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What Is Fortifying Shampoo? | An Overly-Detailed Guide

If you suffer from shedding and hair loss, your hair may no longer be shiny and healthy looking. To fix it, you should try a special shampoo. If you’ve ever asked, “What is fortifying shampoo,” you’re in the right place.

What Is Fortifying Shampoo?

A fortifying shampoo is specially designed to strengthen your hair follicles and contains vitamins, proteins, and other supplements that your hair needs.

You use it in addition to your regular shampoo, and it cleans, adds moisture, and makes your hair soft and manageable. This type of shampoo can effectively revitalize your hair and restore its health. 

If your hair is fragile and breaks easily, you may wonder if fortifying shampoo is right for you. You may have some of the following questions:

  • What is fortifying shampoo?
  • What does fortifying shampoo do for your hair?
  • How do you use fortifying shampoo?
  • What are the benefits of fortifying shampoo?

We also had these questions, and we set out to find the answers. Continue reading to learn what you need to know about fortifying shampoo. 

The Facts About Fortifying Shampoo

Fortifying shampoo is designed to strengthen the hair follicles by nourishing your hair with vitamins, proteins, and other supplements.

The protein in the fortifying shampoo helps the hair grow back healthy, and it allows your hair to be shiny. Hair can be damaged by chemical processes and lose its protein and vitamins, and this type of shampoo can help the hair get back the lost nutrients.

In addition to adding nutrients back into the hair follicles, fortifying shampoo can smooth broken hair cuticles and make hair shiny again.

This will reduce frizz by strengthening the hair so that you can style it more easily. Your hair will be more manageable, and it will add moisture back into your hair. It also cleans your hair, your roots, and your scalp.

Your hair will feel soft, and it will be revitalized. Using a fortifying shampoo is especially beneficial after you have had a chemical treatment, such as bleaching or relaxing your hair.

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How to You Use Fortifying Shampoo

A fortifying shampoo is normally considered a hair supplement to be used in addition to your daily cleansing shampoo. Most of the time, people use their daily shampoo throughout the week and the fortifying shampoo once a week. 

This type of shampoo is normally strong and thick, as it contains proteins and other thick ingredients to coat your hair strands.

It is a great tool for strengthening and nourishing your hair, but it isn’t needed on a daily basis. You should pay attention to your hair and you can add in another day if your hair needs it.

If your hair looks dull and flat, you can use a fortifying shampoo to restore it. If you have hair that is more porous, you can find a fortifying shampoo with keratin. If your hair has low porosity, you will need a fortifying shampoo with more moisture. 

The important thing is to know that if you have dry hair, some fortifying shampoos can strip away the natural moisture, so you will need to follow it up with a conditioner. 

What Does Fortifying Shampoo Do for Your Hair?

When your hair is fragile and weak, you can use a fortifying shampoo to strengthen it and restore it to health. There are many ways that it helps, including the following. 

It Provides Nutrients

First of all, fortifying shampoo is a hair supplement that can add nutrients and other supplements to your hair to strengthen it and keep it healthy.

By replenishing your hair, the shampoo can help your hair grow, add shine, and reduce the amount of hair you lose from breakage. Healthy, strong hair won’t break and it can grow back and look fantastic again. 

It Cleans 

Fortifying shampoos clean your hair. They clean your scalp and the roots of your hair without stripping it of its natural oils. It will remove dirt, build-up from styling products, oil, dead skin cells, and other particles, and it leaves your hair clean.

It Moisturizes

In addition to cleaning, fortifying shampoos moisturize your hair from the inside out. It coats your hairs with protein from the roots to the tips. This helps to seal your cuticles. Once you seal the cuticles, the hairs will retain moisture and nutrients from the inside. 

It Revitalizes Processed Hair

If your hair has had coloring, relaxing, or bleaching treatments, it is likely damaged. These processes cause your hair follicles to be weak, and they become more fragile. However, you can use the fortifying shampoo to revitalize the weakened hair and prevent future hair breakage

It Makes Hair Manageable

If the fortifying shampoo you choose has conditioning ingredients in it, it will help you reduce frizz and manage flyaways and other stray hairs. This makes it easier to style your hair every day.

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Benefits of Fortifying Shampoo

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The main benefit of using a fortifying shampoo is that it restores your hair back to health. If your hair is fragile, weak, or breaking off, you can use a fortifying shampoo to nourish it and help it heal. It will strengthen your hair so that it looks healthy and shiny again. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use fortifying shampoo in place of my regular shampoo?

You should continue to use a daily shampoo and add in the fortifying shampoo once a week. Monitor your hair, and you can increase or reduce how frequently you use it.

Can you use fortifying shampoo on the hair and the scalp?

You can use fortifying shampoo on your scalp and your strands of hair, and it will nourish all of your hair. It is mild enough to use this way and infuse your hairs with nutrients.

Will fortifying shampoo make hair greasy?

No. Fortifying shampoo can be made to provide moisture and balance the sebum production or your natural oils at the same time.

So, What Is Fortifying Shampoo?

Fortifying shampoo is designed to nourish damaged hair with proteins, vitamins, and other supplements that your hair needs.

It can restore fragile hair and works as a supplement to your daily shampoo. If your hair is brittle and dull, you should try using this special shampoo to breathe new life into it.