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How to Style a Wolf Cut in 8 Easy Steps | 2024 Guide

Discover how to style a wolf cut with this in-depth, step-by-step guide. Whether you have curly, wavy, or straight hair, follow these easy instructions and styling tips to make your wolf cut photo-ready.

How to Style a Wolf Cut: Step-by-Step Guide

If the mullet hairstyle and a shag cut had a baby, it would be the wolf cut. This popular hairstyle features shorter layers on top and long layers at the bottom for a voluminous look. Bangs complete this rockstar hairstyle.

You can’t forget to tousle this hairstyle up a little bit for the casual, messy look!

  1. Wet your hair
  2. Apply a leave-in products
  3. Brush your hair
  4. Blow-dry your bangs
  5. Add volume to your crown
  6. Curl ends away from your face
  7. Tousle your hair
  8. Wear it how you want

Are you ready to try styling your wolf cut? Continue reading for more details and instructions on how to style a wolf cut below.

How to Style a Wolf Cut in 8 Steps

Wolf cuts are famously low-maintenance hairstyles. However, if you want to liven up your look, you can easily style your ‘do in eight easy steps.

To get started styling a wolf cut, you’ll need the following hair products handy:

  • Leave-in conditioner and/or heat protector spray
  • Curl cream or mousse (for straight hair)
  • A blow-dryer
  • A round brush
  • Styling cream (optional)

Now that your products are ready to go, let’s get you ready, too!

1. Wet Your Hair

The first step of styling a wolf cut is to take a shower or wet your hair. Wetting your hair allows you to add products and blow-dry it into the right position for your desired effect. 

Make sure your hair isn’t soaking wet – towel-dried is perfect for the next steps. 

2. Apply Leave-In Products

After your hair is nice and wet, add products like a leave-in conditioner, heat protectant spray, mousse, or curl cream.

Leave-in conditioner is a water-based conditioner that you apply to your hair after taking a shower. Like conditioner, a leave-in conditioner hydrates your hair, gives it more definition and bounce, and keeps it free of frizz.

A wolf cut benefits from volume but looks unkempt when frizzy, so this is a great product for styling a wolf cut.

Heat protectant spray is a must-have hair product if you use a blow dryer or flat iron. A heat protectant spray uses oils and botanical extracts to reduce hair damage from the heat of styling utensils.

Like a leave-in conditioner, this product has ingredients that help strengthen your hair and keep it hydrated.

Mousse, or styling foam, is an excellent product for those with fine and flat hair or those with curly hair. Mousse is a hairstyling product that adds body, movement, and definition to a wolf cut.

There are many types of mousses to choose from, so pick one based on your hair type. For example, fine and flat hair benefits from a volumizing mousse.

Curl cream is a hair styling product for those with curls or slightly wavy hair. This hair product enhances your curls, giving your wolf cut more volume.

Curl cream adds definition to your waves and curls, helping to make the blow-drying stage of the styling process easier.

3. Brush Your Hair

Once you’ve applied hair products to your hair, it should be easy to brush it free of tangles. Starting from the tips of your hair, use your regular hair brush to smooth out any knots.

This step ensures that you can roll your round brush through your hair while blow-drying without pulling at your scalp.

4. Blow Dry Your Bangs

Now that your hair is free of tangles, it’s time to plug your blow dryer in and grab your round hair brush. Begin blow-drying your bangs by rolling the round brush under your bangs.

Place the hair dryer nozzle facing the underside of your fringe and apply the heat to your bangs for five seconds or as needed. The closer you place the hair dyer nozzle to your hairline, the bouncier the bangs will turn out.

Use your fingers to adjust your bangs into your preferred position based on your face shape.

Doing your fringe first means that if you mess up on the first attempt, you can try again later after letting your hair rest from the heat.

5. Add Volume to Your Crown

Once your fringe is figured out, use your blow dryer to add volume to your crown. The head’s crown is where your hair follicles touch your scalp at the top of your skull.

By lifting this area of hair, you create volume and make the top of your head appear slightly higher. Volume creates the visual effect of an oval face shape on round faces.

If you have one, use a hair dryer diffuser to help evenly disperse the heat and reduce heat damage. Next, piece out the layers you want to work on first. Hold the other layers up with a clip, elastic, or other hair product.

Place your round hair brush at the top of your head. Roll the round brush near your scalp and place the hair dryer over the hair. Gently tease the hair while drying to add volume to your crown.

After creating some volume, take out the other layers and repeat. Don’t worry about the wet tips of your hair, and focus on gently teasing the roots of your hair first. You can leave your ends for step six.

6. Curl Ends Away From Your Face

After gently teasing the hair on your head’s crown, you can start curling the ends and reveal your new hairstyle.

Use your round brush to gently curl the hair away from your face on the different lengths of your layered hair. Place the blow-dryer near the curled hair around the round brush and apply heat for five seconds or as needed.

Repeat the process of curling the round brush and applying heat to sections on both sides and at the back of your head.

Using a curl cream or hair mousse before you blow dry your hair will make this step easier. Curl creams and hair mousses help define your curls so that you can grab a noticeable curl and move it to fit your face shape better.

7. Tousle Your Hair

A wolf cut is meant to look a little messy, so the last step of the styling process is to give your ‘do a good tousle.

Use your fingers to tease the crown of your head gently. Then, tousle your fringe slightly to complete the look.

You can use styling cream at this stage to bring out your hair’s shininess and eliminate frizz. Styling cream is optional but will help your styling stay in place for longer and reduce tangles.

Now that your hair is tousled and you look like you woke up from the tour bus and walked onstage, you’re ready to move to step eight and wear your hair out!

8. Wear It How You Want

Wear your gorgeous new hairdo in whichever way give you the most confidence. After curling it how you like, wear it down for an eye-catching yet effortless look.

If you enjoy putting your hair up, grab a claw clip and twist your hair up so that the tips are facing the ceiling. Gather your hair in the claw clip and adjust the hairs near your ears as necessary.

You can also wear your wolf cut in a ponytail. Simply put your hair into the elastic and adjust it to your preference.

Remember, the uneven layers of a wolf cut mean some hairs won’t stay in the elastic, giving you a casual on-the-go look.

Grab an oversized beanie and get into the rockstar look with your styled wolf cut. Depending on your hair length and face shape, a beanie can push your wolf cut to frame your face and simultaneously complete your outfit.

Remember that a beanie will push down the volume at the top of your crown and might only work for some face shapes.

Now that you know how to style a wolf cut, you’re ready to snap a picture, get on stage, or hit the town.

Whatever reason you choose to get stylish, these easy wolf-cut styling tips and instructions are here to help you look amazing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Redhead woman looks over her shoulder with a one shoulder blouse for a frequently asked questions section on how to style a wolf cut

Hank Shiffman/Shutterstock

Are you interested in learning more about the trendy wolf-cut hairstyle? Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about how to style a wolf cut below.

What is a wolf cut?

A wolf cut is a popular hairstyle similar to a mullet and a shag cut. This look was popularized by celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Kesha, and Billie Eilish and social media trends.

The wolf cut is an easy-to-maintain style that’s meant to be worn slightly messy to give off a rockstar vibe and a casual yet cool look.

What face shape best suits a wolf cut?

A round face is the best face shape for a wolf cut. Why? The choppy layers and messy look creates visual movement and adds a soft look to your face.

A wolf cut adds volume to the crown of your head by using long and short layers. More volume helps your hair frame your face, making round faces appear more oval.

What bangs go with a wolf cut?

A wolf cut traditionally has a curtain-cut fringe at the eyebrows. However, a wolf cut is customizable with any type of bang style.

Choose from side-swept bangs, curtain-cut bangs, or pixie bangs based on what best suits your face shape.

Is a wolf cut high maintenance?

No. Wolf cuts are low-maintenance hairstyles, though they can take more work if you have naturally straight hair. A wolf cut is a great option for those who want a trendy look without spending hours styling their hair.

Styling a wolf cut is also low-maintenance, with few products needed and only a short among of time necessary for blow-drying curls into place.

Does a wolf cut need to be styled?

No, but it looks more put-together when you do. You certainly don’t have to style a wolf cut every day.

However, styling a wolf cut can help your hair accentuate your face shape and features and keep your bangs how you want them.

Let’s Recap How to Style a Wolf Cut

A wolf cut is an extremely trendy hairstyle that is sure to only get more popular as celebrities and TikTok influencers don the ‘do. Let’s recap the easy steps to styling a wolf cut for that shaggy, edgy look!

After wetting your hair, apply the styling and leave-in products you’ll be using. Leave-in conditioner, mousse, and curl cream are great options.

Remove any tangles with a brush and dry your bangs with a round brush for fluffy volume. Hit your crown with the dryer to add volume and lift the back of the style. 

Curve the ends of your layered hair away from your face with the blow dryer and round brush, then tousle it up with your fingers to finish the look. 

Now that you know the simple and low-maintenance steps for how to style a wolf cut, there’s no excuse not to try this attractive and stylish haircut!

Remember these simple tips next time you want to look like the rockstar you are.