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12 Gorgeous Grey Ombre Hair Ideas for 2024

Shimmering shades of grey that seamlessly blend into black, blonde, brown, or fantasy colors makes grey ombre hair one of the hottest color trends of the moment.

Find out if grey ombre hair color will suit you and check out 12 examples to inspire your next visit to the salon! 

What Is Grey Ombre Hair?

Woman looks serious as she poses with her hand against her cheek in a long-sleeved back shirt in front of a grey background to indicate what grey ombre hair is


  • Ombre color is darker at the roots, blending into lighter tones at the ends
  • Grey ombre can feature 2+ shades of grey or incorporate other colors
  • Typically a cool-toned color that suits cool or neutral skin tones

Shimmering and icy with a gradient metallic appearance, grey ombre hair color is a show-stopping look that might be just what you need to shake up your look. 

Grey ombre hair color is so popular because it’s such a versatile look – there’s no right or wrong way to rock it. We’ve seen some stunning examples of grey used with a range of colors to create unique and trendy ombre looks. 

Grey ombre hair typically refers to dyed hair that is darker at the roots and seamlessly blends into lighter tones toward the ends. This creates a gradient look where each color smoothly transitions into the next like a beautiful sunset.

The sky is the limit with grey ombre color – you can try 2 or more shades of grey, transition black or brown into grey, or have a rich grey color blend out into lighter blonde, red, or a fantasy shade like lilac or teal. 

Reverse grey ombre is also a good option to consider if you’d prefer the look of lighter color at the roots blending out into a richer shade at the ends. 

Most of the time, grey ombre hair will lean more cool-toned than warm-toned, but there are some exceptions (as you’ll see in the next section). 

That means grey ombre hair color is usually suitable for people with cool-toned or neutral-toned skin. When it’s combined with a warmer shade in the ombre color, it can be suitable for people with warm-toned skin, too. 

Let’s take a look at 12 examples of gorgeous grey ombre hair to get you inspired for your next color! 

12 Gorgeous Grey Ombre Hair Color Ideas

From magically metallic looks that create mesmerizing gradient grey color to silvery shades that transition into rich shades of black and brown, grey ombre color can look great on just about anyone. 

Here are 12 of our favorite ways to rock ombre color that puts glittering grey in the spotlight! 

1. Black to Grey Ombre

Rear view of woman standing in front of a grey wall to show an example of grey and black ombre hair color styled in waves


A dark, smoky grey with charcoal tones at the roots creates a rich base for this eye-catching ombre look.

With a dark charcoal root melting out into the lighter silver tones that follow through to the ends, this color idea is the classic representation of grey ombre hair. 

2. Grey to Dusty Pink Ombre

Woman tilts her head with bare shoulders posing in front of a white wall with grey ombre hair featuring pink colored ends


Grey-black roots take up minimal space in this tri-ombre color featuring a striking root melt transitioning out into a silver-platinum shade along the midshaft and dusty pink ends for contrast. 

Warm, dusty pink makes this look appropriate for people with warmer skin tones and takes some of the iciness out of this typically cool-toned look. 

3. Frosted Lilac and Grey Pixie Ombre

Young woman with a short pixie haircut leans back against a wall outside with a lilac silver ombre color and a black leather jacket with fluffy collar


Lilac purple graces the ends of this edgy, short pixie look. Just like the frosted tips popular in the 90s, the cool-toned lilac color is only painted at the very tips of this short look.

Grey color dominates the roots and bottom half of the style, where the hair is tapered shorter to hug the shape of the head and contrast with the enchanting purple tones on top. 

4. Golden Bronde to Grey Ombre

Close-up of a woman in a white t-shirt with long, curled grey ombre hair with brown, blonde, and grey tones


Rich, mocha brown tones painted into the roots of this style provide a solid, neutral-toned base that goes well with the warmer golden blonde balayage and cool grey ombre hair color that appears at the ends. 

This look is a great way to try out a grey ombre without fully committing to the silvery tones. We love the lightness of the grey color that brightens up the ends! 

5. Reverse Light-to-Dark Grey Ombre

Asian woman with straight, layered reverse grey ombre hair color smiles with her hand thoughtfully posed under her chin in front of a grey wall


Who doesn’t enjoy a gorgeous reverse ombre when grey color is involved? Light, silvery color at the roots gradually blends out into richer charcoal and grey-brown color at the very tips of the hair. 

This reverse ombre look can be a wonderful option if you’re naturally greying and want a lower-maintenance look that incorporates your natural grey roots into a trendy ombre color. 

6. High-Contrast Chestnut and Grey Ombre

Side rear view of woman in a tank top with long, curly brown hair dyed grey at the ends while standing in front of dark grey wall


High-contrast looks are striking and eye-catching on their own. Add trendy grey color to the mix at the ends, and it’s a one-of-a-kind ombre color that does anything but blend in!

Rich, chestnut brown color with auburn undertones is warm and helps this version of a grey ombre look great on people with warmer skin tones. 

7. Grey to Honey Blonde Ombre

Woman closes her eyes with hand placed under her chin with straight hair colored grey at the roots with honey blonde ombre color

Subbotina Anna/Shutterstock

Golden honey blonde color adds a healthy dose of warmth to this unique grey ombre hair color. Ash grey at the roots expertly transitions into the sunny honey blonde. 

Since warm honey blonde dominates this look, it takes on an overall warm or neutral appearance that means it’s well-suited for people with warm or neutral skin tones. 

8. Grey Ombre Twists

African American woman wearing a big hat and white swimsuit peeks out with her grey ombre hair color showing off small twists

Inara Prusakova/Shutterstock

Tight twists are a mesmerizing way to show off grey ombre hair color while rocking a beautiful protective hairstyle. Bright silver is the perfect contrasting color to a rich ebony shade! 

This ombre look leaves the grey color in the midshaft zone to the ends without bringing the lighter shade too high. That’s great if you’re unsure about how a light silver color will look on you since it keeps the darker shade closest to your face. 

9. Dark Blonde to Cool Grey Ombre

Smiling woman twirls her short curly hair over her shoulder to show off grey ombre color with dark blonde at the roots

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

A warm, dark blonde/brown shade is hard to go wrong with – this is a color that looks great on everyone, since it marries the brightness and dimension of blonde with the warmth and depth of brown. 

Transitioning this warm blonde/brown shade into a cool-toned grey creates a gorgeous contrast with a little edge. It’s the perfect way to try a unique grey ombre hair color without going for the black-grey or grey-platinum blonde look. 

10. Black to Grey Ombre

Young woman with dark grey ombre hair color closes her eyes and lifts hair in front of a patterned grey background


Midnight black roots, silvery grey length, and tons of dimension throughout the look with tiny woven highlights make this one of our favorite grey ombre hair color ideas ever. 

The rich root shade melts out gently into the lighter silver-grey color that dominates the length. It’s amazing with a shoulder-length style, but would be beautiful on longer hair, too. 

11. Grey to Wheat Blonde Braids

Smiling young woman in an orange tank top shows off braids over her shoulder in an ombre style from grey to blonde

New Africa/Shutterstock

A warmer grey shade with taupe undertones is a pretty way to marry two very different colors – grey and warm wheat blonde.

With golden undertones in the blonde ends, this taupe-grey shade picks up on those yellowish tones and makes the look cohesive. Add tight braids with a few different types mixed in for a dimensional, textured look. 

12. Chocolate Brown to Silver Platinum

Woman looking straight on has dark red lipstick with long brown to grey ombre hair color styled in a middle part


The lightest grey color possible straddles the line between platinum blonde and pure silver. It’s the perfect shade to pair with a dark auburn or rich chestnut brown root in a grey ombre hair color! 

Glistening like platinum with those unmistakably silver tones, the ends grab your attention with this high-contrast ombre look that brings warm and cool tones together seamlessly. 

Will Grey Ombre Hair Suit You?

Woman with grey ombre hair color wears a brown hat and black long sleeved top with eye makeup in front of a light gray wall

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

You know that grey ombre hair is trendy, versatile, and beautiful. But will this kind of hair color suit you? We’ve got some tips to help you determine if this is a look worth trying. 

Skin Undertones

Since grey ombre hair is primarily cool-toned, it’s a look that always works for people with a cool skin tone. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try it out if your skin leans more warm or neutral in tone! 

  • Silvery, icy grey ombre colors look amazing on skin with cool undertones. If silver jewelry looks better on you than gold, aim for these cool-toned greys and cool-toned roots (black, mocha or ash brown, etc.) for the most cohesive look. 
  • Cool grey colors paired with warm or neutral-toned roots is perfect for neutral undertones. If silver and gold jewelry look equally flattering on you, try mixing and matching cool grey with a warmer root (auburn, golden brown, etc.) to make your undertones pop. 
  • Warm grey colors with taupe or yellowish undertones look best on people with warm undertones. Alternatively, you can try a traditional icy silver color at the ends with a warm root shade concentrated at the roots and around your face – this way the color won’t clash with your skin.

Dye Pattern

Grey ombre hair color may look better on you when you go with a traditional ombre (dark roots, lighter ends) or a reverse ombre (light roots, darker ends). 

Figuring out which ombre dye pattern will look best on you can be a matter of trial and error, but generally you can look to your natural hair color for help.

Naturally dark hair typically looks best and is lower-maintenance when you go with a traditional dark-to-light grey ombre. Naturally light hair looks best and is lower-maintenance when you try a reverse light-to-dark ombre. 


You should consider your willingness and ability to maintain the hair color to find out if grey ombre color is going to be a good fit for you. 

If you’re willing to go to the salon every 4-8 weeks for a root touchup or toning session, grey ombre color can be a great fit. If you’re lower maintenance, you could end up with unsightly root growth that won’t help grey ombre hair color look its best.

Still, look to smudged roots or base colors that closely match your natural shade to go longer between salon visits while keeping your grey ombre looking great. 

Things to Consider

Stylist lifts finished long, curly grey ombre hair on her client sitting in a chair facing to the side with black cape over her shoulders


Rocking a trendy grey ombre hair color requires some upkeep, a clear understanding of your hair’s health and colorability, and an idea of the color(s) you want to pair with grey to make the look 100% you. 

Here are some things to keep in mind while you start planning your next hair color! 

  • Upkeep is essential. With grey ombre looks, you’ll be in the salon every month or two for root touch-ups and to tone your hair to keep the grey/silver shades looking fresh. Washing with sulfate-free shampoo for colored hair is also part of upkeep
  • Hair health matters. Going with a grey ombre color means you’ll likely be bleaching, dying, and toning your hair – all of which can be damaging. Make sure your hair’s health is up to par for a chemical process marathon like this! You shouldn’t chemically process damaged hair or hair that’s been dyed or bleached in the last 2 weeks.
  • Consider your colors. There are many shades of grey you can use in your ombre color, plus you’ll need to choose any other colors you want to work into the look. Browsing color ideas like the ones above is a great way to get inspired for the color combo you want to go with! Make sure you pick colors that suit your skin undertones, whether that’s warm, neutral, or cool-toned colors. 
  • Keep your grey from dulling. Grey hair color in an ombre look can start looking dull and flat after a few weeks. You can pop into the salon for a professional toner application, but in between visits, it’s a good idea to use a purple shampoo on grey hair to strip away any unwanted warm or brassy tones.

So, Is Grey Ombre Hair Color a Good Fit for You?

Grey ombre hair color is vibrant, classy, and oh-so-chic. There’s no doubt that you’ll be on-trend if you choose this metallic color for your next look, but you’ll want to make sure it’s a good fit before you commit. 

Keeping your skin’s undertone (cool, neutral, or warm) in mind will help ensure you’re going in the right direction with grey ombre color. 

Pick shades for your ombre look that won’t clash with your skin’s undertone. Warm undertones need warmer greys and base shades in ombre color, while cool undertones need icier greys with cooler base shades. 

Decide if you’ll look best with a traditional dark-to-light grey ombre (best for naturally darker hair) or if an edgy reverse ombre color (best for naturally lighter hair) is a better fit for you. 

Don’t forget to consider the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of grey ombre looks – you’ll need regular root touch-ups and toning to keep gradient grey looking its best!