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What Is an Amino Acid Hair Treatment? | An In-Depth Look

Have you been asking yourself what is an amino acid hair treatment and the potential benefits it holds for your hair? Keep reading the article to know what exactly an amino acid hair treatment is and the benefits you should expect.  

What Is an Amino Acid Hair Treatment?

An amino acid hair treatment is a smoothing treatment that aims at straightening hair without using chemicals. The treatment promotes hair retention and fast growth, especially for people who have undergone chemical hair treatments.

Also, it can make your hair shiny and improve its overall health. Your hair contains amino acids, which aid in forming the keratin protein. Keratin is an essential protein that gives your hair its shine and makes it more robust.

The hair protein consists of 21 different amino acids. Improper hair care, ecological damage, aging, heredity, and toxins can contribute to your hair losing proteins.

As a result, you may need to utilize hair care products and treatments containing the necessary elements to compensate for hair loss. Amino acid treatments might help you regain healthy, luscious hair.

The all-natural keratin treatment employs amino acids like l-cysteine and white clay to organically rebuild and heal the hair without using chemicals like sodium hydroxide and formaldehyde. Although it might appear comparable to keratin hair straightening treatments, there are a few significant distinctions.

Benefits of Amino Acid Hair Treatment

If you’re considering having a chemical treatment to straighten your hair, amino acid treatments are the ideal choice. If you haven’t already found adequate, reasonable explanations to do it, let’s look at the many benefits it offers.

Absence of Hazardous Chemicals

Amino acid hair treatments have many good qualities, but the absence of formaldehyde is particularly noteworthy. You should avoid this compound since it’s thought to be dangerous due to its carcinogenic properties.

When getting such treatment, your safety should be a top priority. It’s undeniably a fantastic breakthrough in hair styling.

You Don’t Have to Wait

Amino acid treatments are among the fastest ways to achieve a semi-permanent luster on your hair. Many hair procedures require anywhere from a half day to a full day of your time before you can expect to see any noticeable changes. Even better, you may wash your hair 30 minutes after the treatment.

Renders Hair Manageable

The treatment can make your hair more manageable, which saves you time and effort. Once you’ve had it done, you’ll no longer need to spend as much time on your styling.

It Helps You Manage Frizz

Frizz is among the most frustrating problems many women with natural hair face. However, the treatment will protect you against the frizz brought by environmental conditions.

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Brilliant Color and Many Styling Alternatives

If you get the treatment on top of colored hair, the color will be more vibrant and last longer. Many chemical treatments reduce the strength of your hair’s bonds, resulting in sleek, frizzy hair. The treatment allows you to experiment with various hair textures by changing how you use your styling tools.

Positive Results

The process uses no chemicals. The treatment moisturizes your hair, making it healthier. Furthermore, it’s a simple and fast process with no long-term side effects. It’s ideal if you want to preserve your hair while still wearing protective styles like braids and twists.

Types of Amino Acid Hair Treatments

Here are the most common types of amino acid hair treatment:

1. Texture Release System by Avalon

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The treatment is an excellent option if you have curly hair that’s hard to comb or style. After applying the amino acids and a conditioner, your hair is heated with a flat iron or blow dryer. You can anticipate your hair to become straight and simple to style when you’re done.

The treatment’s results will wear off after two months. You should hold off on coloring your hair for at least 3 to 5 days if you intend to do so after getting the treatment.

2. The Basic One-Step Smoothing System

The treatment smoothens your hair using heat and amino acids. Also, it briefly relaxes your curls and closes your cuticles rather than breaking your hair’s bonds. In addition, the treatment allows you to style your hair differently, giving it a curly appearance.

The smoothing treatment is relatively simple to perform. You can easily alter the formula to suit your preferred hair texture. Users may forgo the ironing step if they aren’t after straight hair.

3. Agave Smoothing

A smoothing treatment with agave is done in a salon and necessitates using natural sugars from the agave plant. The treatment is the ideal remedy for your unmanageable, frizzy hair.

If your hair is naturally curly, this won’t do much to straighten it. After receiving the treatment, your hair will have waves. However, if your hair is naturally wavy, you can anticipate having straight hair.

Carbo-c, an agave leaf extract, is the primary component in the treatment’s mix. You should expect the results to last for roughly three months. The treatment is ideal if you have a hectic schedule and want to reduce your time on hair care. You need two hours to get the treatment done at a salon.

The treatment is among the few you can get even after using other chemical treatments on your hair. You may have it done as soon as two weeks following a smoothing or perming treatment without worrying about harm.

If you intend to color your hair, the optimum time to do so is right after getting the agave treatment. You may also do it days after the treatment, making your colored hair last even longer.

4. Thermafuse Hair Treatment

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It can be painful to treat and maintain if your hair is super dense. The treatment helps to get rid of it while also relaxing your curls. The results should last for at least three months.

The nicest part about Thermafuse treatment is that you won’t have to wait days before you clean your hair. You can do it immediately after your hair treatment.

5. Chi Enviro American Smoothing Treatment

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The treatment entails using an amino acid combination and protein to strengthen your hair and give it a shiny appearance. It’s an excellent choice for individuals with damaged hair since it assists in realigning hair bonds.

The treatment’s results can persist with appropriate maintenance for at least four months. On the other hand, the treatment’s care is comparable to that of a keratin treatment. After the treatment, you must wait 48 hours before doing the following things:

  • Washing your hair
  • Tying your hair up
  • Using clips

6. Pravana Perfection Smooth Out

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The treatment is a quick remedy for your coarse and curly hair. While the results don’t persist for long as the agave treatment, you can still have silky hair for approximately 8 to 12 weeks.

The treatment uses a nano amino acid combination that gets deep into your hair fibers to straighten out your curls. By sealing the cuticle’s tiny gaps, the treatment also helps make the hair shinier and smoother.

If you want to get it done on colored hair, you should wait to color your hair after smoothing it out. Otherwise, you’ll end up with less vibrant hair. It’s not harmful to perform the treatment on chemically-treated hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Young black woman who got an amino acid hair treatment has super straight hair while standing in a street in a big city


There are numerous unanswered questions about amino acid hair treatment. Here are the most common questions asked by people trying different amino acid hair treatments.

How do amino acid treatments for natural hair work?

The treatment strengthens the disulfide bonds that dictate your hair’s curliness. Curly hair textures might have different curl patterns because of the twists and bends throughout their lengths.

Can amino acid deficiency cause receding hairline?

Amino acids are vital for normal, long-term hair growth. However, the likelihood that a shortage of an amino acid or protein is responsible for your thinning hair or bald spot is low.

What hair types benefit the most from amino acid treatment?

Natural hair gains the most from the amino acid hair treatment. Nevertheless, it will work great for individuals with hair prone to frizz or curls that have become unmanageable. Amino acid treatment will improve the strength and elasticity of your hair if done correctly.

Why should I get an amino acid treatment?

If you get amino acid hair treatment, you’ll not only be giving your hair a more natural and less damaging solution but also what it needs to grow and look its best. It’s time to consider amino acid hair treatment if your hair is weak and brittle. Your hair will also hold more moisture after an amino acid smoothing treatment.

How different is amino acid treatment from other hair straightening treatments?

An amino acids hair treatment does not emit the hazardous fumes that the others produce. In addition, the treatments smoothen hair and make it shiny after several weeks.

So, What Is an Amino Acid Hair Treatment?

Unlike other treatments, amino acid hair treatments don’t use formaldehyde. It only uses the hair’s naturally occurring proteins and amino acids. Nearly everyone may benefit from amino acid hair treatment. Let’s rejoice at straight hair!