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Types of Crochet Hair | An Overly-Detailed Guide

From big loose curls to tight, long braids, many types of crochet hair will get that new style in no time – a brand new you. Take a look at the types of crochet hair that are all the rage with your favorite Influencer or celebrity. 

What Exactly Is Crochet Hairstyle?

Crochet hair is a method of adding extensions to your hair. It’s versatile, quick, and relatively easy to learn and do by yourself. Whether you want a straight, curly, twisted, or braided look, you can achieve it with crochet hair with a bit of practice.

The term crochet comes from the resemblance of the tool used for this hairstyle to a crochet hook. Moreover, the process of adding hair extensions is similar to crocheting.

Whereas traditional methods sew hair into cornrows, crochet hair adds extensions by going under them using a latch hook and looping the extension’s tail through itself. No more glue, no more thin hair after removing a weave.

With crochet hair, you can let your creativity flow and go for any hairstyle you desire without much fuss. So if you’re interested in crochet hair, read on as we delve deeper into this modern way of adding extensions.

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Why Crochet Hair?

The crochet hair extensions are usually synthetic hair, so you pay less. Unlike a weave, you can quickly learn how to crochet hair at home to save even more money. You can go from mild-mannered to a wild child in no time. Add a kick of color if that is your vibe.

The possibilities and looks you can achieve are as varied as your creativity. In addition, this method is considered protective for your hair. With many types of crochet hair, let’s take a peek at just what you can do! Maybe you’ll be mistaken as the next Influencer or even Issa Rae.

Ins and Outs of Crochet Hair Extensions

There are a few things worth knowing to get the most out of your crochet hairstyle.

Adding Extensions, Crochet Style

If you cannot cornrow your hair for any reason, you can still have crochet hair. If you can braid, you can install the extensions. Use a box braid, Bantu knots, rubber bands, or even crochet your extensions into your ponytail. 

The finished style will determine how many packs of extensions you will require. 4-10 packs of synthetic extensions will typically be enough to do a full head of extensions. However, if you are going for extremely long or very lush, full looks, expect to use more. 

Time Required to Add Extensions

Expect to take anywhere from two to four hours to install different types of crochet hair. This first time you attempt crochet hair, expect that it will take a little longer to accomplish. 

Each installation application involves using a crochet hook to loop your extensions. No matter which method you select, practice makes perfect, and your hair will look incredible.

Crochet vs. Weave

Weaves are made of natural hair and blend better with your hair for a more natural look. To install a weave, the cosmetologist sews the weft/track into your braided hair using a weaving needle or hook and weaving thread. You can wash, curl, color, and cut a weave with your hair.

A weave can damage your natural hair if you don’t take precautionsCrochet hair is usually made with synthetic hair and can be purchased pre-braided, colored, straightened, curly, or in a natural texture style.

To install a crochet hair extension, simply slide the crochet hook under a section of your cornrow where you want the extension to go. The extension’s tail is then looped back through itself and pulled tight. Repeat these steps until your extensions are all fully in place. 

How to Care for Crochet Hair

Synthetic hair has different care requirements than natural hair. It is important to know that the longer you have your crochet hair in place, it will take on a trendy, Bohemian style. If a messier, more natural look is not for you, consider changing the extensions more often. 

Regular maintenance of your natural hair is a must to keep that style looking fabulous. Dry shampoo can be used on the extensions to keep them clean and gorgeous. If you aren’t a fan of dry shampoo, to keep matting and tangling to a minimum, use a co-wash shampoo and cool water.

You use a small spray bottle with diluted shampoo to spray your hair and scalp. Perform a gentle massage and then rinse away the shampoo. Follow up with a good scalp condition. 

What Crochet Hair Looks Like

The old way of tying in extensions or using braids would leave visible knots. No matter what style you tried, your extensions shifted, and the focus landed on an unnatural appearance. Using a crochet hook allows the extensions to be virtually unidentifiable from your natural hair. 

Crochet Hair Looks & Styles

You can fashion crochet extensions into endless styles. Twists are popular – a Havana twist, a Cuban twist, or a Jamaican twist. Long, straight extensions can be pulled up in a knot or ponytail.

Pull back or use a headband for long braided crochet hair to achieve a quick and effortless style. Searching the internet for crochet hair will produce images of big curls, relaxed curls, decorated braids, tight braids, deep waves, and full natural styles.

A half-up, half-down style can feature your eyes. A loose crochet style will give you full, luscious hair worn naturally. Long crochet curls will take you from short hair to long and fabulous in a few hours.

Changing to short crochet extensions will give you a sassy style that turns heads. With all types of crochet hair, your creativity and time are the only limits you have with any look you want to achieve. 

Colored Crochet Hair

A special occasion may call for crocheting in an extension that pops color in your style. You can use a complete set of extensions in one color to change your color all over, use a few colored extensions to mix in with a natural color, or layer colors in between your natural hair color for highlights and low lights.

New season, new color. Whether you want a fashion color to match a new outfit or just want to add drama, dyed crochet extensions offer that option. Mix it up, mix it in, and love your style. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about crochet hair.

What does crochet hair do?

Crochet hair leaves a portion of your scalp and natural hair exposed. This means easier washing and care of your hair, unlike a weave. Moisturizing is also much easier with crochet hair.

Is crochet hair the same thing as braiding hair?

No. With crochet hair, you don’t braid the extensions into your hair. You use a crochet hook to loop the extension through a cornrow and loop it. No braiding is required.

How long does crochet hair last?

Your crochet hair will last between 4 and 6 weeks. The quality of the extension, the type and style of the crochet, and the maintenance performed all factor into how long your look will last. Some people can get eight weeks from an installation.

Is crochet good for your hair?

Crochet braids are a protective hairstyle, so they will not damage your natural hair. Remember that regular shampooing and deep conditioning treatments of your natural hair are essential.

How do you maintain crochet hair?

Wear a satin cap or scarf to sleep in is a must. Moisturize your scalp several times a week to keep your natural hair healthy. If you go for long crochet braids, put them up in a jumbo twist to prevent pulling, damage, or matting.

With So Many Types of Crochet Hair, Why Not?

No more endless hours in the salon chair and the higher cost of a weave or wig. Put an end to the scalp and hairline damage from the glue. Crochet hair provides a simple, do-it-yourself way to change that hair whenever the urge strikes.

Just a crochet hook and extensions will do the job. Even if you cannot do cornrows, there are ways to add crochet hair without them.

Crochet hair protects your natural hair, allowing for regular maintenance even while wearing your extensions. You’ll experience no pulling or weight to damage your scalp and hair. 

Always wanted to experiment with long braids? Need that burgundy hue for a wedding? Braid it up, pull it up, blow it out, let it go. Rock those rainbow locks. There are so many types of crochet hair that will accomplish those looks.

So, What Are the Types of Crochet Hair?

The various types of crochet hair are just as unique as you are. When you want length, fullness, color, or a defined twist, but your natural hair isn’t enough, crochet hair extensions are a simplified way of accomplishing your style in no time. Happy styling!