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What Is Nioxin Shampoo? | An Overly-Detailed Guide

You may have heard about Nioxin shampoo, especially if you have experienced hair loss. It is a popular treatment for people who have thinning hair, and it uses the only ingredient that is topical and approved by the FDA.

You may wonder, “What is Nioxin shampoo,” and how does it work? If you’re asking either of these questions, read on to learn more.

What Is Nioxin Shampoo?

Nioxin shampoo is a topical treatment for hair loss. It contains the ingredient minoxidil, which was discovered in 1986 and used to treat alopecia. As far as topical ingredients go, this is the only one that the FDA approves for hair loss.

It has been proven to be effective, and it is easy to use, with positive results in 30 days. It is likely that you have more questions about this shampoo and want to understand how it helps with hair loss. Some of the questions that people ask include the following:

  • What is Nioxin shampoo?
  • Does it really work?
  • Who can benefit from using it?
  • How do you use it?

We had the same questions, so we searched for the answers. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about Nioxin shampoo.

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Nioxin Shampoo, Explained

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Nioxin shampoo is designed to help people who are experiencing thinning hair. It has been around since 1987, and it has been helping people with hair loss or thinning hair ever since. Nioxin is a scalp treatment and hair care stem, and it thickens hair. 

Nioxin comes in different three part systems, depending on your hair type. It has a cleanser that removes dirt and debris, as well as sebum that blocks the follicles.

The second part of the system is a revitalizing conditioner. Then, it has a scalp and hair treatment. The different systems are for different hair types. Natural hair may not need a lot of additional moisture, while color treated hair needs some moisture.

Chemically treated hair needs a lot of moisture. There are six different kits, two for each of these hair types. The two systems are different because one is for hair with light thinning, whereas the other is for hair with progressed thinning.

Who Should Use Nioxin Shampoo

If you are experiencing hair loss, you should start by finding out what is causing your hair loss. It is important to find out because it could be environmental factors, such as nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, medications, medical conditions, and more. 

If you are a good candidate for Nioxin shampoo, you need to use it continuously for it to work. If you stop using the shampoo, your hair could revert back to the same pattern. As long as you are using Nioxin shampoo, you are likely to see some results. 

Does Nioxin Shampoo Really Work?

The main ingredient in Nioxin shampoo is minoxidil. It has been proven to increase hair regrowth, and the company says that it reduces the amount of hair that falls out from breaking by as much as 91%.

They also say that 85% of their customers have noticed that their hair is thicker after using this shampoo. This active ingredient can stop hair loss for half of the people who have androgenic alopecia.

They also say that it is most effective for people who start using it before they turn 40. The company says that their products can do the following:

  • Reduce hair breakage
  • Amplify texture
  • Clean excess sebum from the scalp
  • Strengthen hair against cuticle damage
  • Make hair look thicker

Most users say that they do have thicker hair after using it for a few weeks, and it does treat your scalp to improve it for optimal hair growth. However, it can cause irritation for sensitive skin, and it isn’t known to reverse hair loss.

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How to Use Nioxin Shampoo

Nioxin has a three part system. The first step is to clean your hair. The cleanser will remove sebum that can clog up your hair follicles. It also lifts dirt, fatty acids, and other residues from the environment from your hair.

You need to wet your hair thoroughly, and then you can gently massage the Nioxin shampoo into your hair. Clean your scalp and let it sit for one minute before you rinse. The next step is to use the conditioner. This will hydrate your hair and add moisture back in.

You can apply it to your entire scalp and hair, or you can stick with the hair from the middle down to the ends. The conditioner controls the moisture in your hair, and it helps it stay hydrated. 

The third step in the system is a scalp treatment. If you want your hair to appear thicker and fuller, you can apply the leave-in in the third step. You should distribute it evenly throughout your entire scalp. Make sure that you use it as needed and follow the directions if you want it to work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it take for Nioxin shampoo to work?

The company that manufactures Nioxin shampoo says that more than 90% of the people who use it notice thicker hair in the first month. However, it takes between one and three months for actual hair regrowth to appear.

How frequently do you use Nioxin shampoo?

You should use this product twice a day. If you have the system kit, you will use it once a day.

Can you stop using Nioxin shampoo?

If you stop using this shampoo, your hair will probably start thinning again. It only works as long as you are using the products.

Does Nioxin regrow your hair?

Nioxin is designed to treat your scalp so that your hair can grow. When you use it, it helps you grow thicker, healthier hair. The active ingredient is minoxidil, which has been shown to improve the conditions so that your hair grows back.

So, What Is Nioxin Shampoo?

Nioxin shampoo is a shampoo that contains minoxidil, and it can help you improve thinning hair. By taking care of your scalp, it will allow your hair to grow as much as it possibly can.