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20 Stunning Half Up Half Down Hairstyles to Try

Half up half down hairstyles are one of the easiest trends to try! See how styling your hair in fun half updos can broaden your style repertoire with tons of variety. We’ve got 20 looks you need to experiment with, stat. Check them out below! 

The Trend: Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

  • Top half is styled up in a clip, bun, ponytail, or braided style
  • Bottom half is left down with straight, wavy, or curly texture
  • Super flattering styles you can create in minutes

Half up half down hairstyles are making their rounds and we’re big fans of the look. It’s one of those rare trends that’s so easy, anyone can do it! It works amazingly well with any hair length, type, and color. 

In half up hairstyles (also called half updos), you truly get the best of both worlds. The top half of the hair is styled up in a cute clip, bun, ponytail, braid, or twist. The bottom half hangs freely with the texture of your choice: Natural and air-dried, sleek straight, wavy, or curly. 

One of the best things about half up half down hairstyles is how awesomely versatile they are! Make it fluffy with tons of volume, sleek and chic, messy and boho, or formal and intricate. They’re totally customizable to match your vibes for the day.

You can make half up styles incredibly flattering for your features, too. Look best in a side part? Work it into your ‘do. Love tons of volume and height at your crown? Pop a top knot up there! Need some soft waves to soften a strong jawline? Let ’em hang, girl. 

We’re going to show you 20 of our favorite half up half down hairstyles so you can see just how versatile and flattering they can be. Keep reading to get some visual inspo and start rocking these trendy looks! 

20 Stunning Half Up Half Down Hairstyles to Try

It doesn’t matter what your style, hair length, hair type, or hair color is. There’s a half up style that’ll work for you! See some of the most gorgeous half updos below and get inspired to try some new looks this week. 

1. Boho Half Up Triple Braids

Back view of woman wearing one of the prettiest half up half down hairstyles with braids posing with arms raised in front of pastel green wall

Oleg Gekman/Shutterstock

Not one, not two, but 3 gorgeous braids dangle in this beautiful, boho half up look! The centerpiece is a fishtail braid that hangs in the center flanked by two perfectly pancaked 3-strand braids on the sides. Soft, brushed waves fill out the rest of the look for a stunning half up style. 

2. Half Up Twists With Fishtail Bubble Braids

Back view of woman with auburn hair wearing half up half down braided hairstyle and white crochet top


This look has super cute messy vibes with an intricate design that grabs your attention! Simple twists on the side lead back to fishtail bubble braids, which are really unique. Wrap hair around the elastics between the bubbles to dress this look up and finish your loose hair with soft curls. 

3. Wavy Half Up Look With Pearl Clips

Blonde woman wears 2 pearl hair clips with wavy hair to model half up half down hairstyles in front of gray wall


Breezy enough to wear around town but cute enough to work for more formal events, this half up look is really versatile. Pop some statement pearl hair clips in (love the angled look here) to cap it off as something formal! Loose waves complete the look with effortless beauty. 

4. Sleek Side Part Half Updo

Serious woman side view with simple half up half down hairstyle on dark blonde hair

Red Umbrella and Donkey/Shutterstock

Love how you look with a side part? Work it into your half up half down hairstyles! This sleek option is perfect for straight strands and all you need is a few bobby pins. Try it as shown, or add a boost of crown volume with a little teasing in the back! 

5. Laid-Back Half Up Scrunchy Braid

Girl in denim jacket stands in a field seen from behind wearing one of the cutest half up half down hairstyles with a braid


If you can do a 3-strand hanging braid (no French braiding skills needed), you can rock this look! The best half up half down hairstyles are super quick to create and this one fits the bill. Create two hanging braids using sections from your hairline in front and secure them in the back with a cute scrunchy.

6. Intricate Half Up 5 Strand Braid

Rear view of brunette woman with intricate 5 strand braid half updo standing in front of window

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Hear us out! The 5 strand braid is definitely complex, but if you love this intricate, feminine look, it’s worth learning. Start a 5 strand braid in the top half of your hair, letting the bottom half hang freely. Braid all the way down to the ends before securing with a small elastic.

7. Half Up Pony With Scrunchy Scarf

Rear view of woman's long wavy hair in a half up ponytail secured with a leopard scrunchy scarf


It’s easy to dress up a half-up ponytail with accessories to make it a little more stylish. Pick out a cute scrunchy scarf, make a small ponytail with the top half of your hair, and secure it with your scrunchy. Arrange the ends so they fall evenly on both sides and rock your hair’s natural texture in the bottom half! 

8. Jumbo Half Up Half Down Flat Twists

Brown haired woman seen from rear side wears half up twists hairstyle in front of white background

Moskalenko Yuliya/Shutterstock

Flat twists are just 2 sections of hair twisted around each other with more hair added in as you go. It’s the easier version of French braids and works super well in a half up, half down hairstyle! At the back of your head, secure the twists with pins and a little hairspray to hold. 

9. Half Up Twin French Braids With Barrette

Long curly brunette hair shown from rear with French braids half up hairstyle and hair barrette


We love a half up style that looks more complex than it really is. This twin French braid style features a flattering middle part, loose French braids, and a gorgeous tortoiseshell barrette to hold it all together. Curl your ends to really set it off! 

10. Lazy Half Up Half Down With Face-Framing Strands

Woman with blonde balayage hair wears one of the easiest half up half down hairstyles with face-framing strands and arm raised over her head


This cute style is suitable for even the laziest of hair days, making it one of our favorite looks to try again and again! It works really well with balayage or ombre color since it shows off the graduation so nicely. Letting a few strands fall forward around the face really elevates the look. 

11. Partial Half Up With Moon Clip

Back view close up of reddish brown hair worn in one of the top half up half down hairstyles with a crescent moon hair clip

Red Umbrella and Donkey/Shutterstock

We’re suckers for funky, unique hair clips! They’re such an easy way to dress up basic half up half down hairstyles. This partial half up look uses only small sections of the top gathered and secured in the back with a cute crescent moon clip. 

12. Half Up Jumbo Feed-In Box Braids

African American woman smiles in front of windows wearing bright red jumbo box braids half up half down hairstyle

AS photostudio/Shutterstock

If your motto for box braids is “the bigger, the better,” you’re missing out if you’re not rocking this jumbo half up style! It’s an easy way to tweak your look while keeping the same protective style. Just gather several braids from the top section of your head, pull them to the back, and secure with an elastic or clip. 

13. Half Up Waterfall Braid With Waves

Blonde bride in white dress wears her long wavy hair in a half up half down style with waterfall braid


This waterfall braided half updo is anything but go with the flow! Soft, brushed waves and a small waterfall braid woven through the top half of the look make it absolutely stunning on any length. This is one of our favorite bohemian braids and looks formal enough for brides! 

14. Simply Clipped Half Up Bun

Back view of woman with long curly brunette hair wearing one of many cute half up half down hairstyles with a hair clip and bun


This is one of our favorite looks for second-day curls that need a little something extra. The top half of the hair is gathered at the crown, twisted into a loose, quick bun, and secured with a simple hair clip. You can use your fingers to tug and fan out the bun for more volume on top! 

15. Half Up Draped Jumbo Twists

African American woman with bare shoulders laughs in front of a lavender wall with jumbo twists in a half up hairstyle


Jumbo twists get an instant boost when styled in a trendy half updo! Drape several twists from the top section around the sides and gather them low in the back for this simple, chic style. Those perfectly laid edges are just a bonus! 

16. Ombre Half Up Half Down Waterfall Braids

Woman with ombre red hair wears half up waterfall braids with curled ends in front of white background

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

The ombre color really turns this style up a notch! Try French waterfall braids that run across the front like a crown and disappear into the back with hidden bobby pins. Curl or wave the ends to complete this easy-but-fabulous half up style! 

17. Simple Twist and Clip Half Updo

Back view of woman with brunette hair wearing a half updo style with a black leather hair clip


It doesn’t get any easier than this, does it? Gathering the top section of your hair for a half up style like this doesn’t have to be precise and perfect. Just grab some hair, smooth it to the back, and give it a twist. Add a cute statement hair clip to complete this simple look! 

18. Knotted Half Up Braid

Woman with platinum blonde hair in yellow jacket wears one of her half up half down hairstyles with a knotted braid in the center

Alexandra Dikaia/Shutterstock

We love creative twists on classic half up half down hairstyles. This cute look takes two sections, one from each side, and holds them together with a single 3-strand braid “knotted” around them. It’s not as hard to pull off as it looks and it’s great for keeping your hair out of your face! 

19. Half Up Faux Locs Scrunchy Top Knot

African American woman with glasses and polka dot white top wears hoop earrings and half up half down bun style in front of white background

Ground Picture/Shutterstock

Amp up your faux locs with a cute half up top knot finished off with a stylish scrunchy! This comfy look gives you a different way to wear your locs and only takes a minute to style. Wrap a few of your locs in a spiral top knot and secure with a cute scrunchy to try it. 

20. Easy Half Up Half Down Style

Brunette woman in gray knit dress with crossbody purse models one of her half up half down hairstyles outdoors

Cozy Home/Shutterstock

Letting your hair part naturally in a half updo is a great way to master an easy style that takes only minutes. All you have to do is run your fingers through, gather the top half in the back, and add a clip or barrette to hold it! This look is super simple but chic enough for daily wear. 

Things to Consider

You’re going to have better luck with your half updos if you can keep these tips and considerations in mind. Here’s what you should know about making your half up styles look *amazing* on you!

  • Experiment with more or less than half. When we say “half up half down,” it’s just a guide – not an exact measurement of how much hair you should use in these styles. You might like the way you look with a little more or less than half your hair pulled up. Try using a small amount of hair gathered from the sides to see how you like it! 
  • To part or not to part? There are 3 basic ways you can handle your part for a half updo. First, a middle part (classic, right?). Second, a side part (hey, we love ’em too). Third, no part with the hair brushed straight back. You probably have a part preference, but try a different part with your half updo to see what you think. 
  • Get some serious volume. Round and square face shapes really need a boost of volume on top, but ovals and hearts appreciate extra volume on the sides. Get serious volume by prepping your hair properly! Use volumizing mousse while your hair is damp. Blow dry straight up (top volume) or out to the sides (side volume) to lift your roots. You can even tease your hair lightly where you want the most volume to take your half up half down style over the top! 
  • Try heatless curls for texture in the bottom half. You could easily rock a different half up look every single day, but styling the bottom half with heat-styled waves, curls, or straight strands can damage your hair over time. Try heatless curls or waves using some of the TikTok hair trends (robe curls FTW) to get that texture without the damage. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Woman with blonde highlights and brown hair looks over her shoulder with half up hairstyle in red dress with yellow background


People around the world are experimenting with trendy half up half down hairstyles, but we’re seeing a lot of the same questions pop up again and again. Read through the FAQs to find your answers! 

Is half up half down in style in 2022?

Half up half down hairstyles are very trendy for 2022 and 2023. These looks give you the best of both worlds with loose hair and the chance to wear cute ponytails, buns, braids, and twists, too.

How do you make half up half down look good?

You can make half-up styles look good by finding the best amount of hair to use. You might like using slightly less or more than half of your hair. See which amount flatters you the most and roll with it!

How do you do an easy half up half down hairstyle?

There are tons of easy half up half down hairstyles (check the photos above for ideas). The simplest is taking the top half of your hair, twisting it, and securing with a single claw clip in the back.

How do you part your hair for a half up half down?

You can part your hair for half-up styles with a middle, side, or no part (straight back). Gathering your top half, you can trace a diagonal line from the top of your ears up to your crown to get the right amount of hair.

So, Are You Up for These Half Up Half Down Hairstyles?

You’ve seen 20 gorgeous half up half down hairstyles and hopefully found a few you want to try. You’ve learned all about the basics of creating a cute half updo, where to part your hair, and how to make your style look ultra-flattering on you. 

There’s no doubt that a half up hairstyle is going to look great on you. The question is, which one will you try first? 

You can start with the super-simple basics (like a half up twist and clip style). Maybe you’re comfortable with going straight to a trendy look like a half up top knot.

You might even be raring to try one of the more intricate half up styles like a 5-strand braid or half up fishtail bubble braids! 

Don’t forget to experiment with using different amounts of hair, different part placements, and cute statement accessories. You’ll be able to achieve the most flattering style and make your half updo look a little more unique!