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18 Cute Blue and Purple Hair Color Ideas for 2024

Enchanting, bewitching, dazzling – last we checked, these are basically synonyms for blue and purple hair. This fantasy color combo is one of the trendiest right now.

And with so many shades of blue and purple to mix and match, you can build a totally unique color that perfectly suits you. See our favorite blue and purple hair ideas, along with tips to nail long-lasting color you’ll love, in this jam-packed guide! 

The Allure of Blue and Purple Hair Color

  • Blue and purple are cool-toned fantasy colors that flatter cool undertones
  • Mix and match different shades to create unique looks
  • Try ombre, split color, balayage, tie dye, or peekaboo blue + purple color 

As kids, we all dreamed of rocking our favorite hues as hair color. But did you ever think that fantasy shades like purple and blue would be far-reaching hair color trends one day?

That fateful day has arrived, friends, and blue and purple hair is currently one of the most adored color trends at the moment. We’re not really that surprised about it. After all, blue and purple are two of the most popular colors in the world (blue is #1 overall, while purple is #2 for women).

Who wouldn’t want to rock their favorite shades as a hair color? But the appeal and allure goes deeper than that. Blue and purple evoke this really enchanting, fairytale vibe that is captivating and a little magical.

When you consider that these colors are both on the cool end of the color spectrum, it’s easy to see how using them together can create an almost-ethereal effect. 

But let’s talk specifics. What do you need to know about the trendy blue and purple hair color combo to look amazing with it? Since blue and purple are cool-toned colors, they look best on skin with a cool undertone (faint hints of pink or blue in your skin).

That’s not to say you can’t rock blue and purple hair if you have a warm undertone. But you may want to steer toward warmer purple and blue shades to make sure the colors suit your complexion.

Speaking of using specific shades that will best flatter your skin tone and complexion, you’ve got a lot of options here. Purple encompasses shades from the deepest violet and orchid tones to bright, silvery ultraviolet and pinkish mauve.

You’ll even find warmer-toned purples like magenta and fuchsia in the spectrum. Blue shades range from rich blue-black, indigo, and sapphire shades to bright ice blue, neon blue, and periwinkle.

The idea is to mix and match blue and purple hair color shades to build out a custom, creative color of your own! And with so many shades to choose from with undertones that range from ice-cold to slightly warmer, there’s a blue and purple combo to suit every complexion. Another thing to consider is how you want to place and apply your color.

There are almost unlimited ways to work in these hues, but we’ve found some really pretty ombre, split color, tie dye, balayage, and peekaboo color options that we’re developing an unhealthy obsession with.

You’ll see those, along with tips and more things to consider, next! 

18 Blue and Purple Hair Ideas We’re Loving

Consumed! We can’t stop thinking about these 18 gorgeous blue and purple hair color ideas. Take a peek and find the color you’re getting next! 

1. Shades of Purple With Blue Accents

For a piece on blue and purple hair ideas, a woman with shades of Purple With Blue Accents


Can’t decide which shade of purple looks best? Try a few! Cool violet, lavender, and mauve add tons of colorful dimension with bright blue accents on the ends in front. 

2. Violet and Aqua Tie Dye

Violet and Aqua Tie Dye for a piece on blue and purple hair ideas

Lia Koltyrina/Shutterstock

Using creative color patterns will take blue and purple hair to a whole new level! Try a tie dye look with purple and blue shades fading into each other along the length of your hair. This look blends shades to create more gradient colors in a pattern that resembles tie dye. 

3. Platinum With Azure Blue and Electric Purple Ombre

Platinum With Azure Blue and Electric Purple Ombre blue and purple hair color idea

Focus and Blur/Shutterstock

Spice up an ombre color using bright platinum blonde for the roots and blend into rich azure and electric purple near the ends. Bubblegum pink tones do a great job blending the bold purple tones up into the blonde and give this look cotton candy vibes!

4. Cobalt Blue With Chunky Tyrian Purple Highlights

Cobalt Blue With Chunky Tyrian Purple Highlights for a roundup of blue and purple hair color ideas

Patrizia Tilly/Shutterstock

Deep cobalt blue takes on a silvery tone when the light hits it and makes a great base color to pair with chunky Tyrian purple highlights. These colors share a similar depth and will give you an intense color payoff if you’re looking for a bold effect!

5. Multi-Toned Purple and Blue Ribbon Balayage

Multi-Toned Purple and Blue Ribbon Balayage for a piece on blue and purple hair inspiration

Kourdakova Alena/Shutterstock

See how mixing up different shades of purple and blue in one look adds interest and dimension? We love a good ribbon balayage and it’s taken to a new level with multiple fantasy shades weaving up through the look. Go with a deeper violet tone at the roots to balance it out!

6. Periwinkle and Light Lilac Ombre

Periwinkle and Light Lilac Ombre blue and purple hair color inspiration


Pastel periwinkle blue has very faint violet undertones and looks great with a light lilac tone in an ombre color. This bright color combo looks straight out of a fairytale and while the upkeep is rigorous, the results are well worth it. 

7. Striped Ultraviolet and Aquamarine

Striped Ultraviolet and Aquamarine purple and blue hair idea


Bright violet with a silvery undertone looks perfect next to icy aquamarine tones. The colors are placed in vertical strips around the head to create a symmetrical shade pattern. Contrast the up-and-down stripes with an unexpected bang shape and blunt-cut bob for an edgy look. 

8. Ice Blue to Bright Lilac Ombre Melt

Ice Blue to Bright Lilac Ombre Melt

BigLike Images/Shutterstock

Chilly ice blue color takes over the roots with blunt bangs bringing the color across the face in this colorful, cool-toned ombre. The color transitions seamlessly into bright lilac tones and finally into pale baby pink at the ends for a washed-out effect. 

9. Gradient Blue and Purple Mermaid Hair

Gradient Blue and Purple Mermaid Hair

Lia Koltyrina/Shutterstock

This bold, multi-toned look will make you feel like a mermaid, especially when it’s styled with loose waves! Using two shades of both blue and purple colors gives this look a lot of depth and a luxe feel. Shades are painted with an ombre gradient effect so the colors appear to blend and morph into each other. 

10. Root Melt Sapphire With Orchid Underdye

Root Melt Sapphire With Orchid Underdye for a piece on blue and purple hair

New Africa/Shutterstock

Love purple, but love blue just a little bit more? Have we got a look for you! Try a dark root melt (you know, for easier maintenance) that fades into a rich sapphire blue down the lengths. On the longer layers underneath, go with a bold orchid purple underdye to peep out at the ends! 

11. Multi-Toned Indigo Sombre

Multi-Toned Indigo Sombre blue and purple hair idea


Indigo blends beautiful blue and pretty purple tones together for a rich, alluring shade that’s hard to define. In a sombre (subtle ombre) look, the colors are kept within 1-2 shades of each other to keep the contrast low. Near the ends, the indigo shade brightens up into a silvery steel blue with some deep lilac accents. 

12. Iris Purple With Sky Blue Face-Framing Color

Iris Purple With Sky Blue Face-Framing Color blue and purple hair idea on a woman with pigtails

Sergey Sukhorukov/Shutterstock

Are we getting inspiration from wigs now? Absolutely, because this iris and sky blue color combo is exactly what we’ve been dreaming of. Thick chunks of sky blue around the face with iris purple covering the back and sides makes a gorgeous look that’s only a little high-maintenace. 

13. Gradient Purple Tones With Electric Blue

Gradient Purple Tones With Electric Blue and purple hair idea for a roundup of the best color styles

Lia Koltyrina/Shutterstock

Since purple and blue are such similar colors, it’s a good idea to work in a few different shades of purple to really differentiate the tones. Here, the entire purple spectrum is represented with shades from bold violet to nearly pink. Electric blue balayage highlights really pop in this look!

14. Violet and Magenta Ombre With Peekaboo Blue

Violet and Magenta Ombre With Peekaboo Blue and purple hair idea


A creative way to work in unexpected blue tones in a fantasy color is going with peekaboo highlights. The roots in this look are a rich violet color that fades seamlessly into bold magenta for a pop of warmth. Hiding just under the top layer in the back is bright azure blue for contrast.

15. Split Mauve and Strobe Blue

Split Mauve and Strobe Blue and purple hair idea

Kiselev Andrey Valerevich/Shutterstock

Split color is a great way to achieve a really unique and high-contrast look with blue and purple hair. The hair is parted down the center and bleached first to get the brightest color. Mauve purple and neon strobe blue create a nice contrast while keeping the color scheme cool.

16. Cool-Toned Gradient With Pink Accents

Cool-Toned Gradient With Pink Accents

Lia Koltyrina/Shutterstock

Blue and purple hair color dominate this look with a little pink around the face for a brighter, warmer contrast shade. You’ve got seafoam green, sapphire blue, and bold violet tones creating a smooth color gradient that looks amazing styled in curls. 

17. Mauve, Platinum Wisteria, and Azure Ombre

Mauve, Platinum Wisteria, and Azure Ombre blue and purple hair idea


Using 3 shades in an ombre gives you a lot more interest and opportunities to see how different tones “play” together. Purple-pink mauve naturally transitions into a bright, silvery wisteria tone around the midshaft. The ends light up with neon azure color for a finish that pops. 

18. Blush, Sapphire, and Orchid Ribbon Lights

Blush, Sapphire, and Orchid Ribbon Lights blue and purple hair idea


If you don’t want to go all-over with your blue and purple hair color, you can try bold ribbon lights like this! Big strips of warm blush pink and cool-toned sapphire blue and orchid purple light up a deep brown base shade with a little unexpected ombre color.

Tips and Things to Consider

Choosing a pretty purple and blue color combo for your hair shouldn’t be a spontaneous decision. It requires a little forethought and some commitment to keep it fresh and vibrant! Here’s what you need to know. 

  • Make sure your strands are up for the challenge. Getting vibrant fantasy colors, which blue and purple hair definitely are, means you’ll need to bleach your hair before coloring it to ensure those vivid tones show up. Double-process colors like this require healthy hair that hasn’t recently been chemically processed if you want to avoid damaged hair. And trust us, you definitely want that. 
  • Take it to a professional. DIY fantasy colors are fun to do, but they don’t always turn out well. If you really want your purple and blue strands to look good, don’t try this at home. Go to a professional to get highly-pigmented color and ensure your hair is only processed as long as needed to achieve your perfect look. 
  • Use any shades of blue and purple you want. On the color wheel, purple and blue are next to each other. This makes them analogous colors and generally means they have low contrast and look aesthetically pleasing together. Since they’re analogous, you can get creative and use wildly different shades – a pastel blue with a bold violet, for example – and still get a cohesive, flattering result. 
  • Know when to opt for shades with a warmer or cooler undertone. Your skin’s undertone will tell you which shades of blue and purple will look best on you. Cool undertones have a faint pinkish or blue tint and always look good in icy, pastel, or light blue and purple shades. Warm undertones should go for shades with a slightly warmer undertone (though they’re still cool colors) like turquoise or fuchsia for the most flattering look. 
  • Take good care of your color. Fantasy shades don’t last as long before fading out, but you can take steps to prolong and preserve your color at home. Washing with sulfate-free shampoo for colored hair is a must, as is a weekly wash with pigmented purple shampoo to remove any brassiness. Wash less often overall since every shampoo removes a little bit of pigment from your hair! 

Think Blue and Purple Hair is Right for You?

We’ve talked about the allure and appeal of blue and purple hair, the keys to getting the most flattering color combo for you, and checked out some really gorgeous options. What do you think? Is blue and purple color right up your alley or a trend you’ll skip?

From pale pastel looks that remind us of cotton candy to bold, punchy color with electric and neon vibes, there’s a lot of variation in the purple and blue color trend. That’s what makes it so great – you can tweak it and customize it to make it 100% your own. 

If you’re a little unsure about giving purple and blue tones a try because you have a warm undertone, don’t fret. Choosing shades of each color with warmer undertones will ensure they don’t clash with your skin, and you can always opt for peekaboo color or a few highlights to try it out. 

If you’re as obsessed as we are with this gorgeous color combo, we’re ready when you are. Fantasy fairytale hair with tones of violets and sapphires (how poetic is that?), here we come!