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Freedom Grooming Reviews | Worth the Cost or Not?

You’ve seen the ads all over social media — but do the Freedom Grooming reviews live up to the hype? We think the answer is a big fat yes. We’ll show you what real customers have to say about their products below.

About Freedom Grooming

Freedom Grooming Reviews featuring an image of their products

Source: Freedom Grooming

Freedom Grooming was formed in 2014 to offer men (and women!) a safer, irritation-free way to groom and shave. Their most popular, best-selling product is their FlexSeries Electric Head Shaver, which has become a household name in electric trimmers for men.

And since they’ve recently been sued for patent infringement by Skull Shaver (one of the best-known names in the head shaver space), they must be doing something right.

They’ve expanded their product offerings over the years to include a range of grooming and hygiene products. Today, Freedom Grooming offers every product needed for a safe, close, irritation-free shave.

From pre-shave oil and moisturizing aftershave to their flagship 5-blade head shaver, you’d be hard-pressed to think of a male grooming product that Freedom Grooming doesn’t make. What’s the company like?

Their message is centered around comfort, smoothness, and no irritation.

Every product they make backs up these company ideals, offering special features that are meant to reduce skin irritation and deliver the most comfortable, closest shave you can get with an electric shaver. 

Freedom Grooming also offers a 30-day, risk-free trial period for new customers. This is a positive sign – companies that make poor-quality products simply can’t afford to offer a risk-free trial like this. 

But we’re not making assumptions here – we’re looking to real customer reviews to find out if Freedom Grooming is a good company to buy from. Keep reading to learn about some of their best-selling products, view the pros and cons, and see honest, verified customer reviews! 

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Freedom Grooming Products and Reviews

  • Average customer review: 4.6 stars
  • 19,000+ verified customer reviews
  • Consistently positive reviews online

Wondering if Freedom Grooming reviews are good or bad? Right now, Freedom Grooming has more than 19,000 verified customer reviews with an overall review average of 4.6 stars.

It’s clear that people love the products Freedom Grooming makes. Let’s take a look at some verified customer reviews to see what products and features get the most love – and hate – from users. 

1. FlexSeries Electric Head Shaver Grooming Kit

Overall Grooming Kit
FlexSeries Grooming Kit

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  • Average rating: 4.6 stars
  • 9,600+ verified customer reviews
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The FlexSeries Electric Head Shaver Grooming Kit by Freedom Grooming is their most popular, best-selling product.

This waterproof, flexible head shaver is ergonomically designed to be comfortable to hold, deliver the closest shave you’ll get with an electric razor, and eliminate painful tugging, nicks, and cuts. 

The head shaver is uniquely designed with 5 independent shaver heads that capture 50% more hair in each pass than traditional razors. The 5 heads are flexible so they can seamlessly contour to the shape of your head, face, chest, groin, and more.

Use it in the shower (it’s waterproof) or out, with or without shaving cream – whatever works for you. The FlexSeries Electric Head Shaver runs on a lithium ion battery that steadily powers through 15 shaves before you need to charge it.

Rapid USB charging means you’ll spend less time waiting for it to reach full battery. When you buy the electric head shaver, you get a full grooming kit. Here’s what else it comes with. 

Precision Clipper Attachment

There’s a precision clipper attachment if you want a more precise, controlled trim. You can use the precision clipper for fades, line-ups, shaved designs, and to reach inconvenient spots.

You get 3 safety guards (3mm, 5mm, and 7mm) in the grooming kit to create seamless fades or trim different areas to the length you choose.

Exfoliation Brush Attachment

The exfoliation brush attachment is a nice inclusion with the kit. This charcoal-infused brush buffs away dead skin to make your skin look brighter and keep pores clean. Using the exfoliation brush before shaving reduces skin irritation and ensures a bump-free shave. 

Pre-Shave Massage Attachment

Turn your next shave into a full-on spa experience with the included pre-shave massage attachment. Massaging an area before you shave increases the blood flow, increases skin cell turnover for brighter, healthier skin, and helps cut down on shaving irritation.

Freedom Grooming recommends pairing the pre-shave massage with their pre-shave oil for a truly spa-like experience that helps the shaver glide like butta over your skin. 

Ear and Nose Trimmer Attachment

Confidently use the dual-edge spinning blades system with a protective cover, inner 360° rotating design, and precisely remove unwanted hairs without painful and unpleasant pulling.

Bonus Accessories

You’ll get the 4 attachments above, plus 3 bonus accessories when you buy the FlexSeries Electric Head Shaver Grooming Kit.

It comes with a handy, protective cover for the blade (perfect for traveling or when the shaver’s not in use), a cleaning brush to easily clean out the blades, and a rapid USB charging cable. 

It’s also worth mentioning that you can purchase the FlexSeries head shaver and try it risk-free for 30 days. If you decide you don’t love it, you can return it within the 30-day period to get a full refund.

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2. Best Buzz Grooming Kit

Buzz Cut Kit
Best Buzz Grooming Kit

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  • Average rating: 5.0 stars
  • 490+ verified customer reviews
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The Freedom Grooming Best Buzz Kit is another popular kit from this company. This is the biggest kit they offer.

It includes everything from the FlexSeries Electric Head Shaver Grooming Kit above, plus their Shave Essentials kit, travel case, charging dock, shaving brush, and Head & Body wipes. Here’s a little more info on what you get with the kit.  

FlexSeries Grooming Kit

The Best Buzz Kit includes the entire FlexSeries Grooming Kit. You get the FlexSeries Head Shaver, 4 attachments (precision clipper, exfoliation brush, pre-shave massage, ear and nose trimmer), plus 3 bonus accessories (blade cover, cleaning brush, and rapid USB charging cable). But since this is the Best Buzz Kit, this is only one part of what you’ll get. 

Shave Essentials Kit

The Best Buzz Kit comes with the Freedom Grooming Shave Essentials Kit, too. That includes:

  • Sandalwood Shaving Cream
  • Sandalwood Aftershave Lotion
  • Sandalwood Pre-Shave Oil

Use the pre-shave oil (grapeseed, olive, avocado, and sweet almond oil) to ensure a smooth, gliding motion as you shave any area without irritation.

The included shaving cream is handy for lathering up with the also-included shaving brush (see below) to lift and open hair follicles for the closest shave. Follow up with the moisturizing aftershave lotion for all-day hydration.  

Travel Case

The Best Buzz Kit comes with a convenient zippered, padded travel case for carrying your FlexSeries shaver and accessories wherever you go. 

Compartments inside are perfectly sized and arranged to hold your FlexSeries head shaver, blade attachment, precision clipper, pre-shave massager, and exfoliation brush securely. A built-in mesh pocket is perfect for storing your USB charging cable, cleaning brush, and extra guards. 

Charging Dock

Rapid USB charging cable just not cutting it for you? Then you’ll appreciate that the Best Buzz Kit also includes a charging dock for your shaver. 

Nestle the shaver into the dock to quickly charge it up without wrangling cords and cables. It’ll look great on your countertop and keep things neatly contained while you recharge your shaver. 

Shaving Brush

Shaving can be a more satisfying experience when you take time to perfect each step of the process. Lathering up with the shaving brush included in the Best Buzz Kit is one way to step up your shaving game. 

The shaving brush has a jumbo handle for comfortable use and soft, synthetic bristles to lift your hairs and make them easier to shave in a single swipe. 

Head and Body Wipes

The Best Buzz Kit comes with Head & Body Wipes that are gentle enough for sensitive skin. Use these dude-friendly wipes on your head, face, and anywhere you want a quick clean-up or refresh. The wipes contain no harsh fragrances or chemicals to deliver a fresh, clean feel without lingering scents. 

3. Clean Cut Grooming Kit

Complete Shave Kit
Clean Cut Grooming Kit

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  • Average rating: 5.0 stars
  • 360+ verified customer reviews
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We may earn a commission when you click this link, at no extra cost to you.

The Clean Cut Kit from Freedom Grooming is another popular kit. This one comes with the entire FlexSeries Grooming Kit, the Shave Essentials Kit, and a handy shaving brush.

It contains everything you’ll need to start getting irritation- and nick-free shaves, plus a few extra products to help keep your skin healthy and moisturized. 

FlexSeries Grooming Kit

Your Clean Cut Kit comes with the entire FlexSeries Grooming Kit – this contains all of the best-selling products from Freedom Grooming. You get the FlexSeries Electric Head Shaver (5 heads), 4 attachments, and 3 bonus accessories. 

Your FlexSeries Grooming Kit contains all the attachments that make the head shaver so versatile – the precision clipper, pre-shave massager, ear and nose trimmer, and charcoal exfoliation brush.

You’re also getting a rapid USB charging cable, a cleaning brush, and a protective blade cover with this part of the Clean Cut Kit. 

Shave Essentials Kit

The Clean Cut Kit contains the full Shave Essentials Kit, too. This one has all your pre-, mid-, and post-shave products to encourage the most gentle, closest shave possible. 

You get the pre-shave oil, made with nourishing avocado, grapeseed, sweet almond, and olive oil, as well as the shaving cream. Moisturizing aftershave keeps your skin hydrated and silky-smooth to help minimize post-shaving irritation. 

Shaving Brush

Make the best use of the shaving cream in the Shave Essentials Kit with the included shaving brush. This soft-bristled brush has a jumbo-sized handle for comfortable use and a great lather every time you shave. It helps lift hairs up to make them easier to cut with a single pass of the FlexSeries shaver. 

4. FlexSeries Blade Refills

Blade Refill Kit
FlexSeries Blade Refill Kit
  • Average rating: 5.0 stars
  • 6,100+ verified customer reviews
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The uniquely contoured, flexible FlexSeries blades are a big part of what makes Freedom Grooming so popular. Five heads on each blade cartridge help the FlexSeries head shaver deliver a close, irritation-free shave every time. 

Each blade lasts up to 50 shaves, so you won’t need to replace them often to keep your blades sharp, hygienic, and safe for use. You can purchase the blades individually.

But there are cheaper ways to keep yourself in fresh blades for life. Subscribe and save money on FlexSeries blade refills to ensure you’ve always got a fresh, sharp blade ready for your next shave.

You can set your automatic deliveries up to arrive every 4, 6, 8, or 10 weeks – whatever works best for you. The best part of signing up for automatic blade refills is the lifetime warranty program.

When you sign up for any blade subscription, you’re automatically enrolled in the Freedom Grooming lifetime warranty program for your FlexSeries head shaver. It covers the device for life! 

Read Real Freedom Grooming Reviews

We’ve covered Freedom Grooming’s most popular, best-selling products in detail. You know what you get with each kit, the best features, and what each product is for. But let’s see what real customers who’ve used the FlexSeries head shaver and grooming products have to say on the subject. 

Real Freedom Grooming Reviews in a graphic

“I love my razor. It’s quick and easy. Blades cut and don’t pull or cause razor rash.” – 5 stars from David P., Verified Freedom Grooming purchase

“The Freedom Shaver is the best I’ve tried so far. It gives the closest shave with an electric shaver. I never get any skin irritation. I’ve tried the competition and this is the best in my opinion. You’ll only get a better shave with an actual razor.” – 5 stars from Timothy R., Verified Freedom Grooming purchase

“Not only is the shaver perfectly ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of my hand, but the five floating razor heads smoothly glide over every part of my head, neck, and even my face when I am in too much of a rush to use my cartridge razor. The trimming adaptors, the nose-hair adaptor, and the exfoliating and massaging adaptors were just an additional unexpected surprise. Every part of this shaving system works far better than I ever would have imagined.” – 5 stars from Peter H., Verified Freedom Grooming purchase

“I am very impressed with this shaver. I bought it because of multiple ads where people claim how well it works. Real close shave, easy cleaning, no real mess. I used it while showering with a hand mirror and it did great work. I’m sure if I use it as a normal hair clipper it’ll be even greater. The other attachments are pretty useful as well. This is an awesome device!” – 5 stars from Eric, Verified Amazon purchase

“I love the flexible razor. It’s a quick way to get that awesome shaved look. Also the company is top-notch in their responsive ways and the way they stand by their products!” – 5 stars from Michael B., Verified Freedom Grooming purchase

“We love this shaver. Initially my husband bought it to shave his head. It works wonderfully BUT it worked better for us dry shaving his head than wet. The shaver was easy to clean but I found it to be time consuming because the hair lodges inside the circular blades which must be popped out to clean. I also found the small side shaver works great too but because it moves slightly I found it easier to hold it with both hands when shaving my husband’s side burns. All in all this product definitely shaves great!” – 5 stars from Becca, Verified Amazon purchase

“Nice product but I still had to use a razor. Not a close enough shave.” – 3 stars from Verified Amazon purchase  

“I’ve been shaving my head with a razor for 10+ years and I’m particular about how close the shave is. And while this does not shave as close as a razor, there are other benefits that make it worth purchasing. I get a more consistent shave across my entire head, no stray hairs that get missed with the razor. No knicks on my head which is a real plus, and no in-grown hair bumps either. I have oily skin, so no dry shaving for me, I still shave with shaving lotion, and it still takes me roughly 5 minutes to shave my entire head, but remember, I’m particular. Overall, I am pleased with the shaver and would recommend it. I’m keeping it!” – 5 stars from Glen W., Verified Freedom Grooming purchase

“Purchased for my bald headed man. Close shaves! Light and easy to handle. Even great for those nether regions😉” – 5 stars from Juliana, Verified Amazon purchase

“I have used other brand head shavers and Freedom Grooming has equaled them all at a fraction of the price. I really like the blade replacement subscription. It makes sure I have fresh blades on hand all the time.” – 5 stars from Mark B., Verified Freedom Grooming purchase

“Works very well, the blades last a lot longer than I expected. I change them out with new ones every few months. And the many options are amazing. A very happy customer here.” – 5 stars from Jim A., Verified Freedom Grooming purchase

“My husband loves his razer and the ease of having refills delivered every 6 weeks, though they tend to last longer than 6 weeks, which is also nice.” – 5 stars from Brandon B., Verified Freedom Grooming purchase 

“Since my husband started using your products, he loves his face!!! The way it feels, the way it looks and most of all he doesn’t have to worry about running out of product. The setup of the things he need when he need them is GREAT!!!!” – 5 stars from LaDidrea R., Verified Freedom Grooming purchase

“Great product, been awhile since I used an electric razor. Great quality, speed delivery on new refills. Enjoy using it.” – 5 stars from Eric L., Verified Freedom Grooming purchase

Freedom Grooming Pros and Cons

Freedom Grooming Review on a laptop

Now that we’ve looked at a good sample of real customer reviews for Freedom Grooming products, let’s break it down to make sense of what customers really love about this company’s products and what people tend to complain about.

Pros: What Customers Love About Freedom Grooming 

Here are the Freedom Grooming pros – what customers seem to love the most about this company and their products. 

  • Shave wet or dry, with or without shaving cream
  • Delivers the closest shave of any electric razor
  • Faster shaving than with a razor
  • Doesn’t cut, pull, or nick the skin
  • Convenient blade replacement subscription
  • Blades last 50+ shaves before replacement is needed
  • Easy to clean with included brush
  • Ergonomic, comfortable handheld design
  • Bonus attachments for more versatile uses
  • More affordable pricing than other electric shavers

Freedom Grooming customers had a ton of praise and positive comments for the company and the products they’ve purchased from them.

We found that the most-repeated compliments covered the closeness of the shave, protection against tugging, nicks, and cuts, long-lasting blades (need fewer replacements), the affordable pricing compared to similar shavers, and the usefulness of all the included attachments and accessories. 

Overall, reviews for Freedom Grooming products and kits are overwhelmingly positive. Negative comments are far and few between, but we’ll address those next. 

Cons: Customer Complaints About Freedom Grooming

Freedom Grooming doesn’t have a lot of customer complaints or negative reviews. We analyzed all verified customer reviews to see what customers complain about more frequently. 

Here are the top customer complaints – there aren’t many, but it’s worth reading if you’re considering buying one of their kits! 

  • Shaver doesn’t leave skin as smooth as a razor
  • Thoroughly cleaning the shaver blades takes time
  • Blade replacements can be costly

A small number of negative reviews is a good thing – it indicates that the reviews are accurate and honest. It seems like Freedom Grooming customers love this company’s products overall, but we did note the top 3 complaints. 

Some customers said the FlexSeries head shaver doesn’t deliver as close of a shave as a traditional razor. But this is true of all electric razors due to the safer design of electric razors over traditional razors.

While a traditional razor can easily nick and cut your skin, the FlexSeries shaver won’t because the blades are safely secured in their protective housing and don’t actually make direct contact with your skin. 

This is obviously much safer than using a razor, but if you’re looking for a silky-smooth finish, you may not get it with the FlexSeries shaver. You can, however, get a closer shave with the included Precision Clipper attachment. 

Other complaints included the time it takes to thoroughly clean the blades with the cleaning brush – we haven’t tried this ourselves, but most electric razors will require you to brush out the trimmed hair to keep the blades spinning freely for the closest shave.

This may not be a problem with the FlexSeries shaver, but more a problem with electric razors overall. Finally, some customers indicated that it’s costly to replace the blades for the FlexSeries shaver.

If you buy a single blade replacement ($24.95), that’s true. But Freedom Grooming offers blade refill subscriptions that drop the cost significantly and ensure you always have a fresh blade on-hand. 

Overall, the customer complaints about Freedom Grooming are generally small issues that you’ll run into with all electric trimmers. They don’t indicate that Freedom Grooming makes bad products. 

Do the Freedom Grooming Reviews Live Up to the Hype?

Freedom Grooming products have been on the market since 2014, so there’s been plenty of time for customers to try and review their products over the years.

The overwhelming positive rating (4.6 stars out of 5) and sheer number of positive reviews online indicates that most people love their Freedom Grooming products and are satisfied with their purchase. 

Complaints are rare, but the company seems to take them seriously. We noted that the company replied to anyone posting a negative review and attempted to make things right with a replacement, tips for use, or a full refund. 

If you’re looking for a head shaver or body trimmer (ears, nose, groin, chest, back, legs, arms, etc.), the FlexSeries Electric Head Shaver made by Freedom Grooming is an excellent option.

With almost 5 stars from nearly 20K customers, this is their most-loved product and it gets rave reviews from men and women alike. Their full suite of grooming and hygiene products are worth your attention, too.

Even their newer products with fewer reviews boast a 5-star review average and offer solutions for all your shaving and hygiene needs. From buttery-smooth shaving cream to hygienic cleansing wipes for quick clean-ups, Freedom Grooming has products to cover all the bases. 

We’ve given Freedom Grooming our official seal of approval and are proud to offer an exclusive 15% off discount for our readers. Use our discount code to knock a few dollars off your purchase and take advantage of the 30-day risk-free trial to see how you like the shaver!

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