new look for your facial fuzz.

Take a look at the most frequently asked questions about different mustache types below to learn more! 

What is a Mexican mustache?

A Mexican mustache is another name for a handlebar mustache. It’s thicker in the center, thinner at the ends, and long enough to curl upwards past the corners of the mouth.

Wax is usually used to hold a Mexican or handlebar mustache in the distinctive curved style.

What is the difference between a lampshade and a chevron mustache?

Lampshade mustaches differ from chevron mustaches in their thickness and height, with lampshade styles extending further up toward the nose than chevrons.

Lampshade mustaches are usually a little less sloped on top than chevron mustaches, which have more a downward angle to resemble an upside-down V.

Should a moustache cover the upper lip?

Mustache styles don’t have to cover the upper lip. In fact, many popular mustache types should not cover the top lip in order to be considered a specific style.

Pencil, parted pencil, painter’s brush, and Dali mustaches leave the top lip uncovered as the hair is kept either very short or strongly directed to the side.

How do you style a modern mustache?

Modern mustaches should be styled with clearly defined edges and borders, neatly trimmed hair length, and wax if the style is longer and distinctively shaped.

Regular length trims and shaving the outside edges of the mustache will give it a modern look. Use wax to hold and bind the hair if you’re rocking a handlebar, Imperial, Hungarian, or Dali mustache.

Are mustaches back in style in 2023?

Whether you’re considering the everyday man or high fashion trends as your beacon of style, it’s clear that mustaches are back in style in 2023.

You can see the 13 most popular mustache styles in this guide, from barely-there pencil mustaches to wild and bushy walrus styles.

So, What Are the Best Mustache Styles?

We’ve looked at 13 of the most iconic and stylish mustaches of the modern day. Which ones are the best and will suit your personal sense of style?

It all depends on how long you want to grow your mustache, how much work you’re willing to put into daily styling and grooming, and what you want your mustache to say about you. 

The tamer, lower-maintenance styles – painter’s brush, lampshade, pyramid, and chevron – are a great place to start if it’s your first time manufacturing a mustache on your mug. 

Short pencil and parted pencil mustaches can also be good choices for first-timers or those who have trouble growing out a long and bushy ‘stache. 

If you’re gunning for the most eccentric look, you’ll appreciate handlebar, horseshoe, Hungarian, Imperial, walrus, English, and the unusual Dali mustache styles the most. 

Keep in mind that the longer your mustache is and the more distinctive the shape, the more you’ll have to grow it out to achieve the look and the more daily styling/waxing you’ll have to do. 

No matter what kind of mustache you’re manifesting, growing one is always a fun way to shake up your style. Isn’t it time you gave your nose and upper lip a new neighbor to enjoy?