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25 Crochet Hair Ideas We’re Obsessed With in 2024

After cool crochet styles? We’ve got you covered. Crochet hair is stylish, versatile, and fun, so let’s take a look at this unique technique. We’ll show you 25 unique and trending looks that slay in 2024 and why we love them.

What Is Crochet Hair?

Crochet hair is created by crocheting hair extensions into natural hair. This technique is most often used to create braids, although there are many styling possibilities.

Crochet hair is categorized as a protective hairstyle because it guards the hair from the elements and minimizes damage. It’s also an easy way to get styles like braids or locs without having to put your hair through a lot.

This is especially true for styles like box braids, which can be quite hard on the hair. Crochet hair is a great choice for Afro-textured hair because it maintains the hair’s natural texture. By styling your hair in this way, you’ll optimize your locks’ long-term health.

25 Crochet Hairstyles That Slay in 2024

There are all kinds of styles you can get with the crochet method, so let’s look at a few! Here are our 25 favorite crochet hairstyles:

1. Big Curls

Big Curls crochet hairstyle

truvanity_ on Instagram

Curly hair is a cinch to get using the crochet method. These big, loose curls are a great way to get highly textured hair with a lot of volume, and it’s all made super easy thanks to the crocheted hair. It’s a fun, versatile look that’s good for just about anything.

2. Decorated Braids

Decorated Braids crochet hairstyle

truvanity_ on Instagram

With crochet hair, you can get some long and textured braids of all shapes and sizes. Shown here is a medium twist style. These kinds of braids and twists make great canvases for decorating using beads and jewelry, and that’s exactly what’s going on here.

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3. Relaxed Curls

Relaxed Braids crochet hairstyle

truvanity_ on Instagram

Here’s another curly twist-style option you can get with crochet hair. These curls are large and relaxed, so you get high amounts of both volume and texture without having to put in all the work you’d have to put in to get them naturally.

4. Tight Braids

Tight Braids crochet hairstyle

truvanity_ on Instagram

Tightly braided styles can be hard on the hair if done naturally, so using crocheted extensions is a big bonus with these types of hairdos. The hair experiences much less stress, but you get a nearly identical result. Toss a couple of beads on the end, and you’re good to go.

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5. Various Textures

Various Textures crochet hairstyle

truvanity_ on Instagram

It’s also possible to get different textures instead of just one. Here, the twists in front are tighter and more twisted, while some of the side twists are a bit messier. For an extra touch, the ends spiral out loosely that creates yet another texture.

6. Tight & Loose

Tight and Loose crochet hairstyle

truvanity_ on Instagram

This crochet hairstyle is composed of two main elements. First, you have the tight twists that make up the bulk of the hair and offer the majority of the texture. Second, you have loose ends that hang out for some variation in texture that makes a big difference.

7. Magenta Curls

Magenta Curls crochet hairstyle

truvanity_ on Instagram

Of course, color is another thing you can get easily with the crochet method. This two-tone style features a base of natural dark hair with bright magenta extensions that make up most of the hair. If that weren’t enough, the extensions are also loose and highly textured.

8. Beaded Braids

Beaded Braids crochet hairstyle

truvanity_ on Instagram

With crochet braids, you can put the spotlight on the decorations as well as the hair itself. Here the emphasis is on the many beads that adorn the hair, but the huge twisted braids are impossible to miss, making this style truly unique.

9. Rope Braids

Rope Braids crochet hairstyle

truvanity_ on Instagram

Are long braids your thing? This style might be just what you’re looking for. These are thick braids with a prominent weave pattern that makes the hairstyle visually captivating. They hang down well past the shoulders for a striking result.

10. Butterfly Locs

Butterfly Locs crochet hairstyle

truvanity_ on Instagram

Butterfly locs are unique dreadlocks that are created by the curly loops that make up the strands of hair. Like regular locs, butterfly locs can be hard to get, so why not use crocheted extensions? They require much less time and work, yet you still get the same unique result.

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11. Bound Braids

Bound Braids crochet hairstyle

truvanity_ on Instagram

Another fun styling technique to use with crochet braids is to bind the hair with thread (or something similar). Alternatively, you could choose crochet extensions with highlights so that the color twists along the braid. Either way, you can add some beads on top for a great hairstyle.

12. Huge Waves

Huge Waves crochet hairstyle

truvanity_ on Instagram

Here’s another take on a wavy crochet hairstyle that has some seriously supersized waves. There’s a lot of hair, so you get loads of volume, but the extremely wavy texture is also crucial to this style. This is a great casual look that’s sure to be a hit.

13. Casual Curls

Casual Curls crochet hairstyle

truvanity_ on Instagram

Yet another curly crochet option, here’s a loose curly style that’s all about a casual vibe. This is one of the most natural-looking crochet hairstyles because the hair is so relaxed and free. The subtle highlights also add to the style and provide another dimension to the look.

14. Braids

Braids crochet hairstyle

braidboxx on Instagram

Here is a simple braid hairstyle that’s made possible with crocheting. These braids are thick and textured, and you can’t even tell where the natural hair stops and the extensions start.

That’s one of the great things about crochet hair. This style would be much more damaging without the help of extensions, but thanks to the crochet technique, the hair is damage-free.

15. Golden Cornrows

Golden Cornrows crochet hairstyle

braidboxx on Instagram

You can also get cornrow-style braids with crochet hair. In this style, the cornrows are large and prominent, and the braids go all the way from the front of the head to down past the shoulders. The pop of color is a fun touch that contrasts against the hair’s naturally dark tone.

16. Black and White

Black and White crochet hairstyle

braidboxx on Instagram

Another cool color option you can go for is black and white crochet hair. These braids are tied up into a ponytail, and the white bits are mostly visible on the tail itself. They increase in frequency as the hair descends, making for a unique and eye-catching style.

17. Knotless Box Braids

Knotless Box Braids crochet hairstyle

braidboxx on Instagram

Box braids are a popular style that can be achieved with the crochet hair method. Here’s one way to do box braids that features a looped section up top and thinner braids hanging from the sides. If you want to show off your braids, this one’s for you.

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18. Mohawk Crochet

Mohawk Crochet hairstyle

braidboxx on Instagram

This natural mohawk look is a super springy style with extremely textured hair. While the hair itself is a looser curly texture, it’s shaped into a loose mohawk and decorated with three beads on the side of the head. Of course, you can choose whatever texture best matches your natural one.

19. Black & Red

Black and Red crochet hairstyle

taliafros on Instagram

Want to go crazy colorful? Look no further than this eye-popping black and red braid combo. These ombré braids turn a bright red.

And to finish everything off, the ends of the braids have large clear beads on them that pop out from the red and add another cool texture. This is a bold, adventurous style, and it’s not for everyone, but there’s no denying its power.

20. Textured Crochet

Textured Crochet hairstyle

radiancebeautyinc on Instagram

If texture is your number one hair priority and you want to try out crochet hair, give this a whirl. These large textured braids are done in the style of a Ghana weave, a traditional African style that is similar to cornrows.

But they have a unique and distinct appearance. Crocheting the extensions into the hair allows you to get all of this texture without having to grow out and braid an entire head of hair.

21. Twisted Updo

Twisted Updo crochet hairstyle

radiancebeautyinc on Instagram

Crochet hair also lets you get really creative with how you style your hair. This updo shows what you can do with extra long braids with plenty of room for styling.

The crocheted braids are tied into a loose updo with some braids sticking out. It’s a texture-heavy style that offers as many possibilities as you can think of.

22. Crochet Dreadlocks

Crochet Dreadlocks crochet hairstyle

radiancebeautyinc on Instagram

Dreadlocks take a lot of time to grow and maintain, so if you want the style without making a huge commitment, go the crochet route.

You obviously won’t get as natural of a look, but if you use human hair extensions, the result will be surprisingly close. Plus, you can go as short or as long as you’d like.

23. Wavy Crochet

Wavy Crochet hairstyle

radiancebeautyinc on Instagram

There are many hairstyles you can get using the crochet technique, and that includes the kind of long and wavy hair shown here. These rippling extensions provide the kind of texture that would take a long time to achieve naturally.

Yet you wouldn’t even be able to tell that it’s not natural. There are also some subtle highlights, which is yet another feature that crochet hair makes easy.

24. Deep Wave

Deep Wave crochet hairstyle

radiancebeautyinc on Instagram

For another wavy option, check out this style. The dark base features blonde highlights, and the texture is a bit looser and messier than the previous style. It’s a fun and casual way to do crochet hair, and it’s also shorter, which means it’s even easier to get.

25. Long Ghana Braids

Long Ghana Braids crochet hairstyle

radiancebeautyinc on Instagram

Another crochet style inspired by the Ghana weave, this long braided hairstyle features a similar weave pattern on the extensions.

These rope-like braids are incredibly long, which amplifies the texture and makes for an eye-catching look. You can let them hang down in front, in back, loop them up—the sky’s the limit.

Things to Consider

Crochet hair is pretty simple, all things considered. The use of extensions makes this an easy process that can often be completed in just a couple of hours or less.

But before you head to the salon, there are a few things you’ll want to consider before officially saying yes to crochet hair. Here they are:

  • Crochet hair isn’t permanent. Typically, crochet hair will last from 4-8 weeks, depending on the style and type of extension. Some last shorter and others last longer, so consult with your stylist to understand how long yours will last.
  • Choose between natural and synthetic extensions. You can get crochet extensions that are either natural (made from human hair) or synthetic. There are pros and cons to both, so this is another question for your stylist. Natural extensions usually look far better, but they’re also more expensive and a little harder to work with.
  • Read up on maintenance for crocheted hair. Once the crochet hair is on your head, you’ll need to maintain it and keep it healthy just like you would for your natural hair. Be sure to read up on crochet maintenance before making the leap.

All in all, crochet hair is super versatile and allows you to get all kinds of looks with only a small commitment. Hopefully this guide has given you some inspiration for your next crochet look.

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