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Why Does My Hair Grow So Fast? | 5 Interesting Reasons

If you constantly brush your bangs out of your eyes, you may wonder, “why does my hair grow so fast?” Although many consider this a blessing, it can be a chore to keep up with. But why does this happen to some and not others? We’ll show you why below.

Why Some Hair Grows Quickly

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Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to affect your hair growth beyond keeping it healthy. How long and fast it grows comes down mainly to genetics, although some environmental factors may come into play.

1. Genetics

Our genetics controls nearly everything about our physical appearance. DNA is what determines hair length, density, and color, as well as growth stages. Hair goes through cycles of growth, transition, resting, and shedding.

In all these stages, hair can grow faster or slower than it usually does. Therefore, someone with a more extended period of hair growth than others may feel their hair grows exceptionally fast. 

If you had a parent or grandparent that had fast-growing hair, it would undoubtedly increase your likelihood of having hair that grows quickly. Genetics is complicated, so if the trait exists somewhere along the line, there’s a chance you’ll get it, even if you can’t discern it in your relatives.

2. Diet

Other factors can affect hair growth and often have to do with how well you take care of it. While some topical products can help keep your hair healthy, what truly affects development is what you put in your body.

Without optimal nutrition, hair will not be able to reach its full potential throughout the growth stage. Some vitamins can affect hair growth and often contain biotin and fatty acids.

The most efficient way to get substantial nutrition is through a well-balanced diet. Plenty of leafy greens and healthy fats help keep hair strong and reduce breakage.

3. Age

Simply put, our hair changes as we age. Over time, the life cycle of hair gets shorter, including each growth phase. As the hair spends less time growing, it can seem as though the growth rate has slowed down.

Long periods of resting and shedding will make the hair less likely to have time to get long before it’s lost. There are also several latent hereditary traits that can reveal themselves over time.

For example, some people, especially men, will start to experience balding as they age. Often, people will begin balding in the same spots as their relatives. While you are young, it may seem your hair grows quickly, but this doesn’t necessarily last forever. 

4. Hormones

Hormones also play a massive role in how quickly hair grows. Because hormones tend to fluctuate and are very sensitive to external factors such as diet and age, these often go hand-in-hand with other issues affecting hair growth. 

Pregnant women may see an increase in hair growth all over their bodies. This effect is due to the rise in androgens leading up to birth.

At this time, many women report having thick, luscious locks. Unfortunately, most of this excess growth sheds after pregnancy. Subsequent hormonal shifts can lead to unpredictable hair behavior.

5. Medical Conditions

There are some medical conditions that can affect hair growth. Some can stunt growth, while others will exacerbate it. If you notice a sudden increase in hair growth that is entirely out of the ordinary, you should speak to a medical professional.

This symptom is called hirsutism. PCOS can result in excess hair growth and spread to other areas, such as the face. Conditions like these typically cause imbalanced hormones, which is why hair can become unruly.

Managing Hair That Grows Quickly

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Managing hair that grows quickly can seem like an overwhelming task. Each time you visit the salon, you feel like it’s only a few weeks before you need to go back in for a trim. It’s not impossible to deal with fast-growing hair, however.

Here are some quick tips:

  • Choose moderate hairstyles. Opting for a pixie cut when you have fast-growing hair can backfire. You will end up needing to have it trimmed often. Instead, opt for medium to long bobs to give it room to grow out without hitting an awkward phase.
  • Trim your bangs. If you don’t want to get an entire haircut, ask to have your bangs trimmed. This tactic can keep the style practical while allowing it to grow out a little.
  • Braid it. Practice braiding and other techniques that will allow you to pull your hair out of your face without using a tight ponytail.
  • Donate it. It can be gratifying to take advantage of your situation and donate your extra hair to those that might need it.
  • Use dry shampoo instead of a total wash. Not only is washing long hair a pain, but over-washing can make it appear poofy and damaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are still curious as to why your hair grows so fast, you’re not alone. Here are some other frequently asked questions.

Why does my hair grow so fast after a haircut?

It’s a myth that hair grows faster after you cut it. It does create the illusion that it grows more quickly, however. Cutting your hair can also remove split ends and protect it from further breakage. Preventing breaks is important if you want to continue to gain visual inches on the length of your hair.

How fast does hair grow?

Hair grows at different rates for different people. On average, however, most people can expect to see about half an inch of growth per month. This can, of course, fluctuate at different periods of a person’s life. Some might assume that men’s hair will grow faster than women’s hair due to hormones, but this is hard to confirm.

Are there topical applications for hair growth?

Many shampoos and conditioners claim that they can make your hair thicker and longer in a short period. While some ingredients might stimulate hair growth, many are ineffective. On the other hand, conditioning and moisturizing your hair can contribute to stronger strands which will make your hair appear thicker and longer.

Can scalp massages make hair grow faster?

Massaging your scalp can help stimulate blood flow to the follicles. This is a great way to encourage new growth. Although it won’t necessarily change the rate at which your hair grows, it can give your locks a healthy boost.

Is fast-growing hair a sign of good health?

Hair that grows quickly can be a sign that you are healthy, but it isn’t a good gauge of overall wellness. While healthy hair requires a balanced diet and hormones, there are plenty of ailments that won’t affect your locks. Make sure to talk to your doctor regularly and keep up on appointments to ensure good overall health.

So, Why Does My Hair Grow So Fast?

Fast-growing hair mainly comes down to genetics, although a few environmental factors can have significant impacts. While there may not be much you can do to speed up or slow down the growth of your hair, there are plenty of ways to make it easier to manage. 

In the meantime, try to be grateful for your exuberant hair follicles and enjoy all the styles you can take advantage of while you still can. Happy styling!