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Does Color Oops Damage Hair? | An Overly-Detailed Guide

Many people are asking today, “does Color Oops damage hair?” If you have changed your mind about your hair color, you may want to try this product to remove it. Continue reading this article to discover how this product works.

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Does Color Oops Damage Hair?

Yes, in some cases, Color Opps can damage hair. Many users blame the product for hair damage, while others have used it without incident. Some Color Oops users claim the product is less damaging than traditional bleach.

Other users warn that their hair turned straw-like or brittle. The product can also cause brassy or orange discoloration. But it all depends on your own hair’s structure and your hair care routine.

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What Is Color Oops?

This product claims to fix hair color mistakes by shrinking color molecules and lifting them from your hair. The manufacturer claims the product removes permanent hair color without ammonia or bleach.

The packaging says that it “reverses” the state of your hair to its last chemical process and that you can recolor your hair on the same day.

The Ingredients in Color Oops

According to the Color Oops packaging, the product contains the following active ingredients:

  • Hydrosulfite: This is the main active ingredient in Color Oops. It’s a self-heating compound that shrinks the dye molecule so you can rinse it from your hair.
  • Citric Acid: This common chemical can cause eye injury, respiratory irritation, and skin irritation. It is also in lemon juice in small amounts.

What Makes Color Oops Damage Hair?

Hydrosulfite may not be a traditional chemical bleach, but it has some of the same damaging effects. It strips hair of unwanted color by shrinking dye molecules and pulling them out. The dye stripping process can damage the smooth cuticle of the hair.

Citric acid is also a harsh chemical that could produce dryness and brassiness. Combined chemical ingredients could roughen your hair if it is fine, delicate, or dry.

Can Color Oops Make Your Hair Orange or Brassy?

Color Oops has reportedly turned people’s hair orange or brassy tones. However, this is common with all chemical hair color removers. Try using a blue shampoo meant for brassy blonde hair to tone the orange color down, or re-dye your hair a darker color.

How Color Oops Works With Different Hair Colors

The manufacturer claims their product only works on semi-permanent and permanent hair colors. However, some people who have colored their hair black report poor results from Color Oops.

The hair color remover won’t work well on bright, direct-dyed colors like blue, purple, cherry red, and green. Expect unpredictable results if you use Color Oops with “fantasy” colors like these.

How to Use Color Oops

Color Oops can be a helpful purchase if you have changed your mind about your hair color. Many users have no problems with it. If you still want to try Color Oops, here are detailed directions to make the process as safe and easy as possible.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Be sure to follow these directions closely. Avoid getting Color Oops in your eyes and minimize contact with your skin.


  1. Check for potential skin allergies with a patch test. Mix a small amount from bottle one and an equal amount from bottle two. Use a small, clean area of your skin to apply the patch. The package suggests using it in the fold of your elbow or behind your ear. Wait 24 hours before washing it off unless you experience irritation. If you have irritation, wash it off immediately with soap and water.
  2. Do a hair strand test to ensure your hair will come out the right color. Use 20 to 30 strands of your hair (cut from your head) and treat them with the same mixture as above. After 20 minutes, rinse the hair. Shampoo it for at least five minutes.
  3. Start with dry hair when you’re ready to use Color Oops on your entire head. Mix one part from bottle one and one part from bottle two.
  4. Apply evenly to hair.
  5. Put on a plastic cap to protect your clothes.
  6. Wait for 20 minutes while the color remover processes.
  7. Shampoo at least three times.
  8. This step is essential. Rinse for 15 minutes or more. Rinsing at this stage is key to how the process works.
  9. Let it air dry if you want to recolor your hair immediately. Remember to use a shade a few levels lighter than you want to see. Color Oops will make the hair pick up more color than before.

What If I Damaged My Hair With Color Oops?

If using Color Oops has gone poorly for you, first assess the damage. If your hair feels rough, stretchy, brittle, or permanently tangled, you likely damaged it. How to restore your hair depends on how bad the damage is.

If your hair is dry and frizzy, you’ve damaged your hair only a little. If it stretches out and breaks at the slightest touch, you have severe damage. For mild damage, use moisturizing hair masks a few times a week.

This technique will help you recover your hair’s natural moisture. If you have severe damage to deal with, you’ll need a chemical hair repair treatment. Ask your salon stylist for help choosing the right restorative product.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have covered the essential information you need about Color Oops and whether it damages hair. You may have other questions before trying it for yourself. Here are five popular questions about Color Oops.

How does Color Oops work?

Color Oops removes unwanted color by stripping it from the hair shaft. It uses strong chemicals like hydrosulfite and citric acid to shrink dye molecules, open the hair cuticle, and force the dye molecules out. The long rinse is key to the product working.

Is color remover damaging to my hair?

All color removers can cause damage, but it doesn’t happen to everyone. You can cut your chances of hair damage by strictly following the package directions. If your hair is already dry and frizzy from the previous round of coloring, skip the color remover until your hair is healthy.

Is Oops hair color remover safe?

Color Oops hair color remover is technically safe, but you should use it cautiously. Just because it does not contain traditional bleach or ammonia does not mean it isn’t a strong chemical. If you misuse Color Oops, you could end up with skin and eye irritation.

Will Color Oops affect natural hair?

Color Oops is okay to use on natural hair, but watch out if your hair is already dry or frizzy because the product will worsen it.

How can I restore my hair after Color Oops?

If you have mild damage like frizziness, try moisturizing masks a few times a week. If your damage is severe, go for a chemical hair repair treatment recommended by your stylist.

So, Does Color Oops Damage Hair?

Color Oops is a powerful chemical hair color remover. It may not be as damaging as bleach or ammonia, but it can still harm your hair if you aren’t careful.

If you plan to use it, ensure your hair is in good shape first. But, just to be sure, ALWAYS be sure to do a patch test and follow the instructions on the package. Happy coloring!