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20 Lovely Light Pink Hair Ideas to try in 2024

Light pink hair is one of the most delightful trends we’ve seen recently. Everyone looks good in certain muted, light, or pastel shades of pink. You just have to find the shades that suit your skin tone and undertones best! 

Take a look at the most gorgeous shades of light pink hair color to choose from and get inspired for your next color appointment. So what are we waiting for? Let’s paint the town – okay, your hair – pink with these lovely light pink shades!

What Is Light Pink Hair?

  • Light pink colors include warm, cool, and neutral shades
  • Bubblegum, pastel pink, blush, and rose gold are popular
  • Light pink hair requires bleaching for full color visibility

Whether you’re going for an ethereal fairy vibe or just love muted, pastel, and blush pink tones, one thing we can all agree on is that light pink hair is goals

It’s mysterious, it’s feminine, it’s sexy, and it’s definitely on-trend right now. One of the best things about this family of dainty tones is that there are shades to suit every skin tone and undertone. 

You’ll find warm, cool, and neutral shades of light pink to choose from. From trendy bubblegum pink to frosty blush and rose gold, there are literally dozens of shade options out there.

Don’t let the sheer number of choices overwhelm you, though! You can quickly narrow down the shades on your list by taking a look at your skin’s tone and undertone. We’ll talk about this in more detail below. 

Full disclosure on attaining the perfect light pink hair color: You’ll have to bleach your hair to achieve it. Light pink is a dainty color that won’t show up well unless your hair is at a level 8, 9, or 10 blonde first.

This might not be a big deal if your hair is healthy and you’re comfortable bleaching all-over or in sections. But it can be a deal-breaker if you’re already dealing with damage from past chemical processing or heat. 

What Skin Tone Suits Light Pink Hair?

Light pink hair as seen in an up-close style image


You’ll look the most natural with your light pink hair when you choose a shade (or shades!) that suits your skin’s undertone. 

You can rock light pink locks with fair, medium, or deep skin tones. But matching your light pink color to your skin’s undertone is pretty essential. Mismatched colors can exacerbate redness or make you look sickly. 

Your skin’s undertone will be classified as either warm, cool, or neutral. Warm shades of light pink hair include light coral, salmon, flamingo, hot pink, and rose gold.

These tones are ideal for skin with warm undertones. If gold looks better on you than silver, consider these warm light pink shades. Cool shades of light pink hair include bubblegum, pastel, baby, blush, rose, and carnation pink.

These shades usually feature a violet, silver, or blue undertone that really complements the undertones in cool-toned skin. If silver looks better on you than gold, consider the cool light pink shades. 

Neutral shades of light pink hair include mauve, ballet slipper, and silk pink. You can create light pink shades that suit neutral undertones well by using a warm and cool shade of pink, like rose gold and blush or carnation and coral. 

It’s usually easy to see if you’re warm or cool-toned by the jewelry test (gold or silver). Neutral undertones are a bit harder to pinpoint because they have characteristics of both warm and cool undertones.

If your undertones look olive green, you look equally good in gold and silver, and are flattered equally by true white and off-white clothing, you’re probably neutral.

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20 Lovely Light Pink Hair Ideas

Now that you’ve got a better idea of the types of light pink shades that will suit your complexion best, let’s take a look at 20 lovely light pink hair color ideas to inspire you!

1. Light Bubblegum Pink

Light Bubblegum Pink hair on a Korean woman with big brown eyes in a pastel purple room


Bubblegum pink is the quintessential light pink hair color everyone thinks of with this trend. It’s a bright pastel tone that really suits a cool or neutral undertone, but can work with warm undertones, too.

That makes it universally flattering and the perfect shade to try out light pink hair!

2. Light Victorian Rose Pink

Light Victorian Rose Pink hair on a woman in a pink room with a stoic expression on her face


This powerful shade of light pink has a faint silvery undertone that gives a cooler feel, although pink is typically a warm color.

It’s a vivacious shade that requires bleaching to reach the full potential. If you’re considering going light pink all over, it’s worth considering!

3. Frosty Mauve Pink

Frosty mauve light pink hair on a woman wearing headphones and throwing her head back and looking upward through her sunglasses

Sergey Causelove/Shutterstock

A cooler take on light pink hair is a great choice for anyone with a cool undertone. This mauve-toned pink has hints of cool violet in the color to bring out the underlying blush or bluish undertones in your skin.

It’s an ideal choice if you want a light pink shade that you don’t see often!

4. Light Flamingo Pink and Blonde

Woman with light pink hair that's almost blonde looks over her right shoulder and smiles wearing sunglasses

Look Studio/Shutterstock

Light flamingo pink has subtle coral red-orange undertones that make it really suitable for warm skin tones that have a golden or peach-colored tint.

This bright shade can be worn in chunky streaks as shown or with all-over color. It’s the perfect light pink color for warm, sunny days and will give you all the summer vibes. 

5. Vibrant Light Watermelon Pink

Vibrant Light Watermelon Pink hair on a woman in bulky retro sunglasses in a pink room in a black dress

ShotPrime Studio/Shutterstock

Light pink hair doesn’t have to be muted and pastel in tone. Try a vibrant, juicy watermelon pink shade to turn up the saturation and rock the bright light pink vibes! This color is a warm shade that’s most suitable on skin with warm undertones (a golden or peachy tint). 

6. Rose Gold Blush Pink

Rose Gold Blush Pink hair on a woman in a white shirt


Warm, golden undertones in a light pastel pink blush tone make for a gorgeous rose gold shade. This color skews warm/neutral and suits skin with warm or neutral undertones. Try it with a subtle smudged root in a darker tone for a lived-in, trendy look. 

7. Fuchsia and Light Pastel Pink Ombre

Fuchsia and Light Pastel Pink Ombre hair on a fair-skinned woman holding her left hand to her chin

Olena Serzhanova/Shutterstock

We love when light pink is used in ombre colors because there’s such a vast range of compatible shades! Try a deeper fuchsia pink with purple undertones at the roots and blend it out to almost-white pastel pink.

This is an amazing look for short hair, but also works well for medium and long lengths!

8. Pastel Blush Pink

Young woman with light pink hair in a crop-top that is black in color wearing a pink leather jacket and holding her arms up dancing

Cast of Thousands/Shutterstock

Short and sassy haircuts are so cute with light pink color and this look is no exception! Try a soft blush pink with any undertone (warm, cool, or neutral). Pair it with an edgy blunt bob and blunt bangs to contrast the soft, feminine shade.

9. Light Coral and Pink Lemonade

Light Coral and Pink Lemonade colored hair on a woman with a doll's complexion skin

Oleg Gekman/Shutterstock

Using multiple shades of light pink is a nice way to add a little dimension and spice to your color. Try using a blend of warm and cool pink tones, like the warm coral and cool pink lemonade shown here.

This is perfect for a neutral undertone, but also works well with warm or cool undertones. Try the color that matches your undertone closest to your face for the most flattering look.

10. Oxidized Silver and Rouge Pink Ombre

Oxidized Silver and Rouge Pink Ombre for a piece on light pink hair ideas


Seamless color graduation elevates the look of light pink hair so much! If you’re looking for a really high-impact color that looks luxe and expensive, go with this unique combo.

Dark indigo-violet tones at the roots melt out into bright silver and finally into rouge pink at the ends. 

11. Metallic Light Rose Pink

Metallic-colored light pink hair idea with silver hues on a woman looking stoic and tilting her head down


A very light blonde or silver base color gives light rose pink a metallic look and sheen that’s just jaw-droopingly gorgeous. This dimensional shade appears to be lit from within and will really brighten up your face! Opt for a darker root melt to really nail this trendy look.

12. Bold Light Salmon Pink

Bold Light Salmon Pink hair idea on a pale woman with pink and blue lips

Eugenia Porechenskaya/Shutterstock

Love an orange-pink tone, but don’t want to go coral? Try a light salmon shade instead. This lively color is warm and rich without being over-the-top. It looks great on skin with warm undertones and helps bring a little more color to your face.

13. Ombre Ballet Slipper Pink and Blonde

Woman with ombre light pink hair wearing a floral headband, a diamond necklace, and red lipstick in a silver room


The signature color of ballet slippers makes a beautiful hair color, especially as part of a luxe ombre look. Go with a richer, deeper tone at the roots and feather the color out so it’s almost white blonde at the ends. You’ll have a seamless, vibrant look that’s dainty yet fierce.

14. Light Coral Rose

Woman with light coral rose colored hair and pale skin with red lipstick in a white room tilting her head

Olga Ekaterincheva/Shutterstock

A very subtle orange undertone gives this rosy light pink a coral look that’s stunning on all skin tones. Since it features both warm and cool undertones, it can work for skin with warm, neutral, and cool undertones. We love how a strong blunt bang brings the color into the face.

15. Cool Carnation Pink

Woman with pink-blue hair wearing blue glasses and a blue and white striped shirt

Eugenia Porechenskaya/Shutterstock

People with cool undertones might have to skip warm light pink shades like flamingo and coral, but cool tones like carnation pink are absolutely perfect.

This color is applied over a bleached light blonde base and has subtle blue undertones to play up those tones in your skin. 

16. White Taffy Pink Blonde

White Taffy Pink Blonde pictured with her hands below her chin smiling and looking up through her sunglasses

Look Studio/Shutterstock

Playing around with light pink hair colors to find what tones suit you and fit your style can lead you to some unique color choices!

Try a white blonde toned with a taffy pink color for a metallic effect that shines brightly and looks amazing on warm, cool, or neutral skin tones. 

17. Platinum and Hot Pink Ombre

Platinum and Hot Pink Ombre

Look Studio/Shutterstock

Taking a cool-toned, super-light blonde like platinum and gradually transitioning into a warm, hot pink color at the ends makes for a stunning ombre color.

We like a dark smudged root with a vibrant ombre like this. It adds depth and makes maintenance so much easier!

18. Baby Pink and Chestnut Split Dye

Baby Pink and Chestnut Split Dye hair color idea in a half-and-half mixed style

Nadezhda Manakhova/Shutterstock

This is one of the most unique light pink hair looks we’ve come across. It’s definitely worth stealing! You can rock your natural color on one side or mimic the reddish-brown chestnut color seen here. Pair it with a light blonde toned with baby pink on the other side. 

19. Neon to Pastel Pink Ombre

Blonde and pink hair color on a woman with fair skin in a grey room

Victoria Wonka/Shutterstock

The glow and saturation of bright neon pink may feel like a little much to rock as all-over color, but it makes a gorgeously warm root shade for a pastel pink ombre.

This color look will work for longer hair, but there’s something about the short color transitions in a shorter cut like this!

20. Barely-There Silk Pink

Barely-There Silk Pink hair as a featured light pink hairstyle with light pink lipstick in a blue room


Ethereal, neutral in tone, and very subtle in color, silk pink is a gorgeous shade if you’re thinking about trying light pink hair. You’ll want to bleach your hair to level 9-10 all over before toning with this balanced warm/cool pink that suits all skin tones. 

Things to Consider

Choosing to rock the trendy light pink hair look isn’t a choice you make without some forethought. Here’s what you should consider before you officially decide on light pink as your next hair color.

  • Consider starting with a brighter pink. Pink is known to fade quickly, since it’s essentially a washed-out version of red. You can stave off fading a little longer by going with a more vibrant, brighter, or deeper shade of pink than you want. It’ll quickly fade to the light pink color you want as long as you choose a shade with the same undertones. 
  • Take care of the color afterward. Since pink does tend to fade quickly, you’ll need to start using a sulfate-free shampoo immediately after coloring your hair. Wash your hair less often overall to prolong the color a bit, and hold off on heat styling as much as you can to protect the pigment. 
  • Go with a professional. Even if you’re pretty skilled at applying color at home, light pink hair requires a skilled pro to ensure it looks good. Your hair will need to be bleached to a very light blonde before applying your pink color. It’s also easier to end up with the specific shade you want when you have a professional mix it up!
  • Make sure your hair can handle the process. Before you apply the actual pink dye, your hair will be bleached to a very light blonde (usually level 9 or 10). Most stylists will use a 30- or 40-volume developer to lift hair to this high level. That can be really damaging for hair, especially if it’s already showing signs of damage. 
  • Plan out the transition. Light pink hair doesn’t last forever and it’s a great idea to have a plan in place for how you’ll handle the transition period. Pink fades out really nicely and you’ll have the bleached blonde base color to work with. Consider whether you’ll continue maintaining the blonde or go a bit darker. 

How Will You Look With Light Pink Hair?

When it’s all said and done, there’s no doubt that link pink hair is trendy, flattering, and stunning on all skin tones and undertones.

If you’re wondering how you’ll look with this hair color, it’s helpful to think back on how you’ve looked as a light blonde or redhead. If you’ve ever gone blonde or red, you can get an idea of how light pink will look on you.

Light blonde and light pink are both high-lift colors that appear bright and have very little depth. If you didn’t like the way you looked as a light blonde, you may want to look at deeper shades of pink instead. 

Red and pink are very similar and pink is basically a washed-out version of red. If you think red hair colors suit you well, pay attention to the undertones in your favorite red shades (gold, violet, copper, blue, etc.) and try to mimic those in your light pink shade. 

As long as you keep your skin’s undertone in mind when you’re choosing your perfect shade of light pink, you will be amazed at how youthful, ethereal, and feminine you look in this color! It might even become your new signature hue.