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14 Trendy Goatee Styles That Give You an Edge

Having trouble choosing between the many goatee styles out there? Take a look at the 14 trendiest options for your chin whiskers and get tips on growing, trimming, and grooming it!

What Are the Trendiest Goatee Styles?

  • Goatees feature longer facial hair on the chin with shaven cheeks
  • Goatee styles can include a mustache or soul patch
  • Goatees suit square, round, and oval face shapes

Goatees are fast becoming one of the trendiest forms of facial hair, giving men a refreshing option outside of the usual mustache-and-beard combo we’ve seen for so many years. 

Goatees evoke something a little different and edgier than a traditional beard or mustache.

With long-standing roots in bad boy imagery, goatees have traditionally been associated with the god Pan, Satan, and rockers with a uniquely edgy sense of style. 

Today, goatees cling to some of their bad boy roots, but they’ve evolved into a trendy facial hair pattern that works well with a range of style types and haircuts. 

In the most basic sense, goatees are a form of facial hair concentrated around the chin that may or may not include a soul patch, mustache, or hair extending past the chin. 

You’ll see goatees from stubble-short to long and wild with shapes that range from natural growth around the chin to neatly-tailored looks that require clean precision. 

Trendy goatee styles right now include the classic standard goatee (soul patch + chin patch), shadow goatee (mustache + goatee and beard stubble), and Van Dyke goatee (shaped mustache + chin patch). 

One reason goatees are becoming so popular today is the sheer wearability of this facial hair style. Goatees can suit any face shape, but are most flattering on square, round, and oval faces. 

Heart face shapes can rock a goatee, but this form of facial hair is better for creating angles and a chiseled appearance in round and oval faces.

Goatees can also accentuate or soften a square jawline, depending on the goatee styles chosen, and draw attention to the nose, mouth, and chin.

Since heart faces feature a narrow chin, goatees may exaggerate the appearance and create the illusion of a pointy chin. 

With a wide range of goatee styles out there, you can choose one that suits your face shape, aesthetic, and grooming preferences.

Let’s take a look at the top 14 goatee styles and find the ones that’ll work best for you! 

14 Trending Goatee Styles That Add an Edge

If you’re thinking about growing a goatee, you’ll want to check out these 14 popular styles to get some inspiration.

Some goatees work better for certain face shapes or require longer facial hair, so make a mental note of which styles might work best for you. 

1. Van Dyke Goatee

Man wearing a white t-shirt in front of a white wall shows off a Van Dyke goatee with handlebar mustache

Anatoliy Karlyuk/Shutterstock

One of the most instantly recognizable goatee styles, the Van Dyke makes a statement and creates a fun hipster vibe with a handlebar mustache disconnected from a neatly-groomed chin patch. 

This is a goatee that can grow with time, so starting off with a short mustache or chin stubble won’t ruin the look. Just keep the lines tight and shaven around the edges to let it fill out and lengthen over time. 

2. Full Shadow Goatee

Smiling man with dark curly hair stands on a walking trail and wears a mustache and goatee combo to show one of the most popular goatee styles right now

Media Lens King/Shutterstock

Shadow goatees are one of the most popular goatee styles this year, adding a rough and rugged edge to an otherwise perfectly-groomed facial hair pattern. 

A painter’s brush mustache and stubbled cheeks frame the top and sides of this full goatee. The contrasting cheek stubble gives it the “shadow goatee” distinction. 

3. Standard Goatee

Close-up portrait of a brunette businessman in a suit smiles with one of the neatest standard goatee styles featuring a soul patch


Why mess with perfection, right? The standard goatee is the original facial hair pattern for a goatee, featuring a soul patch that connects to a small patch of hair on the chin.

This goatee is short and trimmed neatly for a put-together look that’s never sloppy. Keep the mustache shaved or experiment with adding a ‘stache to form an anchor goatee! 

4. Chin Patch and Handlebar Mustache

Young man with reddish blonde hair has a handlebar mustache and goatee while wearing a black t-shirt with a serious expression

Andrii Medvediuk/Shutterstock

If you’re proud of your mustache and want it to have the spotlight, go with an understated goatee that just skirts the bottom of the chin. 

You’ll keep all the focus on the longer, stylized mustache while anchoring the look with a little hair on the chin. This look is a good option for square, round, and oval face shapes. 

5. Classic Mustache + Goatee Combo

Man with buzzed haircut walks through the woods with sunglasses on his head and a black shirt, rocking a classic goatee with soul patch


A lampshade mustache and soul patch connected to a dense chin patch gives this goatee style a full, healthy look that draws the eye to the nose, mouth, and chin. 

This neatly-trimmed style has the best contrast with dense, dark facial hair. The straight edges of the chin patch can help chisel a round or oval face for a more square appearance. 

6. Disconnected Soul Patch

Man with a newsboy cap and fur-trimmed coat looks up and models one example of goatee styles with a disconnected soul patch

Ezume Images/Shutterstock

A shaven mustache, bare cheeks, and disconnected soul patch make this one of the cleanest goatee styles you can choose. It’s really flattering on a round face.

This type of goatee is also great if you have a weak chin. The open space between the soul patch and the goatee creates the illusion of a longer chin for more facial balance. 

7. Trident Goatee With Chin Strap

Man wearing black in front of a white background has glasses on and sports one of the most artistic goatee styles with a chin strap

alexandre zveiger/Shutterstock

Similar to the popular Van Dyke goatee but with pointed edges that rise up with the soul patch to form a “trident,” this style of goatee is paired with a thin chin strap that brings the whole look together. 

This is a great style for chiseling a round or oval jawline. It can also help accentuate the angles of a square jawline, but keep in mind that maintaining the perfect trident points requires regular grooming. 

8. Chin Patch Goatee

Young man outside during the autumn season wears a denim jacket and short hair with an example of chin patch goatee styles

Yuliya Khovbosha/Shutterstock

No soul patch, no mustache, and clean-shaven cheeks make this goatee a very minimalist and tidy option for guys who don’t like wild and wooly facial hair. 

The facial hair growth is concentrated on the chin only, leaving all other areas bare. This type of goatee is great for a round or oval face because it helps create a little more shape in the chin and jawline. 

9. Mustache and Soul Patch Goatee

Nonbinary person sits smiling while wearing a long head scarf and necklace to show examples of goatee styles featuring a soul patch and mustache


If your chin hair is patchy or uncomfortable to grow out, try this version. The chin and cheeks are shaven to keep the focus on the center-bottom portion of the face. 

A full mustache frames the top of the look without covering the upper lip and a neatly-trimmed soul patch anchors the bottom. This is a great option for square faces that won’t obscure the chin or jawline. 

10. Balbo Shadow Goatee

Young Asian man wearing glasses and a collared shirt shows off a popular goatee style, the Balbo goatee, with stubble on the cheeks


The Balbo goatee features a mustache and soul patch that connects to a chin patch trimmed to follow a gently upward-angled line that rises toward the cheeks. 

Stubble on the cheeks beyond the goatee give it the trendy shadow goatee designation. This example shows how a Balbo goatee can work well even if your facial hair isn’t very long yet. 

11. Soul Patch and Stubble

Arab man in a lilac dress shirt smiles brightly with a short haircut and soul patch goatee while standing in front of a white wall

kay fochtmann/Shutterstock

The stubbly makings of a mustache and hair beyond the goatee zone makes this another example of the trendy shadow goatee styles, but this one only features a soul patch instead of a full goatee. 

Soul patches can make the lips look fuller and visually minimize a large or strong chin. With a bit of stubble around the lower face, the look is effortlessly casual and rugged. 

12. Extended Norse Skipper Goatee

Long-haired blonde man poses outside with sunglasses on showing his long Norse skipper goatee that extends beyond the chin


Extended goatees go beyond the chin, including hair on the cheeks that softens up a normally neat-and-trimmed look. Paired with Norse skipper goatee styles, it’s a casual, fun look.

The Norse skipper goatee features a long soul patch that connects to the chin to form a small, dense patch of hair. It’s a good option for square, round, or oval face shapes. 

13. Full Circle Beard

Smiling dark-haired man stands in front of wood paneled wall with a circle beard, one of the goatee types with longer hair and a mustache

Ozgur Coskun/Shutterstock

Bring things full circle with this goatee style that includes every element: Mustache, soul patch, chin patch, and a ring of hair connecting them all. 

The denser and thicker your facial hair, the better with this style. A full circle beard can help define the jawline and works really well for round and oval faces. 

14. Circle Beard Sans Soul Patch

African American man wearing a coat in front of a brick wall models a circle beard goatee with no soul patch

Hero Images Inc/Shutterstock

A cross between a pencil and horseshoe mustache links to a thin strap of hair on the bottom of the chin to create the circle beard. With a shaven soul patch, the look is clean-cut and minimalist. 

Goatee styles that create a lot of open space are less obtrusive on the face and won’t hide as much of your chin. This is perfect for a square jawline that you want to slightly soften without obscuring. 

Things to Consider

Close-up image of barber applying shaving cream with a brush to a man's face with a goatee, showing the concept of trimming and grooming different goatee styles

Jordi Mora/Shutterstock

Growing your facial hair into popular goatee styles requires a little patience, know-how, and the right tools. Here are a few things to consider on your goatee journey. 

  • Growing your goatee takes patience: The awkward phase that comes along with growing a new goatee is unavoidable, but it’s temporary and just requires a little patience to see it through. When your goatee starts out as stubble, it won’t appear to fill out the shape you’re going for right away. Give it time – anywhere from 1 to 3 months – for your goatee to grow into the style you want. 
  • Grooming your goatee requires consistency: If you select a goatee type that features neatly groomed or precisely-shaped edges, expect to spend more time grooming and styling it. You may need a trim or shape-up every week to once a month. It all depends on how clean and defined the shape of your goatee is.
  • Get the proper tools for the job: Taking care of a new goatee is easy when you have the proper tools on hand. A fine-toothed comb, scissors (or clippers), razor, shaving cream, and sulfate-free shampoo to cleanse your goatee are essential. Look for a moisturizing beard oil (like argan or coconut oil) or conditioning product to keep your goatee hair soft and supple. 
  • Expertly trim and shape it at home: A barber can professionally groom and shape your goatee, but you can do it at home if you’re comfortable. Use a fine-toothed comb and scissors to lift and trim the length anywhere from a quarter-inch to half an inch long for shorter styles. A razor is needed to shape the edges. Start with a clean goatee and lather up with shaving cream, being careful to keep the general shape tidy. 
  • Choose a style that suits your facial hair: Some goatee styles are better suited for thick, dense facial hair while others can be pulled off perfectly with hair that’s thin or sparse. Opt for a thin goatee style, like the standard goatee, extended Norse skipper, Balbo shadow goatee, circle beard without a soul patch, or mustache and soul patch combo to create the illusion of thicker facial hair. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Close-up of the bottom half of a man's face featuring one of the basic goatee styles with a circle beard


If you’re still unsure about picking the best goatee styles for your face shape and hair type, check out the most frequently asked questions below to learn more. 

Which goatee style is best?

The best goatee style right now is the circle beard goatee featuring a mustache that connects to the chin and a soul patch. This type of goatee is universally flattering and can easily be transformed into other types of goatees with a simple trim or shape-up.

The Van Dyke goatee is also really popular at the moment. It features a prominent handlebar mustache and soul patch that connects to a neatly-shaped chin patch.

Are goatees in style in 2023?

Goatees are quickly becoming one of the trendiest styles for mens’ facial hair this year.

While long, burly beard styles are waning in popularity, neatly trimmed and shaped goatees are taking the top spot and are very much in style in 2023.

What shape should a goatee be?

Goatee shapes vary widely, from soul patch and chin patch combos without mustaches to full circle beards and precisely shaped patches on the chin that may extend out into a chin strap along the jawline.

The best way to find out what shape your goatee should be is to experiment with a few of these different shapes. Start small - try a mustache and soul/chin patch first - then let it grow into a circle beard or extended goatee to see what looks best.

How far under the chin does a goatee go?

Place one finger under your chin and make sure your goatee stops there - about a finger’s width - if you plan on keeping it short.

For longer goatees, you can continue the hair growth under the chin a little further, about halfway between your chin and neck.

What is the awkward stage of a goatee?

The awkward stage of a goatee is the period between stubble and full goatee hair growth. During the awkward stage (week 1-2), your goatee may look incomplete or more like a 5 o’clock shadow than a specific facial hair pattern.

Stay patient and bear with it! It only takes 2-4 weeks for your goatee stubble to transform into fuller, denser growth that better shows the shape and style you’ve chosen.

So, Which Goatee Styles Will Work for You?

From a simple soul patch to full and dense circle beards, the variety and diversity of goatee styles means there’s a look that will suit you and the style you’re going for. 

Choosing goatee styles that will work well for you means knowing what your face shape is, being honest with yourself about how much grooming and maintenance you’re willing to do, and understanding your facial hair’s growth patterns. 

Square, round, and oval faces are best suited for goatee looks. Goatees can slightly soften a square, boxy jawline or add an angular, chiseled look to round and oval faces. 

Neatly shaped and precise goatees will require more trims and shape-ups as often as once a week. Choose a goatee type with a natural growth pattern for a lower-maintenance look.

Finally, consider how your facial hair typically grows. Is it patchy in some areas? Dense? Super coarse? These characteristics will help you choose goatee styles that work with, not against, your natural hair growth.

Goatees are definitely in style and – unlike long, wizardly beards – easily attainable for most men. Settle on the style you like best and give your hair a couple of weeks to fill out your new goatee shape. 

You might “stubble” upon your new go-to goatee look!