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20 Bohemian Braids for Wild Goddesses in 2024

Get ready to channel your inner wild-and-free goddess with creative bohemian braids. Forget basic French braids and polished, neat plaits.

Bohemian braids are all about creating a beautiful, messy vibe that looks and feels a little bit lived-in. Check out tons of examples of boho braids and learn how to master these casual, trendy styles in our guide! 

What Are Bohemian Braids?

  • Bohemian braids have a carefree, wild vibe that looks natural
  • Include face-framing pieces, loose braids, and multiple braid types
  • Work in accessories and textures to create the best boho braids

If perfectly sectioned, not-a-hair-out-of-place French braids say “I spent a lot of time perfecting this style,” easy-going bohemian braids say “Here’s a woman who walks on the wild side.” If that sounds like your vibe, you’re in the right place! 

Bohemian braids, or boho braids, have a carefree vibe and are woven a little looser than typical braids. They usually leave out a few wispy tendrils to frame the face and often incorporate more than one type of braid for interesting textures.

These characteristics give boho braided hairstyles a more natural, lived-in look that’s effortlessly cool and feminine. You’ll often see unique accessories worked into boho braids, like wooden beads, metal cuffs, colored yarn, and small faux flowers for extra detail. 

Pairing boho braids with loose-fitting, layered clothes in subtle or muted earthy colors is an entire look. But bohemian braids can work outside of the hippie aesthetic, too.

They’re even becoming popular hairstyle choices for trendy brides and look great with modernized boho chic outfits. Keep scrolling to see examples of different types of bohemian braids that showcase how effortlessly cool these styles can be! 

20 Wild and Free Bohemian Braids

Channel your inner natural goddess with any of these cute boho braided styles. From multi braids with 2-3 different braid types incorporated to loose fishtails and half-up twisted plaits, you’ll find tons of pretty hippie-chic styles to try in this list! 

1. Half-Up Rope & Inverted Bubble Braids

Half-Up Rope & Inverted Bubble Bohemian Braids


Rope braids are probably the easiest style to master – you just twist 2 sections in the same direction, then twist them around each other in the opposite direction. Inverted bubble braids only require you to add elastics and flip the ponytail through the bubbles created! 

Rope braid 2 sections taken from your front hairline and gather them in the back. Secure with a small elastic, then stagger clear elastics 2-3 inches apart down the length you have left over. Open a hole in each “bubble” and pass the tail through to invert each one. 

2. Boho Baby Braids

Boho Baby Braids on a woman in a black leather jacket

Ekateyna Zubal/Shutterstock

Natural waves perfectly accompany and texturize boho baby braids. Baby braids are super trendy and very easy to style, taking less than 2 minutes from start to finish! They’re also a great way to deal with grown-out bangs when you’re sick of tucking them behind your ears. 

Take 2 skinny sections from your front hairline after creating a middle part and weave a simple 3-strand braid in each. Secure the baby braids with a small elastic and you’re done! 

3. Half-Up Skinny Waterfall Braids

Half-Up Skinny Waterfall Bohemian Braids


This is such a cute boho style and can even work for more formal events when you still want a laid-back but feminine vibe. Waterfall braids are just like French braids, but you’ll drop the bottom of the 3 strands as you work and pick up a new one to create the pretty cascade effect. 

To create this look, you’ll make 2 waterfall braids and bring them together in the back.

Tuck the ends away with bobby pins to create a seamless effect similar to a crown braid. This style gets an upgrade and looks a little more polished with defined waves or curls. Dress it down with looser waves. 

4. Artsy and Intricate Half-Up Multi Braids

Artsy and Intricate Half-Up Multi Braids

Alexandra Dikaia/Shutterstock

Multiple braid types, textures, and layers of braids make this look intricate without being uptight. Start by rolling or twisting two small sections taken from the temple area of your hairline and secure them in the back.

Braid 2 thick 3-strand braids to hang down below it on either side of the remaining tail. Create 2 skinny 3-strand braids with small sections of the tail and wrap them around each side of your twisted rolls. Pin each with a bobby pin.

Gather a large section between your 2 thicker 3-strand braids and stagger clear elastics 3-4 inches apart down the length.

Invert each bubble by passing the tail through an opening you create in the center. Finally, use a curling iron to add waves to a few sections and tug on pieces of your inverted bubbles for more texture. 

5. Half-Up Twist to Fishtail Braid

Half-Up Twist to Bohemian Fishtail Braid

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

This multi braid look uses a shortcut trick to make it quicker and easier to style. Fishtail braids (the tail of this half-up style) take a little more time to do, so you’ll love the shortcut of using twists to fake a voluminous braid up top! 

Start by taking 2 sections from one side of a middle part in the front and overlap them like you’re twisting them. Add a little hair to the lower section and twist again. Keep adding hair with each twist until you reach the middle of the back. 

Clip in place and repeat on the other side. Secure the 2 twists together with an elastic and begin your fishtail braid. You can find details on creating a boho fishtail braid further down in this guide! 

6. Curved Waterfall Braid

Curved Waterfall Bohemian Braid


Once you’ve mastered the basic waterfall braid, you can really get creative with it! A curvy waterfall braid takes on a bohemian look without a ton of steps or multiple types of braids.

You’ll start just like a French braid with 3 strands taken from one side near your temples. Begin braiding and drop the bottom strand with each complete section of the weave, picking up a new bottom strand as you go to keep the braid secure.

Follow a curved line, passing over to the opposite side, then angling back in the original direction for the bottom of the braid. Secure with a clear elastic to finish.   

7. Half-Up Wrapped Fishtail Bubble Braid

Half-Up Wrapped Fishtail Bubble Braid for a piece on Bohemian Braids


This one is super unique, but a little more time-consuming to pull off. You’ll basically be doing a half-up “flat” twist that’s secured to your head similar to a French braid, then finishing the tail with fishtail bubble sections separated by wrapped elastics. 

Take 2 sections from the front of one side of a middle part and overlap them to twist. Pick up a little more hair and add it to the bottom strand of your twist, then overlap again.

Keep going until you reach the back and hold with a clip temporarily. Repeat for the other side and secure both with a small elastic. Take a small section of hair next to the remaining tail of the twists and wrap it around the elastic, then pin.

Create your first fishtail using 4 sections. Secure with another elastic and wrap another small strand around it to cover it, then pin. Repeat down the length of the tail and finish by adding waves or curls with your curling iron.

8. Side Braid With Flowers

Side Braid With Flowers for a piece on bohemian braids

Nadya Korobkova/Shutterstock

If elegant simplicity is your style, this bohemian side braid with faux flowers is perfect! Create a deep side part and gather your hair on the thicker side before creating 3 strands. 

Braid down to the ends, making it as loose or secure as you want. You can tug on sections of the braid to loosen it up when you’re done! Finish up by securing the braid with an elastic and adding in your favorite faux blooms. 

9. Loosened Half-Up Rainbow French Braid

For a piece on Bohemian Briads, a picture of a woman with Loosened Half-Up Rainbow French Braid

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

If you’re rocking multi-colored strands, you need to choose cute braids that will help show those hues off! A super-loose French braid leaves plenty of space between each woven section to put all the colors in your hair on full display. 

Start like you’re doing a basic half-up style by separating the top section from the bottom. Divide the top into 3 equal sections and loosely braid down part way – you don’t need to braid all the way to the ends of the section. Secure with an elastic or a cute accessory to finish! 

10. Half-Up Voluminous Double Fishtail Braids

Half-Up Voluminous Double Fishtail Braids


Bohemian styles sometimes lack volume, so we were really excited to see and try this one out! You’ll be creating 2 fishtail braids – one on each side – and filling out the crown area with a boost of volume from backcombing. 

Start by using a fine-toothed comb to tease and backcomb a thick section from the crown area, leaving the top layer un-teased. Comb the un-teased layer over it and secure it with a few bobby pins.

Create your 2 fishtail braids using 4 strands taken from each side and secure them together in the middle. Add in some flowers or greenery to take it over the top! 

11. Jumbo Half-Up Dutch Braids With Crimped Strands

Jumbo Half-Up Dutch Braids With Crimped Strands

Misha Beliy/Shutterstock

Jumbo Dutch braids are a little unexpected and definitely grab your attention! Creating 2 big Dutch braids on top gives you a little volume and enables you to create a messy, boho texture that pairs well with crimped strands on the bottom layers. 

Start your Dutch braids near the center of the hairline and braid back toward the crown. Secure each one with a clear elastic and tug on sections of the braids to loosen and texturize them. Finish up by using a crimping iron to add texture to the remaining loose hair for a perfectly messy style. 

12. Twin Half-Up Daisy Dutch Braids

Twin Half-Up Daisy Dutch Braids


This twin half-up Dutch braid look is a little neater and less voluminous if you want to keep things low-key. Dutch braids sit on top of the hair (unlike French braids, which dive into and underneath the hair). Small daisies and curled ends polish the style for an innocent, casual vibe. 

Create 2 Dutch braids from the temple area of each side and braid back toward the lower crown. Secure both braids with a small elastic and pop in a few faux flowers for interest. Curl the ends to complete the look. 

13. Half-Back Waterfall Braid

Half-Back Waterfall Braid

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

This half-back waterfall braid appears to cascade toward the crown with a wild and free style. It doesn’t take long, especially if you’ve practiced the waterfall braid before! Anyone who can French braid can do a waterfall braid with a little practice. 

Take a medium section from the temple zone on one side and begin waterfall braiding (dropping the bottom strand and picking up a new one as you go).

Move parallel to your hairline like a crown and then downward above the opposite ear. Secure with a clear elastic and pin the ends of the braid discreetly, using the rest of your hair to hide the ends.  

14. Boho Wedding Waterfall and Fishtail Braid

Boho Wedding Waterfall and Fishtail Braid

Alexandra Dikaia/Shutterstock

Creating bohemian braids that work for more formal events is easy – the key is adding texture and volume while keeping your braids loose but neat. This style uses a reverse waterfall braid.

This is one where you drop and replace the top piece instead of the bottom piece as you braid along. It ends in a pretty, loose and full fishtail braid. 

Create twin reverse waterfall braids from small sections taken from the front hairline and let them meet in the middle back. Secure with an elastic and create your fishtail braid using 4 sections. Take care to keep equally sized sections for a loose but clean look like this!

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15. Double Decker Half-Up Braids

Double Decker Half-Up Bohemian Braids

Mila Supinskaya Glashchenko/Shutterstock

If you love messy, lived-in styles, this double decker half-up look is going to be perfect for you. It’s ideal for a beach day or anytime you want to keep your hair out of your face without throwing it up in a ponytail or bun. 

French braid beginning at one temple and following parallel to the hairline before angling slightly down and toward the crown. Secure with an elastic and start your second braid (loose, not French) from just above the ear.

Braid it backward toward the crown without adding hair and repeat another loose double decker braid on the opposite side. Secure all 3 braids together to finish the look.  

16. Low and Loose Fishtail Braid

Low and Loose Fishtail Bohemian Braids


We love a good fishtail braid – it’s just so versatile and can fit with tons of different styles and aesthetics. To make it a boho fishtail, keep it loose and braid it low for that wild and carefree vibe. 

Like all fishtail braids, you’ll begin with 4 sections and overlap small strands from the outermost sections over to the opposite side. Braid most of the way down, leaving a few inches of length at the ends before securing with an elastic. 

17. Multi-Colored Pancaked Rose Braids

Multi-Colored Pancaked Rose Braids

Lia Koltyrina/Shutterstock

Pancaked braids are flattened and tugged on to expand each section for a fuller look. You’ll want to braid pretty tightly on the first pass, then come back through and pancake the braid to loosen it up and fill it out. A tighter braid gives you more woven sections to “pancake.” 

Create 2 Dutch braids to start – one on each side, beginning near your temples. Gather them together in the back and secure with an elastic. Pancake each braid, tugging on sections of the braids to fill them out and create more texture. 

Loosely braid the tails in a 3-strand pattern and secure with another elastic. Coil the braided tail around to form a bun and pancake it out to create a rose-like shape before pinning to secure it. 

18. Crown Braid With Messy Butterfly Braids

For a roundup on bohemian braid hairstyles, a woman wears Crown Braids With Messy Butterfly Braids

Serg Zastavkin/Shutterstock

Here, a partial Dutch braid crown adds a little interest to the front and top while loose and whimsical butterfly braids dress up the length. Butterfly braids are similar to butterfly locs, with stray loops and curls jutting out of the braid to form more texture. 

Dutch braid starting above one ear and bring the braid over and down to the other side before securing with an elastic.

Pull sections from the middle back and create tiny fishtail braids, adding clear elastics to the ends. Tug on individual sections of the braids to form the butterfly-like loops! 

19. Popped Bubble Braids

Popped Bubble Braids for a roundup on bohemian braid hairstyles

Serg Zastavkin/Shutterstock

This geometric look is part boho, part edgy and modern. You’ll use a rattail comb to create a rectangular grid of sections that form the “popped” bubble braids for this style. 

Start by creating 2 even sections in the front at the hairline. Secure them, split the tails into 3 pieces, and trace out 3 sections in the next row. After securing those, use your comb to create 5 sections (or the number needed for this section of your hair). 

Keep going, working the tails of each row of bubble braids into the new rows as you go. Once you reach the hanging length, add your elastics in even intervals for all 5+ sections. 

20. Intricate Half-Up Triple Flower Braids

Intricate Half-Up Triple Flower Braids

Alexandra Dikaia/Shutterstock

This style looks super intricate and complicated, but it’s actually built on 5 simple 3-strand braids! The key is using the pattern of the weave to create a few different textures and looks.

Take the top section and 3-strand braid it down to the ends, securing it with an elastic. Then take 2 equal sections from the left and right of it and do the same. Coil each 3 strand braid into a rose shape, then pin into place. Lightly pull sections of these braids to fan out the “petals.”

Then create 2 more hanging 3-strand braids below the roses and hold the ends tightly. Choose one of the braid strands to tug on while holding the other 2 loosely to create the “wavy” braid look for each one. Secure with an elastic to finish it. 

Boho Braid Tips and Things to Consider

You’ll have an easier time working your way through pretty boho braids when you keep these tips and considerations in mind. These helpful hints will improve your braiding game and help you master a range of different braid types! 

  • Don’t be afraid to make up your own style. We love showing you gorgeous examples of different hairstyles for inspiration, but you’ll really love the chance to get creative and invent your own boho braided styles. Get messy with it – work in several different types of braids, add accessories, wave or curl your loose strands, and texturize your braids by tugging or coiling them up. 
  • YouTube is the best way to learn new braids. Most of us are visual learners when it comes to something like braiding. Take to YouTube to learn how to do a flawless fishtail, wild waterfall, or dazzling Dutch braid easily. Even better, enlist the help of a friend who’s mastered these braids to see how it’s done and get some practice in! 
  • Grab a mannequin head to practice. It might sound crazy, but mannequin “training heads” with hair are pretty cheap on Amazon and make it so convenient to practice bohemian braids. You’ll be able to see how different braided styles look before trying them on yourself and get in lots of practice to master the different types of braids! 
  • Braid tightly, then loosen it up once secured. Don’t make the mistake of making your braid loose as you weave it. This won’t give you a secure hold and can make your results a little flat and limp. Braid tightly, then secure and go back through to loosen the braid. You’ll get beautifully loose-but-secure results this way! 
  • Make sure your style is secure. Since boho braids are supposed to look a little undone, it’s easy to end up with loose plaits that easily fall out over the course of the day. You can implement a few tricks to make your braids more secure! Dry shampoo gives strands grip (and hairspray is a must for some styles). Bobby pins help hold braids in place and can be hidden easily. Clear elastics secure braids without looking as obvious.

Bohemian braids are breezy, fun, and so refreshing to sport when you’re sick of uptight and time-consuming styles. This guide showed you a range of boho braid examples from ultra-simple rope braids and basic 3-strand plaits to more intricate fishtails and waterfall braids.

The versatility is one of the things we love so much about boho braided styles! Set aside some time to try out a few of these bohemian braided looks to see which ones are worthy of making it into your daily style repertoire.

You’re going to love how quickly they come together (especially once you’ve mastered the main types of braids) and how casual, carefree, and gorgeous they look. Happy styling!